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  1. Effexor
  2. Vitamin b6 super High..
  3. knot/lump
  4. Nerve damage in foot
  5. Electric Jolts in my Head
  6. Electric Jolts in My Head
  7. Numbness on head/tingles what can this be HELP
  8. Does anyone have knowledge about compressed disc in cervical spine?
  9. MRI of spine showed..
  10. Causes?
  11. burning, needle feeling and itching in nose. need info please
  12. Needles stabbing me in toes
  13. Has anyone on here had a Blood test for CRYOGLOBULINS or COLD AGGLATIONS?
  14. deltoid paralysis
  15. EMG Nerve Conduction Study Motor Nerves
  16. headaches
  17. Tingling little fingers when I sleep
  18. Some Questions
  19. wow help me stop this
  20. How far does it spread?
  21. Do any of you use voice recognition programs instead of typing?
  22. water dripping from knee
  23. Oh...I got my letter from the insurance co. today...the LYRIC WAS APPROVED!!!
  24. Is this considered PN? Can CFIDS/FM, Lyme cause PN
  25. I started Lyrica on Thursday! The side effects so far...
  26. What a mess! Can anyone clarify?
  27. BF taking Doxepin for neuropothy..and I have concern..need any help please :(
  28. Need Help
  29. How do you know if you have auto-immune disease?
  30. Does COLD weather make the Burning worse?
  31. Introduction
  32. Marcia? I found the hand surgeon you mentioned
  33. Lyrica
  34. What are my tactile hallucinations?
  35. Pinstick test and reflexes?
  36. Dr. prescibed Lyrica yesterday but my insurancar won't cover it
  37. Feelbad? How did it go today?
  38. Help..Iam off the Duragesic patch, TODAY!..i welcome any feedback from you users!
  39. Any ideas?
  40. Radial Nerve Palsy after arm surgery
  41. I'm being put on Lyrica on Friday...
  42. What to expect my first visit to Neuro?
  43. Gabapentin side effects...blurred vision today
  44. U of MN - What a WASTE of TIME!!!
  45. Can Thyroid disease cause PN?
  46. Lower left leg numbness
  47. I am going to the University of MN on Monday to for some answers
  48. Heel to Toe Test
  49. Cymbalta
  50. Has anyone had this type?
  51. Disabled Parking Permit
  52. Alpha lipoic acid
  53. Bone scan?
  54. can someone help with these symptoms
  55. Anyone taking Lyrica?
  56. Bms
  57. Pain In Head Moves Around On Right Side
  58. Please help
  59. On Pins and Needles
  60. Ulnar Nerve Transposition Question...
  61. Neuropathy Pain Relief Help/Ideas Please!
  62. Neurontin (Gabapentin), Australia and the PBS
  63. ski accident feb'03
  64. Head pains
  65. Periphial Neuropathy caused by Rhabdomyolisis
  66. Abbreviations
  67. hnpp
  68. Peripheral neuropathy due to disc compression
  69. A non-Diabetic person with PN?
  70. Cymbalta
  71. Swollen Hands.Help !
  72. Advice on neuro symptoms for diabetic
  73. Please Can Any One Help
  74. Brain swelling?
  75. leg problems
  76. Bare legs feel like I have on thigh high socks?
  77. question
  78. Ulnar Nerve Problem...not in wrist, elbow, neck
  79. A brain scan to see nerve damage
  80. Muscle and nerve tests
  81. Alpha Lipoic Acid
  82. Diabetic Neurophy
  83. Please please help !
  84. Spinal cord injury (C5&C7) Blister are forming
  85. nerve damage from lithotripsy
  86. What is neuropathy?
  87. skin numbness
  88. Cidp
  89. I need help..anyone, please..
  90. What else causes PN?
  91. Pain swtiching spots?
  92. Showers and Burning...?
  93. Can Anyone Help Me Please!
  94. Acupuncture for Neuropathy
  95. How MANY B vitamins are you suppose to take for PN?
  96. question about meds.+vitamins
  97. Numbness and Stiff Neck
  98. Tingling going down both sides of face and into neck
  99. Help- -Can someone give me guidance?!?!
  100. Memory Improvement: What works.
  101. neuropathy due to cervical spine injury-surgery
  102. Regulating Body Temp
  103. Have you had symptoms like these
  104. At wits end w/ this numbness and burning...help!
  105. x-ray and symptoms
  106. How much longer can I wait?!?!
  107. Unexplained numbness!
  108. 19 years - a long list of severe symptoms - and no diagnose.
  109. Tingling on the upper part of left cheek
  110. gabapentin
  111. Radial Nerve Palsy
  112. I can't close my hands,is this part of my Neuropathy ?
  113. A simple at home test for sensory neuropathy,that you can do,
  114. For Those Who Know About Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy...I have a question...
  115. adies
  116. Can PN get better or go away in Time??????
  117. Need Help with Mother
  118. peripheral neuropathy questions
  119. Burning in fingertips
  120. ITchy /painful sEnsation on top of head
  121. Dellon surgery
  122. Anyone here w/ Guillan Barre Syndrome?
  123. burning hands
  124. Numb Right Foot
  125. Don't know who to see..
  126. Instead Of Neurontin??
  127. What can I expect now that I know?
  128. Nerve tingling and pain in my upper back, Please Help
  129. Does PN have to show up on a test to prove it that?
  130. MVA - Problems after 6 months?
  131. not again
  132. Burning feet and legs...Please any advice?
  133. can you help me
  134. Very Desperate
  135. EEG interpretation
  136. Explanation, anyone has?...
  137. Neuropathy...incredibly frustrating!
  138. numbness in forehead
  139. Confused and seeking answers
  140. Right Leg Cramps in Calf
  141. my name is Emily
  142. Anyone else in the same boat?
  143. 26 years of CIDP but a board newbie
  144. Chemo caused my Neuropathy...
  145. homocysteine
  146. Abdominal Cutaneous Nerve Entrapment
  147. OWCH! Don't TAP me!
  148. stellate ganglion block for jaw pain
  149. Cymbalta
  150. Any Advise? All answers welcomed
  151. I need help!!!
  152. Peripheral Nerve Damage
  153. Rare Receptor Disorder
  154. Vasculitis ????
  155. Atypical Facial Pain and Tegretol
  156. What is Neuropathy?
  157. Where Can I Get Information
  158. someone help me please
  159. Any Help With My Symptoms... Please!!!
  160. Has anyone had facial numbness due to painkiller medicine?
  161. shoulder hurts
  162. Thoracic Outlet Syndrome and BOTOX?!
  163. Peroneal Nerve Damage ~ Dropped Foot!
  164. nerve damage from dental?
  165. Anyone familiar????
  166. has anyone had Dellon surgery?
  167. constant burning sensations
  168. Topomax for Neuropathy
  169. New Drug Works !
  170. Trileptal
  171. Are these the symptons?
  172. Neuropathy and Intestines
  173. Advice appreciated If poss!
  174. Confused?!?!?
  175. Just DXED
  176. weird symptoms
  177. Blackout + wierd sensation in face
  178. Don't know whats wrong
  179. Referred Pain - Nerve Damage??
  180. Hi
  181. Does this add up?
  182. Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease
  183. Neuropathy and Amoxicillin
  184. help! shooting pains on left side of body
  185. How can I come out of this Problem?
  186. What is this mess I am?
  187. question
  188. Polyneuropathy Vera-rare neurological disease
  189. Vitamin B12/Nerve problems
  190. legs shake more!
  191. Does anyone know what thee episodes are please
  192. could a dilated pupil be neurological related?
  193. migraines, pressure and burning
  194. UrologistToldItsNeurologic
  195. Has anyone been feeling worse?
  196. Opinions / Help Please!!!
  197. Chronic pain as result of lithotripsy
  198. queston about recent nerve graph.
  199. Autonomic Testing
  200. burning, numbness, tingling of head
  201. need help to figure this out
  202. new with questions
  203. Idopathic Neurophy from Hypertension Medication
  204. TOS progression from Neuropathy?
  205. Question re: neurontin and other meds
  206. Anyone here with anxiety?
  207. constant pain in anus, leg muscle spasms, both worse after ejaculation
  208. New & In Pain to the boards LOL!!
  209. Does this sound like PN? If so, what causes it?
  210. leg cramps and numbness
  211. please help I need answers, bad
  212. Botox for nerve pain
  213. Sensory Neuropathy
  214. Worst Foot Itch Ever- Doctors don't have answers
  215. Neurontin users
  216. dorsal root ganglion block
  217. Confused about symptoms
  218. Pain Management
  219. Pain Management
  220. BrainIsActingUp/1SecondPassOut
  221. Acupuncture
  222. Phantom tooth pain / Central pain
  223. weird sensations?
  224. Head Numbness, dimentia?
  225. Pain in back of head
  226. I feel useless anymore
  227. Happy New Year to All
  228. Things in my past can cause this?
  229. Wife has possible nerve problems...please help!
  230. please help,off balanced feeling and right side of head numb
  231. Muscle Enzyme
  232. numb soles of feet, any help?
  233. Peripheral nerve damage reversable????
  234. burning sensations? nerve damage?
  235. please help....
  236. Insurance wont approve anodyne therapy
  237. regeneration nerve damage
  238. Mri Question...
  239. Cymbalta
  240. creepy crawly feeling
  241. First Week On Neurotin
  242. Neuropathy advice/support PLZ!
  243. Strange Neuropathy Isuue
  244. Alcoholic PN
  245. nerve damage?
  246. Nerve Pain from Epidural during childbirth.Help!
  247. Does this sound like PN or MS?
  248. Frustrated Newbie
  249. baclofen questions..
  250. Strange illness

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