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  1. Hard Time Dealing with Boyfriend in AFBMT
  2. alcoholic husbands life is going down the drain
  3. My man viewing porn
  4. need help with an unusual relationship issue
  5. lonely with alcoholic husband
  6. sad state for alcoholic husband
  7. controlling mom.am i wrong??
  8. new relationship help?
  9. Mother forced me into grad school
  10. Lost
  11. Expert Advice needed!
  12. Should I be this upset about being blown off?
  13. Not healthy for a relationship when...
  14. My b/f's mom.
  15. Update to my posts "what to do"
  16. Fighting Depression
  17. alcoholic health issues
  18. Who was in the wrong?
  19. Do I have to put up with this?
  20. Cant stop crying.
  21. just need some advice...
  22. I am freaking out
  23. Uneasy relationship with roommate and his partying.
  24. update and need more help
  25. Friend berating me over boyfriend from 20 years ago help!
  26. I really don't know where else to go with this...
  27. Not sure which direction to turn now.
  28. I simply do not matter
  29. Still not sure and unhappy
  30. How to tell boyfriend I don't want to get married
  31. relationship help
  32. husband hit wife outside the U.S.
  33. Girlfriend is really busy and distant
  34. How to help a family member in need
  35. Together but ALONE
  36. i fell for a guy that is a paranoid schizophrenic
  37. New here and messed up
  38. Need some input, losing my best friend...
  39. I'm so tired of being angry all the time, and my family is suffering
  40. Advice, please. From men specially
  41. Getting real after nervous breakdown
  42. Her love died while im standing where she left me
  43. torn between two men
  44. Ex Husband Drinking around the kids
  45. Trying to be helpful in my Wife's detox from methadone
  46. incompatibility with husband
  47. I need some Advice
  48. Doubting my relationship
  49. How to bring my son around?
  50. Lost a friendship...
  51. I screwed up. Do you think she will forgive me?
  52. How to leave a non-committed relationship??
  53. I need Advice Please Help!!
  54. I was removed from someone's "friends" list.
  55. really bad paranoia
  56. Update on need some advice
  57. What is wrong with me ?
  58. 28 year old brother won't move out!
  59. I seem to find fault with everyone... can anyone relate?
  60. Old Feelings Creepin' Back
  61. I found my lost crush
  62. My Mother is crazy, and so am I...
  63. can anyone give me advice please??
  64. Suspected alcoholic ex-boyfriend wants to get back together...?
  65. Help :-(
  66. Will I trust again? better yet...should I?
  67. Girlfriends Bestfriend is a guy
  68. He doesn't drink everyday but is he an alcoholic?
  69. Update to "I can't get out :("
  70. Mixed Signal Advice
  71. how to ????
  72. Son-in-Law
  73. Am I Addicted?
  74. Given up completely now
  75. fairy tale going bad how we met to now please help idk what to do
  76. grandmothers daughters and granddaughters
  77. How do i stop my anxiety and worrying too much in my relationship?
  78. Is it time to move on ???
  79. sister is depressed
  80. Him, me & the enemy. Our love story. Advice please.
  81. Anxiety/ocd after getting married
  82. I've had enough now of being so unhappy with BF
  83. I have ruined my life by cancelling my wedding
  84. How do i relax?
  85. my boyfriend drink a lot
  86. confused and depressed
  87. friend won't walk beside me
  88. Need advice/help
  89. dealing with a mentally unstable boyfriend, baby on the way!
  90. I can't get out :(
  91. When best friends grow apart...
  92. If she wants back, what do I do?
  93. Opinions please
  94. autistic husband
  95. How do I do this?!?!
  96. confused
  97. Am I being manipulated?
  98. Advice please
  99. husband's addiction ruining our marriage
  100. In need of advice
  101. Hypothetical Question
  102. has anyone ever experienced this??
  103. Reason to doubt?
  104. BF with Mood Swings
  105. He has ended relationship. how do i be strong?
  106. not spoken to my sister for 18 months
  107. hurting so bad
  108. slept with the ex ... now what?
  109. What should I do?
  110. Relationship Anxiety
  111. He doesn't know how to talk to a girl, what does this mean?
  112. Horrible in-laws cont...........
  113. im so nervous
  114. Awful experience
  115. At the End of My Rope...
  116. I Am So Paranoid...
  117. how do i turn my life around ?
  118. Being blamed for something he didn't do?
  119. Moving 3000 miles from daughter
  120. Heartbroken, desperate and miserable, please reply...
  121. Confession
  122. Why do "Nice guys finish last"?
  123. what might this mean?
  124. They Asked Me About Appetitie and if I Feel Like Crying?
  125. Breakup of a GREAT relationship brought on my anxiety??
  126. we broke up now back together, how to bring back magic (longest post ever sorry)
  127. Am I wrong to not trust him?
  128. Can trust be rebuilt once it is gone?
  129. Does my pregnant girlfriend really hate me and not love me anymore???
  130. what do I do........
  131. My husband of 30 years in prison!
  132. Should I pay for boyfriend's cats?
  133. immature boyfriend
  134. lost
  135. adamency of love
  136. Cheated on depressed BF: what now?
  137. Insecure
  138. need advice about pursuing a guy with cp?
  139. how do you know if they are the one?
  140. don't know what happened?
  141. help with a loved one who is abusing their prescription pills
  142. want the hurt to stop
  143. Trust
  144. He used me
  145. Is flirting cheating?
  146. How long to wait before second date?
  147. First Dates and Personal Issues
  148. Betrayed again...
  149. I've come to realize I'm controlling...help!!!
  150. I'm Dating an Alcoholic
  151. What would you have done??
  152. Help I'm in love with an older woman.
  153. Lonely but lacking the means to be loved
  154. Really confused...
  155. Brother having trouble adjusting to university...
  156. in 4 yr relationship but thinking about another guy
  157. Fell in love with my best friend but...
  158. Pretty much need advice
  159. I made the dumbest mistake of my life. Is it anything to worry about?
  160. I know this is long, but please help me!
  161. Controlling mother .....
  162. Why do I get so mad
  163. What is love?
  164. advice on getting rid of live-in BF
  165. need advice badly
  166. Husband's Past Drug Addiction, PLEASE HELP!!!
  167. Losing attraction to beautiful girlfriend
  168. met a great guy but I may have bombed it! What should I do now!?
  169. Friend wants to go on vacation, but I don't
  170. Would you give a second chance???
  171. Horrible in-laws
  172. Trying to make sense of the break up (long read)
  173. Mental breakdown or did he cheat?
  174. Confused by her flirting
  175. What is the difference?
  176. Why does nobody consider me?
  177. How to Get Your Parents to Take You Seriously?
  178. Stressed and dont know what to do
  179. Love and Anxiety
  180. How to respect my children's school
  181. 2 months at a crossroads over a misunderstandin
  182. More trouble with my teen and boyfriend- HELP
  183. fantacy about woman
  184. being moody around the GF at times
  185. Can't believe he did this
  186. She is trying to change who I am. :(
  187. S-I-L needs help.
  188. separation anxiety
  189. I'm Not Allowed to be Sick!
  190. Normal for a girl to be best friends with her ex?
  191. is online love possible ?
  192. long distance relationship. honesty and trust
  193. Attention Seeker
  194. lying is destroying anything positive
  195. Question for women
  196. is ex's friend off-limits?
  197. Been with bf three years, but can't stop thinking about ex?
  198. Our Siblings Are Dating and Live w/ Us!!
  199. Trying to understand him.....
  200. Symptoms
  201. Feel awkward with marriage?
  202. relationship crisis helppppp
  203. name calling
  204. will my bf's anger stop if i move in with him?
  205. Age Difference
  206. Dating: mixed signals
  207. Human relations become less and less satisfying.
  208. Widow not sure how to 'date'
  209. Between two men... what to do??? Please help!
  210. plz help me figure out if bf is a sociopath
  211. ex bf contacted after cutting me off 2.5 years
  212. insecurity with my partner his eyes wander to other women when with me
  213. am i doing the right thing need some space.
  214. Should I end it after 4 years?
  215. I have been through this before!
  216. Husband seems to not care
  217. Please help..I fell in love with another woman..
  218. My crazy relationship
  219. boworred money from his mom for diapers and we never saw the money
  220. My relationship is hurting. Help, please.
  221. when your adult child is addicted to percocet?
  222. brother problems
  223. girlfriend said naming our baby her last name, what rights do i have?
  224. Stress
  225. a life without life
  226. Should I be worried???
  227. 'Friend' ???
  228. Wife's midlife crisis
  229. Is this worth pursuing??
  230. Sex life is dwindling.
  231. Confused right now!!! Please read!!
  232. New Relationship During Pregnancy
  233. Can I have her back as my GirlFriend?
  234. is it me or my man
  235. When a male friend refuses to e-mail me or respond to my e-mails
  236. Now what?
  237. Please I need your candid advice
  238. LDR and Feeling Lonely
  239. Frustrated
  240. He says "I don't want to hurt you"
  241. Stress in marriage
  242. Can this marriage be saved?
  243. Girlfriend mood swings
  244. Worried big sister
  245. he's starting to be physically aggressive
  246. What can I expect in Marriage Therapy?
  247. Some advice?
  248. Need relationship advice (personal trust issues)
  249. Should I remain hopeful, or am I just being played.
  250. confused