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  1. Parents are pushing their PROPERTY to me, i just want independence!
  2. Seeking advice on a dying relationship and isolation and loneliness
  3. Depression and isolation upon losing the love of a partner
  4. bf trouble.....
  5. What to think?
  6. what should I do?
  7. Is this weird?
  8. Do not understand this style of communication; her or me?
  9. Did my boyfriend have borderline personality disorder?
  10. Need tips.....
  11. My man humilates me by constanly looking at other women
  12. trying to move on
  13. Crushed, physically ill, a knife through the heart would have felt better
  14. Wife cheated on me several times
  15. I'm a little despressed with girlfriend not responding to me. What to do?
  16. I am a selfish boyfriend.
  17. Cheap boyfriend...
  18. Anxiety And Betrayal.......
  19. Lost chance for friendship, now feeling regret.
  20. what do i do? my fiancee hates my family
  21. My boyfriend broke up with me. Need someone input
  22. Should i let it go?
  23. Anger Flashes
  24. My Husband and father
  25. caught my husband on ******** with another woman
  26. A Prison without bars
  27. Single and not coping well please help
  28. looking in the mirror
  29. Feel like I'm going to SCREAM!
  30. We're broke, he wants a divorce
  31. I'm the "other guy"
  32. Sometimes he just annoys me :(
  33. can't wrap my head around this.
  34. Does he really want it to be over?
  35. How to ask girlfriend...
  36. Me or her or both of us?! Thoughts, please.
  37. friend with benefits....what should i expect from her?
  38. hurting so bad
  39. Boyfriend's nephew failed drug test
  40. How Do I Stop Loving Him?
  41. Wedding Jitters/Cold Feet
  42. How do I get over him!
  43. Brother needs help/family in denial
  44. How should I handle this? Situation with ex
  45. Me, CPTSD, Relationships...
  46. Not happy when I should be...
  47. Need Advice - How to manage relation when my BF has a Ex
  48. Hyphenated Last Name
  49. How do i get confidence back?
  50. sister getting married drama
  51. I can't trust him!...
  52. Post marital issues
  53. Abandonment Fear
  54. Comfortable vs Happy??
  55. i dont understand my boyfriend
  56. I just don't feel the same anymore... [Long read]
  57. my paranoia
  58. Sorry this is a long read... Love or dependancy Please can someone give me advice?
  59. exclusiveness and dating sites!!
  60. Should I break off our engagement, or continue with our relationship?
  61. Feel like I made so many mistakes in relationships.
  62. confused
  63. Confused
  64. divorce please help
  65. Anger & confusion over husbands emotional affairs
  66. Any advice for a bad tempered man
  67. Husband's Cocaine Addiction -Still wondering should I stay or should I go
  68. sociopath/dissociative identity disorder/bonding
  69. How do I do it?
  70. When to have "The Talk"?
  71. I think my husband may have bipolar depression :(
  72. What do I do?
  73. Am i being paranoid?
  74. He wont give up his ex-girlfriend
  75. In serious need of a Miracle or something close PLEASE HELP.
  76. Lots of first dates, then...?
  77. Do I Love her or Has She just Become a Great Friend?
  78. Trouble with an ex
  79. Defriending a Narcissist on a social networking site?
  80. How to stop feeling insecure and start trusting
  81. OCD with past relationship?
  82. in need of that someone
  83. Hi everyone...update from thread I started last Spring
  84. Confused by a new girl
  85. We finally broke up. :(
  86. sooo confused
  87. I can't get over my ex
  88. Happiest She's Ever Been?
  89. GF is very troubled :(
  90. I am a lost soul
  91. Am I overracting?
  92. Can anyone give me their honest opinion
  93. I feel like my husband hates me
  94. My neighbor...
  95. BF no affectionate
  96. my ex attacked me
  97. please help me be strong
  98. Loss for words
  99. What KIND Of Problem Does He Have With Me?
  100. Trying to get over a toxic friendship that ended in disaster
  101. Need help setting boundary
  102. What to do about my boyfriend's family... particularly his mother!
  103. how to help step daughter
  104. Next step
  105. How do I tell my boyfriend I know he wears upper denture?
  106. Cell phone privacy
  107. cheating or not
  108. I seem to be hopeless
  109. Privacy in relationships
  110. How do I come back from this?
  111. Confusing breakup, no answers
  112. How do i get over jealousy involved with dating an Actress
  113. Just needed some advice
  114. Need Advice Please
  115. Helping spouse deal with past & stepchildren issues
  116. Gift you want to return
  117. Deep Regrets
  118. What to do....what to do....
  119. What do you do when someone doesn't talk about their problems?
  120. Urgent Job situation
  121. I feel like I'm the only one making an effort
  122. Staying away from my Angry Wife
  123. Walked Right By.....
  124. When he doesn't have time for you... a little long, but would appreciate the help
  125. Need unbiased opinions
  126. What can I do?
  127. Are these feelings real?
  128. he's a liar!!
  129. I know I know, but please help
  130. Girlfriend Bipolar
  131. Please help-should I just leave?
  132. i still love my abuser...
  133. Cheat but im still with him?
  134. Depressed about Bf's ex Please Help Quick
  135. Miss My Ex Grilfriend
  136. Hurt
  137. BF with anger issues
  138. Brother sending political and religious emails?
  139. so upset - please help
  140. is this emotional abuse?
  141. break up or make up?
  142. Opinions Please ...
  143. Need advice on marriage
  144. What happened to me, why am I such an anti-social?
  145. Can't get him out of my head....
  146. wife always has something more important
  147. bit fed up lately.....
  148. I've become hard and cold :(
  149. Trying to figure this one out. Men are especially welcome to answer :)
  150. recently broke up with a man I’d been seeing for over a year
  151. Husband stays up till the morning,when the kids and I are up
  152. I don't think i love my husband
  153. what to get your guy for his b-day when your strapped?
  154. very confused , is it me ?
  155. My mom's addiction *HELP*
  156. Odd step-dad
  157. Crazy client help!
  158. Having a Hard Time with Break Up
  159. Insecurities, irrational thoughts of him cheating, etc.
  160. What is this?
  161. Dysfunctional?
  162. Do you think she cheated on me? help please.. feeling sad.
  163. Having older kids at home is tough!
  164. Girl I've known for 26 years tells me she was raped... advice please
  165. all the single ladies...
  166. I'm Stupid...
  167. I Get the feeling B/F Spying on my daughter
  168. Bf's ex tries to make a scene out in public
  169. Menapause
  170. Heartbreakers perspective
  171. Girlfriend was Raped by Ex-Husband, I need some Advice
  172. Commitment Issues and Cheating
  173. melancholy husband
  174. abandoned by best friend of 20 years
  175. BAD Choices
  176. i dont kno what to do
  177. just a little confused
  178. I'm confused - hang in there or walk away
  179. all of a sudden no contact from him?
  180. New Relationship: He REALLY wants kids, I have ONE & may not be able to have more
  181. Heart break
  182. Married: 4 years together, 4 years apart
  183. Two Friends Divorcing
  184. Is this him or bipolar?
  185. I love my cheating boyfriend
  186. Almost 2 years...
  187. confused
  188. Boyfriend with ROCD....HELP!
  189. Why am I so mean to my friend
  190. Ex-boyfriends
  191. I suck at relationships..
  192. Bad Economy Taking its Toll
  193. Boyfriend and I do not share the same dreams
  194. wanting a Bridesmaid to step down.
  195. How Do I Tell Her How I Feel?
  196. Social Anxiety and short term fixes...
  197. Just Don't Get It
  198. Friends with benefits
  199. My drinking wife and my dilema
  200. Separation
  201. Low self esteem for the first time
  202. Recent Break/Breakup
  203. Is this just modern dating?
  204. Don't know how to save this relationship
  205. I feel like i've gone crazy
  206. What is this?
  207. What if?
  208. Want to save my relationship...
  209. Engaged and confused
  210. i think my boyfriend is sick..i dont know what to do..
  211. Wife's constant pain and sickness a strain on relationship
  212. Husband's friend's wife bugs me
  213. Karma and feeling guilty?
  214. Getting overly depressed about getting older and not having a girlfriend..
  215. hurt
  216. after 6yrs, she won't even speak to me
  217. not sure what to do about my boyfriend.
  218. Guilty as charged
  219. I want so badly to change
  220. Paranoia, Please help!!!
  221. Having a hard time today
  222. How should I handle this?
  223. Having a breakdown ): please help!!!
  224. Boyfriend answering Craigslist ads?
  225. Having a hard time explaining to him what I really feel
  226. Why do I think of this guy from my past
  227. What is wrong with me?
  228. Help with fiance's racist mother!
  229. update
  230. Jealousy
  231. broke up w me help need fast response
  232. 6 months in and 6 months to go -- hating it
  233. Paranoid with a little bit of improvement
  234. Single with Most Friends Married
  235. Am I being used/abused by a loved friend?
  236. Am I being reasonable?
  237. Boyfriend anger HELP!
  238. Am I guilty of inflicting emotional abuse ?
  239. Need Help!!!
  240. ADHD Fiancé is Extremely Frustrating!
  241. emotional problems with husband
  242. 23 years later and still can't
  243. Serious problem with jealousy
  244. new home. how do i cope?
  245. He treats me like one of the guys.
  246. How do I forget?
  247. Distant newlywed
  248. My Gf wants to date other ppl....
  249. Is this immature?
  250. How do I make things right with him after acting so stupid!