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  1. possessiveness
  2. does age make a difference??
  3. Possible to go from "more than friends" to just "friends" and everything ok?
  4. Question about men/women help
  5. my experience
  6. Talk to his family?
  7. Advice on asking a guy out for the first time
  8. Am I overeacting?
  9. ADVICE PLEASE: "Should I Keep This Man's Love Letters/Poetry?"
  10. Do I have a problem (if It's me, I need to know how to get past it).
  11. Son leaving tomorrow!
  12. Does he "love" me by saying this to me...?
  13. Does he "love" me by saying this to me...?
  14. Getting over a girl
  15. Relationship not what I had imagined
  16. insomnia,anxiety, sweatiness, hairiness, help!
  17. Can't get over my vacation romance
  18. how do i "break up"?
  19. why is a person "mean" to their ex?
  20. How many "relationship seekers" out there who feel, it won't happen?
  21. Am I too sensitive or not enough?!
  22. to tell or not to tell
  23. Kinda In A Rut
  24. Again
  25. Am I a pushover? Too dependant?
  26. the guy i'm seeing wants to see me again but does not put any effort into it
  27. Doesn't Matter Now
  28. my girl left with my daughter..
  29. Boss is too nice?
  30. ADVICE PLEASE: "What Would Make Him Say That To Me?"....
  31. (Friends)
  32. D-Day is approaching. Need Your help!
  33. I don't know what to do.
  34. What's your opinion of certain age gaps in relationships?
  35. I'm in the doghouse with GF's family
  36. i relapsed; i called my ex
  37. Help with boyfriend, he just doesnt...care
  38. advice talking to a co-worker/crush
  39. engagement ring issue
  40. Got to Stop Letting This Get to Me
  41. Boyfriend with commitment issues??
  42. Me again, same Boyfriend, new issue..
  43. what is going on? im really confused. does he wanna break up? advice please.
  44. Depressed
  45. Horrible at intimacy, afraid of it, deep feeling of not love worthy...how to fix this
  46. Opinons...what Do You Think Of A Guy Who
  47. Ending a friendship......need some advice
  48. "bestfriend" into my boyfriend...
  49. concerned for daughter
  50. Moved in with fiancé....
  51. I Think I Have a Jealousy Problem
  52. Why do we do things that make ourselves sick?!?
  53. trying to figure it out...
  54. 7 Year Lesbian Relationship, babies, stay or go
  55. Settling?
  56. How likely is a jerk going to be a jerk again in his next relationship?
  57. I'm so confused? Did he even care? PLEASE HELP!!
  58. Insecure. Yay....
  59. I called her out on all of it
  60. Comparing and jealousy is driving me nuts!
  61. Is It Too Late To Try?
  62. Going through a lot
  63. Can it ever work after Infedelity in marriage
  64. I really need some help with my relationship, im a mess
  65. internet dating?
  66. Wasn't sure if I was in love, cheated on gf, then realized I really do love her
  67. Confused as to what my boyfriend means by this....
  68. Past "friend" reappears
  69. So worried about my neighbor
  70. engagement, she can't make up her mind.
  71. I am depressed about my relationship with my boyfriend
  72. My sister moves back after 2 yrs living on her own
  73. Contact with abusive ex bf after 5yrs of not seeing him
  74. My friend won't leave her abusive BF
  75. people and 'issues'
  76. Man wanting to take on the female role ...
  77. Guess I should give an update
  78. I find this a little creepy...
  79. Prevent Cheating
  80. Well I know its NOT because of me
  81. Lost my girlfriend! Was it me or the phentermine?
  82. Brokenheart
  83. What is going on with me??
  84. Thoughts please???
  85. signs he wants out!!!!!
  86. Creeped a girl out 6 years ago
  87. This may seem petty but....
  88. I dropped a bomb...
  89. Need your help--please
  90. I need help with a BPD girl I love.
  91. Big issue, please read...
  92. Is my husband being abusive? Any input is appreciated.
  93. Do you snoop?
  94. been with my bf 6 years now & he never wants to get married
  95. how can I be trusted again?... Please HELP!
  96. Nearly broke up and hanging by a thread
  97. Please help! Relationship Issue with my sons father!!
  98. Innocuous Disclosures and Contacting an Ex
  99. Another Sister Issue
  100. Can't decide on a wedding ceremony
  101. Does Anyone Have The Piece Of Writing Re Don't Settle...
  102. Crazy Stuff
  103. How do i change who i am? I am really sick of who i become.
  104. How do I begin to trust him??
  105. In love with my first true love...............he's married
  106. In alot of PAIN. Does he want me back?
  107. Strange relationship with my dad.
  108. how to deal with the anxiety of a break up
  109. Sarcasm Overload
  110. Age problem & Not Sleeping
  111. So confused ;-(
  112. jokes at work
  113. I need help
  114. One Night Stand
  115. When It Comes To Money...Question
  116. need opinions on what my bf said!!
  117. B/F is being short with me....?
  118. Laziness!
  119. I need help showing emotions.
  120. Mother in Law treats us unfairly-help
  121. How Can I Be A Friend Without Hurting Myself?
  122. why do i feel as though my husband hates me?
  123. Boyfriend just stopped using cocaine..long story.
  124. Another question bout ''controling'' g/f
  125. HELP!! Should I get away from him?
  126. Am I being hyper-sensitive?
  127. Its time to Accept or move on...jealous of his best guy friend...Need advice
  128. Getting involved in my affair!
  129. where could this be going?
  130. Boyfriend is different with me than with others...
  131. Does my mother hate me?
  132. Confused :/
  133. Was I Unfair?
  134. Insecurities based on looks, does that mean they are valid?
  135. Friendship jealously...need advice
  136. Shocked and Angry
  137. Best friend has become toxic
  138. What to do??
  139. not sure if its real or immaturity
  140. But he broke up with me...
  141. I Am Starting To Get Annoyed
  142. Not sure what to do now?
  143. update - Louie situation
  144. Looking for some thoughts
  145. Flirting/Attraction...How do I know what is what?
  146. Can spending TOO much time together hurt the relationship?
  147. confusing stage in life
  148. my boyfriend and I have nothing to talk about when we are on the phone
  149. I think my husband is cheating????
  150. how do you tell your father?
  151. calling the ex
  152. Therapist / Counsellor
  153. I'm unhappy with my marriage
  154. finding one's-self
  155. Communication with Recovering Addict
  156. Can A Girl Call A Guy????
  157. relationship advice needed!
  158. How to ask a friend to tag along
  159. anger like ive never felt
  160. BF doesn't like any of my ideas
  161. After 11 years and 6 kids he wants to walk away??
  162. So i created a good pro/con list of my relationship. Need input.
  163. free day?
  164. whats going on?
  165. he's acting different now that we're "official"..?
  166. boyfriend's dad
  167. I feel used - he doesn't want to commit.
  168. I love him, I just don’t know how to trust him.
  169. Boyfriend with many female "friends"
  170. going to court...
  171. Big problem! What do I do??
  172. Is it wrong?
  173. I have money, he doesn't, should I tell him
  174. Please advise...cant take this much longer!!
  175. Guy Friend who wants to be more
  176. Need some guidance or a guys point of view/reasoning???
  177. Need Advice Please Read!!!!!!!!
  178. Need Advice On Contents Of Letter
  179. affairs...
  180. please help me?
  181. how do you meet someone? adice please
  182. crazy ex girlfriend
  183. Having trouble with the fact that he's cheated in the past...
  184. My Life is in a RUT!
  185. :mad:To Open My Mouth Or Stand Back And Watch..that Is The Question?
  186. I am so sad..son has severe anger issues
  187. Very Awkward...
  188. Why?
  189. People letting me down?
  190. calling men
  191. scared!!!what can i do to help????
  192. How Do I Help A Friend Without Hurting Myself Too?
  193. I HATE this
  194. breakup - depressed
  195. does this sound weird to you???
  196. I just want some good conversation with my bf - how to connect on a mental level?
  197. a heartache story...
  198. Is a FLOWER too much to ask?
  199. My grandmother passed yesterday...Im lost:-(
  200. Stressful relationship
  201. consulting my parents marriage?
  202. How To Tell A Girl I Like Her Without Being awkward.
  203. what is going on here?
  204. how to get boyfriend away from his ex
  205. here i am again...
  206. How do I tell him I want out?
  207. relationship break ups
  208. Am I being used?
  209. to those of you who remember
  210. Confused need opinions! He Loves me, he Loves me not?
  211. he doesnt understand me
  212. my best friends are lunatics!!!
  213. gosh help me!!! i need to sort him out!
  214. insecure...
  215. Stuck in a loveless marriage - The saga continues
  216. Love is suffocating and leads to controlling behaviors
  217. Why?
  218. husband got mad at me for being sick
  219. He's going to a wedding with an ex girlfriend.......
  220. He can't deal with my cats...
  221. Partner (Gay) & I are both HIV+, We are hitting a very rough patch relationship wise
  222. how should i feel about this?
  223. curious to know what he meant by this....?
  224. Oldest mistake w/married man
  225. Not sure what to do...
  226. anyone with a workaholic?
  227. when he takes your for graunted...
  228. Just a few miles from her home and I need help
  229. Be miserable or selfish??
  230. how can people be so cold hearted??
  231. Is boyfriend lying about past partners?
  232. Another relationship problem.
  233. Sobriety ONE YEAR and perfect ??? PLEASE READ
  234. I think my marriage may be over.
  235. Getting over first love....
  236. Unsure where this marriage will go
  237. Should I tell her?
  238. well, he's leaving...
  239. Fiance of 9 years left
  240. My first heartbreak...need advice!!!
  241. a little bummed - part 3
  242. Together again
  243. found out its a girl and boyfriend is angry
  244. i feel confused
  245. Furious at my husband's ex
  246. Didn't mean to hurt her with my actions
  247. Time to let it go?
  248. Is a three year age difference too old for him these days?
  249. Un Finished Business
  250. please offer some advice