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  1. Setting the record straight.
  2. Pins and needles in left arm
  3. Aspartamane & Neuropathy
  4. I need advice with peripheral neuropathy pain
  5. Pinched Nerve on the Neck Area
  6. Neuroposy
  7. heat surges in foot
  8. 22 yo male, peripheral neuropathy
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  10. nerve conduction test - very upset with cost and results
  11. Peripheral Neuropathy
  12. emg / nct test
  13. Never ending foot pain
  14. Nerve Biopsy
  15. EMG Results... ???
  16. Burning sensation in the body
  17. my mayo dr says neuropathy usually improves. have you heard this?
  18. Sleeping Position & Neuropathy???
  19. what is this?
  20. pins & needles as well as tingling in many parts of the body
  21. neuropathic disease diagnosis
  22. Things I have found increase my Peripheral Neuropathy
  23. neuropathy pain
  24. I need to know...
  25. IVIg infusions for SFN
  26. Weird Episode and Presentation
  27. Headache following lumbar puncture
  28. low blood pressure
  29. what could be the reason for burning sensation in legs
  30. What can help with Trigemnal Nerve Pain :(
  31. injections
  32. Nerve Problem in Foot
  33. Steroids
  34. what can cause the bottom of your feet to have a burning sensation, and pain in calve
  35. Tingling, Pins and Needles, not really numb at all.
  36. Ulnar nerve operation
  37. Numbness / cold sensations / tingling
  38. HELP - numb right knee, both shins and calves - bottom of feet
  39. lower leg pain
  40. Top 5 things to do when you have nerve symptoms
  41. Help with RSD
  42. severe nerve pain please help
  43. spinalcord stroke.
  44. Nerve damage in arms n legs
  45. Triggers and Pain
  46. Metanx & Diabetic Neuropathy
  47. neuropathy in right foot
  48. Ulnar nerve blocked elsewhere?
  49. sural nerv damage
  50. Neuroveen
  51. Addiction Problems with SFN
  52. Ups and downs.
  53. Neuropathy/Gabapentin Edema
  54. Nerve damage? please help!
  55. Allopurinol and zinc causes?
  56. Tongue nerve damage repair
  57. Constant Cloudy vision, and dizzieness for 6 months now..HELP PLEASE
  58. CSF Leaks
  59. Has anybody tried acupuncture?
  60. another small fiber neuropathy member.
  61. Facial Pain
  62. Painful feet & legs - Could it be Neuropathy?
  63. Disabled
  64. Could this be MS or something else?
  65. ulnar nerve and carpal tunnel
  66. thecal sac indentation
  67. tingling heels
  68. Roller-coaster of symptoms
  69. Small Fiber Neuropathy and Lost
  70. hit on back of head
  71. Plz help-has anyone heard of atypical odontalgia-teeth or gum nerve pain?
  72. Strange goings ons
  73. numbness and loss of muscle control
  74. Small Nerve Neuropathy
  75. Problem with a severed Radial Nerve healing
  76. impotence from medication for neuropathy
  77. numbness in pinky and ring finger
  78. Diabetic Neuropathy
  79. Buzzing/Vibrating Feet
  80. Numbing electricity starting from my feet and going up the head, what is it?
  81. Kinds of numbness/tingling?
  82. Neurontin Weight Gain
  83. Advice on Alpha Lipoic Acid
  84. Ulnar Nerve Problems
  85. vitamin b-6
  86. Plz help! New
  87. Borderline Low B12 symptoms
  88. spider web feeling in knee
  89. neuropathy - trouble walking and standing - please help
  90. Diabetes, burning legs
  91. Ulnar Nerve Pain advice
  92. Ulnar nerve transposition and Workers comp in AL
  93. What would cause my legs to have a burning sensantiation?
  94. Pain in feet, legs, and hands
  95. what's best for nerve pain
  96. Losing movement in right hand. HELP...
  97. Getting ready for spinal fusion
  98. Is stiffness common to SFN
  99. neuropathy or cholesterol?
  100. Still a Mystery..
  101. Left thumb twitching?
  102. Crushed Finger Nerve Damage
  103. testing of damaged nerves permanent or tepmorary
  104. was treated for cidp and have cmt
  105. tingeling in upper back
  106. Nerve damage crushed finger
  107. nerve pain from inury
  108. Clueless in Illinois,please help
  109. Fibromyalgia vs Small Fiber Neuropathy
  110. muscle loss and pain in hands
  111. what causes my muscle pain and burning sensation on my leg
  112. don't want to become addicted to feel better
  113. off balance
  114. dr. scholl's
  115. Neuropathy Question
  116. need help
  117. What do I have?? Peripheral Neuropathy??
  118. a knife injury in the little finger
  119. peripheral neuropathy after hearing loss
  120. Tingling and Weakness after Sore throat....post viral???
  121. Wsn nerve Support Formula
  122. New to this...emg shows peripheral neuropathy. Thoughts & feedback appreciated.
  123. why are the nerves in my toes hurting after epidural
  124. Help, so confused by my symptoms!??
  125. nerve damage after neck surgery
  126. any input would be appreciated
  127. Pain paresthesia entire surface of left thigh down to over the kne
  128. Pain/Symptoms question.
  129. why do my legs feel like they are burning inside
  130. Relentless pain...
  131. what does burning in limbs indicate
  132. nerve damage caused by Dr
  133. Sudden pins and needles pain all skin and sudden pain all joints all at once
  134. Question about Symptoms
  135. epidural shot in back
  136. Please Help
  137. Any fellow Vitamin E deficient patients?
  138. Sudden numbness in left leg??!! Can't walk..!
  139. nerve tingling all over my body
  140. Big Toe Burns
  141. Update and Technical Questions
  142. Guitar Player having Ulnar Nerve release surgery
  143. Neuropathy and Mobic
  144. Spider web feeling???
  145. symptoms
  146. cervical rib syndrome: ribby needs advice!
  147. Face, back and torso symptoms, with my story
  148. Is there another test to find out for nerve damage
  149. It started in my legs...
  150. thumb twitching and tingling
  151. light headedness/tingling in calfs
  152. neuropathy, help please
  153. Constant calf muscle spasm/twitching cramps
  154. negative emg and ncv with muscle wasting
  155. nerve block' what was your experience like?
  156. carpal tunnel surery and ulnar nerve connection
  157. Neuropathy Medication
  158. Husband wants me off all meds.... scared
  159. newbie here, hoping for some insight.
  160. Long term tramadol use
  161. Hot burning sensation above my left ankle
  162. dropped foot
  163. Confused??
  164. brain neuropathy
  165. relief at night from elbow ulnar nerve pain
  166. i am taking lyrica and all i want to do is eat
  167. my thumb twitches when i have a headache
  168. brain pops help
  169. Am I thinking wrong? Crazy?
  170. Triglycerides
  171. Pain - front, side and back
  172. Diabetic neuropathy
  173. Fluoroquinolone
  174. Awkward position
  175. Numbness
  176. HIV Neuropathy
  177. Best place to ice?
  178. minus pain meds plus neurotin=zombie
  179. Shoulder damage/surgery, now spasms
  180. Progression or Chronic stuff?
  181. Complication after tendon repair surgery
  182. Rotating, Differing, changes in Foot Feelings
  183. Pain relief for meralgia paresthetica
  184. Peripheral Neuropathy
  185. Pinched Nerve! Now What?
  186. pain on top of hands and feet
  187. Thumb
  188. Is this nerve pain and will it go away?
  189. Peroneal Nerve stretch damage causing foot drop
  190. Cidp
  191. Cdip
  192. What You Don't Know Can Hurt
  193. Neuropathy or discogenic pain?
  194. my son's pain
  195. Your opinions, need help...
  196. we've lost our ins can't afford gabapentin!!!
  197. Newly Diagnosed Guillain-Barre`syndrome
  198. Muscles Twitch From Normal Use
  199. I really don't know what to do anymore, advice needed.
  200. Stocking and Glove?
  201. Nerve Pain in Hands/Feet
  202. my lower legs feel like they are on fire
  203. Burning uper back
  204. Can anyone relate???
  205. GabaClon analgesic
  206. Your experience
  207. ulnar nerve surgery
  208. could it be leprosy?
  209. Don't know what this is?
  210. Do your symptoms come and go?
  211. burning hands
  212. head pain
  213. Aussie, Ruby and vitamins
  214. Muscle Twitching.
  215. auxillary nerve damage
  216. Well I got the nerve conduction study results
  217. Nerve conduction study test?
  218. recently dx small fiber neuropathy
  219. Doctor who treats neuropathy
  220. Meloxicam-Mobic need info please!
  221. tingling in hands and feet, weirdness in arm and leg joints
  222. SFN update from Daisy
  223. Diabetic neuropathy
  224. difference
  225. why do i have a hot feeling in my lower leg
  226. Update
  227. Have thigh bone stabbing pains and scraping feeling...
  228. very itchy skin at back bra area
  229. neuropathy
  230. why do i have a painful burning sensation in the front of my shin
  231. An update from Daisy
  232. Pain and tingling in little finger after Ulnar nerve repair
  233. SFN Questions.
  234. Motor vs sensory
  235. facial pain and numbness
  236. Does Re-Builder help with SFN
  237. Best doctor for small fiber sensory neuropathy at Johns Hopkins
  238. Anterior Tibial Tendon Transfer Surgery
  239. Anxiety/Stress can induce Neuropathy/Neuropathic symptoms
  240. Effects of neuropathy
  241. The bottom of my left foot gets warm ever sincce I sat Indian Style ?????
  242. Tingling and numbness - left side of face
  243. Dx's change when we least expect them to
  244. Exercise
  245. moxibustion therapy?
  246. good drop foot braces?
  247. Burning Pain, Numbness, Tingling, Twitching, Weakness...
  248. evaluation for treatment
  249. Sharing my case
  250. Skin painful to touch on lower back and lower abdomen