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  1. I don't really know where we stand
  2. Ok, this is bad, husband said ex was better than me during a fight!
  3. co-worker
  4. Pregnant and dad in denial
  5. friend's bachelor party this weekend, kinda freaking out lol
  6. you want it. you got it. your loss.
  7. husband still sleeps on couch...
  8. Any insight to why I always CHEAT on my boyfriends?
  9. Very confused and wondering why
  10. This super cute guy is taunting me like a bully! Why? HELP!
  11. Love Problem!!
  12. Is she toying with me?
  13. Smart idea to go back to Ex?
  14. Is it me or is it him? Other women & self esteem...
  15. Remember my voice problems? That i claimed to ruin me and my relationships.
  16. Update: I didn't think it could get worse. I was wrong...
  17. is this a dealbreaker? date doesn't offer to pay for dinner..
  18. Am I right to feel offended?
  19. hes "always right"...not!
  20. Feeling lonely/isolated after marriage
  21. How to stop dwelling/Someone please tell me I'm an idiot!
  22. how mother hates own child
  23. am i wrong? how do i come to terms with someone else's morality
  24. 8 year friendship with woman....can I get out of the dreaded friendzone?? read on
  25. The next kick in the teeth
  26. Issues with relationships.. at my wits end.. this is long.....
  27. I am so torn between my family and values...HELP!
  28. Crazy new relationship
  29. In Trouble!
  30. undecided
  31. Still feeling bad about being "dumped"
  32. Fiancee wants full custody of his 3 year old daughter
  33. Confidence?
  34. friendship problem
  35. confused co-worker...
  36. I never have any luck
  37. Men can be big babies!!
  38. Help....I've fallen and I can't get up
  39. broken up and heartbroken (warning long)
  40. How Do I Forgive?
  41. Serious situation with break up, and confusion over getting back together.
  42. A bit anxious about life and this is taking a toll on my psychological health
  43. Saturday night I kick my friend out of the car at 2am at night
  44. telling someone your falling for them
  45. verbal abuse
  46. How can I tell if my boyfriend is rebounding?
  47. working together
  48. Girlfriend cheated, got Herpes, wants second chance
  49. ex wants me back--what to do!!??
  50. Who does he think he is to tell me who I can and can't talk to?!
  51. I woke up one morning and my life was gone, please help.
  52. difficult time in marriage
  53. is our relationship destined for failure?!
  54. Possible New Relationship...And I Never Had One Before
  55. quick pop question
  56. I think I'm about to dig myself into a massive hole.
  57. i am 38 weeks pregnant being cheated on!
  58. Is this weird?
  59. Valentine's Day Cards for Parents/Grandparents?
  60. I Dont know What to think/feel?!?!
  61. Moving Out! HELP!
  62. Equality
  63. he's not taking things slow
  64. Ex breaks NC of 16 days and text's me. Read on and advise please!
  65. ahhh help!!:(
  66. why do i argue with my girlfriend over nothing
  67. Don't know how to deal.. feel like an idiot...
  68. I met a wonderful man but his wife was brutally murdered. Should I leave this one al
  69. Need advice fast! Situation running me down...
  70. Can anyone help? Relationship problems due to medicine
  71. The road to hell is paved with Jealousy?
  72. Quick question about Ex's IM profile
  73. Mother is controlling
  74. of course it was too good to be true
  75. Wrong-doer?....so how much did I screw up?
  76. confronted by in-laws
  77. defining the relationship
  78. Just found out fiance kept a personal memento from ex-wife
  79. Should I give him a second chance?
  80. Should I trust him?
  81. mother difficulties
  82. He's been hiding drug use...
  83. RE: ONLINE DATING SITES - why...
  84. My life is dirt!
  85. So mad right now!
  86. Where Do I go From Here ?
  87. How to ask this guy out?
  88. Pondering an interest
  89. 18 Yrs Old- Planning To Get Married
  90. Happy Valentine's day!
  91. Stagnation!!!
  92. leave cheating husband?
  93. Enough?
  94. Anti-V day. He's moving and I, again, have to deal with another failed relationship.
  95. How to confront suspicious behavior
  96. Happy Valentine's Day
  97. Is there really someone for everyone - what do you think?
  98. Gauging one's attractiveness.
  99. My boyfriend and my body image
  100. Confused
  101. How does one do this
  102. Once a cheater always a cheater?
  103. Hurt and confused.
  104. Unsure.
  105. Re: Telling your therapist how you feel about them
  106. I think I'm falling for my best friend.
  107. affair
  108. OMG...he might be dangerous...i don't know what to do
  109. Is my jealousy and insecurity normal? Or am I destroying my relationship? Help.
  110. You may as well hit me with a truck
  111. Ex emailed me again...now what?
  112. An update on my other thread (sort of)
  113. Any advice will be appreciated
  114. Do some victims of domestic violence go on to become abusers themselves?
  115. Having a positive self image when comparisons with others....
  116. New here, looking for some advice
  117. father-in-law
  118. Interracial relationship?
  119. Need to vent.. I am hurting....
  120. Need support taking huge step
  121. How do I tell her that I am not happy
  122. What do i do if my boyfriend will not discuss serious emotional topics
  123. Confused and feeling really lost
  124. Feel a Little Better about being Single
  125. communication/comfort/sex. got advice?
  126. too early to bring up?
  127. Is my marriage going down the pan?
  128. Support for Spouses of those with BiPolar Disorder
  129. Am I crazy?
  130. New here and my story
  131. No Time/Energy/Passion for a Relationship? T/J of Micro
  132. Is it possible to be not ready for a relationship?
  133. It's hard to teach an old dog new tricks.....
  134. I have good sister story
  135. my boyfriend can't have sex with me because i'm "too perfect"
  136. how to turn people down
  137. Trying to make sense of a shocking break-up...advice needed! (LONG! Sorry!)
  138. Did you save old letters, etc. from your ex?
  139. jealousy
  140. Working Things Out
  141. it seems all i have are problems. some advice please...
  142. Expecting dad in a complex situation
  143. I finally had trust, and now it's gone again
  144. Stuck between a Rock and a Hard Place - Opinions from men and women please!
  145. Friend's brother likes me
  146. Throw in your 2 cents... How to make relationships work/how to work things out
  147. just got dumped yesterday, i would like some advice/guidance on this....
  148. Reply on SMS (need girl's help)
  149. My "story"...so far
  150. Proposal take backsy
  151. Question for the guys..
  152. what to talk about when boyfriend gets back from iraq
  153. So depressed today.
  154. internet killed art of flirting !
  155. Mounatin out of a Mole Hill ???
  156. is this normal??
  157. heartbroken, confused, and in need of opinions
  158. Would this upset you?
  159. Should I be worried? Is this a problem?
  160. It's finally over
  161. Married for like and convenience instead of love
  162. roses
  163. Are marital crushes fairly normal?
  164. How do you tell someone you're gay?
  165. sister stepping back into a bad relationship
  166. Widow in need of Love?
  167. should I worry
  168. Could really use some feedback and perspectives right now...
  169. Is this fair? Indirect effect of Bulimia.
  170. Dating 6 years, but too young for proposal?
  171. Husband who cheated.
  172. Am I being to harsh?
  173. Need Advice-Found Out Male Friend of 5 years likes me
  174. Boring husband!!
  175. Accidently made my "girlfriend" jealous.
  176. Need Some Adivice or just a reassuring comment
  177. Does anyone else have this problem?
  178. What does this mean?
  179. How to stop being needy?
  180. Fun Post - The need of original/different chat up lines
  181. engagement ring?
  182. Husband trying to get over an emotional affair
  183. Adivce needed on cheating
  184. confused
  185. Dating and being broke
  186. What is WRONG with me?
  187. I need honest opinions from men only and the truth only please
  188. Dealing with pyschpath roomate's(girlfriend)
  189. not sure what to do
  190. Dont judge.. but need help
  191. Am I banging my head against a brick wall?
  192. Bi Polar ex/Restraining order/How do I make it stop?
  193. Cannot shake this feeling....
  194. hes been calling
  195. Valentine's Day.. What are you ladies doing for your men?
  196. GF is questioning our future and I can't tell why
  197. Three-some?
  198. I just don't know how to fix things. Help?
  199. should i get involved with a guy who has 3 kids?
  200. need help to deal with depressed mother inlaw
  201. Learning to let go.
  202. After all my thinking........
  203. Friend may be setting himself up for a broken heart
  204. My mother smacked my son - advice needed
  205. help a man talk about his sexual problem
  206. Should I get the money or just go on?
  207. Am I wrong here??
  208. He doesn't want to have sex, EVER!
  209. Girlfriend cares too much about appearance, turning into obsession
  210. Feeling bad, don't know what to do?
  211. when leaving and staying both feel wrong
  212. How do I just get over this and grow up?
  213. how do you know if you still love someone
  214. Probably shouldn't have gotten into it...
  215. Calling members OP
  216. am i being used?
  217. Helping my wife and our marriage
  218. Is ignorance bliss?
  219. i miss my ex-boyfriend matt!
  220. Confused about a current Relationship..
  221. Problems with my g/f's Mom
  222. It's a done deal....
  223. Keeping my mouth shut
  224. how not to be an a hole
  225. long for another man after DH's affair....any insight??
  226. On the verge of a breakup? Very confused.
  227. A little DH Vent...
  228. I don't believe when people really like me
  229. Unsure about the decision I might make?
  230. Some advise please...we're having a standoff!
  231. Unsupportive Mother
  232. Hmm 19 nvr had a girlfriend, nvr been on a date even
  233. Please help me! I'm at my wit's end!
  234. Wanting the courage to get a drink alone...
  235. Is this sabatoge?
  236. Husband went back to the strip club a few days ago.
  237. UPDATE on Hubby's Emotional Affairs at Work
  238. weird signals?
  239. I met someone pretty fantastic!
  240. Best Friend Engaged..I'm Jealous
  241. having trouble letting go... still
  242. hey guys, what do u think?
  243. friend hubby out of jail and I'm weary
  244. Fiance just left to Airforce BMT... Going crazy
  245. confused please help
  246. death and bipolar disorder?
  247. A little advice, plz
  248. I don't know what's wrong with me...please help
  249. Happy then confused now MAD!!
  250. My sister has reappeared after being missing for 7 years...