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  1. Please help
  2. what is neuropathy of legs
  3. Numb all over
  4. meralgia paresthetica
  5. Body cold
  6. Neuropathy of the legs
  7. All nerves on fire
  8. Neuralgia or neuropathy??
  9. Getting a CIDP Diagnosis
  10. Whole body numbness
  11. Phsco thearapy
  12. Lumbar MRI normal. What else causes neuropathy?
  13. Musculocutaneous Nerve Severed From Stab Wound
  14. Not sure what is going on...
  15. All senses alterd
  16. Just Dxed; need help
  17. Pain relief what works for you
  18. Nortriptyline is a weight gainer, isn't it?
  19. Whole body numb
  20. Does Fish Oil Help Neuropathy
  21. Deep Tendon Reflexes
  22. Has anyone experienced swelling with neuropathy???
  23. reply to EMG
  24. Weird painfull sensations
  25. Femoral Nerve Injury
  26. neuropathy in fingers and toes after chemo
  27. Very cold
  28. Hands grip tight hard to relax them
  29. Muscular Anxiety? Weird symptoms.
  30. Right arm/shoulder Numbness
  31. sfn and ?
  32. ExtreaMe pain and numbness
  33. burning sensation in back, legs, and arms
  34. Urine retention and Foot/Hand burning
  35. Pain throughout body
  36. Drop foot question
  37. r-alpha lipoic or alpha lipoic for neuropathy pain?
  38. Neuropathy a slow near death sentence?
  39. neuropathy
  40. Burning pain throughout body
  41. Smoking
  42. Whole body pain and defacting problems
  43. Radiating pain??
  44. Muscle waisting
  45. Pain so bad can't where clothes
  46. Anybody have a spinal tap
  47. Pain meds and supplements
  48. Autonomic neuropathy
  49. Neurpothy Compound (cream) for 24/7 PAIN
  50. Had anyone heard of this? Please help
  51. are there any tests for *SMALLER* fiber neuropathy?
  52. Pain in legs and feet
  53. Swelling and pain in lower legs, feet and toes! Help!
  54. i dont know how much longer i can take this
  55. Cervical Radiculopathy
  56. Pain meds
  57. Pain and sensation getting worse
  58. Severe bloating
  59. Pain increasing almost daily
  60. Severe pain
  61. New to site
  62. Mono neuropathy in Foot
  63. Much needed advise please...
  64. Mixed neuropathy??
  65. Cortisone shot for tarsal tunnel syndrome
  66. Nerve pain from head to mid back?
  67. Neuropathic Pain from Laminectomy
  68. Twitching calf muscles and Marathon Running
  69. Nerve Issue
  70. Sick of Suffering- peripheral neuropathy pain
  71. nerve damage and lifting arm
  72. Questions about an EMG study
  73. Nerve Conductor Test
  74. Pins and Needles
  75. Ulnar Nerve Transposition
  76. Ulnar Nerve Transposition
  77. Medicare Coverage
  78. Toe Cramps are they related to neuropathy
  79. peripheral neuropathy and leg cramps
  80. Neuropathy Pain Leads to Fibromyalgia Storms?
  81. Neuropathy and Pain Control
  82. Re: Lipoic Acid
  83. sciatica symptoms
  84. numbness
  85. Numbness in upper right leg
  86. neck and shoulder pain
  87. QSART test for SFPN... anyone?
  88. How does one find a neurologist that specializes in Pn?
  89. Does SFPN make your eyes hurt?
  90. PN to Nerve Compressions
  91. Just diagnosed with Peripheral neuropathy
  92. Does This Sound Like Neuropathy? Please Help
  93. Anyone tried IVIG infusions?
  94. Cidp
  95. Chris' story and Questions
  96. Ulnar nerve damage confirmed after EMG test.
  97. Has anyone tried BuTrans patch?
  98. Leg numbness
  99. Sensory Neuropathy and Vit Relief
  100. Possible nerve damage/compression - need advice
  101. Numbness in head and face that goes away with exercise.
  102. RE: PN and glands hurting
  103. Ulnar Nerve
  104. Numbness in both legs and coccyx, sometimes lip?
  105. Spinal implant
  106. Neuropathy Treatment
  107. Gabapentin and Neuropathy
  108. Leg numbness & muscle spasms
  109. Neuropathy LIKE symptoms
  110. L5 radirulopathy, left elbow nerve entrapment New here!
  111. B12 or not B12 that is the question??
  112. mixing Tramadol with Citalopram
  113. Repeton for Peripheral Neuropathy Treatment
  114. Does cold weather increase neuropathy numbness?
  115. Small Fiber Neuropathy with Joint Pain
  116. NEWBE-Am I taking too much PAIN Medication.
  117. prolotheraphy induced peripheral neuropathy
  118. Acupuncure for neuropathy?
  119. Re: Types of Neuropathy
  120. I am going to give Imuran a try! Advice welcomed!
  121. Peripheral Neuropathy - Foot Question
  122. New Member Question
  123. neuropathy and sciatica
  124. Sjogrens, Sialogram, Strength Test, Imuran, Butrans
  125. neuropathy affecting hands
  126. peripheral neuropathy
  127. Possible B12 deficiency
  128. Why does Small/Large Fiber Neuropathy affect both legs?
  129. Topical Cream That Really Works???
  130. Anyone have: head pressure, neuropathy, fasticulations, breathing difficulty
  131. Update-Lip Biopsy to test for Sjorgen's Disease
  132. Prediabetes & Neuropathy
  133. Red scrotum Tingling legs
  134. Please help me 22 year old with loads of problems !!!!
  135. Piriformis Release Help Finding a Doctor!
  136. Lip Biopsy to test for Sjorgen's Disease
  137. periphial neuropathy
  138. Pain and 'drop foot' following THR
  139. Severe pain between armpit & elbow
  140. foot wear for neuropathy
  141. My rib cage feels crushed in the mornings.
  142. Peripheral Neuropathy
  143. Nerve damage in left leg, help!
  144. Ulnar nerve issues
  145. Who knows something about laser damage in the feet?
  146. New to neuropathy, and some questions
  147. where to go from here?
  148. Sensory neuropathy, Coeliac Disease and Derealisation
  149. nerve damage do to trauma
  150. Trying a patch called BuTrans for chronic pain?
  151. hammertoe surgery
  152. Test for lumbar injury to find cause of Small Fiber Neuropathy.
  153. Intermittant neuropaty all over?
  154. Drop Foot Due to Hip Replacement, Anterior
  155. Carpal Tunnel & Cubital Tunnel Syndrome
  156. After the diagnosis, what to expect?
  157. Need help w/pinprick sensations pls!!
  158. Something new !!
  159. Shooting pain
  160. Pins and needles on pinkie and ring finger only at night
  161. :rolleyes: my journey continues
  162. Please help-I really need advice on PN
  163. Spinal Stimulator
  164. Peripheral Neuropathy?? Need some advice
  165. Nerves at the end of my tether!
  166. Wide range of uncertain complaints
  167. Sound like PN?
  168. neuropathy?
  169. sciatica or something else?
  170. Spasticity causing hip/pelvis rotation ?
  171. Looking for advice
  172. Gabapentin
  173. Cognitive problems(memory, finding words) with Autonaumic SFN
  174. Yet another question - need some clarification
  175. Had EMG/NCT Today and...
  176. MRI Explanation Please
  177. Where to go in Eastern US for diagnosis?
  178. Spinal Cord / Feet on Fire!
  179. Newby - need some info on sfn please
  180. Lecithin
  181. Cubital Tunnel Syndrome - Severity?
  182. Neuropathy Induced B6? What are your symptoms?
  183. Breast feeding
  184. Burning sensation in thigh
  185. shooting pain in the body
  186. For those who have PN
  187. Strange cramping and pulsing in my right leg
  188. continuing my journey
  189. nervous vet
  190. Radial Nerve Palsy Recovery Symptoms
  191. Possible peripheral neuropathy
  192. Help want to chop my finger off!
  193. Help want to chop my finger off!
  194. New to Forum
  195. Sciatic Palsy following Femur Surgery
  196. nerve conduction test
  197. Ulnar nerve problems
  198. Lyrca, yes or no?
  199. living with neuropathy
  200. living with neuropathy
  201. Post-Op Numbness and Tingling in Arm
  202. Ruptured Bicep / Radial nerve damage
  203. numbness in hand and feet
  204. question. has anyone felt this in breast tissue before?
  205. vitamin question
  206. Newbie
  207. sharp in pain heel of my foot?
  208. trying to stay positive
  209. Muscle fasiculations in both shoulders, normal mri
  210. question about diagnosis (and introduction)
  211. Trying to figure this out...
  212. Change in diagnosis
  213. neuropathy diagnosis in question
  214. New to this board
  215. Post herpetic neuralgia recovery time?
  216. The best pain med
  217. small fiber peripheral neuropathy
  218. ugh... leg pain!
  219. Neck/Shoulder Pain, Muscle Ache, Skin Hypersensitive, Eye Trouble
  220. Urgent! Can someone please help me.
  221. elbow bursitis
  222. RisingParrot ??
  223. sertraline, neurontin, keppra or cymbalta causing neuropathy
  224. NSVN, pain is ++++
  225. neuropathy
  226. Gabapentin
  227. peripheral neuropathy
  228. Check this out everyone!! BL-7050
  229. I can only walk on my heels
  230. tingling/burning/numbness in leg
  231. Severe leg weakness post discectomy
  232. Low Level Light Therapy
  233. thigh pain
  234. Toe Spasms/Cramping
  235. Oxycodone and Opana ER
  236. update on IVIG
  237. Polyneuropathy
  238. Saturday Night Palsy
  239. Problem with My Skin
  240. Cymbalta Helps SFN
  241. Sharing general Info about Neuropathy.
  242. IVIG treatment, any tips?
  243. Shingles/Neuropathy
  244. Hot baths only relief anymore for half hour anyhow.
  245. Finally a Diagnosis
  246. Gabapentin please help
  247. Cramping Hands
  248. Help understanding NCS results
  249. Finally getting somewhere
  250. Cipro Reaction

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