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  1. Muscle Twitching & Arm/Leg Jerking!
  2. Weakness in left arm and leg
  3. feeling sensation od water running down leg
  4. Problem with the right foot
  5. Severe pain in both legs
  6. i have pain going down both buttocks into the back of my legs is this cause
  7. CPEO-Chronic Progressive External Opthalmoplegia 2010
  8. Finger Twitches, Vibes, Driving me Mad!
  9. my mother has many different illnesses
  10. Huge Lump On Leg
  11. Head numbness
  12. thigh when it gets cold what is that from
  13. who would have my old medical records
  14. my veins in my head pulses really hard
  15. Please help !! Very scared
  16. why does my muscle look like it's deteriorating
  17. Headache and pain and discomfort on left side of the body
  18. Myasthenia Gravis
  19. Help so so scared....
  20. jaw & nerve pain
  21. burning butt cheek pain
  22. sternocleidomastoid muscle in neck is swollen
  23. Dallas Specialist
  24. Is anyone working that has Myasthenia Gravis?
  25. Left corner of mouth paralysis, weak muscle anterior neck
  26. Annular bulge seen at C4-C5, C5-C6 [MRI]
  27. Lymph nodes
  28. Concerns about my 14 yo daughter
  29. could this be ms?
  30. what can you do for body tremors
  31. Symptoms controlling my Life- Please help!
  32. Help, legs buckling underneath me then shaking uncontrollably..
  33. Left thigh muscle indentation
  34. Primary Lateral Sclerosis
  35. tricep atrophy
  36. nerves...
  37. Pain in the butt
  38. psc1971
  39. Does it really matter what is wrong?
  40. water drops on left leg
  41. I cant find a doctor to help me
  42. rare neurological disorder
  43. my nerves jump in my left arm what could that be linked to?
  44. severe pain in butt when active
  45. Do you think I should see a neurolgist?
  46. With MG, did you sweat?
  47. Syndrome resembling PSP after surgery
  48. pain in palm
  49. Weird muscle disease
  50. MS-like symptoms but no MS? Help me, please...
  51. Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  52. Need Help for my brother
  53. noise induced muscular aches
  54. do some people never improve from myasthenia gravis
  55. numbness and swelling in pinky and ring finger
  56. buttocks pain
  57. mouth spasms
  58. Kugelberg welander's disease
  59. Circular swelling on thigh
  60. wobbly weak thighs for 5 weeks anybody?
  61. Does any of this sound familiar?
  62. Pain in shoulder and neck, with tingling in head
  63. back pain and also right shoulder
  64. How long did it take to get diagnosis?
  65. Maybe I am crazy?
  66. spasm /pain during exercise in 9 year old boy's shoulderblade
  67. toe off braces; Did they help you? Do they reduce fatigue?
  68. what supplements to use for muscle spasms in neck and shoulders
  69. Left sided Chest Pain???
  70. pulsating pain at my inner arm near the armpit
  71. What is a dystonic storm?
  72. toe off leg braces
  73. Pain
  74. Muscle relaxants
  75. Just diagnosed - c. dystonia
  76. Hoping to get some opinion
  77. Falling UP Stairs and eating
  78. Opinion on these 2 Neuro. visits
  79. finger numbness
  80. I had the EMG test today and I was very sore after
  81. Spinal Chord tumor
  82. Off-and-on right sided weakness
  83. choroid fissure cyst
  84. Question about EMG
  85. Question about EMG
  86. Numbness in Left Hand - Should I be Worried?
  87. Hereditary Spastic Parapalegia....
  88. my index finger folds while i type
  89. what is the cause of muscle jerking?
  90. May Have Severe Brain Problems
  91. Indentation on Outer Right Thigh
  92. weakness
  93. Pinky fingers
  94. pain in arm feel like cold water running down it
  95. Limb and body jerking
  96. can cervical neck spasm be felt in chest
  97. Thumb pain and quivering
  98. Chaking
  99. Pain
  100. what sort of keep fit exercises can i do with thorasic outlet syndrome and tenosynovi
  101. right side paralysis from nerve block injection
  102. What could this be? Scared...
  103. do you always have to get surgery when having morton's nueroma
  104. Has anyone found anything that works. or any advice?
  105. sharp jump in chest when drinking soda too fast
  106. Strange tongue sensations
  107. eye and arm twitches along with a lump on the top of head
  108. what is this...help
  109. CPEO information
  110. Urine Fullness, Sweating, Bodywide Cramps
  111. not sure if i have the right segment
  112. Occipital headaces and muscle weakness
  113. Hand and arm rapid movments
  114. Scared I have a brain disease
  115. Nerve Sensation Bizarre
  116. Body Numbness
  117. My 6month old daughter has passed away from SMA - Please read and tell others
  118. What could be the cause of you to have jerks in your head
  119. mortons neuroma
  120. Autoimmune, Neuromuscular...or? Has anyone heard of my symptoms?
  121. strange feeling in the left leg
  122. Chronic pain over a year after Achillies Surgery
  123. why will xanax cause muscle jerks ?
  124. what does no nerve impingement mean on an EMG
  125. Neurogenic process
  126. Nervous Tensing, Can It be Controlled Through Exercise?
  127. Alpinad3 Male 46 yrs
  128. Neurological problems
  129. twitching allover
  130. sometimes i have no feeling in my legs, why?
  131. Re: Chronic Progressive External Ophthalmoplegia (CPEO)
  132. Undiagnosed and anxious
  133. feeling of something wet dripping down leg
  134. muscle tick?
  135. water sensation running down the leg
  136. M Gravis, what should I expect
  137. Myasthenia Gravis/Hypothyroid/Advair
  138. my legs feel like water running down them and wet but they are not
  139. Pinky and partial ring finger fall asleep during sleep
  140. Parathesia from hip to toes
  141. my 14 yr old daughter isn't well
  142. body tremors why?
  143. ulnar nerve damage
  144. ache/twinge in back under my shoulder blades
  145. bone doctor specialist/cleveland clinic
  146. Pain in Pairs
  147. Spasticity?
  148. why does my shoulder hurt all the time
  149. sleep tremors
  150. what does it mean when arm muscles tingle
  151. Tingling over entire body and leg jerking - what could this be?
  152. Hi I'm new to this site.
  153. Calcification?
  154. Okay, I had an EMG now what?
  155. limbs and head jerk very violently
  156. what are cause of muscle jerking?
  157. tight feeling in head and also in neck and shoulder
  158. 12 yr old girl shakes uncontrollably when happy
  159. Zoster Vax
  160. What is wrong with me?
  161. cold sensation running down leg
  162. seizures
  163. why does my shoulders and neck hurt with exertion
  164. about neuroma simulator
  165. crooked fac
  166. Emotional distress and loss of speech
  167. extreme pain and muscle loss
  168. bornholms disease
  169. saw another occuloplastic surgeon
  170. pinched nerve on my left thigh area and hip or sciatica
  171. right little toe athetosis since bone fusion 1 year ago
  172. shaking when you move muscles
  173. Pain on alternating sides of head/body.
  174. cold sensation running down leg vein
  175. twitching and jerking
  176. Need help after surgery......
  177. Tight hamstrings
  178. Head/Neck/Shoulder/Back Pain. Please Help!
  179. severe muscle weakness/flu shot
  180. how to stop a dystonic storm
  181. Concerned about tremors and spasms
  182. Virus or Parasite
  183. My Mother's Muscular Problem
  184. MyastheniaGravis: Type of Dr?
  185. EMG and NCS
  186. Dystonia
  187. Myasthenia Gravis Question
  188. why muscles in legs and feet twitch after sitting
  189. twitch
  190. what to do if my diuretics cause muscle twitches
  191. Parkinsons / Mialgia / Other??
  192. Leg Vibration And Twitching What Is It?
  193. Really scared, please help
  194. hand cramping +declining penmanship
  195. vibrating muscles
  196. terrible pain in the nail bed
  197. jerking of an arm
  198. Qestion about symptoms?
  199. What is the cause of twitching in an arm?
  200. What can I do to prevent leg twitching
  201. random water dropping sensation over the whole body
  202. elevated creatine levels after excercise
  203. Pain in both legs
  204. warm water sensation on left leg
  205. Muscle spasms with sexual arousal
  206. Seizures Muscle Weakness
  207. Inclusion Body Myositis
  208. Dizziness, tingling in feet, claudication symptoms
  209. pain in the head
  210. twitching sensation in my arm what is this?
  211. Sleep disorder as a symptom
  212. why cant i raise my leg up
  213. migranes with body tremors
  214. Please help
  215. Internal Vibrations
  216. Rituxan for CIDP rather than CellCept?
  217. muscle enzymes are elevated
  218. I may have Myasthenia Gravis, other symptoms and questions
  219. why does my shoulder keep going into spasms
  220. EMG results
  221. mitochondrial disease
  222. muscle twitches and slight numbness
  223. UPDATE on Indenation of Thighs
  224. Muscle spasms or ticks
  225. Thoracic Outlet Syndrome- surgery and recovery
  226. Spontaneous activity on EMG
  227. newborn with neuromuscular disease
  228. running water symptoms down legs
  229. Cramp fasciculation syndrome
  230. Scar Tissue from surgery spinal cord release
  231. Chronic Progressive External Ophthalmoplegia (CPEO) PART 2
  232. cold running water sensation running down my leg
  233. Genes- all out of ideas.
  234. Neck and chest pain
  235. Electromyography test just done....need some answers please
  236. myasthenia gravis
  237. Facial Numbness - HELP!
  238. Winged Scapula, need advice
  239. lewis sumner syndrome
  240. Help, any suggestions or ideas are greatly appreciated
  241. Almost diagnosed with MG finally
  242. elevated muscle enzyme labs
  243. Desperately Seeking Input
  244. 14 Year old with Writers Cramp
  245. Spasticity
  246. Arm Weaknesss both sides
  247. Stabbing pain when stretching
  248. Pinched Nerve or Something Else?
  249. Nerve pain throughout please heeeeeelp
  250. muscle problem