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  1. Girlfriend a little too passive
  2. Am I being unreasonable?
  3. Getting back to "great"?
  4. A Month Today ...
  5. Any ideas on getting a 44 year old woman with Bipolar back on her medicine?
  6. i'm tired of him "blonde" comments!!
  7. after the fight, status and question
  8. Moving on
  9. Speak up or take a break- he took the break
  10. Is there hope if my ex is in a new relationship?
  11. Relationship Help
  12. my fiance is in love with someone else..please help
  13. Is my husband cheating?
  14. "take it like a man" now mariage in ruins
  15. Stalking Behavior??
  16. Daddy to be is scared to death
  17. Gaining self respect ...ugh
  18. Bdd?
  19. More than confused
  20. need opinions/help on a predicament i'm in with a girl
  21. Significant other calls "local singles"
  22. Angry Husband, Pregnant Wife
  23. When a Male friendship overides committed relationship?
  24. how to win my wife back in love with me.
  25. Feel like I'll be single forever
  26. Is this a healthy friendship?
  27. weight affects sex life?
  28. expectant father dumped
  29. single mom, need relationship advice!
  30. Training a Husband
  31. need your help with a girl
  32. I have to face my insecurities and I'm scared.
  33. she turned to the Internet, help!
  34. help..i need people to speak to me please.
  35. at home again while my husband is out
  36. when do i just give up on bp husband?
  37. STILL struggling with my low self esteem
  38. Am i too old to leave!
  39. What to do and where to go from here?
  40. Boyfriend pulling away
  41. My good friend is lying to me about something, and I don't know why.
  42. My gf play fights with her guy friends... out of line?
  43. Need help making a life altering decision...
  44. Is he looking to cheat??? NEED ADVICE!!
  45. i desperately need help.please help me
  46. I need advice!
  47. My 18 Year Old Sociopath Son
  48. completely confused
  49. My gf's best friend is a guy and she goes to him for advice on really private matters
  50. Relationship Takes a turn for the Worse..looking for advice
  51. Aside from "throwing him out"...
  52. Should I stay or should I go?
  53. My New Years Revelation
  54. ADHD marriage having issues, any insght is appreciated
  55. Closure
  56. advice needed - losing the will to live
  57. Anxiety Relationship Help
  58. Co-signing loan for relative
  59. Anger Management isn't always the answer
  60. Business trips
  61. Does my fiance agree with child abuse?
  62. No love lost in my family...
  63. is he into me
  64. Why Do I Keep Dreaming about My Ex
  65. Question for men, or women who know about this
  66. He broke up with me, so why is he bashing me ?
  67. So he left .....
  68. problems again with my boyfriend and other girl
  69. spying on boyfriends cellphone
  70. Question about time?
  71. Getting back with an ex...
  72. I totally freaked OUT last night
  73. Great connection, but now he's vanished
  74. fashion & Love.
  75. Dealing with sensitive people at work...
  76. is it posible?
  77. 2nd marriage need advice confused?
  78. Business Trips aka Vacation!?
  79. A bully or not?
  80. Feeling jealous and insecure in my relationship
  81. Do I want to be in this relationship? :\
  82. Coping with a long-distance relationship
  83. Reading son's text messages
  84. My boyfriend likes big breasts
  85. Controlling Husband... (long post)
  86. need help moving on!!
  87. Very wise Grandmother and my Boyfriend
  88. Lost. Alone. Scared
  89. Is this common? Normal?
  90. These feelings for my husband...advice, please
  91. A Difficult Break Up Ahead
  92. Self absorbed husband
  93. any females get scared?
  94. xbox addiction
  95. Adjustments to Significant Other's Family
  96. why can't i move on
  97. Am I expecting too much? Is there really no such thing as a Prince Charming?
  98. Is taking a break from a relationship sometimes just what is needed to fix it?
  99. Husband's bombshell
  100. My Life With A Drunk
  101. He never listens to me.... am I wrong?
  102. Delusional psychotic
  103. please help, Im confused
  104. I'm holding on by just one thread
  105. Men & Women & Porn
  106. counselors
  107. am I over reacting?
  108. Help. Co-workers having affair
  109. a drunken dialer...How to stop him, nicely
  110. A crazy rollercoaster
  111. Best friend getting divorced. . . 2 sides of story...
  112. over talking
  113. I do so much for my boyfriend but get treated bad in return.
  114. Uncomfortable!
  115. Why can't i accept the way she is?
  116. Does this sound the same?
  117. Physical relationship Issue
  118. Not so sure now ....
  119. Is he interested?
  120. How Do You Tell If Someone Is Playing Hard To Get Or Just Not Interested?
  121. what to do
  122. Question?
  123. Pregnant?
  124. I may love a jerk...
  125. We fight every time we see each other
  126. Infatuated with a celebrity
  127. reunited
  128. how can one stop being so sensitive?
  129. Desired food
  130. Why is my period late, could I be pregnant?
  131. confused
  132. not sure where to even start
  133. Arghhhhhhh!!!
  134. Things going well with new gf, but have a small concern or 2
  135. 1st Christmas Alone
  136. He's not calling and I'm at a loss about what to do
  137. Dating Other People Question
  138. girlfriend... confused
  139. going to be a father
  140. How can i suport my BF emotionally?
  141. casual dating/confusion
  142. Settle a discussion.
  143. Really dont know how to cope.
  144. It's Complicated
  145. When you can't decide where to live
  146. How do you know if person cares?
  147. please help, very scary situation
  148. need advice please
  149. Conflicted
  150. Help with decision
  151. First Love
  152. Butt in or not?
  153. Should I go back to my ex boyfriend?
  154. When your boyfriend lies about small things
  155. Very sad
  156. My Friends' Relationship
  157. Is it me or him?
  158. First date went well! Recap and a couple of concerns...
  159. Threesome ghosts - need clarity
  160. Need some advice please!!!
  161. Wife doesn't want my mom to see our Kid
  162. Should I be Concerned??
  163. What to do ... Help
  164. Getting Help for Underage Friend
  165. Fight of Flight
  166. I need some good advice.
  167. Clear my name or leave things alone?
  168. Dating Someone With Bipolar/Drug and Alcohol Problems/Will they EVER change?
  169. What does hw want with me?
  170. Need Advice ~ End it after 2 dates?
  171. How to help when you have nothing to offer
  172. I have a wierd question involving jealousy....
  173. Getting Back Out There
  174. Bipolar problems
  175. how have you gotten over body-image issues?
  176. My boyfriend seems distant
  177. Need some advice
  178. In a long-term relationship that is about to become an "open relationship"
  179. What should I do?
  180. when I ask for more, he's nasty to me, help.
  181. I will meet my date in 5 days; concerned about "pheromones"...
  182. Jealous and insecure
  183. very confused about whether or not guy is lying
  184. talking about past relationships
  185. Friend needs help
  186. Still at it....am I stupid or what!
  187. My girlfriend Drinks to much alcohol
  188. Fight
  189. I feel like I'm at circus circus.
  190. jealous of boyfriends relationship with ex wife
  191. hey
  192. Bi-Polar Limitations and Family Understanding
  193. Am I being mean to my FIL?
  194. Any spouses of bipolar partners?
  195. High School Stuff
  196. here i go...again!
  197. Giving it Some Time/ Waiting it out
  198. partner's children - a tricky question
  199. i need some honest to God truth... please
  200. From another post - Looking normal, like others...and the cost.
  201. i really really hate my brother... i need some advice
  202. Back Hair - my wife wants me to keep it
  203. Husbands parents "holiday schedule" is making me stressed and mad at my husband
  204. Would you be upset if you saw your boyfriend's porn?
  205. Think I want out of my marriage
  206. Is he a Sociopath?
  207. Living with a Passive aggressive personality
  208. Help me out
  209. How to beat guilt trips?
  210. Frustrated
  211. He's going to leave me
  212. Am I doing the right thing?
  213. i need advice about my relationship
  214. Someone sent my gf flowers
  215. small breasts
  216. I can't seem to make friends no matter how hard I try.
  217. Gotta get it out.
  218. Help for friend in a somewhat abusive relationship
  219. What Now??
  220. Doesn't understand boyfriend's behavior
  221. Should bipolar son living at home have house rules?
  222. Crush on Neighbor, what should I do?
  223. My husband talks down to me
  224. PLz help: What do I do when he says ???
  225. is it fate or me?
  226. help i need advice about relationship
  227. Thanksgiving dilemma
  228. Wife wants to leave a relationship due to me not trusting her
  229. Introduce new bf to ex?
  230. Lost several acquaintences. . . left a church
  231. email relationship going "live" soon...help!
  232. Just needing to vent....
  233. is relationship worth working at?
  234. Question for any poster, your advice and story is great, advice please!
  235. Too old, too young for this relationship?
  236. Does this make sense.
  237. Clarity
  238. i dont get it....he is being distant ....why?
  239. Help with this one...WOW!
  240. Is my boyfriend too insensitive? or am I too sensitive
  241. Need Advice
  242. Is there something wrong with me? Really paranoid
  243. Why do I do this?
  244. Question about threesomes
  245. is he just shy or not really interested in me?
  246. mens controlling mothers + my narcissistic father = recipe for disaster
  247. He's Hot and Cold, what does it mean
  248. Am I being selfish or is he??
  249. Long Question....sorry
  250. Advice?