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  1. Those Who Read "Should I Take Her Back?"
  2. Secrets and openness in a relationship?
  3. First girlfriend.
  4. Thoughts of infidelity
  5. question for those who have loved deeply....
  6. Age and dating
  7. 2nd year anniversary
  8. Going on dates with men I found on dating agencys
  9. I thought she was my friend....I need help please!!
  10. Should I break off a friendship over something that isn't my business?
  11. cheating boyfriend when kids are involved
  12. Single Again!
  13. does he think I asked him out on a date
  14. Taking on too much. Am I nuts?
  15. How to break up with someone?
  16. do i have the right?
  17. just kinda venting...
  18. Don't know if I'm being fooled or if I just think too much - ideas?
  19. Age Gap
  20. advice please
  21. my first love called me last nite
  22. HOw do I work with someone I am in love with who does not love me?
  23. UPDATE. crazy ex.
  24. I'm really in bad shape: "I am not good enough for anyone".
  25. Help me out here girls!!
  26. Stay Or Go?
  27. My luck has changed!!
  28. love in the grocery store.....
  29. Unable To Love? Maybe Im Too Young To Understand? Opinion Desperately Wanted!!
  30. Odd situation here. Input?
  31. Another, 'What should I do...?'
  32. What should I do?
  33. Update on my post I'm having a hard time letting go of my emotionally abusive ex
  34. father asking for help
  35. Advice on ex
  36. Innocent?!?
  37. I stood my ex up......
  38. I'm having a hard time letting go of my emotionally abusive ex
  39. I don't think I love my husband anymore
  40. My sister hates me, won't admit it, help!
  41. I can't show affection - Am I nuts?
  42. what is love??
  43. Marriage hanging by a thread. Need Advice.
  44. Does Anyone Think This Is Weird?
  45. Anyone's significant other go to "Boot Camp"?
  46. an absolute nightmare!!!
  47. update--forgive & forget, it's so typical & funny!!
  48. Now I'm Really Confused
  49. Should I stay or should I go?
  50. Starting to date after 3.5 years
  51. Is husband's dinner with secretary appropriate?
  52. Whole new experience in my life, how to deal with it? I need advice
  53. Help when she says the "spark" is gone
  54. Am I crazy?
  55. Am i putting in for what wont be?
  56. Who is the real Turkey here?
  57. Should I be bothered?
  58. Considering putting my friendship on hiatus
  59. What should I say, if anything?
  60. Moving forward can be painful
  61. It's stupid, but I feel undesirable and unsexy...
  62. he's pointing the finger at me
  63. Controlling boyfriend THAT I ALMOST got rid of
  64. This trust thing....
  65. We had something beautiful always surrounded by a hell
  66. ? for those who have read forgive & forget.
  67. is it wrong?
  68. Am I the problem, or his ex?
  69. lying about having a bf so ex don't ask me for sex...
  70. I need advice...I'm having second thoughts on current relationship...
  71. Should I just forgive and forget-- II
  72. don't want to date
  73. when u realize he isn't the one for you
  74. whos being selfish- me or my parents?
  75. I'm alone in my marriage
  76. Within This Shell...
  77. I think I got closure.....
  78. So confused and wondering "what am I going to do"
  79. confused.....
  80. relationship issues with my fiancee
  81. Cold feet or Red flags?
  82. Breaks.
  83. He tells me he loves me but doesnt show it
  84. no way this is love
  85. Worried about my younger brother's life choices, and marriage.
  86. I don't feel loved
  87. over protective boyfriend
  88. Need some help understanding where to go from here...
  89. Pre-marriage ongoing issue
  90. how to keep wife from divorcing me
  91. Just thinking ....
  92. One step ahead 3 steps back
  93. Should I move on and just believe what he is saying?
  94. Do guys exist...
  95. Am I the only person to have been in a fake relationship?
  96. When do you say I Love You?
  97. going from platonic to romantic
  98. i feel like life is passing me by....
  99. Nina000
  100. Help...
  101. Reality TV eat your heart out - real life dilemma and need advice!
  102. What do I do?
  103. why does ex lover call then hang up
  104. Wife Gets Mad At Me For Doing Other Things
  105. Mother-in-law with Personality Disorder
  106. issues at work
  107. How to deal with a controlling b/friend??????
  108. please, please i need advice
  109. Need Serious Advice for my Dilemma!
  110. Trying to move on after emotional abuse
  111. my e/g split with me 2months ago and i feel i want to write to her
  112. When Is the past going to be over for me....
  113. Aggravated with my best friend; Is she or am I overreacting?
  114. how do i let go?
  115. Do girls go through a phase after graduating college?
  116. why did he do this?
  117. Ex Resurfaces and Throws Me for a Loop
  118. Is starting an internet relationship and then meeting, cheating?
  119. should I stay with him or not
  120. ex-boyfriend contacting me.
  121. how to handle ex girlfriends
  122. step famiy break up
  123. Infidelity Everywhere
  124. should i ask my ex girlfriend
  125. I really dont understand my bf =.(
  126. how would your ex gf's ex man find out your email???
  127. Husband paid his med bills but let mine go to collection
  128. Still in love
  129. HELP! Indecisive Sagittarian wants to be married and single
  130. my bf's brilliant idea for me to keep his dog
  131. blind date tonite
  132. Input on verbal abuse
  133. husband question?
  134. i don't think i love my husband anymore
  135. Crunch Time! Relationship help do or die?
  136. Should I just forgive and forget?
  137. How do I help fiance deal with anger to save relationship?
  138. Will I see him again?
  139. mental abuse
  140. I'll look like the jerk but advice needed
  141. Another Lesson Burned.
  142. why doesn't my husband understand what I'm saying?
  143. I left my Husband, the guilt is killing me, help
  144. I gave in
  145. why did he save her picture - and what he said
  146. My Exhusband
  147. husband cheating
  148. I need Relationship advice before I have an emotional breakdown!
  149. Itís been a rough week....
  150. My husband is a kind man, but we have nothing in common anymore...
  151. wow. just my luck.
  152. Troubles in Paradise
  153. Loving two men
  154. I didn't listen and now I'm in a real mess
  155. End of relationship
  156. My husband is just plain lazy...
  157. Still in the same spot
  158. Newbie needing advice
  159. cant help feeling this way
  160. Help. I'm struggling again.
  161. I resent my husband - what do i do.
  162. How Am I Supposed to Get Over This?
  163. Dont know for sure.
  164. what do you make of this?
  165. Is it enough to say it and not to show it?
  166. Friend who has feelings for me.
  167. My boyfriend of 1-1/2 years told me he was "taken advantage of"...
  168. older male friend crossed boundaries
  169. How do I deal with all these feelings of resentment ???
  170. Shes Moving................What Should I do?
  171. I am so mad at her, but still want her friendship
  172. all I can think about is my lie to my ex; i didn't sleep with anyone else.
  173. Mixed Signals...please help
  174. Adult Sister impersonating FBI agent
  175. My ex doesn't stop calling
  176. Blue 34....how Are You? Any Updates???
  177. I am devastated
  178. Adding insult to injury
  179. Embracing Change advice needed
  180. boyfriend leaving....
  181. how do i help her
  182. Why does this keep happening...?
  183. help please, what do i do?
  184. help me understand (or help?) this dysfunctional relationship
  185. Need help with my relationship.....
  186. 20 years down the drain
  187. why do people stop calling when everything seems fine????
  188. Friend maybe messed this up for me??
  189. Losing my hair at 26. Who is gonna want me?...Im getting real depressed Help!
  190. how to get rid of hurt (continued)
  191. What would you think if someone told you ('continued)
  192. Forbidden Love
  193. UPDATE!!!! Re: am i over re-acting?
  194. Dealing with Illness and Relationships
  195. I Feel Like Im Gay In Denial/long Story
  196. How do you make a choice regarding your future?
  197. Who believes in Karma?
  198. How to get rid of hurt
  199. Waking up
  200. Spending time together
  201. Just need a few shoulders to lean on
  202. Too much loss.
  203. Stubborn boyfriend! Is there a solution here?
  204. he isn't talking to me...
  205. family relationship issue
  206. Guy I'm seeing cheated on his ex with me, never told her!
  207. am i just being insecure and over reacting?
  208. contacting an ex
  209. He's married and I feel bad
  210. Girlfriend, me, guys, and drugs.
  211. Looking for Opinions about my Bipolar Girlfriend who was committed four weeks ago.
  212. Help me please
  213. I feel lost...boyfriend is the cause?
  214. Should I pursue these friendships?
  215. Major Ongoing Issues With Father
  216. self issue any advice???
  217. Husband caught hiding video camera in stepdaughter's room
  218. My unclear problem with my fiance
  219. trust issues in a six month old relationship
  220. I need MIL advice
  221. Its over and I dont know why its bothering me
  222. What would you think if someone told you
  223. hmmm...relationship with therapist (not that kind!) confused, help!
  224. he's changed since I've been gone....
  225. Is it possible?
  226. Is it possible...
  227. Need advice...am I a bad boyfriend?
  228. How to stop trying to please others?
  229. does anyone else obsess?! :) i think i nailed it.
  230. UGH..third times a charm.
  231. i don't what to do...
  232. Anxiety Over G/f Break-up.. Advise Please
  233. yup it's me again...
  234. my boyfriend subscribes to playboy
  235. My current situation
  236. How can one tell?
  237. Argh
  238. child doesn't hug father
  239. how likely
  240. Need to learn to stop caring for others
  241. how do i apologise?
  242. went out with a guy at work, now I regret it
  243. Help! In a mess.
  244. Confused and need advice...
  245. Thinking about starting a relationship with my son's father again
  246. Summing Up Ineffable Wackness
  247. What to do? Fragile heart on the edge...again!
  248. Help and advice please
  249. Help With My Relationship
  250. more situations concerning life and love