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  1. Confused need opinions! He Loves me, he Loves me not?
  2. he doesnt understand me
  3. my best friends are lunatics!!!
  4. gosh help me!!! i need to sort him out!
  5. insecure...
  6. Stuck in a loveless marriage - The saga continues
  7. Love is suffocating and leads to controlling behaviors
  8. Why?
  9. husband got mad at me for being sick
  10. He's going to a wedding with an ex girlfriend.......
  11. He can't deal with my cats...
  12. Partner (Gay) & I are both HIV+, We are hitting a very rough patch relationship wise
  13. how should i feel about this?
  14. curious to know what he meant by this....?
  15. Oldest mistake w/married man
  16. Not sure what to do...
  17. anyone with a workaholic?
  18. when he takes your for graunted...
  19. Just a few miles from her home and I need help
  20. Be miserable or selfish??
  21. how can people be so cold hearted??
  22. Is boyfriend lying about past partners?
  23. Another relationship problem.
  24. Sobriety ONE YEAR and perfect ??? PLEASE READ
  25. I think my marriage may be over.
  26. Getting over first love....
  27. Unsure where this marriage will go
  28. Should I tell her?
  29. well, he's leaving...
  30. Fiance of 9 years left
  31. My first heartbreak...need advice!!!
  32. a little bummed - part 3
  33. Together again
  34. found out its a girl and boyfriend is angry
  35. i feel confused
  36. Furious at my husband's ex
  37. Didn't mean to hurt her with my actions
  38. Time to let it go?
  39. Is a three year age difference too old for him these days?
  40. Un Finished Business
  41. please offer some advice
  42. Young couple needs major help.
  43. Im so jealous.. help
  44. 6 Years and Still Not Over Him
  45. Tips for "Empty Nest" syndrome
  46. 8 Year Relationship: Work it out or end it?
  47. My husband left 10 hours away this morning and didn't want me to go!
  48. Problem with husband and son
  49. why does my ex brag to me?
  50. Problems with Mother
  51. A question for those who have found true and lasting love
  52. Independent Woman
  53. Help with married guy I like
  54. Am I right here?
  55. I need some advice, please
  56. Am I crazy to have as much love for her children as my own children.
  57. Infuriating Sister Inlaws.
  58. Girl at the gym
  59. Insecurity that pushes people away
  60. My husband announced he was moving 10 hours away for 3 months to work!
  61. a little bummed-part 2
  62. Introducing to family
  63. Friend or Foe
  64. what should i do?
  65. Oh what a tangled web I've weaved...
  66. I'm still here...
  67. Am I the only one? Jealousy!
  68. what to do for a boyfriends birthday that's turning 21?
  69. cant stand selfish/conceited people..
  70. Letting Go of a Toxic Relationship
  71. a little bummed
  72. Ex-boyfriends proposal
  73. Looked Desperate......How to Fix?
  74. Cheating husband update
  75. Angry husband
  76. I don't like my husband anymore
  77. do i tell him?
  78. me again
  79. It can't possibly get any worse.....
  80. hoping for a holiday
  81. Seeking Advice...
  82. Losers as friends?
  83. My concern or not ?????????
  84. Ugh - where do I draw the line?
  85. ExBoyfriend passed away..Now dont want current boyfriend..
  86. Money=Love (long)
  87. New baby...help moms
  88. dependency issues/security in relationships
  89. Can't take any more hurt from my mother.
  90. newly married= newly miserable?
  91. i don't think i feel the same since my husband cheated on me
  92. Forum + Boyfriend= Problems
  93. Confused - does he doesn't he??
  94. "I could never be happy with you"
  95. Is this infatuation - what is happening to me? im so confused!!!
  96. please help -- He's still talking to his ex!!
  97. Relationship advice...21 and confuzed about a girl
  98. How To Get Love In Return?
  99. Am I insecure?
  100. i think shes a real snob
  101. I don't feel good enough. And I think its all in my head.
  102. Need advice on how to communicate w/parents
  103. how to handle a boyfriend with anger problems
  104. Dealing with a know-it-all (really long)
  105. Do girls instinctively smile at you when they like you or is it forced?
  106. The In-Laws are Coming (Long)
  107. What is this a sign of?
  108. Teaching him a lesson & learning one myself
  109. Quite a perplexing and frustrating situation I've found myself in.
  110. Forgetting someone when I see him everyday
  111. Its Over
  112. What is wrong with this picture?
  113. Stereotypes..
  114. The Boyfriend and The First Love (long)
  115. Torn between affection, and security????
  116. how to pursue a guy
  117. Hello
  118. Aries Ex: Am I making the right decision? Or is he playing me?
  119. Please Help!
  120. I don't know what to do - family issues
  121. Best Friend Birthday Present Dilemma
  122. Racial and Religious discussions are inappropriate.
  123. think i'm over my girlfriend... but i'm still lonely!
  124. why doesn't he want to marry me?
  125. Issues with me going back to work
  126. needs to face the fear.....
  127. The big "L" word
  128. Confusion with recent break-up
  129. my boyfriend wants me to lose weight
  130. More Family Drama...
  131. Why would people assume this?
  132. Well wow, i have had yet another huge blow on my self esteem.
  133. What Is Wrong With Me?
  134. not sure anymore
  135. Very difficult situation, please think carefully on replying, Thanks
  136. email etiquette question
  137. Problem with this girl
  138. Ex Spouse is forcing 11 year old son to hug his step mom
  139. Opinions/Thoughts/Advice Please!!!
  140. Petty Jealousy
  141. how to know if i'm obsessive, controlling, and insecure
  142. Why do I feel such resentment & Jelousy???
  143. Relationship Dilemma: His friends and family don't like me!
  144. How to overcome insecurity/paranoia
  145. want to help a friend
  146. worried about tonight
  147. commitment issues
  148. Ever wanted to leave for their benefit?
  149. won't commit but upset about other guys.
  150. Avoiding it turning into mate status
  151. My father-in-law moved into my living room with no warning!!
  152. Learning the intimate details of bf's past relationships
  153. Friends with benefits
  154. Wondering what to think Advice please.
  155. cute or pathetic?!
  156. Am I expecting too much?
  157. Failing
  158. She's lost trust in me... Has no faith anymore
  159. Hurt again, need more advice, should I leave for good?!?
  160. A Courtesy Question
  161. want your opinion about an ex
  162. He still has pictures of his ex.....do I worry?
  163. update-possible NEW NEW love interest
  164. married to a great man.....but
  165. Feel so stigmatized
  166. why am i paranoid?!
  167. I'm so confused, and I let myself down BIG TIME
  168. The heart wants what the heart wants
  169. Have I Messed Up???
  170. Hurt or bitter, can't decide!
  171. dumped in 2/07 still hurting....
  172. how to comfort someone. Am I just clueless?
  173. hurting
  174. Text Temptation
  175. need some advice
  176. Long Distance relationship - advice please
  177. advice please- i don't think i can/will forget damage done...
  178. Can't take the guilt anymore
  179. Dealing With A Crazy Ex
  180. He hates my cooking
  181. My boyfriend's smoking drives me CRAZY!!!!
  182. Sick in the stomach
  183. Are offensive jokes necesarily a cause for concern?
  184. Need serious advice about my boyfriend; his kids; and his ex wife
  185. Courting a Shy Person
  186. Is it really in his kiss, if he's in love with you?
  187. Trust Issues from previous relationship affecting my marriage.
  188. should I commit?
  189. absence makes the heart grow fonder...?
  190. What is Your Method To See And Avoid A Toxic Relationship
  191. my boyfriend wont or cant act right?
  192. **depression Interfere With Relationship (sigh)**
  193. Should I be directly honest when I ask a guy this question, he is possibly shy..
  194. how to end abusive 'friendship'?
  195. Need advice for father daughter relationship..
  196. Help I'm dying inside. I lost my one great LOVE!
  197. *Update* She wanted me to open up, I did, she dumped me...
  198. Best Friend's Husband yells at my baby!
  199. False claim to have lung cancer
  200. lying problems
  201. Counting Down To My Day Of Freedom
  202. When Its Over, Its OVER
  203. highs and lows
  204. Little update from Monkey here..
  205. I want to be friends with my ex
  206. My friend's child is a brat
  207. Guys would you continue to date a girl if her dad was going to "kill" you?
  208. Shes driving me NUTZ
  209. This sucks
  210. Needing a different perspective
  211. Friends affair...
  212. yayy.
  213. She wanted me to open up, I did, she dumped me...
  214. excited about possible new love interest
  215. long term relationship, and marriage/baby envy
  216. in love with a stranger
  217. Dating Disclosures
  218. Married to a smoker
  219. Self-reflection / relationship healing
  220. Officially over....
  221. cruddy new love affair
  222. Super confused!
  223. a strange week
  224. relationship getting harder because i am an artist
  225. talking to exes?
  226. This whole thing was a bad idea
  227. Exs Who Have Issues
  228. Where do you draw the line??
  229. I cannot stand happy couples at all
  230. Having an affair and need to break away - need advise please
  231. Update on my dinner date with ex.....
  232. Neighbors Relationship
  233. I miss him so much its killing me..
  234. Did he lose interest all of a sudden or am I over-analyzing????
  235. Anyone ever call the other woman?
  236. My boyfriend and possible affairs??
  237. My brother and his wife are interfering in my wedding planning and I'm ******!
  238. I seriously need to vent
  239. Am I Evil?
  240. no trust in my relationship
  241. having a baby....how do you know when you are ready?
  242. I am a horrible person!
  243. relationships and c-ptsd
  244. Issue with "friend"
  245. Disappointed in myself for trusting him.
  246. Need advice on how to deal with my FIL
  247. My Mom Is Leaving My Dad
  248. Men making women wait
  249. Feeling down.... In need of pep talk....
  250. If a very beautiful girl dated a very ugly guy before you, could you love her?