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  1. quick question
  2. Just Chess? I don't think so.
  3. How to ask out friend of girl I kissed - possibly awkward
  4. Update on my newly engaged friend situation...
  5. Can she change? How can she change?
  6. My b/f and working at his work place.
  7. I am a single male and do not want a relationship
  8. How to forgive a cheating husband?????
  9. Bridesmaid yet again
  10. Totally disappointed...and very lost
  11. strangers for a second,friends untill the end.
  12. Don't know what I am doing. He's married
  13. How do I learn to accept....
  14. Advice needed... Im stuck =]
  15. what's a good present?
  16. I need some advice..
  17. I wanted to say hello... but I'm confused.... afraid???
  18. Boyfriend might be gay and other problems.... please reply i need help
  19. its me again! just thanking and asking for more advice :)
  20. Sorry But Need Advice For Another Online Date Meet....
  21. Parents anger me and feel overwelmed still
  22. Sex is not frequent enough - putting serious strain on relationship
  23. does my wife love me
  24. girls opinion on crush
  25. Advice please...This is long
  26. bi polar--lieing and stealing
  27. Very exhausted and just need some opinions.
  28. I really just want to be free...
  29. Bitting my Tongue
  30. Am i able to breath now?
  31. Why do men do this?
  32. how about this
  33. Am I wasting my time?
  34. more guy friends than girl friends...is this ok?
  35. dont know what to do anymore? HELP!!
  36. Feeling Vulnerable and insecure in new relationship....
  37. my GF is checking her ex-bf's email???
  38. Why do women tell you to do something, then get mad at you for doing it?
  39. Stupid email!
  40. Dealing with attractions
  41. New boyfriend and drug use question
  42. Having massive prblems with my mom now i don't know what to do!
  43. mixed signs
  44. college and taken?...should it end?
  45. Why are men so hard to talk to?
  46. Planning our wedding is hurting our relationship
  47. So confused! Long term relationship falling apart!
  48. ex got in touch now nothing...?
  49. very confused
  50. Incapable of intimacy
  51. A big problem?
  52. My husband wont stop drinking
  53. Possibly breaking up...What happens when
  54. Girlfriend help.
  55. I'm in love and losing it!
  56. Inexperienced and Depressed
  57. Just Being Polite? Or...?
  58. newlywed marriage issues
  59. What's most important in a relationship?
  60. I need a bit of a confidence booster.
  61. What should I do ?
  62. i don't understand why?
  63. My scary past...i need to share it
  64. Why is this bothering me???
  65. Bothered by girlfriend's past
  66. Sorry So Long... Need advice about possibly jealous boyfriend?
  67. How do I talk to her about this?
  68. I need advice....I have an anti-social husband
  69. Divorcing and Depressed
  70. final chapter do i send the ex a letter sayings its over?
  71. All Love no Action
  72. Im so bummed.
  73. Confront DH's co-workers?
  74. 3 kids..unhappily married w/ a crush???
  75. Husband never makes me feel sexy
  76. some more detail....
  77. will the third time around work
  78. its me again..breaking it off issues.
  79. How do you show love?
  80. Would YOU be too cautious on "Dating sites"?
  81. 8 Months Since Breakup -- Feel Left Behind and Running Out of Time
  82. First date jitters
  83. What should I do ?
  84. I need a different point of view!!
  85. *long post* still want the ex b/f
  86. Husband Just Doesnt Understand !!
  87. It's done (no replies needed)
  88. Is he about to break up with me?
  89. Feel let down by long time friend.
  90. My husband cant/ will not say
  91. Unfaithful or not? (LONG)
  92. Please help, my b/f just upset me again
  93. How do ya'll feel about dating someone that you work with?
  94. widow and in love again but what a mess------
  95. open marriage
  96. says I ruined her Christmas??
  97. I'm slowly losing MY mind
  98. The relationship story - Please read
  99. obsessing about ex...
  100. I've lied
  101. Breaking up with live-in boyfriend
  102. I want what she has
  103. Great Christmas present
  104. Guilty of how I've treated people
  105. he will be back soon
  106. I really don't know where else to turn...
  107. long post
  108. open relationships
  109. how can you tell....?
  110. GF giving me grief about porn.
  111. What to do about a snoring neighbor?!
  112. All Advice Welcome
  113. He said he was falling in love with me......
  114. drunken infidelity...
  115. I'm one of those jealous girls
  116. Is this a good or selfish idea?
  117. how to overcome hesitation of boy to talk with girls
  118. how does this seem to you....esp guys opinions??
  119. i knew the ex would....
  120. Okay i have decided it is time to let go...
  121. advice on a situation
  122. How do you do it?
  123. allowing myslf to be hurt.. over and over again.
  124. Age difference in relationship...need some perspective and opinions
  125. My boss just told me he likes me!?!?!
  126. Do i call my ex?
  127. Are my parents to blame that I have a low self-esteem?
  128. Need a guy's perspective!
  129. Dating Dilemma..Need some advice
  130. My Wife is talking to her mother (who died a year ago!)
  131. Help! Caught husband at strip club last night!
  132. Is it me? Or her?
  133. Sort of Confused
  134. 29 and never been kissed....
  135. need your thoughts please
  136. GUYS: Do You Tell a Girl You're A "Hopeless Romantic??""
  137. Appropriate Christmas gift?
  138. Super insecure!!!
  139. the ex's parents sent me a letter!
  140. he's so unreliable
  141. What is wrong with me?
  142. He lied for 3 months...
  143. What's a good "I've moved on" song?
  144. Love & Affection?
  145. Okay...so I am in a mess now for sure.
  146. Post Breakup Maintenece, Opinions needed
  147. forgiving and taking in what is unacceptable?
  148. Can't get over my ex (I prefer to say former) bf....and it's been 9 months!
  149. What exactly is a normal life?
  150. Need Advice.
  151. My best friend is wearing me out...
  152. my new husband hates my kids
  153. What can i do for my wife? to help love me again
  154. Separated and confused
  155. At the end of my tether
  156. Celebrity crushes and marriage- where is the line?
  157. I am SO excited! Trouble?
  158. Vow I made with my girlfriend
  159. does anyone speak "male"..translations needed!
  160. Does anyone think this is OK???
  161. My Boyfriend's Mother Hates Me
  162. Destructive or just stupid?
  163. Unsure about breaking up?
  164. Jealous of my bf's daughter and feel like second fiddle & KNOW it's just ME....HELP!
  165. As I sit her crying and trying to keep my composure....Very long...
  166. I feel like the family failure....
  167. Something was said, need some advice, was it hurtful?
  168. Why do I feel the need for male attention?
  169. lonely lonely
  170. I need a nice (inexpensive) surprise for my girlfriend on Monday.
  171. The Last Straw
  172. Getting your ex to move on...
  173. Meeting somebody new- I'm a bit useless.
  174. visiting?
  175. I need some hardcore advice....
  176. Huge Dilemma Here, Please, Need Some Advice!!
  177. Telephone lie detector tests
  178. first time posting in need of relationship advice
  179. 11.5 month break up and no pain?
  180. Relationship advice?
  181. Gift Ideas
  182. Two deaths in a week
  183. how to keep in contact with ex whom i care about
  184. What Does This Mean.. I Ignore Her Then She Emails Me Again!
  185. Long, but worth a scan at least. Please:).
  186. I dont know if i should stay or if i should run
  187. Some Advice Needed
  188. I don't know if this can work
  189. My father hates me
  190. Family ties
  191. Question for women cheaters
  192. Patiently waiting......
  193. Feel like my life is destroyed
  194. Little update
  195. cheating husbands
  196. Christmas Complex
  197. Amy2705 ...Things are quiet these days
  198. My bestfriend
  199. I'm so stressed in this relationship.....
  200. Is Kissing/making out a big deal
  201. If you were in an argument with your b/f...
  202. Isn't the act of "finding a lover" one of selfishness?
  203. He is being a jerk again...
  204. Can men and women just be platonic friends?
  205. Friendships last, relationships don't??
  206. On a date with someone 9 years younger....
  207. my fiancee is a shy person & is having difficulty making friends.. help!
  208. Advice needed..Badly
  209. saw ex on subway...its been 2 years
  210. New kind of question between me and my girlfriend.
  211. A question for the married guys!
  212. ex sent me an email..
  213. Am I in the Wrong?
  214. How do you make new friends in middle-life?
  215. question
  216. Why can't I get over the fact he won't say he loves me?
  217. Issues...
  218. how to get you wife back after she left you
  219. Stupid Choice/mistake
  220. how to tell if it is lust or something more
  221. I really messed up and need to vent on those who wont judge
  222. Friends?!
  223. how to deal with a man that tells you not wear make-up and dress up the way he wants
  224. how to dump a fiancee
  225. How long before meeting the parents ?
  226. How do I tell if my girlfriend is cheating on me?
  227. dating a girl with bipolar disorder, help
  228. In-Law Help ~ AGAIN!
  229. troubled girlfriend
  230. dating a girl with bipolar disorder, help
  231. So how do I DO it (let go?)
  232. So basically I should let go and move on?
  233. Need Advice... ASAP
  234. How to deal with polar opposites
  235. RE: What's wrong here!
  236. I am losing my patience
  237. Hard to rise above depression. . .Hard to remain strong, sometimes.
  238. my ex called what do i do?
  239. What did I do wrong?
  240. People; the meltdown has arrived..
  241. For the guys pls. respond
  242. Is he being selfish with his money?
  243. Abusive relationship
  244. Abusive relationship
  245. What am I Doing Wrong?
  246. Christmas Challenge
  247. He & I are friends, but I want MORE, it hurts, what to do?
  248. mind games ?
  249. Mother Dissaproves of Girlfriend
  250. My Dad Is A Paranoid Schizophrenic