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  1. What is this? Please advise me
  2. weird obsession: bird calls
  3. SeaTurtle and PurpleGirl
  4. New to this area...
  5. Has anyone taken Risperidone for their OCD?
  6. For Post It
  7. Just need to vent to peope who understand.
  8. Questions about medication
  9. OCD out of control
  10. Medication?
  11. ocd or something worse? PLEASE HELP
  12. Ocd Sucks!
  13. So scared, please help :(
  14. It's been a Very hard day.
  15. SeaTurtle and PurpleGirl
  16. appearance
  17. Please help, freaked out
  18. Luvox question
  19. Alcohol and obsessing
  20. SeaTurtle and PurpleGirl from jan54 re: Luvox
  21. I hate ocd
  22. Luvox and increased Anxiety?
  23. can't take no more! is it sertraline/zoloft?
  24. OCD - Fear of Germs
  25. oh my gosh these thoughts are horrible!
  26. Sorry I posted the same thread 4 times!!!! It was not showing up or so I thought!!
  27. OCD/Anxiety causes racing thought patters? Maybe Bipolar or Schizophrenia?
  28. OCD/Anxiety causes racing thought patters? Maybe Bipolar or Schizophrenia?
  29. OCD and Racing Thought patterns? Maybe Bipolar II?
  30. OCD and Racing Thought patterns? maybe Bipolar II?
  31. OCD- hidden anger?
  32. OCD coming and going
  33. I've had OCD all life - Please Read
  34. Does Celexa cause weight gain?
  35. Abilify for OCD- experiences?
  36. I'm so sick of OCD!
  37. Anyone tried Celexa
  38. Luvox Update
  39. Overcoming Obsessions
  40. New questions
  41. Please advise me. Is this OCD?
  42. HIV - Lifetime Movie
  43. ocd w/psychosis?
  44. How do you know if your meds have stopped working?
  45. What is this?
  46. is this part of ocd or depression/scratching
  47. Trying to remember past events..
  48. SeaTurtle and PurpleGirl -A Few More Questions on Luvox
  49. I went against my fear!
  50. Parent that needs help understanding...
  51. I'm not sure if I'm diffrent.
  52. Luvox
  53. Note to ChanceFL
  54. Thanks PurpleGirl
  55. Rejection from family
  56. Help!!
  57. Luvox Working?
  58. I think I have OCD...
  59. Can someone recommend a OCD specialist in CA?
  60. Am I alone With this?
  61. ChanceFL, Purplegirl, and seaturtle
  62. Worried about my sister...
  63. OCD Discrimination? Do you tell your Employer?
  64. OCD and Cancer Obsession
  65. Thanks for replies on Luvox
  66. Constant Obsessing
  67. Should Luvox be kicking in?
  68. ChanceFL - Luvox?
  69. Zoloft for OCD
  70. How come other people don't get it?
  71. What happens if I do not
  72. Pre-Anxiety Help Needed
  73. mushrooms and OCD
  74. Hopeful-Increasing luvox tonight!
  75. Depression/Psychosis for years now
  76. I really don't know what's going on.
  77. Buspar discontinuation???
  78. I'm going to get some help.
  79. How long before Luvox takes effect?
  80. Luvox Questions
  81. Hypocondria?
  82. Wife with OCD
  83. what techniques to use when stressed
  84. help
  85. Ocd?
  86. morning feelings/anxiety
  87. Husband with OCD and Depression
  88. anger
  89. Is this OCD or something else entirely
  90. Changing from Paxil to Luvox for OCD
  91. For Sany28
  92. Keeping a diary.
  93. Can this fall under OCD?
  94. You lucky people!
  95. OCD or What?
  96. family members with ocd?
  97. obsessed with health and disease
  98. meds??
  99. Does This Sound Familiar?
  100. Did you ever have an attack
  101. F/U with Prozac
  102. Question about Jonathan Grayson Book
  103. I need help!
  104. mornings are still hard
  105. Prozac
  106. Painful hyperactivity
  107. Kinda of forgetfully
  108. i have intrusive thoughts
  109. Only 13....
  110. intrusive thoughts..
  111. Skin Picking
  112. is this ocd or is it anxiety , or something else, any help would be great
  113. Feeling so irritated!
  114. Bad Experience at Psychiatrist
  115. a great psychology to deal with stress&ocd
  116. So Nervous About Going on Prozac
  117. OCD or Something Else
  118. scab scars
  119. taking prozac
  120. Re: Holidays
  121. Does "good stuff" in your life heighten OCD?
  122. Please tell me about Luvox
  123. Is you mind always on?
  124. Confessing
  125. Luvox/Buspar/Xanax???
  126. Please, help! panick attack?
  127. OCD and taking care of children
  128. steve023-where have you been
  129. harming thoughts
  130. Is this an OCD thought/ Pure O?
  131. I know I Lost Control
  132. Question about support groups?
  133. Does anyone's OCD give then anxiety/panic attacks?
  134. Tapping therapy..EFT
  135. thoughts playing over and over
  136. Picking, Plucking, Scratching MUST STOP!!!
  137. L-theanine
  138. Quit cold turkey - is this possible?
  139. asbestos OCD
  140. Re: Is this OCD?
  141. I just remembered an old one!
  142. ocd making me have thought is is schizophrenia
  143. ocd w/panic
  144. More About Thoughts
  145. can OCD give you other disorders??
  146. How do you try and act on compulsions?
  147. Do I have OCD?
  148. I think I have OCD, please tell me if I do
  149. Fear of Being Schizophrenic!!!!!!
  150. Intrusive thoughts vs. depression/anxiety
  151. OCD boyfriend, Help me!
  152. Obsessed With Food.....
  153. Pray, just pray
  154. Molestation Obsession
  155. Is there anything i can do make these thoughts slow down?
  156. It really is killing me inside...
  157. Weird intrusive thoughts.
  158. zoloft now....
  159. Counting? OCD?
  160. Counting? OCD?
  161. What kind of side effects for paxil?
  162. i had a very uncomfortable moment/does anyone else have these feelings?
  163. for dannic1
  164. Skin Picking
  165. Meds - nervous
  166. Does Paxil ever stop working?
  167. For Sany28
  168. Cures for a failing sex drive
  169. Money Worry
  170. i am horrified with myself and disgusted
  171. HELP is this OCD or self conscious-I am aware of my body movements
  172. child with ocd
  173. Bad day...How do you cope?
  174. Studies
  175. Re: Ever had this?
  176. Re: Alternative treatments
  177. Speaking of Side Effects
  178. Good books
  179. Finding a therapist
  180. I have OCD and its tryin to control me
  181. Controlled by emotions
  182. Where is the line
  183. Some Med advice
  184. I'm pure O & only meds (not cog therapy) works, how about u?
  185. obsessions revolving around famous people?
  186. bad mornings
  187. Contamination OCD
  188. Can anyone relate to this?
  189. med advice!?
  190. meds for OCD?
  191. Please Help!!!
  192. Geodon and Lockjaw
  193. need some reassurance
  194. My son's behavior
  195. For Teacher2Be
  196. The Worst Thing About Having Ocd Is......
  197. Re: CBT
  198. pre-disposition / personality / substances
  199. Input on intrusive thoughts
  200. i am so thankful to know i am not alone!!!!
  201. Why am i so scared i might harm someone when i know i never would?
  202. OCD and clutter
  203. never understood that it was really OCD
  204. Do I have OCD?
  205. Intrusive Thoughts/Urges and Déja Vu
  206. Obsessions that won't go away
  207. obsession that something bad will happen to kids or myself?
  208. OCD Medication
  209. New - Loving this board but still need reassurance
  210. OCD, insomia and severe depression! advice needed!
  211. Do I Have Ocd?????
  212. fear of PARTNER harming ME (not the other way around)
  213. OCD about health issues
  214. OCD and my 2 year battle with it.
  215. Pregnant (intrusive thoughts, anxiety)in need of support
  216. Is this Ocd?
  217. too much on my mind
  218. Cutting down my medication
  219. I love stuff!.....is it OCD?
  220. Complusive Problems
  221. Zoloft is helping one of my compulsions
  222. Do I have OCD?
  223. is this my ocd or am i bipolar??? PLEASE TAKE!!!!!!!
  224. Prozac= problems!!!!!!!!!
  225. Contact Lenses - HIV risk?
  226. OCD and tinnitus
  227. Anybody had luck with Celexa??
  228. Obsessed with Weight
  229. need to chew (textures in mouth)
  230. Is any one obsessed with pretty women?
  231. Music stuck in head
  232. Zoloft side effect??
  233. medication for Pure o and the side effects?
  234. Guilt
  235. Hello everyone
  236. Does this sound like OCD?
  237. confused gf regarding my boyfriend with OCD
  238. Fear of being a peadophile (i no its sick)
  239. OCD & alcohol (a bit long sorry!)
  240. Is this the O part of OCD?
  241. Anybody tried mindfulness?
  242. Nothing to obsess about - So now obsessing
  243. Re: What is this?
  244. pure O taking over.... help!
  245. a weird obsession please help!!
  246. Trash and more trash...
  247. please, please help OCD or soemthing worse?
  248. How long does it take for Zoloft to help with OCD thoughts and Depression?
  249. I really need some help here...please...
  250. Help me understand

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