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  1. My Struggle With Pure-O and My Guide To Overcome It
  2. Counting/Checking
  3. Fear of Rabies
  4. is it ocd?
  5. Need help with obsessive religious thoughts of hell
  6. Certain Numbers Are Bad
  7. OCD fears about blood..
  8. Bad thoughts
  9. I would love to stop totally from picking me feet.
  10. luvox question
  11. Going out of my mind
  12. Going out of my mind with intrusive thoughts, help me!
  13. OCD and Smoking
  14. ROCD: fear to love other
  15. Possible case?
  16. driving my family crazy
  17. how many times do you get violent compulsions?
  18. Mental Images
  19. Is this OCD?
  20. [ROCD] When reassurance isnt enough
  21. fear of fainting in public
  22. relationship ocd
  23. Can overeating be OCD?
  24. Realization
  25. Rocd help PLEASE
  26. responsibility ocd
  27. OCD sucks
  28. Ocd
  29. Ocd
  30. Sympathy with OCD
  31. What is wrong with me?
  32. Do i have ocd - annoyed by everything!
  33. HELP! I don't know holding on or letting go is the best for my ROCD BF.
  34. ROCD advice, please help
  35. New to the idea of OCD, where to start?
  36. Constantly thinking- Destroying me.
  37. New to Zoloft, what should I expect?
  38. what is ROCD
  39. Fear of medication not working
  40. morbid thoughts
  41. any thoughts
  42. suffering ROCD
  43. OCD genetics
  44. Hypnosis for OCD?
  45. OCD - Disturbing Thoughts
  46. just need to talk, having a nightmare of a time
  47. Ocd
  48. Tomorrow going to the psychiatrist.
  49. Do OCD habits ever change w/depression??
  50. I can't stop thinking
  51. Intrusive thoughts - I feel like a monster!
  52. Overcomers of OCD?
  53. Do I have OCD?
  54. ROCD am i in love with someone else???
  55. Rocd - a few questions
  56. ROCD - How to Help your partner?
  57. OCD- anyone have similar experience like mine- Please respond!
  58. Relationship OCD or something else?
  59. physically violent thoughts
  60. Not Sure How To Go About This...
  61. Maybe ocd? Long
  62. I don't know if I have OCD/ROCD?
  63. what do you think?
  64. help does anyone feel like this?
  65. IT's on and off for 20 years
  66. OCD of girlfriend
  67. (R)OCD? Your thoughts please
  68. What is Pure O?
  69. Impatience/rushing around to do things
  70. Medication
  71. Hypersensitivity to Sexuality
  72. My continual struggle with OCD
  73. General questions to all OCD sufferers
  74. not sure if pure ocd.....
  75. relationship ocd
  76. Anyone with a fear of pesticides?
  77. so very exhausted
  78. Does anyone obsess over death/w/themselves or other people?
  79. Do I have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder?
  80. Intrusive Thoughts are ruining my life. PLEASE HELP :(
  81. Side effect of New medicine (ShellMeister, Pls)
  82. OCD-overanalyzation
  83. Possible ROCD, please help?
  84. Rocd?
  85. i hate fireworks!
  86. OCD mouth movement and noise
  87. Compulsion to confess
  88. Dating and ROCD
  89. Eyelash Pulling
  90. Getting Married and Freaking Out - Relationship OCD??
  91. Is this ocd?
  92. Fear of commitment - ROCD?
  93. My Partner Has R-OCD Which Has Become Violent???? :-(
  94. Do I have OCD if I don't have anxiety?
  95. can you just have violent thoughts?
  96. ROCD Treatment?
  97. unimpaired by ocd; still ocd?
  98. I just don't know where or what to do
  99. Fears
  100. fluoxitine trouble
  101. ocd
  102. How to stop this medication
  103. Blood Taste but No Blood?
  104. 9 year old obsessed with mole. Is this OCD?
  105. Will my medicine work?
  106. I don't know what to do.
  107. New to this. Looking for advice
  108. need help/advice
  109. Do I have OCD? Please help and answer
  110. Intrusive thoughts relief.PLEASE.
  111. Are there different levels/degrees of OCD?
  112. Help WIth Decision
  113. ROCD? Or am I just going insane?
  114. Convinced boyfriend has ROCD - how do I get him to go to counseling?
  115. Medication Reassurance
  116. trichotillomania
  117. Obsessive thoughts; few compulsions
  118. Compulsively Smoking
  119. OCD Thoughts
  120. Doubting Reality
  121. Should I tell/do I have to tell my boyfriend about ROCD?
  122. PLEASE HELP! OCD realted to cap on medication bottle...
  123. Ways of controlling obsessive thoughts?
  124. Feel so stressed and worried
  125. Do I have OCD?
  126. Scared but hopeful?
  127. need some advice
  128. am i a pedophile?
  129. Is it possible to just have Relationship OCD?
  130. Terrified and Convinced I'm Going to Hurt Someone
  131. Just one response would help :(
  132. Fear of vomiting - The vicious circle
  133. Intrusive thought during intimate moment
  134. My Thoughts are scaring me.
  135. OCD medication
  136. Horrible Guilt - ROCD - cheating
  137. celexa on young children
  138. I don't know what to do...
  139. New to obsessive thoughts**
  140. can seeing a specific building give you anxiety and bad thoughts that you could do so
  141. Is this pure o or what?
  142. 5htp
  143. Need Feedback - Please reply
  144. i can't take sounds and it literally drives me crazy
  145. help
  146. I Did Something Wrong
  147. ROCD and other stuff..help please!
  148. Scary Untrusive thoughts
  149. Not Sure What I'm Looking For
  150. Could this be OCD?
  151. New here, Relationship Ocd? :(
  152. OCD at the Grocery Store
  153. Physical Effects of negative thoughts
  154. Not OCD is it?
  155. I Can't Stand this OCD
  156. Is this OCD or can I really predict the future? Please help
  157. I can not believe the size of the knot in my chest
  158. ocd
  159. ocd
  160. Just learned guy I'm seeing has Pure O: Need Advice
  161. Does anyone have compulsive tongue biting?
  162. hi
  163. sniffing
  164. Are these OCD Rituals or something else?
  165. Is this behavior OCD or something else?
  166. OCD thoughts
  167. OCD Numbers Help
  168. Is This OCD?
  169. is morbid curiosity part of it?
  170. Compulsive Scalp Picking Disorder
  171. Repeat songs in head
  172. My obsession is losing mental control
  173. Topamax causing compulsions?
  174. Does a Therapist need to take a blood test for OCD?
  175. Does anyone fear they are going to go to hell
  176. can somebody saying mean stuff make your anxeity and bad thoughts worst?
  177. I feel like im alone with intrusive thought. reply if you feel like this please
  178. why am i scared of doctors
  179. Random Thoughts Popping Into Head
  180. Obsessed with death/dying
  181. I am a Compulsive Lier! Help!
  182. question
  183. Obsessed with cancer
  184. ocd impulses
  185. Is anyone using CBT for intrusive thoughts?
  186. Do I have Pure OCD
  187. Ativan?
  188. Everything's Okay
  189. Very Frustrated
  190. OCD rituals such as hair pulling??
  191. Pure-O Causing Me To Overanalyze EVERYTHING
  192. Who are the best doctors for treating OCD?
  193. Another Question?
  194. question?
  195. Now what?
  196. Fear of "Lossing Control" brings on Panic Attack
  197. going to the bathroom a lot
  198. Is this OCD???
  199. ocd and numbers
  200. Ocd, adhd, omg, wth ????
  201. Luvox for OCD - Please any information....
  202. "the end of the world" obsession
  203. obsessive horrific thoughts
  204. Religious OCD
  205. SSRI dosage for OCD
  206. 3 Supplements that help OCD
  207. Relationship OCD and Ocd Help
  208. Help: OCD is taking control of me!
  209. Does anybody have a obsession with germs and washing?
  210. thinking everything has meaning, is proof of future..
  211. My OCD Story and How it has affected my life
  212. intrusive thought ruining my life
  213. doubting what I want out of life
  214. Please help..does anyone else go through this type of ocd WITH FOOD?! Please read!!!
  215. obsessed with boyfriend leaving/cheating
  216. Is this ROCD? Is it real?
  217. Help with intrusive thoughts!!!!
  218. obsessive thoughts of aging and dying
  219. what medications treat OCD?
  220. I need help for this obsession problem
  221. Another Number OCD Case
  222. Question.... important. *Please respond*
  223. Shopping for groceries... I need help!
  224. Compulsive Scalp Picking Disorder
  225. How to stop picking scabs
  226. Questioning OCD Diagnosis
  227. antidepressants
  228. new here,need advice,help
  229. Nail Picking...not biting!
  230. Do I have OCD?
  231. Inositol and Medication Reactions
  232. ocd /she loves me she loves me not
  233. New Here - Husband has OCD and I need help/reassurance
  234. Hello...My First Post - suffered over 12 years... FRIENDS WANTED/NEEDED!
  235. Are random, nonsensical intrusive thoughts common for OCD or schizophrenia?
  236. Intrusive thoughts - Do you act upon them? Please read post for ex.
  237. Relationship OCD ruining my life
  238. Please Help Me, Living a nightmare
  239. Does my boyfriend have ROCD and what should I do?
  240. In serious need of help
  241. Relationships are being affected and I need help..
  242. OCD over Blood Pressure
  243. Wiping and smelling
  244. OCD and Rhinotillexomania
  245. not sure
  246. Relationship OCD - Dream Cheating!! *feeling guilty*
  247. Feeling very disconnected from my family and boyfriend
  248. I have an HIV OCD?
  249. Lying
  250. Struggling with my relationship