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  1. Bad Days...
  2. Process of being diagnosed with Small Fiber Neuropathy....
  3. Could this be neuropathy?
  4. EMG Question
  5. WHAT THE HECK "p n why do we have to chase "
  6. Post Viral Neuropathy? Please help
  7. Neuropathy pain
  8. Answers?
  9. Trapped nerve in leg? Worried...
  10. vitamin b12 can help anyone know?
  11. Cymbalta for Nerve Pain
  12. Left feeling like a drug addict...
  13. Foot Drop after Peroneal Nerve cut
  14. What now?
  15. Just diagnosed..help
  16. neuropathy?
  18. Botox anyone???
  19. optical neuropathy
  20. Still looking for answers
  21. Acupuncture for neuropathy?
  22. Veteran with Peripheral Neuropathy?
  23. Neuropathy
  24. Woke w/a Huge Cramp in Calf Muscle, Now Barely Walk? Suggestions?
  25. Neuropathy or something new?
  26. Mixing drugs
  27. knee numbness
  28. ulnar neuropathy
  29. EMG diagnosis - insights?
  30. Hip implant and Tens unit???
  31. wrist drop from radial nerve damage
  32. SFN , A Strange Development in my Symptoms
  33. Pins and needles on pinkie and ring finger on limbs???
  34. Nerve Pain All Over Body... Please Help
  35. Pain in forearm, wrist, leg, foot, and back... ay yay yay!!
  36. Old scarred nerves
  37. Possible cure for burning man syndrome
  38. Doctors Puzzled....Again.
  39. knee pain with neuropathy
  40. nueropalsy of the hand
  41. Best friend gone, what now
  42. burning pain in upper back and middle chest
  43. Bad day
  44. Neuropathy
  45. twitching and pain in hand, shoulder, neck
  46. Peroneal nerve damage/foot drop, any hope?
  47. what am I in for......so scared and depressed
  48. neuropathy in back
  49. Gene Therapy(maybe the real answer)
  50. Learned about flare ups the painful way
  51. The burning question... :(
  52. Just becoming too much
  53. reflexology
  54. pudendal neuropathy
  55. working with neuropathy and having to quit
  56. Hey Marza...dealing w/having PN..do I
  57. idopic neuropathy
  58. b6 level
  59. Need an alternative to Lyrica and Nurontin!
  60. Hello, New here but old Neuropathy
  61. Scared!!! Back tingling/pins and needles constant? help identifying cause
  62. Small Fiber Neuropathy help needed
  63. Neuropathic Nerve Pain
  64. Placement during surgery caused nerve damage
  65. rickettsias – mooseri and conori; Mycoplasma, Chlamydia pneumonia and H. Pylori
  66. Can blood vessels cause neuropathy sensations/pain?
  67. Has anyone been helped by the nerve support formulas advertised on the web?
  68. peripheral neuropathy.......is a thread a post? the lingo isn't clear
  69. Neuropathy spreading or something new???
  70. Funny arm feeling
  71. Atrophy must come with weakness?
  72. Neuropathy/ Neurological disorder! Please help!
  73. trapped nerves in feet/ankles
  74. Please Help!!
  75. Is it Neuropathy
  76. Rikettsia
  77. Neuropathy lessens when sick
  78. Nerve Conduction Studies
  79. Sad man needs help
  80. peripheral neuropathy in legs, back, and arms
  81. Difficulty walking
  82. Newly DX Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy
  83. tendon transfer for radial nerve damage
  84. Anyone have . . . After EMG?
  85. Aching legs
  86. B12 vitamin
  87. Anodyne Therapy for Neuropathy
  88. Can niacin cause periferal neuropathy
  89. Neuropathy and stomach
  90. tendon transfer from damage radial nerve
  91. Mri
  92. Besides meds what help you with the pain?
  93. Normast for Neuropathic Pain
  94. Help cant stand 2 work and doctors cant help the pain enough
  95. Trig Neuropthay, strep and shingles???
  96. Weight loss with PN
  97. Neurologist
  98. Neuropathy NOW in My Ankles???
  99. Polyneuropathy; motor and sensory
  100. Sleep..
  101. Does anyone NOT work due to neuropathy?
  102. Neuropathy + Strep + Shingles
  103. Fractured Humorous, Radial nerve damage
  104. Ulnar Nerve Release Surgery Recovery
  105. Nerve Support Formula
  106. What Do You Use To Calm Neuropathy Pain?
  107. had an emg test on radial nerve today
  108. Pain management doctor
  109. Do you work full time?
  110. New Help for Neuropathy
  111. Lyrica increase
  112. Anterior tibial surgery
  113. Vitamin B6 & B12
  114. PN and Hands and balance
  115. Neuropathy...What to Do?
  116. Neurologist...
  117. Addicted to Vicodin?
  118. P n medications
  119. ice and burning feeling
  120. I have Neurpathy
  121. painful burning upperarm
  122. radial nerve damage
  123. Has anyone.....
  124. HELP...need info!
  125. Tingling for over a year
  126. scalp numbness and tingling
  127. humerous bone broke now wrist drop
  128. neuropathy and foot problems after acupuncture visit
  129. EMG negative!
  130. Another weird question
  131. stickinee
  132. Horrible question
  133. Lumbar Sympathetic Nerve Block with Fluoroscopy
  134. Toenail issues with Neuropathy
  135. New treatment, for me anyway??
  136. Diagnosis Confirmed!!
  137. Neuropathy
  138. Cayenne Pepper and PN
  139. Neuropathy and Brain Fog
  140. Switching from Neurontin
  141. Having a bad day
  142. New here - SFN in my feet
  143. Small Nerve Fiber Neuropathy
  144. peripheral neuropathy in the neck
  145. Neuropathy Medications
  146. Re: Looking for answers
  147. Hope. don't lose it.
  148. Leg Twitching...
  149. balance problems
  150. My Saturday experience...
  151. Electric shock sensation in hands/feet
  152. Can anyone relate to this?
  153. First night needing pain med
  154. side effects of neurontin
  155. Neuropathy perhaps?
  156. This pain is driving me crazy!!
  157. peripheral neuropathy caused by pernicious anemia
  158. Attn: minstrel2...
  159. Neuropathy with no diagnosis
  160. Small fiber neuropathy stress and patience mgt. ??
  161. Knee pain and neuropathy
  162. What could be causing this?
  163. alpha lipoic acid and/or IVig for small fiber neuropathy
  164. Diet, certain foods increase pain?
  165. Physical Thearpy...
  166. NP and weakness
  167. People w/PN...
  168. Pain...
  169. Acupuncture?
  170. Nerve Conduction Test For Foot
  171. Is there a difference in pain levels
  172. My mother's Arterial disease mistaken for neuropathy, who is to blame?
  173. Want to end my pain !!
  174. Little Toes/Neurpathy/Can't spread toes
  175. B6 Toxicity & Neuropathy
  176. Nerve damage causing ED?
  177. Pain...
  178. the difficulty of making a diagnosis
  179. B12 level? mine is
  180. Sister who is numb from knees down!! help please!
  181. Pn pain driving me crazy !!!!
  182. Peripheral Neuropathy Discomfort
  183. SFN and temperature
  184. SFN pain and lifestyle changes
  185. Narrowing of spinal column
  186. muscle pain
  187. Autonomic Small Fiber Neuropathy
  188. Do I possibly have peripheral neuropathy?
  189. Trileptal prescribed for neuropathic pain
  190. suprascapular neuritis
  191. can high blood pressure cause peripheral nerve damage?
  192. nerve pain? trapped nerve
  193. Random body pains please help?
  194. grifulvin AND peripheral-neuropathy
  195. Help w/balance/walking...
  196. Numbness in lip and face left side
  197. PN and irregular heart rates.
  198. perineal/sciatic nerve damage foot drop
  199. EMG test today advice needed please!
  200. Twitches
  201. Is constant damage to...
  202. Finally a diagnosis, but what now?
  203. levaquin side effects ??
  204. PN and
  205. has anyone taken the drug (savella) for s.f.neuropathy?
  206. peripheral neuropathy, am I "done for" so to speak?
  207. do I have peripheral neuropathy?
  208. side effects of neuropathy
  209. Buzzing vibration feeling
  210. Please explain
  211. How cervical issues are related to SFN?
  212. Amitriptyline - why this?
  213. Anitibody and SFN
  214. QSART (((simple question.)))
  215. No real answers from dr on what to do from here
  216. PN and pain walking
  217. Relief from aching legs
  218. Ulnar Nerve Subcutaneous Transposition Recovery
  219. Cymbalta for neuropathic pain
  220. Neurophathy spreading from legs and feet to hands and arms
  221. Need some help from vets or anyone else. Peripheral neuropathy due to injury
  222. Neuro test I am so confused
  223. Using higer dose of B12
  224. Burning left sided chest pain/stomach pain
  225. Burning pain on the bottom of feet while skiing
  226. Defining Neuropathic pain.
  227. Nerve problem question and Neuragin?!?!?
  228. sural nerve biopsy
  229. Fasculations across stomach muscles
  230. Neurogel
  231. Does Weather affect PN
  232. Neuropathy worse at night
  233. Support Groups
  234. golf after neuropathy?
  235. Widespread vs Localized symptoms (Got an Answer)
  236. Is this Neuropathy?
  237. New to the board...
  238. burning feet for 3 years brought on by prescription, still no real answers
  239. radial nerve recovery
  240. Symptoms of neurological issue??
  241. WSN Nerve Support Formula
  242. neuropathy from being a waitress...
  243. Chronic neuropathic pain after cervical spi
  244. L glutamine question
  245. Please help with any advice
  246. Hnpp
  247. Running injury? Fall from numb leg, stiff + tingly fingers, numb arms
  248. Sudden onset polyneuropathy, bizarre symptoms, no diagnosis - HELP!
  249. could someone explain to me the difference btwn brachial plexus injury and...........
  250. Does any kind of injection on the nerve could cause neuropathy?

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