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  1. Terrified of the ground because of dirt.
  2. Happy New Year!
  3. What's With Ohio??
  4. Question 4 Bad Malibu
  5. How much does your OCD affect your life?
  6. Thoughts
  7. HELP...Having another bad day...
  8. OCD and Me
  9. Giving away everything.
  10. I know I Lost Control
  11. BadMalibu...
  12. Same Obsession-new Thoughts
  13. Scab picking help!!!
  14. Hypocondria Obsessions at Work
  15. ocding over regifting!!!!!
  16. Need responses
  17. Bad Thoughts!
  18. is there a name for individuals who collect scabs, peeled blisters etc?
  19. OCD or just part of bipolar?
  20. Perfection is killing you?
  21. Please tell me im not the only one....
  22. Please help me, scared mom.
  23. Hi new here
  24. Does this annoy anyone else or just me???
  25. dd112
  26. if untreated, does OCD get better or worse..
  27. Having a bad day.....
  28. Merry Christmas!
  29. movements
  30. The fear of the end of the world..
  31. Is there a computer compulsion...
  32. sexual thoughts
  33. I am getting ridiculed on OTHER sites for my OCD!
  34. will be away from the board-Happy Holidays
  35. Just got back from the docs
  36. How can I be OCD? My compulsions are small..
  37. Family member with OCD aggravates my OCD
  38. irishmom-my2babies
  39. Creeping in... (self-harm)
  40. Residual guilt?
  41. My counselor is NOT at all helpful OR sensitive!
  42. BadMalibu, Irishmom Having a horrible time...
  43. Someone please help me! Do I have OCD?
  44. Has anyone tried Cymbalta?
  45. Daily battles of OCD
  46. Cure for OCD?
  47. Gas and cars chemicals
  48. request to use "triggers" in postings
  49. Does this sound like OCD
  50. Re: Need some advice
  51. I have No Idea . about ocd..and if I am
  52. ocd or not?
  54. I want to scream!!!
  55. obsessed with revenge - very long story
  56. Is there anyone in your family with OCD?
  57. this is me and my family w/ ocd
  58. OCD and normal bodily functions
  59. infidelity doubt
  60. Did I Inherit Ocd From My Grandmother And Mother?
  61. start to ocd in 3 yr old?
  62. OCD and Depression
  63. i have ocd.
  64. book-family coping with ocd
  65. A few questions
  66. Mouth and tongue
  67. I just found out I am pregnant
  68. Can't Make a Decision
  69. OCD tendencies?
  70. For Badmalibu....
  71. Constant Music in Head
  72. For Irishmom....
  73. Rumination: Intrusions, past, and lalaland
  74. i need help/advice
  75. For my2babies
  76. Which side of the brain?
  77. Sexual non Thoughts
  78. Having a horrible day already!
  79. Can adult be strep carrier and have PANDAS?
  80. Ocd ??
  81. Propanolol, OCD and the monster of guilt
  82. School problems
  83. can someone with ocd go to school to be psychologist?
  84. I'm worried for my 7 year old daughter...please help
  85. i need some help
  86. tv programing and OCD
  87. Intrusive Thoughts - something to consider
  88. Help I Need Somebody ! Just Anybody....help
  89. Luvox meds...have you heard of it?
  90. Thank You Steveo23 (and others)
  91. For My2Babies
  92. My HIV obsession
  93. I just don't know...
  94. I have OCD
  95. certain images or sounds that make you go "crazy"
  96. When does the meds start helping?? (Paxil, Seroquel)
  97. On a positive note...
  98. Anybody try Cymbalta for OCD
  99. i am driving myself crazy and i dont know how to stop. ( long post, sorry )
  100. Mental OCD HELP! :warning:
  101. Anyone check things more than once?
  102. Checking message boards as an OCD ritual?
  103. my sons drug use is killin me
  104. New Thread: Has Anyone Heard Of OCD Being Hereditary?
  105. desperately seeking relief
  106. Numbers, Coincidence, and Dates
  107. Toenails in jars/newspapers
  108. no one set compulsion or obsession
  109. Everyone here have a Happy Thanksgiving!!!
  110. New to the Forum-Not to OCD
  111. For dannic1
  112. For BadMalibu
  113. Used brain for sale -FREE!!!!
  114. Realized that im trapped in a nighmare with OCD
  115. Another "is this OCD" question...
  116. 10 year old possible ocd?
  117. Having a really bad day....
  118. how to help yourself with your ocd
  119. the extreme side of ocd
  120. neurotic pride (delusions),image hallucinations,affectiveness
  121. Help with my son
  122. Is it normal to be agitated easily with zoloft?
  123. How to deal with doubting family members?
  124. For dillondk
  125. Every day is a struggle - Warning: triggers
  126. Is this OCD?
  127. How can you "know" if it is imagination or memory
  128. Having a hard time
  129. Where Do I Go For Help
  130. Is Paranoia A Symptom Of OCD?
  131. please talk me down
  132. Please dont think wrong of me... PLEASE HELP!
  133. Having a hard time eating... Do you have this?
  134. being switched from lexapro to zoloft
  135. Not feeling very well today...
  136. Irishmom, dd112, purplegirl.....
  137. I Still Dont Know What To Do!
  138. I must remember everthing!!!
  139. Obsession Replacement
  140. isolation
  141. There is hope, just hang in there!
  142. Emergency/Disaster prep - Please help
  143. Is this OCD?
  144. Need advice about ocd
  145. I feel so guilty - Please Help!!
  146. Horrible Thoughts :(
  147. Meditation
  148. Impulse Control? Freaking myself out!
  149. For FSUGIRL
  150. Need help
  151. Music/Songs related to OCD
  152. Should I go to the doctor?
  153. Repetitive, Obsessive Thoughts
  154. Feel so guilty!!!
  155. need help with bullied child w/ OCD
  156. can anyone relate
  157. ocd returning can't calm down
  158. 17 mo. old with OCD signs?
  159. Good resources to show my husband?
  160. What medication????
  161. is there a pill for ONLY OCD
  162. Is there anyone on Seroquel?
  163. Help with harming thoughts
  164. Is it really OCD, as the dr suggests????
  165. New, counting teeth and fingers
  166. Just need to talk to people who "get it"
  167. Loving someone with OCD
  168. Alot of people tell me this sounds like OCD
  169. Children with OCD - HELP!
  170. Risperdal withdrawal?
  171. Is this OCD?
  172. What to do?
  173. Please help!!
  174. So painful!!!!!
  175. could i have OCD? with lyme?
  176. Afraid.
  177. Changing Channels?
  178. checking stove over and over
  179. where to divert hurting thoughts?
  180. How to get rid of the obsessions? Related to panic disorder?
  181. intrusive obsessions
  182. Obsessing Over Jail
  183. Bodily Function OCD - Please don't read if easily triggered
  184. washing your groceries...?
  185. pain med for OCD
  186. Looking for someone to talk to to with OCD:)
  187. Sooo scared, please HELP!
  188. I don't know anymore
  189. Effective Medication for Intrusive Thoughts
  190. I'm new. Thougts of self-harm?
  191. =^..^= Spouses that dont understand
  192. How do I stop from hating him?
  193. Hi New to board
  194. confused about how to deal w/ situation..help
  195. new to the board
  196. Am I weird? Or do I have OCD ???
  197. Did I really do this or did i just imagine it?!
  198. Relationship obsessions
  199. safe/natural herbs/etc that work
  200. obsessing over kids health
  201. does anyone's child pull out hair
  202. has lexapro helped anyones ocd
  203. help for family member who hoards?
  204. I hate my OCD its making me insane!
  205. OCD and weight problems question.
  206. Help for doubts
  207. Relationships ???
  208. Anyone have compulsive speech problems?
  209. Signs or just my Mind playing games?
  210. i knew i shouldn't have ..
  211. Bad habits because of OCD?
  212. Bad Day
  213. effective treatments for OCD
  214. OCD Anonymous
  215. Cried For 3 Days Straight!!!!
  216. worried :( (please reply)
  217. Does this sound like OCD??
  218. just venting...
  219. 7 year old son - OCD??
  220. Obsessing Over Religion/Intimacy
  221. obsessing over weight watchers
  222. People misunderstand
  223. im kinda bummed out
  224. I just don't know what to do......
  225. People acting on their OCD thoughts?! Omg...
  226. ocd or just plain insecure (please respond)
  227. is this a borderline case of OCD?
  228. free association and OCD
  229. new here
  230. Scared of Thoughts
  231. New and Scared
  232. Overdiagnosis of OCD-Venting
  233. The process of memories and OCD
  234. quick question
  235. Lingering Obsessions !!!
  236. dreams
  237. question about compairson....
  238. a treatment I use as a cbt
  239. is this a disorder? or just obsessive compulsive?
  240. Re: Symptoms of OCD
  241. Obsessing over "doubt"
  242. I can't tell if I actually have OCD. Yeah, this is pretty dumb.
  243. stressed out
  244. More than one type of 'real' ocd???
  245. Intrusive Thougts Suggestions
  246. everybody does this right?
  247. Help - I'm health obsessed!
  248. Life Is Short.
  249. Please stop
  250. Relationship OCD

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