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  1. I feel like a freak
  2. Hurts so bad
  3. Too scared to start my effexor:(
  4. Feeling like I am just a bad person!
  5. Are my issues with food OCD?
  6. anyone ever do/have this?
  7. What is the most effective med for OCD?
  8. Fear of going to hell
  9. Effexor...changing to this med would really like to hear from others...PLEASE!!!
  10. Need recomendations on new meds...
  11. Freaking out over germs
  12. negative thinking and something happening
  13. Nightmares?
  14. Ocd
  15. OCD and pregnant.. where can i find relief?
  16. Luvox?
  17. Help
  18. will this horror ever end???
  19. Is there a light?
  20. Are OCD symptoms brought on more intensely by sickness?
  21. OCD Disappeared and I'm not sure why
  22. When will these thoughts go away?
  23. OCD---Any advice?
  24. OCD madness
  25. Negatives thoughts, feelings
  26. do i need to see a special type of doctor for ocd treatment?
  27. May Jump Back on Luvox
  28. Feel like crap - is Luvox bailing on me?
  29. strep & ocd
  30. anybody used quetiapine and citralopram for oc
  31. Someone please answer!!!
  32. Kinda long, strange and very indeed of advice
  33. Hiding Your OCD
  34. Relationship OCD and ocd recovery
  35. Fear of doing/did something innapproriate, very strange
  36. this seemed as good a place to put this as any.
  37. OCD and genetics.
  38. Non-stop knuckle cracking - fingers about to fall off
  39. Inositol - a natural substance that helps OCD & Depression
  40. Does brand name work better than generic?
  41. Does Luvox CR work better than generic?
  42. Urges
  43. how to deal with a control freak over stupid things
  44. Any thoughts/advice?
  45. Does Luvox take a while to kick in??
  46. So glad I found this site
  47. Please take 5 minutes to read this
  48. Intrusive/obsessive thoughts on cheating
  49. What is the best medicine for OCD
  50. negative thoughts from past
  51. Am I just obsessing?
  52. OCD "Pure O" ruining my life
  53. "What If's" driving me crazy
  54. Is this a symptom of OCD?
  55. Overcoming OC Paranoia?
  56. New Member - Many Moods/Issues
  57. Anyone else obsess over blood pressure?
  58. Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder-PLEASE HELP
  59. why do i get extreme urges....
  60. Compulsive Checking of Breasts
  61. Please help! I feel like im losing my mind
  62. 14 Years old ( OCD ) 2 Questions?
  63. Cameras in my dormroom. Just venting.
  64. how much is zoloft?
  65. board
  66. Obsessed with T
  67. I need someone's opinion!
  68. Well, I think I will use the 4 R's for my OCD
  69. Anxiety With "What If's" Now it's About Cancer
  70. Intrusive thoughts about medication?
  71. pristiq and luvox
  72. Has anyone else become obsessed with these message boards?
  73. Obsessed with my husband's past... advice please
  74. Luvox Cr for OCD
  75. Getting by with Ativan
  76. ROCD after an affair
  77. Can't stop talking about this one Celeb that I find hot.
  78. Luvox?
  79. New member Long time suffer
  80. I Think I have OCD, Do I?
  81. I Think I have OCD, Do I?
  82. Desperately Need Help with a Weird New Obsession
  83. Worries--does anyone have the kind I do?
  84. What to do when unwanted thoughts come to my mind
  85. Blinking Lights, Ticking Clocks
  86. Racing Thoughts!
  87. Worry over "death" of someone I love
  88. scared of using library
  89. Hourly cost of psychiatrist in NYC or another big city?
  90. I Made A Mistake
  91. How real do your Intrusive thoughts get?
  92. ocd/intrusive thoughts ruin my relationships
  93. Do you get scared when you're not in panic.
  94. Obsessing over death?
  95. Is something realy bad gonna happen if I dont do OCD?
  96. does ocd ever go away
  97. OCD and Bulimia
  98. venting
  99. relationships
  100. do I have OCD?
  101. Question about Trichotillomania
  102. I feel insane
  103. Depersonalization
  104. Thinking
  105. nail biting
  106. How do you know?
  107. My Silly Checking
  108. Help!
  109. Mild Case
  110. Link between childhood abuse and OCD?
  111. Confused
  112. the most distressing night of my life
  113. my head cant take no more
  114. Doing the Laundry
  115. i cant stop pulling my eyelashes out!
  116. Not sure what to do?
  117. These thoughts dominating me..
  118. I'm new . . .
  119. vitamins
  120. Obsessing over $$$
  121. is this OCD? how severe?
  122. typing words
  123. What to do
  124. Tired of Reliving the Same Day
  125. Please advise and help with Obsessions...
  126. is this ocd (plz help)
  127. ROCD, POCD, ...help?!
  128. OCD and Schizo
  129. What to do about my OCD?
  130. does anyone else think their pure o is unique
  131. I got sick of being sick and fought back!
  132. OCD What helps you to controll your OCD? And what rituals do you have to perform
  133. I have to repeat things to feel safe
  134. My Crazy Obsession
  135. I Want to Live and Not Just Exist
  136. i have a problem pulling out my eyelashes
  137. Could this be OCD?
  138. strong ocd in the morning
  139. I feel insane! Fighting with myself!
  140. I need reassurance for my ocd
  141. miracle drug for my OCD!
  142. My story
  143. at what point should i take medicine?
  144. Two things that really bother me!
  145. Fear of everything
  146. not sure if i have OCD
  147. I need help, seriously
  148. I am desperate need of help! Please!
  149. Best Med for OCD????
  150. Minor thought = important action
  151. Prozac (fluoxetine)
  152. obsession
  153. how to remember things for ocd people
  154. Suffering like crazy
  155. ROCD- Need advice! depressed and feeling hopeless
  156. This harm thing is driving me crazy...
  157. ROCD due to stress of move or real feelings?
  158. Periods of "Normal"? Medication?
  159. Discovering OCD in my family tree?
  160. Weird, frustrating obsession
  161. question about facial picking
  162. OCD Obsession: can't get over it!!!!!!!!!
  163. OCD's Link with Biological Science
  164. Lexapro changing body odor?
  165. i need to understand where to go from here...
  166. Suffering from obsessions! Please help!!!!!!!!!!
  167. Intrusive thoughts...
  168. ocd luvox and augmenting with serequal and very scared
  169. OCD ? Please help!!
  170. ocd medication and feeling like going in sane
  171. ocd depression and luvox dose.
  172. OCD and Trich
  173. Worrying that I am going to get schziphrenia
  174. I lost my Real Self with OCD
  175. Doing better with my OCD
  176. Having another moment...
  177. Is this a bad thing
  178. A Better Therapy
  179. Pressing the pause button
  180. Can't let go
  181. new to board-trying to cope with intrusive thoughts
  182. Road to recovery
  183. teeth grinding while counting / walking / keeping a beat.
  184. Balancing stress with OCD.... Having anxiety attacks.
  185. How can you trust others when you dont trust yourself
  186. OCD or Something More Serious?
  187. how do you know if your four year old has ocd
  188. suffering from exteme misery feeling from mix of Pure-O and HOCD -- need advice
  189. Too Much Pressure
  190. Skin picking and can't stop it
  191. Compulsive Breast Checking
  192. ocd driving, feels right
  193. how to handle a man who has ocd?
  194. New to this site
  195. Need help! Can't stop worrying!
  196. Could this be OCD?
  197. The misery of confessing
  198. condom slipped off inside me last night now my stomach feels weird
  199. Have You Ever Had the Feeling?
  200. cbt
  201. Re-learning everything about life
  202. Stopped smoking--Super Compulsive Eating and Eating and Eating!!
  203. Hair Pulling
  204. Luvox side effects, do they last?
  205. I'm not sure if this is OCD or not...
  206. questions about rocd
  207. How to deal with OCD in 4 year old
  208. Am I losing control?
  209. stopping rituals for a period of then starting again
  210. How does your Spouse or family member handle your OCD
  211. OCD med & sleeping pills?
  212. My OCD, Just some support please.
  213. Teen with OCD
  214. i have a scab on my foot, how do i know if its staph infected
  215. how to stop pulling out eyelashes
  216. A vent on OCD
  217. how to tell my partner that i have ocd before marraige
  218. ROCD - Wedding Soon and REALLY IRRITABLE - Help!
  219. Doesnt it make you wonder
  220. child with ocd
  221. Does thinking about the good times you had in the past cause you mental pain?
  222. I just realised I have OCD. Help!!!
  223. Obsessed about being laid off
  224. ocd and fetish
  225. the best therapy advice I can give that I do
  226. Benzodiazepines or Antidepressants for OCD?
  227. OCD cycling up and down ROCD
  228. Known for a long time, but recently found out!
  229. Is this OCD
  230. I'm always re-checking things.
  231. intrusive thoughts
  232. Living with OCD
  233. ROCD Married with kids
  234. a mom with ocd
  235. benzo and ssris not working, what to do?
  236. More thoughts about OCD
  237. my brain!?
  238. New to this
  239. ocd and dairy
  240. Newly diagnosed - thinking about medication
  241. Relationship OCD and new...
  242. figure skaters, dancers, and acrobats
  243. Please help
  244. OCD is making me cray cray
  245. Pregnant .... Ocd ... Fear of intentionally hurting a baby
  246. OCD & Pregnancy
  247. questions about OCD
  248. counting,counting,counting..anyone else?
  249. Guilty feelings.....
  250. popping joints