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  1. Severe Muscle Pain
  2. A question?
  3. Looking for support. Muscle myopathy of some sort
  4. I don't know what's wrong with me
  5. I need help finding some hope ...
  6. Strange unexplainable symptoms of Ears Eyes & Throat Pain.
  7. Walking Is A Problem
  8. Symptoms, please offer advise???
  9. myasthenia and testosterone
  10. Muscle twitching and tremors
  11. Left sided head and body pain
  12. Feet muscle spasms neurological origin
  13. Weakness but no pain
  14. Abnormal EMG/Normal Muscle Biopsy
  15. Limb Jerks and Muscle Cramps
  16. Stabbing Pain above knee right leg
  17. Idiopathic Quadriplegia (predominantly tetraplegia) Suspected Pseudo.
  18. What are type 1 fibers?
  19. Neuro Muscular Disease
  20. I need muscle biopsy can not find location
  21. weakness of muscles of limbs & pin-pricks
  22. Potential MG or ?
  23. Muscle wasting all over the body.
  24. Anybody with rheumatoid factor and a neuromuscular disease?
  25. Help!! Daughter MG big problem right now!
  26. I'm in need of advice please ...
  27. HELP! neuromuscular problems
  28. Pudendal Neuralgia caused by rectal prolapse?
  29. soma for cervical dystonia, fibromyalgia?
  30. Chronic progressive external ophthalmoplegia (CPEO)
  31. cpeo and immgration
  32. Muscle Atrophy without diagnostic for 9 years
  33. Apraxia of eyelid
  34. Clenching chest muscles anyone?
  35. Has anyone got sciatica?
  36. Myasthenia Gravis and Pregnant
  37. 19 years and still no diagnosis
  38. new
  39. Left foot & hand feeling weird
  40. Muscle Twitching... side effect?
  41. Question regarding muscle twitching
  42. Spinal Accessory Nerve Symptoms
  43. Constant visible muscle spasm chest
  44. Muscle Twitches Near Ear eustachian tube area
  45. neurolgical - advice?
  46. Pinched nerve?
  47. Pinched nerve?
  48. I'm at my wit's end. CIAP??
  49. Does anyone know about CIDP?
  50. Dystonia??
  51. Tendons tighning
  52. Paranoia or something serious?
  53. Whats wrong with me
  54. Back fusion hardware needs out muscles are wasted away
  55. Muscle wasting
  56. X-post from Back problems. Paraparesis with no identifiable cause
  57. Muscle wasting
  58. Tightness in tendons
  59. Genetic testing for CPEO
  60. Cpeo
  61. Whole body nerve pain and numbness
  62. back trouble or neurological?
  63. New to forums, and I have a very long story
  64. Not sure if I belong here, getting tested...
  65. Levator eye muscle surgery vs Sling
  66. EMG question/help
  67. Please help
  68. Please help!
  69. I am mad.
  70. Ear and neck ache, watery eyes, and head pressure-bad SCM muscle?
  71. Nexium is a terrible drug!!!
  72. Is this a Neuro muscular disease and i haven't had my mri results in two months ?
  73. No concentration feeling out of body
  74. parsonage Turners syndrome
  75. Please help !
  76. Myasthenia Gravis Symptoms
  77. Increasing memory issues-47yrs old-ECT in 2001
  78. Opiates stop leg spasms not cause them
  79. First CPEO symptoms
  80. Possible Piriformis Syndrome
  81. Spreading Numbness
  82. Any help appreciated, buzzing sensation all over 24/7
  83. Spinocerebellar Ataxia
  84. Just diagnosed
  85. myopathy or adult onset dystrophy??
  86. Anyone with CMT?
  87. Rain Sensation on Legs
  88. My butt pain is gone!!!
  89. My butt pain is gone!!!
  90. constant muscle twitches & hand/foot jerks
  91. is the Coral Calium and/or Chiro still working for your butt pain?
  92. cant figure out what this is.
  93. Is anyone else diagnosed with CPEO?
  94. Years with no diagnosis, several tests, sever pain HELP!!!(long post)
  95. Endless tests
  96. Progressive muscle weakness in fingers on both hands
  97. Painful Muscle Spasms
  98. CPEO Gore-tex frontal lift
  99. peripheral damage
  100. ACHR tests
  101. jerking legs and arms
  102. 3 Year old muscle twitching spasms... Looking for Answers
  103. Unusual Symptoms 3 nuros have not seen. Am I in right place.
  104. Dystonia
  105. Fatigue, MS like symptoms, and other undiagnosed aggravation, PLEASE HELP!
  106. My Battle with Cervical Dystonia and Klippel Feil Syndrome
  107. Soldier Seeking Help
  108. Getting a diagnosis
  109. Please help me find the answers
  110. Loss of Motor Neurons
  111. Inner Ear 'Twitch/Spasm' Please Help
  112. How to lose those extra pounds?
  113. Pls help me out with this
  114. Can anyone relate to this pain?
  115. Yet another mystery illness
  116. My Story
  117. Please help... tremors/twitching/balance problems
  118. Mysterious Symptoms in Head for 10 years
  119. No dx, symptoms getting worse
  120. DNA sequencing disclamer?
  121. My body jerks all over
  122. Secondary dystonia
  123. General Dystonia with spasmodic torticolis
  124. Weakess, Looking for your opinions or suggestions
  125. Please help me
  126. cmt
  127. Burning Sensation... Help!
  128. Myasenthenia Gravis or something else?
  129. Myasthenis Gravis newly diagnosed
  130. Dystonia: Help
  131. Shaking and Twitching
  132. Cpeo
  133. Compartment Syndrome??
  134. best way to detect facial nerve damage?
  135. question about down's
  136. How I got over severe Thoracic Outlet Syndrome...
  137. Spasms in right side of face worsening
  138. Should I be concerned?
  139. What do these symptoms indicate?
  140. Something Similar to Wry Neck?
  141. Mysterious hand issues for about 2 1/2 years
  142. Considering 5 level fusion on neck...HELP
  143. please help me
  144. Myoclonus Spasms When Waking Up
  145. Blocked carotid artery.
  146. pruedendal nerve and sciatic nerve entrapment
  147. Cpeo
  148. Light Sensitivity!
  149. Muscle Biopsy: Share Your Experience!
  150. metabolic muscle disease please help
  151. Indented Thigh Muscles
  152. Frontal sling surgery
  153. Does anyone know what this is???
  154. frontal sling for CPEO
  155. please help! I want my dad to feel BETTER
  156. Re: Myasthenia Gravis Questions
  157. Paramyotonia Congenita, Eulenberg's disease
  158. Myasthenia Gravis
  159. Symptoms of CPEO
  160. Computer video games to help OCD for patient with Parkinson + OCD
  161. Re: wobbly weak thighs for 5 weeks anybody?
  162. My frontal sling surgery
  163. Pls
  164. Thoracic Outlet Syndrome??????? Drooping shoulder!
  165. Back, front of thigh, knee pain
  166. Sharp, shooting pains
  167. Sciatica pain!!
  168. JUNE CPEO re: Restasis, fish oil, Navigator sunglasses and hot showers
  169. Sick for 4 years, no diagnosis
  170. cpeo/test
  171. B6 Toxicity & Neuropathy
  172. myasthenia gravis & elevated ALT 68?
  173. Chronic Progressive External Ophthalmoplegia (CPEO)
  174. Huntingtons?
  175. Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome???
  176. recognize the symptoms - no diagnosis
  177. Thoracic Outlet Syndrome
  178. CPEO 2011
  179. getting tired
  180. Arms, body jerking whilst asleep. Worried!!
  181. Gait problem, cramps, weakness?
  182. Huntingtons Disease
  183. Decrese sensation in genitals
  184. help for dystonic storms
  185. Picking your brain! Where do I go from here?
  186. No dianogsis, would appreciate thoughts from people further down the road.
  187. Facial Nerves Sound Sensitivity
  188. understanding my blood results
  189. eye doctor
  190. What could be causing occasional excruciating thumb pain in right thumb?
  191. pain in the buttocs when you sit for long
  192. Myasthenai Gravis
  193. Bizzare Symptoms
  194. Does anyone have this?
  195. tremors
  196. pain at the left side of forehead.
  197. Extremely painful muscle spasms...anyone else have these??
  198. Dr. can't explain what's wrong with me!!!
  199. Jerking extremities.
  200. water-like numbess throughout body.
  201. Arm Movement
  202. i am sufferring from witers cramp, since years
  203. Cost / Benefit of Medical Diagnosis for HNPP
  204. Diagnosis: Myasthenia Gravis
  205. what does it mean when the body has nerve sensations of dripping and sparks
  206. I have twitches when I rest or sleep, all over my body.
  207. my muscles are shaking
  208. What could be causing these nervous tics?
  209. Quadricep becoming numb is a sign of what?
  210. waking up with symptom of whole body shaking
  211. double vision
  212. what cause acute back pains between right hip, butt and leg
  213. Facial pain, muscle spasms
  214. CMT Patient and Omega 3s Fatty Acid
  215. twitching
  216. Numb Foot,Heavy Forearm,Twitching Thumb
  217. what is this?? any ideas appreciated :)
  218. essential tremor or worse?
  219. Clueless in Illinois, Please help
  220. What is wrong with my shoulder?
  221. right butt cheek hurts when i sit for last 10 years
  222. Emg/ nerve conduction
  223. what type of twitch is this?
  224. Face twitching
  225. round indentation in my right calf
  226. Muscle Weakness - Unexplained
  227. Super fast Motor Nerve Conduction velocity test?
  228. Jaw/Mouth Spasms
  229. Myasthenia Gravis Questions
  230. frustrated with undiagnosed disorder
  231. Thumb pad twitched violently
  232. weak nerves
  233. it hurts from the middle of my buttocks down to the middle of the back thigh
  234. What can stop the leg jerks?
  235. Possibly Hypermobile Cervical or Lumbar Joint? Thoughts?
  236. Facial numbness
  237. Anyone tear/stretch the Alar Ligament?
  238. Severe neck rigidness
  239. what causes jerking during the day?
  240. Ulnar Nerve Transposition Surgery help?
  241. broken hip, walk crooked for a year and the pain transfers elsewhere
  242. left side of body sporadically tensing up....anybody know what this is!!??
  243. Constant "Tightness" in the left side of my forehead.
  244. Pain in my Arms & Legs
  245. can anyone relate?
  246. Elevated CK, pain all over
  247. Muscle Twitching & Arm/Leg Jerking!
  248. Weakness in left arm and leg
  249. feeling sensation od water running down leg
  250. Problem with the right foot