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  1. advice please- i don't think i can/will forget damage done...
  2. Can't take the guilt anymore
  3. Dealing With A Crazy Ex
  4. He hates my cooking
  5. My boyfriend's smoking drives me CRAZY!!!!
  6. Sick in the stomach
  7. Are offensive jokes necesarily a cause for concern?
  8. Need serious advice about my boyfriend; his kids; and his ex wife
  9. Courting a Shy Person
  10. Is it really in his kiss, if he's in love with you?
  11. Trust Issues from previous relationship affecting my marriage.
  12. should I commit?
  13. absence makes the heart grow fonder...?
  14. What is Your Method To See And Avoid A Toxic Relationship
  15. my boyfriend wont or cant act right?
  16. **depression Interfere With Relationship (sigh)**
  17. Should I be directly honest when I ask a guy this question, he is possibly shy..
  18. how to end abusive 'friendship'?
  19. Need advice for father daughter relationship..
  20. Help I'm dying inside. I lost my one great LOVE!
  21. *Update* She wanted me to open up, I did, she dumped me...
  22. Best Friend's Husband yells at my baby!
  23. False claim to have lung cancer
  24. lying problems
  25. Counting Down To My Day Of Freedom
  26. When Its Over, Its OVER
  27. highs and lows
  28. Little update from Monkey here..
  29. I want to be friends with my ex
  30. My friend's child is a brat
  31. Guys would you continue to date a girl if her dad was going to "kill" you?
  32. Shes driving me NUTZ
  33. This sucks
  34. Needing a different perspective
  35. Friends affair...
  36. yayy.
  37. She wanted me to open up, I did, she dumped me...
  38. excited about possible new love interest
  39. long term relationship, and marriage/baby envy
  40. in love with a stranger
  41. Dating Disclosures
  42. Married to a smoker
  43. Self-reflection / relationship healing
  44. Officially over....
  45. cruddy new love affair
  46. Super confused!
  47. a strange week
  48. relationship getting harder because i am an artist
  49. talking to exes?
  50. This whole thing was a bad idea
  51. Exs Who Have Issues
  52. Where do you draw the line??
  53. I cannot stand happy couples at all
  54. Having an affair and need to break away - need advise please
  55. Update on my dinner date with ex.....
  56. Neighbors Relationship
  57. I miss him so much its killing me..
  58. Did he lose interest all of a sudden or am I over-analyzing????
  59. Anyone ever call the other woman?
  60. My boyfriend and possible affairs??
  61. My brother and his wife are interfering in my wedding planning and I'm ******!
  62. I seriously need to vent
  63. Am I Evil?
  64. no trust in my relationship
  65. having a baby....how do you know when you are ready?
  66. I am a horrible person!
  67. relationships and c-ptsd
  68. Issue with "friend"
  69. Disappointed in myself for trusting him.
  70. Need advice on how to deal with my FIL
  71. My Mom Is Leaving My Dad
  72. Men making women wait
  73. Feeling down.... In need of pep talk....
  74. If a very beautiful girl dated a very ugly guy before you, could you love her?
  75. Speaking of a "mental affair," however...
  76. Relationship and PTSD
  77. My husband and I want your opinion
  78. Asking out the "good friend"
  79. Feeling guilty about not missing him enough?
  80. What to make of these emails from my ex to me - HELP!
  81. Men and mixed signals.
  82. Advice need regarding how to handle ex girlfriend....
  83. Massive Mistake or the Right Thing?
  84. can anyone tell me?
  85. Just realized i have an issue of my own....help!
  86. Monkey update!
  87. don't know what to do
  88. Advice Needed!!!! ASAP
  89. Mothers Day, how did yours go? Mine was hard.
  90. uh oh
  91. Feeling anxious about my dating situation.
  92. Issues with girlfriend and past friendship... very long
  93. Son does not believe he has bipolar disorder
  94. I am in a confusing relationship.. NEED HELP.. please read
  95. Need some advice am I wrong or not?
  96. temporary.. or something to worry about?
  97. Going nuts here
  98. Attachment Issues
  99. Girlfriend frustrates me to no end
  100. Before relationship: bad. In relationship: not as bad but ?
  101. Long Distance with Busy Schedule
  102. Mothers day
  103. cracking..
  104. Unreal...
  105. Married to someone with SPD
  106. ::sigh:: No luck with men
  107. Did he use me?
  108. I'm having trouble letting this go
  109. I Need HELP!!
  110. I did it
  111. i don't know what to do - help!!!!
  112. Relationship with Narcissistic Personality Disorder
  113. Does this guy I'm seeing actually like me or did he lie to make me feel better?
  114. Prefers the computer to a real person?
  115. what to do now?
  116. Should I have taken the chance of meeting his parents?
  117. I have a 2nd interview today...
  118. He got my wrath face to face.
  119. My husband lost his job and he has a Bipolar Disorder/ please help!
  120. neglected
  121. Happy alone?
  122. Date ideas?
  123. Eh..should i or shouldn't i
  124. Overbearing grand parent! Please Help!
  125. Potential Love Interest.
  126. reading the signs; need womens opinions
  127. Unhappy
  128. I am feeling lost
  129. Am I crazy or is she crazy? BPD? (long)
  130. Need help/advice
  131. I cheated on my bf and now i have chlamydia
  132. Will he leave me?
  133. My ex got in touch - AGAIN
  134. Here is what my husband has become
  135. My female friend stole my potential date double wammy!
  136. shallow?...or just being crazy..
  137. I am a cheater and want to change for the sake of saving my LTR - Help!
  138. just needing to vent
  139. Work Relationships
  140. Please help with your thoughts!
  141. Feeling low
  142. More Problems!! UGH!!
  143. is he actually into me or just humoring me?
  144. Its been 3months since he walked.......
  145. Should I say something or not...
  146. How do I forget about him? His like an addiction
  147. His friends don't like me
  148. Serious guy situation please help me!
  149. Can't get myself out of my bad position! Always getting her mad.
  150. Guy at work *sigh*
  151. Am I being played?
  152. Friendship Guilt Rears it's Ugly Head (Warning: Long!)
  153. after 30 years?
  154. What's up with my "friend"? Is she jealous?
  155. My 30 year old supervisor
  156. Self-inflicted Pain (long, ridiculous, dithering, just plain sad)
  157. Husband is a Liar
  158. Keeping your ex a friend
  159. cannot get over BPD relationship :'(
  160. Need unbiased opinion!! Am I wrong?
  161. I'd like your help analyzing this guy.
  162. Stuck in a loveless marriage - Update
  163. Is this normal behavior?
  164. Boundaries and Limitations within a relationship.
  165. What to Do....?
  166. Love is......?
  167. love versus in love
  168. Stuck in the Middle
  169. help me
  170. Thought i'd update
  171. Relearning Trust
  172. Need advise....I don't know if I'm wrong
  173. Looked at guy's text messages..shouldn't of.
  174. My boyfriend broke up with me and I don't really understand why
  175. I am such an idiot
  176. Are guys turned off about too many problems in a girls life?
  177. Why does she keep calling?
  178. should I take his word for it?
  179. I need advice on love!! =/
  180. Feeling unloved
  181. Need help and advice about internet love
  182. Going on to college, but not a regular one!
  183. Need opinions from men (women welcome too)
  184. Married...ready to move on but............
  185. Race/culture a problem in a friend's relationship...
  186. Is it infidelity??
  187. My best friend is in love with me...
  188. Marriage and babies...
  189. He doesn't like my stomach
  190. Interested in a doctor....
  191. He wants to break but then he doesn't?
  192. How do you view sex in a relationship??? what does it mean to you??
  193. I don't know how to deal with this...
  194. my husband has problems with not enough intimacy
  195. Ditch The married guy
  196. Is this a bad sign?
  197. Sooo confused, need advice
  198. Quite annoyed
  199. Devastating news
  200. ANY DADS ON BOARD??? I need some insight here :-)
  201. How do I deal with this???????????????????????????
  202. Workaholic Husband Update
  203. from booty call to girlfriend
  204. Young lady lonely and sad.
  205. Is a partner's potential career necessarily a reason to end a relationship?
  206. What kind of people do this?
  207. Husband refuses to give up long distance relationship
  208. living with a depressed husband
  209. Confused about break(up)
  210. Are there any men that do not cheat?
  211. I need advice
  212. Are any men who can help me with an issue please?
  213. Desperate for opinions...considering cutting off my family (kinda long)
  214. Movie Angst
  215. Bothered!!!!!!!!!!!
  216. Why is it that I always feel hollow. No matter what.
  217. Question for the married folks...
  218. HELP!!! My boyfriend has borderline personality disorder
  219. Trying to understand my bipolar friend
  220. public profiles
  221. would you call this love
  222. i don't want to be jealous anymore...
  223. 18 years of being single
  224. Do you thinnk I"m wrong
  225. Just for argument sake- Is it still considered an affair
  226. Monkey update, staying in touch!
  227. So tired of snippy remarks from fiance! Please help!
  228. What is behind a Man not wanting to Be seen with a Woman
  229. Getting over it-- Starting again how?
  230. Question about potential relationship
  231. Met someone new
  232. Frustrated
  233. Very Insecure About My Body!
  234. My date and a point for me!!!!
  235. SO's long lost love? PLEASE HELP!
  236. I'm in the "bad communication boat" & about to jump OUT!
  237. Anniversary Ideas?
  238. Getting over ex-gf, afraid I'm too weak.
  239. Don't know what to think, Need input.
  240. A fight.... Looking for input
  241. girl hugs my boyfriend, is this overreacting?
  242. BF won't stay over or barely come over!
  243. I waiver
  244. fear of dependency
  245. Bad experience on birthday
  246. What do you make of his behaviour
  247. I can't put my finger on whats wrong here...
  248. How do I stop investigating the murder of my bf’s wife? Am I obsessed?
  249. What to do if she loves me.
  250. How to get over being passive aggressive

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