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  1. chiari malformation???
  2. Chronic thigh paresthesia and foot numbness - wits end
  3. left hand starts to hurt, pinky numb
  4. Vitamins that help Neuropathy
  5. new to neuropathy
  6. Desperate for Help in Burning Pain
  7. someone please help me
  8. Acupuncture
  9. cymbalta for nerve pain in shoulder
  10. Ringing in ears
  11. supplements might be causing numbness
  12. Alpha Lipoic Acid
  13. my feet are burning feels like fire
  14. Loss of sensation numb and itchy underarm and breast area
  15. Nerve Issues after getting a tattoo.
  16. Diagnoses with Neuropathy...questions
  17. Burning legs and feet
  18. Severe pain after second ulnar nerve surgery.
  19. small fibre neuropathy
  20. Small fiber neuropathy
  21. ulnar nerve severed
  22. Partially Severed Deep Peroneal Nerve
  23. would neuropathy cause this?
  24. brain tumur
  25. Small fiber neuropathy ?????
  26. balance problems and nerve damage
  27. Guillain-Barre Syndrome ??
  28. Atypical Face Pain - Atypical Odontalgia
  29. wish someone would design a good looking shoe
  30. fenofibrate side effects
  31. can nerves be stretched
  32. i had two surgeries
  33. Numbness
  34. Numbness from the flu shot?
  35. help for my neuropathy
  36. Need PN doc in Boston
  37. help me please
  38. Chronic Idiophthic axonal polyneuropathy
  39. Small fiber neuropathy
  40. fractured humerus and dislocated rht shoulder
  41. Narrowing the left neural foramen
  42. shooting pain in middle toe
  43. Medical Aggravation - Ulnar Nerve
  44. Pain & Numbness in leg and foot help!!
  45. doctors refuse to be open and honest
  46. neuropathy, myoclonic jerks, tingling, fatigue
  47. numbness in pinky left hand
  48. Pain after EMG test
  49. Pain in Hips, Legs and Feet
  50. spinal fusion/pundendal nerve entrapment
  51. NEUROPATHY Pins n Needles and RA joint pain with stinging hands n feet
  52. help nerve damage driving me crazy
  53. Week Long Debilitating Headache
  54. twitch in my right forefinger
  55. What is this? Odd Arm/Leg pain.
  56. how long to xeristar kicks in
  57. cervical radiculopathy
  58. femoral nerve pain damage
  59. Is this normal?
  60. Myofascial Symptoms
  61. HNPP and Vasectomies
  62. Cervical Disk Replacement....
  63. nerve damage following a routine operation
  64. My feet are throbbing and burning.
  65. Tingling in heel
  66. Please someone !!!!!
  67. I have SFN-Do You?
  68. Heat / SFN
  69. Do you ever feel like
  70. Acupuncture
  71. Watch your mouth in Florida !
  72. why does my thumb keep twitching
  73. Reduced medication
  74. Eureka - they found it.
  75. new diagnosis of Small Fiber Neuropathy
  76. Neuro with High B12 and low platlets
  77. 4% Alcohol Injections for SFN ???
  78. numbness in rihgt hand pinky finger
  79. ulnar nerve surgery
  80. burning feeling in legs and feet assuaged when given warmth
  81. RLS symptoms
  82. Pretty Sure I May Have a Pinched Ulnar Nerve, What to Do?
  83. Any experience with Topamax for Neuropathy?
  84. Foot Glued To Floor- Anyone have same?
  85. Numb cheek, gums
  86. Bad reaction to Vicodin & Percoset
  87. Seeking opinion regarding cause of peripheral neuropathy
  88. Problems with feet after taking neurontin
  89. Thorocolumbar polyradiculoneuropathy
  90. Tongue burning
  91. Burning from swallowing pills
  92. I'm just tired of it all.
  93. I have SFN...who has tried Savella???
  94. How can I avoid weight gain with Neurontin?
  95. Autonomic sensory testing
  96. does benfotiamine cause atrial fib
  97. Can compressed nerves hurt/ache all day and night?
  98. Pudendal Nerve Entrapment or Piriformis syndrome? Please Help!
  99. buring sensation in inside lower front leg
  100. Neuropathy coming from Cervical Spine issues
  101. Nerve problem??
  102. legs and head tingling
  103. Peripheral Neuritis?? Please help!
  104. how to find out if your surgeon made a mistake
  105. Aftermath
  106. is this neuropathy?
  107. Varicose vein on my testicle... help..
  108. Parasthesia a form of neuropathy
  109. Introduction and Fentanyl Trans Dermal Patch
  110. Prognosis for foot drop from pelvic surgery
  111. Orgasm increases pain from neuropathy?
  112. My results of my final appointment with the Neuro
  113. Desperate for answers on neuropathy: any input appreciated
  114. nerve problem
  115. neuro. appt.--B6 toxicity?
  116. ear and neck pressure
  117. We've found temporary instant relief
  118. Burning sensation in feet, mouth, and brain
  119. Chronic Leg Pain
  120. Transverse myelitis.
  121. Neuropathy from prozac?
  122. Random Nerve Pain
  123. Chronic peroneal nerve pain between 1st and 2nd toe right foot !!!
  124. Numbness in left hand and slight swelling...
  125. Numbness/pins needles/pains
  126. CIDP-new diagnosis
  127. Painful neuropathy due to RSI?
  128. all over body nervus feeling
  129. Neurontin for neuropathy symptoms
  130. Pinky and ring finger feeling numb while sleeping
  131. buzzing vibrating nerves
  132. A new pain to me
  133. right side paralysis from nerve block injection
  134. Newbie..Long story, looking for help...
  135. Why do these things cause me Tactile Hyperesthesia?
  136. Electrical sensation
  137. Emg
  138. Peroneal Nerve Injury
  139. muscle twitiching
  140. neuropathy
  141. SFN question
  142. mild bludges dics
  143. numbness and bulging disc
  144. Body buzzing.
  145. Something's wrong with my mom
  146. tingling right hand
  147. weaning off lyrica
  148. relief
  149. Changing foot sensations.
  150. What is the next step?
  151. Husband Gets Electrical Shocks Throughout Body
  152. What's going on?
  153. dealing with cold feet
  154. CRPS Type II ??
  155. Feet burning and electrical spasms legs
  156. emg test
  157. Nerve pain mainly in back which varies with mood
  158. Neuropathy - new member.
  159. Gastroparesis
  160. whole body jerking
  161. Questions on SFN
  162. Going crazy!!!
  163. Do we need a 2nd opinion??????
  164. Neuropathy cause by alcohol...other drug use?
  165. what is the burning sensation in my legs it comes and goes
  166. BUrning sensations on leg
  167. Left Hand Nerve Problem
  168. using meds
  169. damaged the peronial nerve
  170. sensory neuropathy
  171. Sensory Neuropathy
  172. your posts lets me know I am not crazy
  173. pain in shoulder, upper back and numbness down arm
  174. Pins and needles feeling
  175. Robaxin for Nerve Pain in both legs
  176. I waited 3 months for this??
  177. spinal cord stimulator implanted
  178. femoral nerve damage pain
  179. wrist drop/radial nerve damage
  180. EMG test results show normal when no sensation
  181. New here
  182. what can you do to get a doctor to give a diagnosis of ms when all the symtoms are th
  183. delhi doctors who treat feet burning
  184. Electric shocks throughout body
  185. Has anyone experienced this?
  186. Has anyone experienced this?
  187. how to drive with dropped foot
  188. No Diagnosis - has anyone hear of similar symptoms?
  189. What makes muscles weak and shaky??
  190. Has anyone seen a podiatrist?
  191. Hereditary motor senory neuropathy Type1
  192. Electric shock feelings
  193. Numbness and pain in my left arm
  194. what is adrenaline sensitivity
  195. pudendal nerve
  196. Ulnar Nerve Transposition Surgery
  197. Cidp
  198. what to do about tingling heel?
  199. how does it feel when nerve is repairing itself
  200. The Nic Patch
  201. Panic over every new flare!
  202. Anyone suffering from Vocal Nerve Pain?
  203. what is drop palsy
  204. Things I have found increase my Peripheral Neuropathy
  205. Post Concussion
  206. burning sensation in the legs
  207. Anodyne Therapy for peripheral neuropathy
  208. small fiber neuropathy gang II
  209. results from nortriptylin
  210. I'm worse after each neck operation
  211. neuropathy
  212. neuropathy
  213. Neuropathy or not?
  214. what is the course for burning feet in summer
  215. Is this Neuropathy?
  216. Rocks in my socks, etc. ! Much better now :)
  217. Rib muscle pain from neuropathy?
  218. Helping others understand about chronic pain
  219. arm pain when reaching health
  220. Sural nerve cut 1/3 way up calf muscle, pain
  221. nicotine patch causing PN symptoms?
  222. burning sensation in lower extremities
  223. Cutting 5th cranial nerve
  224. Neuropathy CIDP or HMSN
  225. Neuropathy
  226. Headache & Seizues attacks
  227. Severe back pain
  228. SFN, pre-diabetes and supplements
  229. Requip XL
  230. doctor won't help
  231. looking for answers
  232. bummer bad news, need an ear
  233. Cervical steroid injections?
  234. burning sensation in foot
  235. atenenol
  236. PennyS
  237. Lyrica Question
  238. Pinched nerve, referred pain near left armpit??
  239. my progress
  240. polyneuropahy
  241. Cidp
  242. Potential Causes of SFN
  243. Small Fiber Neuropathy#2
  244. Klonipin leads to a trip to the hospital
  245. burning sensation in just one leg
  246. epideral shots for nerve damage
  247. Burning pain in legs chest lower back, left shoulder
  248. i suffer from neuropothy what can i do
  249. Question for you..
  250. need help to understand this

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