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  1. Clingy or normal?
  2. miserable parents
  3. another revealed problem
  4. Why do adult kids ignore parents on holidays
  5. Need Advice
  6. 10yrs later ...
  7. adult friendships
  8. Trying to save marriage
  9. Very heartbroken is there happiness after this?
  10. Feeling alone in this relationship
  11. Is he ever going to marry me?
  12. marriage after retirement issues...
  13. Relationship Wall?
  14. always moaning and bitter
  15. Bad Decisions.
  16. Hello everyone!
  17. oxytocin level
  18. Depressed bf becoming distant
  19. realisation
  20. Luxurious Boyfriend Only Wants The Best....
  21. Change in spouse’s spirituality
  22. Help! Cannot protect parents from sister.
  23. What to do with him?
  24. Previous Issues interfering with future relations
  25. Living abroad for girlfriend?
  26. Friendless and Girlfriendless forever?
  27. Need help with a negative mother
  28. Should I worry?
  29. I don't want to let go of my relationship, please help!
  30. 5 month relationship--advice needed
  31. friendships with the ex
  32. xmas and new year
  33. no gift for christmas this year either?
  34. New Year's eve and boyfriend's been mean AGAIN
  35. Should I snoop?
  36. confused then hurt
  37. On the edge of a mental breakdown *HELP!!*
  38. I can't help but feel like I got screwed over again
  39. How long do you date before entering a relationship?
  40. My girlfriend is trying to change me.
  41. Need a few tips..
  42. Confused...Need Advice!
  43. am i being unreasonable?
  44. Need some perspective
  45. Does my new boyfriend really want to date my friend?
  46. losing my head
  47. What to do...?
  48. Online dating?
  49. is it paranoia?
  50. One side of the family openly racist, what would you say?
  51. What can I do to help my mom?
  52. Silly? Or Sign's?
  53. I feel bad
  54. worst christmas day ever. so sad
  55. I can finally breathe//cry
  56. I'm lesbian and lonely. How can I tell everyone that i am lesbian.
  57. Being with a younger man.
  58. Selfish Boyfriend. Confused.
  59. he left me for someone else depressed and can't get over him
  60. How to make friends...when you dont have any?
  61. Is my best friend really my friend or a user?
  62. i think i may be over reacting
  63. Need Advice: Is He Playing Some Kind Of Game With Me?
  64. Break up anxiety
  65. lost family and boyfriend in one day :-(
  66. Husband ?
  67. Girlfriend's controlling brother ruining her life, need advice
  68. I dont know where to start....
  69. How to cope with fake friends?
  70. he seems to be a master manipulator
  71. male midlife crisis....who survived it ????
  72. I'm insecure and the jealous type it seems...
  73. Is this probable?
  74. Problems with my best friend of 36 years
  75. I called my boyfriend's wife.
  76. relationship problem
  77. Really needing some thoughts.
  78. Just found out my girlfriend might be planning on cheating.
  79. Pregnant, with "cyber cheating" husband
  80. When friendships end... what course of action??
  81. a good friend?
  82. its all over
  83. Dangerous sociopath sister in law
  84. Is our relationship enough?
  85. I want a baby.
  86. Insecure and needy?
  87. Adult Separation Anxiety?
  88. Not ok with bf dancin w/ other girls at clubs
  89. What is going on with him?
  90. Feeling bit down...
  91. Can you start back at ground 0?
  92. How COULD He Just Ignore Me Like That???
  93. In Limbo
  94. new relationship issue
  95. Getting Worse... Marriage Problems
  96. Feels like my marriage is ending
  97. When do I tell him?
  98. Secret pain, sick of hiding it away!
  99. How do I get away from a sociopath boyfriend?
  100. gutted
  101. what do i do?
  102. Please someone,HELP !!!!
  103. Ex-Boyfriend I want him back help....
  104. How many is "too many" kids?
  105. Silly but...Kind of stood up
  106. How do I forgive my husband?
  107. advice
  108. plz help me with my husband
  109. When does the hurt go away?
  110. this is one everyone would be stumped on
  111. Getting close after time away?
  112. Want to better understand my boyfriend
  113. Parents in Law controlling
  114. ex-best friend & ex-boyfriend!
  115. Husband said I love you to another woman!
  116. being alone
  117. Fiance's family
  118. Girlfriends boss and photoshoot - Is this normal?
  119. Holidays, Family, Loneliness, and Trying to Date
  120. is it really worth it?
  121. Dealing with Partner's Borderline Ex
  122. Really Frustrated With My Dad's TV Addiction
  123. Relationship help for the high school student
  124. Overwhelmed by decision to move across country
  125. Endless Hell
  126. I think my best friend has a romantic interest in me.
  127. Could my husband have Bipolar?
  128. What's up with my bf? =(
  129. my story
  130. Sexual History with Girlfriend, looking for advice/answers
  131. Just trying to get through the days
  132. Engaged, but still in love with ex.
  133. advice please
  134. new relationship & somewhat Long Distance
  135. not sure what to do..
  136. I find it hard to trust my boyfriend and I think he may be an alcoholic
  137. Please explain this sociopath's mental process
  138. end engagement/work it out after 6 yrs? need help pleasee!!!
  139. How can I get help for my 34 yr old daughter that is hooked on crack?
  140. My fiance is deploying. Should I get married now?
  141. I am such an idiot, thought 'we' was happy.
  142. advice pls
  143. Is this girl flaking out on me?
  144. Venting.
  145. I think my brother is.......
  146. I love my Mum but I can't live with her!
  147. Could he really change for me? Am I stupid?
  148. Just ended a toxic friendship, very upset :(
  149. My boyfriend lied ... what to do now?
  150. I'm sober and who cares
  151. Would a sociopath return to his victim a year later?
  152. question about best friend/flatmate
  153. relationship help
  154. Family
  155. help !!! whats wrong with me !!!!!!!
  156. I have no family anymore, I need advice, please!
  157. No more what to do - i want to crawl into a hole
  158. where is this relationship going?
  159. best friend
  160. help me... anyone
  161. i really am fed up
  162. Violent autistic brother, can anyone offer any advice or suggestions for me?
  163. advice please
  164. confused
  165. Struggling with building trust back with an addict
  166. Can we vent here?
  167. My husband is addicted to pain pills
  168. Why does this feeling have linger?
  169. Ex-Girlfriend on ******** - Confused and Heartbroken
  170. Why am I paranoid?
  171. I am engaged to the perfect man....but my heart is helplessly elsewhere....
  172. I need to know if you think I'm crazy?
  173. wife single on web again?
  174. Am I nuts?
  175. When am I going to get real-
  176. He cannot say I love you
  177. am I fooling myself?
  178. Fooled Again...Deception and Addiction
  179. Problem with how people view me
  180. A hopeless romantic who is starting to lose the dream
  181. Is it me or was it them?
  182. i want kids but he doesnt
  183. Nice Guys ....
  184. In love with my boyfriends brother
  185. How to deal with an overbearing father
  186. Anyone Have Father Emotionally Dead?
  187. Hard Time Dealing with Boyfriend in AFBMT
  188. alcoholic husbands life is going down the drain
  189. My man viewing porn
  190. need help with an unusual relationship issue
  191. lonely with alcoholic husband
  192. sad state for alcoholic husband
  193. controlling mom.am i wrong??
  194. new relationship help?
  195. Mother forced me into grad school
  196. Lost
  197. Expert Advice needed!
  198. Should I be this upset about being blown off?
  199. Not healthy for a relationship when...
  200. My b/f's mom.
  201. Update to my posts "what to do"
  202. Fighting Depression
  203. alcoholic health issues
  204. Who was in the wrong?
  205. Do I have to put up with this?
  206. Cant stop crying.
  207. just need some advice...
  208. I am freaking out
  209. Uneasy relationship with roommate and his partying.
  210. update and need more help
  211. Friend berating me over boyfriend from 20 years ago help!
  212. I really don't know where else to go with this...
  213. Not sure which direction to turn now.
  214. I simply do not matter
  215. Still not sure and unhappy
  216. How to tell boyfriend I don't want to get married
  217. relationship help
  218. husband hit wife outside the U.S.
  219. Girlfriend is really busy and distant
  220. How to help a family member in need
  221. Together but ALONE
  222. i fell for a guy that is a paranoid schizophrenic
  223. New here and messed up
  224. Need some input, losing my best friend...
  225. I'm so tired of being angry all the time, and my family is suffering
  226. Advice, please. From men specially
  227. Getting real after nervous breakdown
  228. Her love died while im standing where she left me
  229. torn between two men
  230. Ex Husband Drinking around the kids
  231. Trying to be helpful in my Wife's detox from methadone
  232. incompatibility with husband
  233. I need some Advice
  234. Doubting my relationship
  235. How to bring my son around?
  236. Lost a friendship...
  237. I screwed up. Do you think she will forgive me?
  238. How to leave a non-committed relationship??
  239. I need Advice Please Help!!
  240. I was removed from someone's "friends" list.
  241. really bad paranoia
  242. Update on need some advice
  243. What is wrong with me ?
  244. 28 year old brother won't move out!
  245. I seem to find fault with everyone... can anyone relate?
  246. Old Feelings Creepin' Back
  247. I found my lost crush
  248. My Mother is crazy, and so am I...
  249. can anyone give me advice please??
  250. Suspected alcoholic ex-boyfriend wants to get back together...?