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  1. Burning Feet
  2. Does anyone know anything regarding nerve damage inside the penis?
  3. Extremely cold feet
  4. bilateral hand tingling
  5. Searching for Answers
  6. Chemists dx with small-fiber neuropathy
  7. Baffled and looking for insight
  8. Axillary Nerve Damage and atrophied deltoids, Please Help!
  9. I have some questions.
  10. feelings of weakness?
  11. please help!!
  12. neuropathy or something else?
  13. B12 nerve repair
  14. Do my symptoms sound familiar to anyone?
  15. Burning and Tingling from Head to Toe
  16. Why do I see flashes when I hear loud noises?
  17. Ulnar Nerve Compression of the elbow (frustrated!)
  18. scalp and hair pain
  19. help dont know where to turn
  20. Brachial Plexus Tumor
  21. Motor Neuron Syndrome
  22. Spinal Tap (Lumbar Puncture)
  23. hot hands/feet and sensitive to pressure
  24. pain in upper leg/thigh
  25. does Nepthy cause toe to curve?
  26. Need Info.
  27. Constant Pain
  28. can't stop moving!!!
  29. Wierd Symptoms from Nerve Twitching Causing Problems
  30. New info neuropathy treatment(s)
  31. cyst on the pineal gland
  32. Need answers and Docs don't know anything
  33. Chronic Tight Aching Legs
  34. Peroneal nerve palsy ?
  35. losing feeling
  36. I'm new here
  37. Does anyone take opiates for their nerve pain/neuropathic pain?
  38. Referred Nerve pain from Branch...
  39. I crashed my bike, my hand is "lame"
  40. Ulnar Nerve problems
  41. What nerve disorder causes these symptoms???
  42. treatment(s) of neuropathy
  43. treatment(s) of neuropathy
  44. Anyone else have knee problems with foot drop?
  45. Tendon transer for foot drop complications
  46. Argh.. Neuro is giving up on my, I think
  47. Neurolysis question
  48. Suggestion for women
  49. Cream For Burning Feet
  50. What to expect after ulnar nerve transposition surgery for cubital tunnel?
  51. My Husband's foot is numb...
  52. Numbness in the left part of my head
  53. Tests....
  54. What kind of doctor for per. neuropathy??
  55. Pain in upper left arm
  56. Tingling...
  57. Zonegran
  58. tenderness/pain on right side only
  59. NEED HELP ASAP. pleaseeeeee
  60. 2 weeks in hospital, no answer
  61. numbness in limbs after eating (strange)
  62. cervical lardosis
  63. Burning pain back, any suggestions????
  64. Someone please help what is going on with my hands and feet
  65. Tingling in hands and feet, altered taste
  66. Just diagnosed with small fiber neuropathy
  67. Neuropathy from spinal cord compression
  68. Cocktail For Neuropathy
  69. New here and Cymbalta
  70. Cymbalta? Dietary Changes for Nerve Issue?Surgery?
  71. Color changes and neuropathy in both feet
  72. Information Please
  73. So confused in nerve pain?
  74. Constant burning pain
  75. Charcot joint anyone?
  76. Nerve Support Formula
  77. Topamax. cause/bring out liver issues?
  78. Tentative diagnosis - ulnar neuropathy
  79. What has been your experience with Topamax?
  80. Footwear Recommendations - Help!!!!!
  81. Lyrica
  82. pinky/wrist pain
  83. Could this be neuropathy? Please help!
  84. What med for Neuropathy worked best for you?
  85. repairing damaged nerves
  86. Periforal neuropathy
  87. Pre-diabetic
  88. Random nerve firings all over body....
  89. Femoral Nerve Problem Linked To L5S1 Disc Problem ?
  90. can anyone relate?
  91. Does this s/l Neuropathy & Chronic Fatigue ? (Long)
  92. Is there a cure for Neropathy
  93. Harry, have you heard of Inositol?
  94. Neurontin/Surgery??
  95. Ulnar nerves and shoulder blade pain
  96. Painful Diabetic Neuropothy
  97. hot flash side effect Lyrica
  98. Thumb twitching, Just a twitch or possible carpal?
  99. EMG test
  100. Methyl methacrylate... maybe???
  101. Neurontin and Lyrica/Nerve pain
  102. Cmt
  103. Facial Neuropathy Anyone?
  104. what is auto antibody testing?????
  105. tingling in heels
  106. Tingling in arm stops when
  107. Quinine's Gone!
  108. Neuropothy
  109. Possible guillain-barre syndrome??
  110. information about lyrica
  111. acytel L-Carnitine for Neuropathy Pain?
  112. Can someone help me make sense of my numbness?
  113. Anybody Taking Topamax?
  114. nerve damage - progressive?
  115. docters not sure what i have..
  116. tingling on left side and pain in neck/jaw area
  117. ulner nerve reinjury
  118. Peripheral Neuropathy
  119. Is tingling normal?
  120. Ulnar nerve problem...PLEASE help!!
  121. baffled
  122. W/ all the sympts- any tested for Fabry's?
  123. pins and needles arm and fingers
  124. Perifomis Muscle Injury
  125. extreme pain
  126. symptoms, anybody?
  127. femoral nerve HELP!
  128. cold sensation instaed of hot.
  129. Could this be neuropathy??? Thanks for your reply
  130. PDA coil occlusion procedure problem? Need advice!
  131. Neuropathy and work
  132. Update and Thank You!!
  133. myelogram needle damaged nerve
  134. Possible Femoral Nerve Damage
  135. Hereditary?
  136. I'm in trouble
  137. nerve pain
  138. Can CIDP recur?
  139. essential tremors medicine
  140. diabetes - undiagnosed, or anything else?
  141. Neuroapthy from Taxol??
  142. questions
  143. Gabitril for pain
  144. Looking for a good doc
  145. diabetic neuropathy or Vitamin B-12 deficiency?
  146. abnormal sweat test Dr. didn't elaborate
  147. Anyone try Accupunture for Neuropathy?
  148. Pain clinics and nerve pain
  149. Quick foot drop question
  150. Whats wrong with me? Please help..
  151. Neuropathy from B-6 Overdose?
  152. What does a positive sweat test mean (QSART)
  153. stress and anxiety
  154. could this be neuropathy
  155. foot drop and sciatica
  156. Neuropathic pain in trunk and thighs
  157. Facial numbness
  158. Cspine nerve issue and eye twitch
  159. newbie/neurotin?
  160. Tramadol and Citalapram
  161. arm goes to sleep
  162. TN or MS?
  163. PN diabetes
  164. Drop Foot
  165. Neuro says it not Neuropathy
  166. Inflammatory Neuropathy??
  167. Zanaflex
  168. immuran, cellcept or cytoxan?
  169. Im Scared! Emg
  170. Question on Nerve Biopsy effects
  171. vitamin b1 and vitamin b6
  172. What does twitching mean?
  173. Neuropathy or something else?
  174. neuropathy pain+sciatica pain
  175. L-Carnitine
  176. Should I be really worried?
  177. Neuropathy or something else?
  178. numbness and internal vibration
  179. Anodyne Therapy
  180. Anyone Tried Homeopathic Remedies for Neuropathy?
  181. EMG - Does it tell you anything?
  182. viral neuropathy.. is that a different condition or the same as gbs?
  183. pn
  184. Can anyone help with this????
  185. Neuropathy
  186. ??'s about Neuropathy
  187. anyone with pn AND ra?
  188. new numbness after epidural injection?
  189. Numbness in Arm
  190. Corticosteroid shot
  191. FOOT DROP, Nueros Have no diagnosis HELP!!
  192. Spinal Stenosis
  193. Small Fiber Neuropathy!! Help...
  194. Strange Symptoms
  195. B12 defficiency and its effect on your life
  196. Improvement w/ accupunture already!
  197. A Bit Perplexed
  198. any adivce?
  199. Ketamine Infusion for PN
  200. Meralgia paresthetica
  201. Anyone try Accupunture for Neuropathy?
  202. Arm pain and headaches...
  203. Am I In The Right Place?
  204. Any members from Dallas area?
  205. Help! Has anyone experienced foot drop with neuropathy?
  206. Shakuyaku-kanzo-to : for neuropathy pain?
  207. Tender hand - related to ulnar nerve?
  208. Exhauston
  209. Wanted to say HI and update all..
  210. Multifocal motor neuropathy
  211. "Vicks" for cold feet
  212. Woried..abnormal level of protein in blood
  213. Numb ring/pinky finger
  214. Numbness on left hand, left foot
  215. Narcotics during pregnancy
  216. Small Fiber PN--Worse Fear Eased a Bit
  217. COLD weather and PN
  218. Ms Or Ulnar Nerve Problem?
  219. Peripheral Neuropathy with complications
  220. Constant left upper abdominal pain
  221. Would you rather have MS or neuropathy?
  222. Neuropathy/GuillianeBarre
  223. Need help!!!
  224. New to the boards
  225. Numbness-MRI and EMG Showed Nothing
  226. Paxil for Neuropathy pain?
  227. Neurontin dosing- need help
  228. Oh NO my burning is Back!!!!!!...=(
  229. Harry Drink Options
  230. One leg more sensitive to doctor's pricks than the other
  231. what is wrong?
  232. Spinal Stimulator for p/n
  233. Burning/on fire feeling...
  234. Anyone have charcot foot?
  235. Just diagnosed with facial neuropathy
  236. My body goes into a shock-like state where I feel like my eyes are being pulled back
  237. Grants
  238. lon126
  239. Leg problems
  240. Someone please! Normal EMG and Cervical MRI but fingers still numb!!
  241. neuropathy
  242. At the end of my rope!
  243. Neuropathy and Diet--what helps (or hurts)?
  244. Harry New Supplements
  245. help with weaning off Lyrica
  246. Does neuropathy cause muscle atrophy? Please Help
  247. acl reconstruction and nerve damage
  248. Can allerigies cause neuropathy?
  249. I'm New! Wanted to post my experience.
  250. Attn: snowmelts ~~ Idiopathic Sensoral Axonal PN

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