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  1. Side effect from Lyrica tonight!!?:( PLEASE HELP!!
  2. progress with my dropped foot
  3. nerve hit by needle
  4. Sensory problems
  5. burning leg sensations + extreme fatigue
  6. small fiber neuropathy
  7. pain
  8. IV and possible nerve damage in hand?
  9. Small Fibre Neuropathy
  10. Nerve Conduction Tests
  11. Neuropathy in feet
  12. Neuropathy after a virus?
  13. scar tissue from surgery pressing against nerves
  14. Any ideas why a burning nerve pain in hands and feet
  15. Numb Area on Face
  16. Brachial Plexus Palsy after bursitis
  17. peroneal nerve
  18. numbness of finger
  19. why do I wake up with the left side of my head in pain
  20. ulnar nerve damage
  21. arm nerve doctors
  22. tingling sensation are spreading to arms and legs
  23. Alternative Treatments or Diets?
  24. drop foot
  25. nortriptylin trying again
  26. tightness in legs
  27. twitching, tingling and strange sensations
  28. failed ulnar surgery 1 year later
  29. neuropathy with myopathy
  30. lower back pain
  31. Perm nerve Damage?
  32. Right heel , left leg pain
  33. carpal tunnel and ulnar nerve surgery
  34. Neuropathy from damaged Sciatic nerves
  35. hi everyone....newbie
  36. Weird sensation in hands
  37. Pudendal Nerve Entrapment
  38. Familiar to anyone?
  39. Who has gone to the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale Arizona for their neuropathy issues?
  40. Has anyone gone to Banner Good Samaritan Neuropathy Center in Phoenix Arizona?
  41. Who has small fiber neuropathy!
  42. Peripheral Neuropathy - and Boniva
  43. Is small fiber neuropathy prgressive?
  44. nerve in shoulder hit with needle
  45. Shoulder pain down arm and hand /numbness in hand
  46. post concussion syndrome
  47. Anodyne Therapy
  48. Nerve biopsy
  49. tingling sensation on right side of head
  50. advice please with concerned ulnar nerve issues
  51. Help need - numbness in foot relating to prolapsed disc
  52. Hnpp
  53. need advice on meds. and how to deal with symptoms
  54. Rebuilder
  55. Cymbalta Withdrawal
  56. Pain at base of neck and lower jaw
  57. my right hip was destroyed
  58. Nerve Support Formula???
  59. new medication
  60. Tingling in arm and legs
  61. Worried about future..Does anyone have this problem?
  62. Tingling in back of legs & Feet
  63. Chiropractor Helps My Neuropathy A Little
  64. Nerve zap test
  65. Benfotiamine Dosage
  66. stiff knee
  67. How is neuropathy diagnosed?
  68. what does unremarkable mean in an mri reading
  69. PN Pain - Big Toe to Lower Leg
  70. overcounter drug to treat inflammed nerves? -need asap
  71. Diabetic Neuropathy of the Feet and Hands
  72. Neuropathic troubles progressing, concern growing
  73. What do I have?
  74. peripheral neuropathy
  75. tingling in upper back
  76. itching and tingling
  77. pain in left arm and upper back between shoulder bades burning sensation when walking
  78. I fell and hit my head, now I have pain down arms
  79. friend diagnosed with Neuropathy
  80. nerve decompression-Hip revision?
  81. neuropathy and accupuncture
  82. i posted in general health, please help
  83. Hot Tub / Spa therapy
  84. I wore tight shoes and now have peripheral neuropathy please help
  85. how long does it take to get results of a nerve conduction study
  86. Has anyone here gone to the ER for neuropathy?
  87. Burning Leg In 1 Calf
  88. nerves or do i need to see a doctor soon??
  89. Help I cannot wait
  90. Numbness Weakness in feet legs and spreading!
  91. severe sciatic nerve palsy
  92. Pain in buttocks...Help!
  93. Numbness In several fingers & face
  94. seft arm numbness
  95. drop foot in left leg
  96. radial nerve palsy - semi drop wrist
  97. Possible Peroneal Nerve Damage
  98. Foot Drop
  99. Need support
  100. Head shock (similar to funnybone)
  101. Peroneal nerve entrapment without foot drop??
  102. B12 Deficiency
  103. Neuropathy & Fabry's disease
  104. low blood pressure or nerve problem?
  105. Neuropathy
  106. neuropathy
  107. Sciataca
  108. Post Viral Laryngeal Neuropathy
  109. Klonopin or Depakote
  110. medtronics morphine pump
  111. cymbalta
  112. Several Questions....
  113. Fish oil???
  114. not comfortable in walking shoes
  115. tingling...
  116. neuropathy
  117. no further treatment planned for me
  118. Supplements for the burning ?
  119. Weird question about epson salt.
  120. A new aggravation
  121. Anyone else have this?
  122. Vitamin B12
  123. Failing Romberg test
  124. Hi Folks ,need some info please
  125. Been Told i have " Hyperreflexia " what to expect ??
  126. Sister's car accident has left her with nerve damage in her foot.
  127. Diabetic Shoe
  128. car seat recommendations
  129. 4 and a half weeks post-op.
  130. Any1 on the medicine called " Gabapentin" for nerve pain?
  131. Painful shocks in head, numbness, nausea - help!
  132. Need new foot drop brace
  133. Ulnar nerve "pops" out of cubital tunnel
  134. input
  135. Does my...
  136. digestive malfunctions
  137. Aussie100
  138. Please help
  139. Periperal Neuropathy of the Peroneal Nerve
  140. Had my EMG test done, what does " Radiculopathy " ?
  141. Sensory Neuropathy
  142. Unexplained numbness...
  143. my neuropathy is moving to my hands....
  144. neuropathy from levaquin, apparently made worse by alcohol
  145. Gabapentin?
  146. Nerve abnormalities
  147. Can peripheral neuropathy come and go?
  148. neuropathy
  149. Neuroma on the Ulnar Nerve
  150. Neuropraxia
  151. Nerve got hit
  152. EMG testing and foot drop and posterior tibial tendon transfer
  153. Suffering with foot drop for 16 yrs!
  154. 83 Y/O mom with neuropathy and more
  155. Ulnar nerve release
  156. Reduced reflexes in left foot
  157. Jacuzzi as a treatment for Peripheral Neuropathy
  158. Just Diagnosed
  159. Burning Buttocks
  160. Laser treatment
  161. What is causing tingling and muscle spasms in my body?? HELP!
  162. Previous serious cervical problems and then rear-ended
  163. tendonitis stretches
  164. Neuropathy? What do I have?
  165. strange I get no response.. makes me wonder if there is hope
  166. Sudden foot itch and hard coughing
  167. I can hardly walk any more
  168. Needle-like pricks all over body
  169. Nerve Conduction Test
  170. Other Neuropathy types
  171. dropped foot
  172. Pain, then dark vein
  173. Gilliam Barre
  174. Electrical nerve sensations
  175. What causes a neuroma?
  176. Damage from EMG
  177. what kind of sypmtoms has tingle in your little finger and feet?
  178. why would my left foot be tingling and going to sleep?
  179. strange neuropathy
  180. White matter changes
  181. wrist pain
  182. guess i am lucky!
  183. Test Results
  184. burning legs
  185. Peroneal nerve decompression surgery
  186. Is Lyrica a good replacement for Neurontin?
  187. No Feedback On Cryosurgery?????
  188. Anyone on Fentanyl patch for neuropathy pain?
  189. New Treatment For Neuropathy !!!!
  190. Does anyone have these symptoms?
  191. how can I stop my toes lifting the rest of my foot .. and numbness
  192. Burning Sensation On Right Leg
  193. Should I call the doctor?
  194. Leg weakness, trouble walking
  195. Rapidly Losing Hope...
  196. A Question About Neuropathy and Climate ? :)
  197. Does anyone with neuopathy ever see white light as blue?
  198. Hi all new on this sight,looking for suggestions, i'm everywhere!
  199. ouch! pain in right arm
  200. Could This Be A Neuro Problem?
  201. Anyone Please Help!
  202. New Cause of Neuropathy
  203. nerve shocks in back of knee
  204. sometimes pain goes from neck down my right arm nerve
  205. Monomelic Atrophy
  206. burning, pins and needles, both legs, arms and neck
  207. neuropathy
  208. Heal Pain
  209. random muscle cramping in shoulder and tingling in arm
  210. how long take wean off lyrica
  211. Tennis Elbow Surgery
  212. help
  213. burning sensation in lower limbs.what could be the problem
  214. Thumb twitching on left hand
  215. Needling,burning,cramping pain in neck & throat under ear worse when move arm
  216. Wow, I think I could belong here...
  217. how to live with charcot foot
  218. Burning/numbness nerve central pain & wheal & flare reaction/tmj/oro-facial pain
  219. Numbness
  220. pinky finger on right hand
  221. Why do feet burn
  222. Tendinitis
  223. Constant Nerve Ending Pain
  224. Numbness
  225. I'm off CYMBALTA.
  226. Elbow MRI....
  227. Pain in arms.
  228. Please help me, Im scared....I dunno what is wrong with me
  229. cache:uf2Q6WvmYusJ:/boards/archive/index.php/f-94-p-2.html does gluten intolerance ca
  230. how does an emg test work
  231. enlarged bones in the skull
  232. Ulnar neuropathy surgery what to expect after
  233. Pain Med. brings up more pain?
  234. pinky finger numbness
  235. soft upper motor neurone signs
  236. Hands Fall Asleep All The Time
  237. Wow!! A place to vent, where people can relate!
  238. vasculits and periferal neurapathy...
  239. Flaxseed capsule 1,000, and Fish Oil capsule 1,000 mg a day.
  240. Pain increases no matter what I do
  241. i have nerve damage in my foot what can i do
  242. drop foot
  243. tingly and burning
  244. nerve pain
  245. nerve stim units
  246. Anyone have news about the efficacy of nerve growth factor?
  247. burning on left side
  248. The Insidious progression of Peripheral Neuropathy
  249. Restless Body Syndrome? Myesterious virus? Help!
  250. what if my nerve biopsy is normal