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  1. marriage makes me uncomfortable
  2. Changing for the one you love.
  3. At a loss
  4. I have been lying to my girlfriend
  5. Man's story
  6. Happy New Year Everyone!!!
  7. Embarrassed,
  8. Broken Hearted
  9. is there any way to fix this?
  10. Need some advice......
  11. Is my friend in abusive/controlling relationship? Are these the signs of control?
  12. What is a relationship supposed to be like??
  13. marriage
  14. Really need some help
  15. Family and long ago confessions
  16. trying to move on
  17. Time for a change
  18. This is weird!
  19. what do you do when your husband will not stop drinking
  20. What would you have done?
  21. two years of hell
  22. Is the truth always better than a lie?!
  23. What Would You Do if You Wanted to Get Married & Have Children...
  24. Will I ever be able to love someone else?...
  25. How to deal with insecurities when guys come onto my girlfriend?
  26. I know this may sound silly but...
  27. New and need advice please!
  28. How do I help him move on???
  29. need help deciding ..... PLEASE read and help
  30. passive-aggressive/co-dependent mother
  31. I put Hubby out and I need a lawyer
  32. Overcoming jealousy of gf's past
  33. Please Help, ASAP! :( I don't want to lose him
  34. Mental Health issues - Denial
  35. Questions About Friend
  36. Looking for encouragement and answers
  37. Dealing With Regret
  38. Cope with hubby's 'friend' ???
  39. whats your view on this?
  40. how to deal with boyfriend
  41. Crazy me =(
  42. sdfasfsad
  43. Body Image - HELP !
  44. what is wrong with me?
  45. Holiday Happiness
  46. how to stop getting angry at your boyfriend's insecurity
  47. I now know the truth
  48. Is she lazy or am I selfish?
  49. Any men here who can help me understand?
  50. On and Off
  51. Am I normal to think like this?
  52. Jealousy & Fear
  53. I need help with my mentally ill boyfriend.
  54. How can you feel so certain of something and yet so unsure????
  55. For men (or anyone really) who has seen 'Love Actually'
  56. How much to reveal and when?
  57. Intimate relationship
  58. how do we get through xmas
  59. Very embarrassing for me
  60. Devastated Part 2
  61. Can you die from a broken heart?
  62. Are You a Hanger-on-er?
  63. You ever wonder?
  64. I'm over being single now
  65. My friend, Debbie Downer.
  66. Unfaithful Husband
  67. Confused....
  68. Should I Move?
  69. ahhhh SO CURIOUS!!!!
  70. Hopeful once again
  71. Attention Addiction?
  72. love
  73. Getting over her
  74. Please, any suggestions for this situation?
  75. Don't know how to move on...
  76. confused
  77. So what is going on here?
  78. Devastated
  79. Why is he so moody & mean to me?
  80. Would you think that he cheated?
  81. Communication with new girlfriend
  82. Reading Between the Lines
  83. Relationship in Turmoil
  84. Why does my husband do this?
  85. Very needy, an attention seeker
  86. About this girl, (part2)
  87. guitar slinger contacted me
  88. argumentative husband driving me MAD
  89. Mother's Mental Health
  90. URGENT- how to flirt with your friend
  91. Is it Okay to Date Your Sister's Friend???
  92. My Daughter-in-Law is a Phony
  93. Do I have cold feet?
  94. Extremely Difficult Situation
  95. Not sure what to do...
  96. Why cheat? Why not just move on??
  97. Leaving/Moving on/seizing the day?
  98. Coworkers being rude/insulting me.Uncomfortable.
  99. my ex pays for ex girlfriend
  100. Just found out my boyfriend kinda cheated on me
  101. Argh!! So frustrated! Opinions & advice needed pls!
  102. Immature Boyfriend - Advise leaving him?
  103. Need some advice/Fresh Viewpoint (Ladies this means you!)
  104. Boyfriend hot & cold. So confused?
  105. Birthday card/gift-to give or not to give?
  106. so, there's somebody new & minor complications
  107. Not sure how ro feel ??????
  108. why my boyfriend is always angry at me?
  109. Huge Update
  110. Break up
  111. What does a Man expect from a Woman in a relationship (married/dating)??
  112. what to do?
  113. Spouse with Chemical Imbalance
  114. married but miserable
  115. I Left Him
  116. To Hell and Back, that's how I feel!
  117. why is my boyfriend so angry?
  118. sleeping with others while separated
  119. Trust him or move on?
  120. Two Girls
  121. Sharing your BF with video games
  122. age difference
  123. Brother's anger...hard to deal.
  124. Age IN Realtionship?
  125. am i a lost cause? please help.
  126. can a sex relationship turn into something more??
  127. The Affair, The Love, The Heartbreak
  128. "flirty" guy not even nice to me anymore
  129. how to accept that your husband is not coming back
  130. girl/girl relationship..
  131. Update: He's Moving for Work
  132. Is this weird, or am I being silly?
  133. Girlfriend wants to see other guys!!!
  134. cheating and guilt
  135. Getting what I wanted now what? Really need insight!
  136. " How Do You Completely Get Over/Forget Someone? "
  137. I have a hard time trusting men
  138. Ex's relationship with ex's 4 year old daughter. I don't know how to feel.
  139. Boyfriends Messages... What do they really mean?
  140. On & Off for 4 years....and STILL NOT OFFICIAL. HELP!
  141. Relationship Obsession
  142. My sister, the beneficiary
  143. How can I stop from getting so angry and upset at him??
  144. Have you ever caught your partner cheating?
  145. Losing my husband
  146. dating the same boy my best friend dated...am i wrong?
  147. Who wins?
  148. anxiety affecting how you feel
  149. tryn to release
  150. I decided to break it off with her. Responses/input is needed. Sorry if im annoying.
  151. Friends with benefits?
  152. Trying to figure out his personality
  153. breakup
  154. I need help in a bad way
  155. My guy best friend is breaking my heart! What should I do?
  156. very depressed n heartbroken
  157. I need him....
  158. What must I do I feel stuck?
  159. my counselor is transgendered
  160. what the hell do i do?
  161. Update on my relationship (only to those who remember the story)
  162. Is it taboo for a girl to ask a guy out? Or call him? Opinion.
  163. Sudden personality change!!
  164. please help me
  165. LD relationship problem! Argument may have been nail in coffin
  166. if a woman/ man was married go to see a male/ female friend alone
  167. What can i do to help him?? Desperate for replys!
  168. What should I do...
  169. Boyfriend is moving, he wants me to go with him, I don't think I can
  170. When the subject arises, what do I say?
  171. Anybody have any advice?
  172. jealousy
  173. Is this something rational to ask of me?
  174. I'm exhausted living with an alcoholic
  175. Is this crossing the line ???
  176. Losing my soul mate
  177. Stress and the Relationship
  178. In total shock
  179. Just Curious?
  180. He hasn't emailed back in a week...
  181. need advice
  182. How Do Men Act When They Really Have Feelings?
  183. My wife doesnt love me anymore
  184. online romance
  185. why do I still feel this way...
  186. what to do when girlfriend is pregnant and does not talk to you
  187. Poorly behaved sister. Advice please.
  188. How to stay angry at someone who hurt you
  189. who all's single?
  190. Falling Too Fast
  191. I hold grudges ....
  192. emotional abuse
  193. Whats wrong with me, Is my BF cheating?
  194. insecurity and paranoia
  195. Is this control or Love?
  196. Why has this happened.....AGAIN
  197. How do you deal with a bad situation from old friends girlfriend and mutual friends?
  198. He dreams of Other Women
  199. How to go back to a relationship that broke?
  200. son is breaking up with his girlfriend
  201. Guy trouble :confused:
  202. How do I distance myself from someone I really love but is not into me.
  203. I dont know why I am sitll thinking about her
  204. Is there something wrong with me?
  205. Desperately Seeking Relationship Advice ASAP!!!
  206. Post-Breakup
  207. Dont know where to go from here
  208. ***HELP*** (Separated and Devastated)
  209. how guilty do cheaters really feel?
  210. Do i finish it with him?
  211. I just want him back
  212. Meeting Girls At The Gym
  213. How to Help a Friend Make More Friends
  214. He sent me a text.
  215. girl/girl relationship..
  216. My guy friend wants me to be his girlfriend
  217. I need help trusting my partner
  218. Cold hearted
  219. Falling for the wrong girl
  220. help me what can i do my mother in - law keep making his dinner knowing i made dinner
  221. how to deal with angry boyfriend
  222. how to trust him again before he leaves me
  223. Moving forward
  224. Husband not talking to me because I said this
  225. How to Deal with manipulative people?
  226. 8 Months Pregnant, Upset with Fiancee' Teasing
  227. Is it possible to put a Love Curse, Spell or Hex on someone?
  228. Advice needed on friendship basic interaction?
  229. ugh!! I am so nauseated :(
  230. please help-- I keep thinking he'll call
  231. Threatened by husband's wild past?
  232. don't know what to talk about
  233. im pushing my bf away and i cant help it
  234. new girl update
  235. My ex emailed me
  236. Why does ex call and hang up(second thread)
  237. very upset need help
  238. What makes a man want to have an affair?
  239. days are getting a little easier..
  240. Met up with the ex. Update.
  241. Newbie here. Mom abandonment issues...
  242. Wife never initiates
  243. I am so worried about my son and his family
  244. baggage.
  245. Dating Older Men...
  246. I think I got married too young...
  247. HELP- read the signs?
  248. 29 and Counting
  249. Thinking perhaps he was doing his job, and then some?
  250. How to tell?

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