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  1. Drop Foot
  2. Neuro says it not Neuropathy
  3. Inflammatory Neuropathy??
  4. Zanaflex
  5. immuran, cellcept or cytoxan?
  6. Im Scared! Emg
  7. Question on Nerve Biopsy effects
  8. vitamin b1 and vitamin b6
  9. What does twitching mean?
  10. Neuropathy or something else?
  11. neuropathy pain+sciatica pain
  12. L-Carnitine
  13. Should I be really worried?
  14. Neuropathy or something else?
  15. numbness and internal vibration
  16. Anodyne Therapy
  17. Anyone Tried Homeopathic Remedies for Neuropathy?
  18. EMG - Does it tell you anything?
  19. viral neuropathy.. is that a different condition or the same as gbs?
  20. pn
  21. Can anyone help with this????
  22. Neuropathy
  23. ??'s about Neuropathy
  24. anyone with pn AND ra?
  25. new numbness after epidural injection?
  26. Numbness in Arm
  27. Corticosteroid shot
  28. FOOT DROP, Nueros Have no diagnosis HELP!!
  29. Spinal Stenosis
  30. Small Fiber Neuropathy!! Help...
  31. Strange Symptoms
  32. B12 defficiency and its effect on your life
  33. Improvement w/ accupunture already!
  34. A Bit Perplexed
  35. any adivce?
  36. Ketamine Infusion for PN
  37. Meralgia paresthetica
  38. Anyone try Accupunture for Neuropathy?
  39. Arm pain and headaches...
  40. Am I In The Right Place?
  41. Any members from Dallas area?
  42. Help! Has anyone experienced foot drop with neuropathy?
  43. Shakuyaku-kanzo-to : for neuropathy pain?
  44. Tender hand - related to ulnar nerve?
  45. Exhauston
  46. Wanted to say HI and update all..
  47. Multifocal motor neuropathy
  48. "Vicks" for cold feet
  49. Woried..abnormal level of protein in blood
  50. Numb ring/pinky finger
  51. Numbness on left hand, left foot
  52. Narcotics during pregnancy
  53. Small Fiber PN--Worse Fear Eased a Bit
  54. COLD weather and PN
  55. Ms Or Ulnar Nerve Problem?
  56. Peripheral Neuropathy with complications
  57. Constant left upper abdominal pain
  58. Would you rather have MS or neuropathy?
  59. Neuropathy/GuillianeBarre
  60. Need help!!!
  61. New to the boards
  62. Numbness-MRI and EMG Showed Nothing
  63. Paxil for Neuropathy pain?
  64. Neurontin dosing- need help
  65. Oh NO my burning is Back!!!!!!...=(
  66. Harry Drink Options
  67. One leg more sensitive to doctor's pricks than the other
  68. what is wrong?
  69. Spinal Stimulator for p/n
  70. Burning/on fire feeling...
  71. Anyone have charcot foot?
  72. Just diagnosed with facial neuropathy
  73. My body goes into a shock-like state where I feel like my eyes are being pulled back
  74. Grants
  75. lon126
  76. Leg problems
  77. Someone please! Normal EMG and Cervical MRI but fingers still numb!!
  78. neuropathy
  79. At the end of my rope!
  80. Neuropathy and Diet--what helps (or hurts)?
  81. Harry New Supplements
  82. help with weaning off Lyrica
  83. Does neuropathy cause muscle atrophy? Please Help
  84. acl reconstruction and nerve damage
  85. Can allerigies cause neuropathy?
  86. I'm New! Wanted to post my experience.
  87. Attn: snowmelts ~~ Idiopathic Sensoral Axonal PN
  88. Buy Handicapped Wheelchair Accessable Vehicle
  89. Getting Weaker
  90. Elderly, alone and frightened. Please read.
  91. Alcohol
  92. Has anyone heard of Benfotiamine?
  93. Is this new?
  94. Is 544 considered low for B-12 level with neuropathy?
  95. My Doc Appt today...
  96. I might never get Lyrica
  97. 6 foot 3 another question for you
  98. Neuropathy = Muscle Stiffness?
  99. Cymbalta not for me!
  100. EMG results - very confusing
  101. I'm confused
  102. please help
  103. Frustrated- question about the EMG test
  104. Negative EMG but ARm Still numb..!
  105. Can Statins be a cause for Neurpathy
  106. Do you have EXTREME sensitivity to heat?!
  107. Is Cymbalta worth the side effects?
  108. Burning head-itching-pulsing senations
  109. Diagnosed with Foot Neuropathy Today!
  110. Alpha-Lipoic Acid
  111. 6 foot 3 I need advice
  112. Mayo Clinic Anyone?
  113. weird pulsing buzz
  114. Statins working against neuropathy?
  115. Question about antidepressants and the pain med....
  116. Has anyone tried acupunture for the pain?
  117. 6foot3 more questions
  118. Questions about small fiber neuropathy
  119. We must make sure Drs. understand us
  120. Am I nervous, feel nervous or are my nerves making me feel nervous?
  121. Peripheral neuropathy in feet
  122. Lactic Acid & Neuropathy question
  123. I've had it with doctors!
  124. modest number endoneurial macrophages
  125. Pain from pizza
  126. If you have neuropathy in your feet,do they
  127. New, here with an IVIG question..
  128. can shots help at all?
  129. Natural Pain Inhibitors (Neuropathy)
  130. Things getting bad....
  131. I was just put on Neurontin,how long
  132. Mgus
  133. Feet/ankles swelling from Lyrica?
  134. Understand the cause of Neuropathy
  135. OMG help!!!
  136. Neuropathy - FYI Pill regiment
  137. Nueropathy,rls, fibro
  138. what can I expect?
  139. Shock sensations throughout my body
  140. Feeling is back
  141. mononeuritis multiplex
  142. strang, irritating feeling in the skin on my legs
  143. skin temperature and neuropathy?
  144. Doctor just told me I have Neuro
  145. Info on inflammation and neuro diseases
  146. Balance Problems
  147. What kind of shoes best for neuropathy?
  148. Am I being paranoid?
  149. How accurate is the EMG/NCV
  150. Anything that can ease Lyrica side effects?
  151. forehead pain
  152. electric shock type feeling
  153. Weirdest thing just happened me...
  154. HELP! Underarm pain & neuropathy - diagnosed as Cubital Tunnel?
  155. Another question for 6ft 3 about B12
  156. MRA/MRI results
  157. Has anyone had to stop driving due to NP?
  158. Reviews on Cymbalta
  159. 6foot3 question
  160. topomax and methadone instead of neuronton and vicondan???? any info will help
  161. tingling AND lightheadedness
  162. Matresses anyone?
  163. Neuropathy after chemo
  164. B-12 shots
  165. topamax and myopathy
  166. How many take narcotics for pain?
  167. Does anybody know why my pain has moved ?
  168. Muscle twitches anyone?
  169. numbness
  170. methadone and topomax???
  171. Nueropathy
  172. Going to Nuero finally.....
  173. My Diet Connection
  174. Updates and questions.......
  175. Improvement with "the rebuilder" for numbness of feet?
  176. Benign Neuroleptic Syndrome? right room?
  177. OMG Do my Feet Hurt
  178. wow I did not realize there is so many
  179. Is there such a thing a mild neuropathy?
  180. Does massage help with parasthesia?
  181. Probably just being paranoid
  182. Neuropathy pain at night
  183. Help! for a month I had no pain,but
  184. Namenda for Peripheral Neuropathy...
  185. Approved for home B-12 shots Yay!
  186. Lyme patient with numb leg, foot, now arms/hands
  187. What Could This Be?
  188. Particular side effects between Lyrica and Nuerontin.....
  189. Fast progression?
  190. PN and a virus
  191. They win i give up
  192. peripheral neuropathy: cramp-like attacks in hands
  193. Lidoderm Patch
  194. Confused about my problem
  195. What does numb really mean?
  196. Numbness getting worse
  197. Harry, alcohol and PN question
  198. Neuropathy, Pravachol, and legal action?
  199. Anyone with CIDP? Neuritis?
  200. Karie36 Neurontine
  201. Walk this way
  202. Palpitations? Sick of problems.
  203. need help/info for my dad (metanx)
  204. losing it :(
  205. My Neuro Results today
  206. Neuropathy & Yogurt?
  207. anyone have prob. with stomach or GERD?
  208. Peripheral Neuropathy caused by Lithium?
  209. ant luck with nerve blocks forl ong term????
  210. Questions
  211. Difference between Periferial Neuropathy amd MS
  212. New weirdness.... hand went white
  213. anyone with gastroparesis please read!
  214. What is the worst possibilites
  215. Is this common neropathy?
  216. Article on Neuropathy
  217. Is this common with Neuropathy
  218. Neuropathy and Social Security?
  219. One of those days.....
  220. Homeopathic remedies?
  221. How do Docs detect Neuropathy
  222. Does an MRI detect it?
  223. Neuropathy from shoulders to, and including hands.
  224. Ulnar Nerve Injury - Hand
  225. Neurapathy
  226. Numbness and pain spreading....Why ?
  227. Other than Neurontin???
  228. Addiction to pain meds for neuropathy?
  229. Muscle Aches, Twitching, Strange Skins Sensations, Numbness, etc.
  230. Need advice what is going on with me?
  231. Confusing Symptoms!
  232. could this be neuropathy(leg numbness)
  233. Neuropathy question
  234. EMG damage
  235. Spinal Stimulators and neuropathy?
  236. Ear Tingling/Creepy Crawlies
  237. some drugs can cause neuropathy
  238. Just wanted to chat with someone.
  239. Hand Numbness when sleeping, please advice!
  240. Paxil for nerve pain/parethesias?
  241. neuroten users
  242. Optic Neuropathy
  243. Neurontin all of a sudden not working as much?
  244. support groups for peripheral neuropathy
  245. Question about Neuropathy
  246. Chiropractor any help?
  247. Shooting pains in hands and wrists
  248. neuropathy
  249. Neurontin and diarrehea?
  250. The Baclofen Pump Surgery

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