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  1. thank you!
  2. worried I've embarassed myself
  3. worried I've embarassed myself
  4. HOCD-ROCD and a past that haunts me
  5. ocd getting so much worse... unwanted thoughts
  6. Just an AverageGirl .. looking for Advice :)
  7. Doors
  8. OCD, Anxiety, depression.
  9. Is this false memory OCD? Please help
  10. need and try remember everything perfectly
  11. Schizophrenia - am i getting it?
  12. Is this anxiety?
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  14. I'm brand new here, 16 Pure-OCD,and an ignorant mother.
  15. Obsessing over something evil I did as a child
  16. New to this site, Harm OCD
  17. Obsessive thoughts (the what if's)
  18. OCD or not? OCD or not ? OCD or not?
  19. Constantly rethinking/reanalyzing OCD intrusive thoughts..
  20. please help :/
  21. Violent OCD Thoughts Associated with Annoyance
  22. ROCD and "crushes" on other people
  23. The world doesn't seem real
  24. "Detaching" from thoughts - please help
  25. I'm Coming Out
  26. Another "Do I have OCD" question
  27. Would I have OCD?
  28. Twirling!
  29. Paranoid about saying something that will come true
  30. Ocd?
  31. Hit a rough patch.
  32. OCD and scrupulosity/intrusive thoughts about family and God
  33. OCD and driving
  34. Driver's OCD
  35. Sensorimotor OCD, does anyone else have it? and help!
  36. Why am I thinking this way?
  37. I would like to think what I'm experiencing is OCD.
  38. HELP(Having a hard time w/ Intrusive thoughts)
  39. I need help
  40. my hubby husband has ocd
  41. OCD Medication: Cymbalta and Adderall interaction
  42. Choices to Augment Luvox with
  43. Do I have OCD?
  44. Rocd????
  45. Tongue biting
  46. bothersome thoughts
  47. ocd i cant take this anymore i dont know what to do
  48. too young to tell?
  49. wellbutrin & Zoloft WITH diet pills
  50. Anyone lost any weight after a while on Lexapro?
  51. Think it must be OCD
  52. Just started taking prozac, please help :(
  53. back again to my favourite ocd self help spot
  54. Do I have an OCD?
  55. Short Term Memory & OCD
  56. Techniques I have found useful with my intrusive ocd thoughts
  57. Tired of Suffering
  58. My Holiday
  59. Interested to hear opinions on Abilify and Seroquel.
  60. Just a note that may help.
  61. I constantly think about someone cutting me
  62. obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD)
  63. NEED HELP dealing with my OCD
  64. Scary, unwanted thoughts
  65. Medication or not?
  66. Mirror obsession
  67. How do you know....
  68. What are the Chances it was Mis-diagnosed?
  69. Recently diagnosed with OCD, having a hard time
  70. Please help!
  71. I need help with OCD/paranoia, can't sleep, can't do anything
  72. feels like a bully in my head
  73. New to this board...
  74. Constant Doubt/Reassurance
  75. help me please!!
  76. Paxil and Intrusive thought
  77. SSI/Social Security question
  78. OCD: Trapped in Head
  79. Tongue Issue
  80. I'm really depressed about these thoughts that I'm having, are they OCD?
  81. Is this weird? (sorry long-ish)
  82. Someone please help! Are these thoughts OCD?
  83. boyfriend has ocd and scrupulosity-need advice
  84. ocd god
  85. Can you help me? Is it relationship OCD?
  86. OCD and Premuture ejeculation
  87. Cymbalta and OCD
  88. Problem with textures and fabrics. Shame and self-loathing.
  89. Have had ocd for 30 years roughly
  90. ocd
  91. Harm O...
  92. Compulsions, thoughts and fears...
  93. I cant stop plucking hairs and scratching my head? I feel trapped.
  94. Feel lonely...
  95. OCD and My Relationship
  96. Anxiety Relief -Need Help
  97. convinced i smell - please help!
  98. My child has ocd intrusive thoughts
  99. Too much
  100. New to the forum
  101. Compulsive Tongue Biting/Picking
  102. ROCD or just fear to be without relationships? HELP!!!
  103. Possible OCD and Relationship OCD - Help
  104. OCD and Relationship OCD
  105. Anxiety about whether I love my girlfriend
  106. Has anybody else ever.....
  107. Awful Feeling of Dread
  108. Health related OCD (hypnotherapy or antidepressents help)?
  109. OCD and anxiety
  110. ADD/OCD head feeling itchy and heavey when it happends?
  111. Thought it was just anxiety, but...
  112. Obsessive-compulsive disorder with somatization disorder?
  113. Seems to be a fine line between OCD and anxiety
  114. Multi-fucused repetitive behavoir-can you identify?
  115. Please help, is this OCD?
  116. has any one got any advice to a partner of someone with intrusive thought ocd
  117. Can someone help me try to figure my situation out, please?
  118. Books on OCD
  119. Is it wrong to give in to the OCD beast?
  120. I think I may have OCD
  121. Anxiety daily.. Looking for advice
  122. Thought OCD Struggles!
  123. OCD Tendencies? or something else.
  124. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Fear of Acting on Impulse
  125. anxiety is focusing on my relationship why :(
  126. OCD and Privacy Issues does anyone else have this
  127. Possible OCD? Any suggestions.
  128. need a OCD therapist in NYC
  129. OCD, anxiety or both?
  130. So Frustrated-The OCD Always Wins With Me. Why
  131. here I am.. back!
  132. OCD Medications and side-effects
  133. I just relized... I have ocd..
  134. Twitches
  135. Counting
  136. OCD plus paranoia ?
  137. Severe Relationship OCD/ OCD
  138. OCD over taking my meds
  139. Linden Method
  140. A very long account of my OCPD. Anyone relate?
  141. Always Running Late Because of OCD
  142. Obsessive thoughts! I'm going crazy
  143. strange thoughts about life
  144. OCD, anxiety, over analyzing, questioning...
  145. Help! I'm miserable worrying about residue from meds.
  146. anger and intrusive thoughts
  147. Plan B One-Step-- Fears of hurting others
  148. Luvox missed dose , horrible return of symptoms?
  149. OCD relapse after missing luvox dose 4-5 times.
  150. Please help reassure me
  151. He needs to talk to someone else. OCD
  152. dealing with the past
  153. STD's
  154. concern about my memory
  155. Intrusive thoughts and "mental indexing".
  156. Is this just OCD??
  157. New to this and just looking for some advice
  158. New - I'd appreciate some of your time (ROCD/OCD?)
  159. mentally drained
  160. repeating
  161. Afraid of residue, dirt in my home
  162. obsessing over my ex's
  163. I'm destroying a good marriage, help!
  164. OCD ruining my passion, or just me?
  165. Verbal Compulsion????
  166. Organizing...
  167. conscious of my swallowing
  168. OCD running my life, causing great depression & vertigo??
  169. i dont know what is this
  170. Relationship Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
  171. Getting old
  172. Over analyzing
  173. OCD in children?
  174. OCD - people's images getting stuck in my head
  175. Is this OCD? Need to appear perfect
  176. OCD...psychotic features?
  177. OCD taking shape? Compulsions revealing themselves
  178. Obsessive paranoia..worrying and negativity
  179. help me
  180. What ways can I help my 14 yr old son with anxious thoughts?
  181. Is irresistible ice cravings part of OCD?
  182. OCD about OCD
  183. Is anyone else afraid of needles?
  184. How I Got Over and Relapsed into OCD
  185. scared and cannot percieve reality
  186. Is there ever any happiness with OCD?
  187. I really need help please
  188. Where is Cornholio?!?!?
  189. Your experiences with OCD
  190. Need help recognizing this problem
  191. OCDhelp
  192. Need to know what to do
  193. Reassurance OCD?
  194. Tapping.
  195. Driving myself and my boyfriend crazy ( ROCD )
  196. Need help/opinions....
  197. any other Trycillic drugs for OCD other than Clomipramine?
  198. Is this OCD?
  199. Fear of Rabies (Is it OCD or should I actually be scared?)
  200. Ocd?
  201. Re: Terrible, intrusive thoughts..relationship ocd..help
  202. mouth noises.
  203. Help! Need reassurance-does anyone else have this fear?
  204. Asking the same question over and over
  205. Re: Playing with my hair
  206. MY story with Obsessive-compulsive disorder
  207. Just come back from my Doctors, ROCD and Clomipramine
  208. Mouth biting.
  209. New, extreme fear of fainting, wondering if I should seek help?
  210. I was so obsessed with my looks!!!!
  211. obsessive thoughts are relentless!
  212. girlfriend with OCD.
  213. Am I the only one who feels this way?
  214. Physical/mental OCD
  215. Relationship OCD - Methods that are working.
  216. Support Group
  217. feel like im in a dream
  218. blinking obsession:/ someone please help
  219. Fear of making “eternal choices”
  220. Is this my OCD?
  221. Obsessive
  222. Someone please Help me!!! ROCD!!! :(
  223. Undiagnosed OCD...just wanting to be heard
  224. The Devil Exists.
  225. Luvox Dosage?
  226. OCD with scratches/dents... also with washing.
  227. Treatment with Lexapro 10mg one year ago.
  228. New here, does anyone else have similar symptoms?
  229. hey everyone, just checking in.
  230. OCD: depression or just another obsession?
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  232. anxiety relief with hair plucking
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  244. New to the group hello everyone
  245. ROCD Caused Breakup
  246. In Dire Straights
  247. Help needed - in relationship with someone who has ROCD
  248. questions regarding OCD?
  249. OCD and a breakup DO NOT mix
  250. Obsessive Thought