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  1. Wow!! A place to vent, where people can relate!
  2. vasculits and periferal neurapathy...
  3. Flaxseed capsule 1,000, and Fish Oil capsule 1,000 mg a day.
  4. Pain increases no matter what I do
  5. i have nerve damage in my foot what can i do
  6. drop foot
  7. tingly and burning
  8. nerve pain
  9. nerve stim units
  10. Anyone have news about the efficacy of nerve growth factor?
  11. burning on left side
  12. The Insidious progression of Peripheral Neuropathy
  13. Restless Body Syndrome? Myesterious virus? Help!
  14. what if my nerve biopsy is normal
  15. MRI help Sacral question - sitting pain
  16. how do I know if I have pudendal nerve entrapment?
  17. pain in left hip/front thigh area
  18. Touching cold things or drinking cause pins/needles sensation
  19. tingly
  20. does topamax cause joint pain?
  21. anyone expiriencing loss of balance
  22. Why are my finger tips tingling all the time?
  23. New to Neuropathy - What can I expect?
  24. Lyrica
  25. Feels like novacaine on thumb.....
  26. emg results!!
  27. Finally, after 20 years of PN a Diagnosis:
  28. Pain in legs and feet etc. no relief, diag PN???
  29. still have symptoms.. please help with info!!
  30. TENS unit helped anyone with neuropathic pain
  31. burning sensations in leg
  32. Please help. Electrical shocks- neck and back
  33. What can I do....
  34. PN and Stairways
  35. Omega 3 and/or Flaxseed oil
  36. what to do for numbness in ring and pinky finger
  37. An Algorithm for the Evaluation of Peripheral Neuropathy
  38. Need some help understanding....
  39. Prolonged paresthesia from alcohol use (not abuse)
  40. help please
  41. Foot drop due to traumatic compartment syndrome
  42. Looking for someone who has had experience with femoral nerve damage.
  43. nerves in the lower back
  44. legs swollen sore
  45. PN help
  46. please help with question abnomal emg &nvc and act test
  47. Head Tics/Twitches
  48. New symptoms of PN
  49. Please Someone Respond.. Dont Just Read And Ignore!
  50. no feeling on bottom of foot and toes
  51. small fiber neuropathy
  52. Help for Neuropathy
  53. nerveconduction -electromyogphy
  54. Lyrica vs. Neurontin
  55. My arm goes to sleep
  56. TOS questions
  57. Numbness in both pinkies and weakness in hands
  58. whats the difference??
  59. Lipitor
  60. Excrutiating foot pain
  61. ulnar neuropathy
  62. what is aplexy
  63. My first symptoms were numbness, tingling, and burning of feet, now I have weakness i
  64. What is the point of a nerve biopsy?
  65. what to expect after breaking an elbow
  66. New to board. Diagnosed peripheral neoropathy. Any advice for treatment?
  67. Nerve pain?
  68. Numbness
  69. neorontin-gabapentin
  70. Dr. thinks I m neurotic
  71. how exactly does start of neuropathy feel (hands and feet)?
  72. muscle spasm after a flu shot
  73. i have neuropathic pain, burning backs caused by a car accident (I am new to forums)
  74. ulnar nerve severed/ tendon transfers
  75. Tingling in left arm
  76. radial neurothopy
  77. topamax and flu lie symptoms
  78. In Need of Advice
  79. Head Throbbing
  80. burning legs
  81. Advice Desperately Needed
  82. how much alpha lipoic acid shold i take?
  83. Problem with lower lombar disk pinching a nerve
  84. P.s.
  85. I really need some advice...
  86. pains in my hands legs and feet
  87. Severe Pain All Test Results Negative
  88. disability
  89. constant jerking movement in big toe and pain down leg
  90. dizziness !!HELP!!
  91. burning and electric shocks in my legs
  92. New here - Advice needed
  93. pudendal nerve doctors
  94. emg???
  95. Peripheral Neurapathy
  96. abnormal emg anyone??
  97. Streching & numbness :O
  98. Need Help....burning In My Fingers
  99. Working out with Neuropathy
  100. I sure don't get it. Given three types of medicine with same action for same problem
  101. strange symptoms!
  102. Doc's can't find cause-prickling/pins&needles
  103. Debilitating symptoms--small fiber neuropathy
  104. why do an mri of head,neck and brain
  105. Burning pain
  106. ┐could somebody give me a clue about these symptoms? please help
  107. Update on my PN & methylcobalamin
  108. burning in leg and hand left side only??? any help appreciated
  109. pins needles numbness
  110. my 8 yr old son
  111. Hardly care anymore.......
  112. questions
  113. how to read an emg test
  114. Help!
  115. Ulnar nerve entrappment at the elbow.....
  116. PN or something else?
  117. electric shock..sensitive area..nerve damage?
  118. neuropathy and rheumatoid arthritis
  119. diabetes, post EMG/nerve conduction pain
  120. Neuropathy and B-12 deficiency
  121. Neurapathy?
  122. What is best for pain relief of PN?
  123. foot drop braces
  124. will topirmate help me lose the weight?
  125. Hi, I'm New & Have Neuropathy, among other things..
  126. leg pains/numbing what is the cause?
  127. You dont have to be old to get PN
  128. Spinal Tap
  129. Ulnar nerve entrapment ???
  130. can you die from Small fiber neuropathy?
  131. nortons nearoma
  132. Neuropathy associated with full body tremors?
  133. Preventing A Spinal Tap Headache
  134. Please help...
  135. shaking with neuropathy
  136. My 3 yo had a non febrile seizure...
  137. Severe Nerve pain and paralysis
  138. Dr. is no help
  139. Nerve pain and I'm new to this forum
  140. How would I know.....
  141. Strange symptoms
  142. numbness and pain in pinky- nerve tests negative, no meds give relief
  143. Capsaicin Application Tip
  144. EMG test coming up!
  145. Pins & Needles, hand pain and muscle spasms
  146. numbness in top left foot traveling up ankle/lower shin area
  147. Anyone else dx'ed with "mild Sensory Neuropathy"?
  148. Career Changes and boots.
  149. Can my Injured Ulnar and Radial nerves, of long ago, be fixed?
  150. Numbness And Balance
  151. Balance Problems
  152. Bone and joint dr
  153. Capsaicin and Other Things
  154. Feels like my entire body is asleep. Burning/pins & needles sensation
  155. Please help if possible
  156. Neuroathy - could this be me?
  157. 8 years of neuropathy for unknown reasons
  158. Unknown reasons for ALS and PN? Check the Lyme board.
  159. Numbness
  160. amalgams out! and detoxing update!
  161. Topamax??
  162. Post op abdominal wall hematoma
  163. EMG nerve tests?
  164. What's causing Neuropathy in me?
  165. neuropathy
  166. EMG and medications
  167. Shortness of breath PLEASE HELP!
  168. Burning Feet
  169. Does anyone know anything regarding nerve damage inside the penis?
  170. Extremely cold feet
  171. bilateral hand tingling
  172. Searching for Answers
  173. Chemists dx with small-fiber neuropathy
  174. Baffled and looking for insight
  175. Axillary Nerve Damage and atrophied deltoids, Please Help!
  176. I have some questions.
  177. feelings of weakness?
  178. please help!!
  179. neuropathy or something else?
  180. B12 nerve repair
  181. Do my symptoms sound familiar to anyone?
  182. Burning and Tingling from Head to Toe
  183. Why do I see flashes when I hear loud noises?
  184. Ulnar Nerve Compression of the elbow (frustrated!)
  185. scalp and hair pain
  186. help dont know where to turn
  187. Brachial Plexus Tumor
  188. Motor Neuron Syndrome
  189. Spinal Tap (Lumbar Puncture)
  190. hot hands/feet and sensitive to pressure
  191. pain in upper leg/thigh
  192. does Nepthy cause toe to curve?
  193. Need Info.
  194. Constant Pain
  195. can't stop moving!!!
  196. Wierd Symptoms from Nerve Twitching Causing Problems
  197. New info neuropathy treatment(s)
  198. cyst on the pineal gland
  199. Need answers and Docs don't know anything
  200. Chronic Tight Aching Legs
  201. Peroneal nerve palsy ?
  202. losing feeling
  203. I'm new here
  204. Does anyone take opiates for their nerve pain/neuropathic pain?
  205. Referred Nerve pain from Branch...
  206. I crashed my bike, my hand is "lame"
  207. Ulnar Nerve problems
  208. What nerve disorder causes these symptoms???
  209. treatment(s) of neuropathy
  210. treatment(s) of neuropathy
  211. Anyone else have knee problems with foot drop?
  212. Tendon transer for foot drop complications
  213. Argh.. Neuro is giving up on my, I think
  214. Neurolysis question
  215. Suggestion for women
  216. Cream For Burning Feet
  217. What to expect after ulnar nerve transposition surgery for cubital tunnel?
  218. My Husband's foot is numb...
  219. Numbness in the left part of my head
  220. Tests....
  221. What kind of doctor for per. neuropathy??
  222. Pain in upper left arm
  223. Tingling...
  224. Zonegran
  225. tenderness/pain on right side only
  226. NEED HELP ASAP. pleaseeeeee
  227. 2 weeks in hospital, no answer
  228. numbness in limbs after eating (strange)
  229. cervical lardosis
  230. Burning pain back, any suggestions????
  231. Someone please help what is going on with my hands and feet
  232. Tingling in hands and feet, altered taste
  233. Just diagnosed with small fiber neuropathy
  234. Neuropathy from spinal cord compression
  235. Cocktail For Neuropathy
  236. New here and Cymbalta
  237. Cymbalta? Dietary Changes for Nerve Issue?Surgery?
  238. Color changes and neuropathy in both feet
  239. Information Please
  240. So confused in nerve pain?
  241. Constant burning pain
  242. Charcot joint anyone?
  243. Nerve Support Formula
  244. Topamax. cause/bring out liver issues?
  245. Tentative diagnosis - ulnar neuropathy
  246. What has been your experience with Topamax?
  247. Footwear Recommendations - Help!!!!!
  248. Lyrica
  249. pinky/wrist pain
  250. Could this be neuropathy? Please help!