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  1. i am so thankful to know i am not alone!!!!
  2. Why am i so scared i might harm someone when i know i never would?
  3. OCD and clutter
  4. never understood that it was really OCD
  5. Do I have OCD?
  6. Intrusive Thoughts/Urges and Déja Vu
  7. Obsessions that won't go away
  8. obsession that something bad will happen to kids or myself?
  9. OCD Medication
  10. New - Loving this board but still need reassurance
  11. OCD, insomia and severe depression! advice needed!
  12. Do I Have Ocd?????
  13. fear of PARTNER harming ME (not the other way around)
  14. OCD about health issues
  15. OCD and my 2 year battle with it.
  16. Pregnant (intrusive thoughts, anxiety)in need of support
  17. Is this Ocd?
  18. too much on my mind
  19. Cutting down my medication
  20. I love stuff!.....is it OCD?
  21. Complusive Problems
  22. Zoloft is helping one of my compulsions
  23. Do I have OCD?
  24. is this my ocd or am i bipolar??? PLEASE TAKE!!!!!!!
  25. Prozac= problems!!!!!!!!!
  26. Contact Lenses - HIV risk?
  27. OCD and tinnitus
  28. Anybody had luck with Celexa??
  29. Obsessed with Weight
  30. need to chew (textures in mouth)
  31. Is any one obsessed with pretty women?
  32. Music stuck in head
  33. Zoloft side effect??
  34. medication for Pure o and the side effects?
  35. Guilt
  36. Hello everyone
  37. Does this sound like OCD?
  38. confused gf regarding my boyfriend with OCD
  39. Fear of being a peadophile (i no its sick)
  40. OCD & alcohol (a bit long sorry!)
  41. Is this the O part of OCD?
  42. Anybody tried mindfulness?
  43. Nothing to obsess about - So now obsessing
  44. Re: What is this?
  45. pure O taking over.... help!
  46. a weird obsession please help!!
  47. Trash and more trash...
  48. please, please help OCD or soemthing worse?
  49. How long does it take for Zoloft to help with OCD thoughts and Depression?
  50. I really need some help here...please...
  51. Help me understand
  52. Need help with sudden OCD in 6-yr old
  53. Ocd
  54. Needing helpful suggestions for OCD Thoughts
  55. Polling Everyone Here
  56. electrical things
  57. Paperclips........OCD????
  58. Would like opinions
  59. My Neice
  60. Can't just go with the flow
  61. how does your d/realisation/personalisation manifest itself?
  62. The Secret
  63. It's Back!! Sorry so long.
  64. fear of cheating on my boyfriend
  65. Hello All
  66. OCD in a toddler...hereditary???
  67. OCD/"Mouth" Noises
  68. My husband's Job...
  69. Health Anxiety
  70. Could this be a symptom of OCD?
  71. Analyzing all of my thoughts and where they came from???
  72. Fear of Flying OCD
  73. Zoloft/Sertraline???
  74. I Hate This! Im Ashamed To Have It!
  75. OCD/Depression at the same time??
  76. do you ever worry that things arent real?
  77. - - -
  78. Convincing yourself of irrational things
  79. Physical agitation
  80. pure o stress
  81. Luvox and sleep
  82. Is there more of you with this same problem?
  83. Advice regarding Meds/CBT
  84. where/how do i get diagnosed?!
  85. What is wrong with me?
  86. How about shapes or lines going over and over?
  87. OCD of Fear of Fear
  88. Changing Meds
  89. Making People Answer Me "right"
  90. I am having songs go round my head all the time
  91. scary for a 9 year old
  92. Anyone have this fear
  93. pure o help
  94. Is this OCD???
  95. Indecisivenes
  96. Anyone Else Get This?
  97. saw doc yesterday need advice
  98. how do u deal wit the horrible Pure O thoughts?
  99. how do yuou deal with thePure O thoughts?
  100. how do u deal wit the horrible Pure O thoughts?
  101. Have to do it immediately/putting things away
  102. Extreme Fear of Flies
  103. Relationship ocd and ocd recovery
  104. ocd is unrelated to personality
  105. OCD and ticks
  106. Medication advice
  107. does ocd run through family?
  108. OCD and Smell?
  109. Am I alone?
  110. Hello, I'm having problems.
  111. small compulsions..
  112. Vitamins For Ocd?
  113. Cancer Obsession and OCD
  114. Smoking and OCD?
  115. ? about relationship OCD
  116. Re: Question
  117. How long does it take after increasting Paxil dosage to ease OCD guilt and worries?
  118. SSRIs and Pure O
  119. are there any OCD medications that DON'T cause weight gain?
  120. feeling monitored
  121. Is it OCD?
  122. Having an aweful Day may trigger
  123. finding a psychiatrist
  124. OCD feelings?!?!
  125. Newbie heading into a bad cycle looking for coping help (sorry, long)
  126. Obsessions and relationships
  127. doc says its not ocd
  128. Indroducing myself, need some help, please
  129. changing paxil
  130. Any good reading on OCD?
  131. separating OCD thoughts from legitimate thoughts
  132. Is this related to OCD/Anxiety?
  133. infidelity thoughts/aids
  134. Is it REALLY OCD?
  135. do you ever get no anxiety but the thoughts are still there?
  136. Since I was a child,
  137. OCD natural medication question
  138. Sydney
  139. Balance
  140. Having another bad day-please give me reassurance!
  141. Anxiety and Iron Overload
  142. Saver
  143. Zoloft?
  144. Newly diagnosed...is there anywhere to commit myself?
  145. issues with mom---long post
  146. Could my 4 year old have OCD
  147. So Anxious....
  148. wierd sensations freaking me out! ocd/anxiety/something else?
  149. do i have ocd?
  150. Skin Picking
  151. Driving
  152. Help me please :(
  153. Fear of getting sick
  154. Please Help!
  155. ocd and alcohol
  156. Help! Lexapro side effects!
  157. Can you tell me about cognitive behavioral therapy?
  158. Fear of Dying
  159. Compulsive email checking?
  160. Anyone have a counselor who needs counseling?
  161. Long but SERIOUSLY freaking out!
  162. Not the Best Day :c(
  163. Wellbutrin for Obsessive Thoughts?
  164. new relationship and i feel like im destroying it
  165. OCD and Blood Type
  166. Re: Opinion on meds
  167. Introducing myself
  168. Eating alone
  169. asking / confessing / reviewing past events in detail
  170. Obsessed with getting people's approval
  171. Bdd?
  172. can it remains forever?
  173. ocd and racing thoughts?
  174. Is this Pure O or am I schizo?
  175. Frustrated.....
  176. obsesstion over ******
  177. do you think this os ocd/pure o/anxiety?
  178. What is this? I need an opinion pls
  179. For Ocd Engineer
  180. pure o or ocd about love? or anxiety? or something else?
  181. So is it OCD?
  182. obsessing over my husband finding a job
  183. M & Ms
  184. Thoughts on DBS
  185. Meditation and OCD
  186. If the therapist thinks you're weird, move on
  187. Thoughts-may trigger---please help
  188. phoning people- ocd??
  189. Meds for OCD
  190. Can anyone help me!? Please?!
  191. My Ocd Hell
  192. trichotillomania questions
  193. Pure O?
  194. OCD-need suggestions
  195. A question...
  196. Scared, Bad Thoughts. Drink driving?
  197. anxiety when alone
  198. Obsessive organization!!!
  199. A book that will help everybody on this board!!
  200. Could this be OCD?
  201. Anafranil and infertility
  202. who can relate?
  203. Thoughts -- Thanks for support
  204. OCD or just my depression making me obsessive?
  205. OCD or something else?
  206. Washing hands- This has to stop!!
  207. Long term girlfriend left because of my OCD
  208. trying Seredyn soon
  209. my first post
  210. What's a good medicine to take?
  211. strategies for curbing rituals
  212. I really wish the thoughts would stop...
  213. does this mean i have it????
  214. Kinda long, but I really need help!!!
  215. Nice chap response
  216. Would like helpful suggestions
  217. Hey Guys
  218. obsessing about social anxiety.
  219. OCD and Denial
  220. Low, frustrated, loneley, lost
  221. Antidepressants and Pregnancy
  222. How do doctors diagnose OCD?
  223. Obsessive Vagina Checking
  224. Hypnosis and OCD
  225. Obsessive Scalp Picking
  226. Apologies
  227. I have had an idea and it seems to be working
  228. Do I have OCD? If not...what do I have?
  229. Any Of You Obsess About What Causes Anxiety?
  230. Help! Obsessive Phone Caller
  231. Anafranil
  232. Repeating actions and thoughts
  233. Pure O and Nightmares
  234. Help please (possible triggers)
  235. smoking...
  236. Obsessions, PTSD and Propranolol
  237. May as well have two post about urination today.
  238. Dirt, shoes, and rude people.
  239. Girlfriend and Smoking
  240. Introduction and Peeing OCD... sorry if this is long!
  241. haven't been here in awhile....
  242. What's Your Strategy?
  243. Living through it once was Hell. Why do I have to relive it agian and agin.
  244. The Compulsion aspect of having Pure "O"
  245. Terrified of the ground because of dirt.
  246. Happy New Year!
  247. What's With Ohio??
  248. Question 4 Bad Malibu
  249. How much does your OCD affect your life?
  250. Thoughts

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