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  1. Can't get over my ex (I prefer to say former) bf....and it's been 9 months!
  2. What exactly is a normal life?
  3. Need Advice.
  4. My best friend is wearing me out...
  5. my new husband hates my kids
  6. What can i do for my wife? to help love me again
  7. Separated and confused
  8. At the end of my tether
  9. Celebrity crushes and marriage- where is the line?
  10. I am SO excited! Trouble?
  11. Vow I made with my girlfriend
  12. does anyone speak "male"..translations needed!
  13. Does anyone think this is OK???
  14. My Boyfriend's Mother Hates Me
  15. Destructive or just stupid?
  16. Unsure about breaking up?
  17. Jealous of my bf's daughter and feel like second fiddle & KNOW it's just ME....HELP!
  18. As I sit her crying and trying to keep my composure....Very long...
  19. I feel like the family failure....
  20. Something was said, need some advice, was it hurtful?
  21. Why do I feel the need for male attention?
  22. lonely lonely
  23. I need a nice (inexpensive) surprise for my girlfriend on Monday.
  24. The Last Straw
  25. Getting your ex to move on...
  26. Meeting somebody new- I'm a bit useless.
  27. visiting?
  28. I need some hardcore advice....
  29. Huge Dilemma Here, Please, Need Some Advice!!
  30. Telephone lie detector tests
  31. first time posting in need of relationship advice
  32. 11.5 month break up and no pain?
  33. Relationship advice?
  34. Gift Ideas
  35. Two deaths in a week
  36. how to keep in contact with ex whom i care about
  37. What Does This Mean.. I Ignore Her Then She Emails Me Again!
  38. Long, but worth a scan at least. Please:).
  39. I dont know if i should stay or if i should run
  40. Some Advice Needed
  41. I don't know if this can work
  42. My father hates me
  43. Family ties
  44. Question for women cheaters
  45. Patiently waiting......
  46. Feel like my life is destroyed
  47. Little update
  48. cheating husbands
  49. Christmas Complex
  50. Amy2705 ...Things are quiet these days
  51. My bestfriend
  52. I'm so stressed in this relationship.....
  53. Is Kissing/making out a big deal
  54. If you were in an argument with your b/f...
  55. Isn't the act of "finding a lover" one of selfishness?
  56. He is being a jerk again...
  57. Can men and women just be platonic friends?
  58. Friendships last, relationships don't??
  59. On a date with someone 9 years younger....
  60. my fiancee is a shy person & is having difficulty making friends.. help!
  61. Advice needed..Badly
  62. saw ex on subway...its been 2 years
  63. New kind of question between me and my girlfriend.
  64. A question for the married guys!
  65. ex sent me an email..
  66. Am I in the Wrong?
  67. How do you make new friends in middle-life?
  68. question
  69. Why can't I get over the fact he won't say he loves me?
  70. Issues...
  71. how to get you wife back after she left you
  72. Stupid Choice/mistake
  73. how to tell if it is lust or something more
  74. I really messed up and need to vent on those who wont judge
  75. Friends?!
  76. how to deal with a man that tells you not wear make-up and dress up the way he wants
  77. how to dump a fiancee
  78. How long before meeting the parents ?
  79. How do I tell if my girlfriend is cheating on me?
  80. dating a girl with bipolar disorder, help
  81. In-Law Help ~ AGAIN!
  82. troubled girlfriend
  83. dating a girl with bipolar disorder, help
  84. So how do I DO it (let go?)
  85. So basically I should let go and move on?
  86. Need Advice... ASAP
  87. How to deal with polar opposites
  88. RE: What's wrong here!
  89. I am losing my patience
  90. Hard to rise above depression. . .Hard to remain strong, sometimes.
  91. my ex called what do i do?
  92. What did I do wrong?
  93. People; the meltdown has arrived..
  94. For the guys pls. respond
  95. Is he being selfish with his money?
  96. Abusive relationship
  97. Abusive relationship
  98. What am I Doing Wrong?
  99. Christmas Challenge
  100. He & I are friends, but I want MORE, it hurts, what to do?
  101. mind games ?
  102. Mother Dissaproves of Girlfriend
  103. My Dad Is A Paranoid Schizophrenic
  104. Getting Frustatrated Because I Don't Know How To Act
  105. e mail friends
  106. How To Move On....Need Advice
  107. Impossible situation
  108. Am I a glutton for punishment??
  109. how to love and live with someone with bi polar illness
  110. Alone again... Naturally
  111. Relationship problems and prostate cancer
  112. I miss him...
  113. I know, I know...
  114. Stuck in a loveless marriage
  115. Spending too much... I can't accept it!!!!
  116. please!! i need some feedback
  117. Help me with a question about my wife.
  118. If a man kisses another man, is he gay or just curious?
  119. fantasies.. is this wrong?
  120. Have I become sour and lost faith ?
  121. You think you know someone but you find out you dont
  122. I am still being strong, but....
  123. Having an affair
  124. newbie here in a mess....please read
  125. Child Complications
  126. In desperate need of advice...please read
  127. Living with In-laws - a good idea?
  128. Recent Breakup
  129. Jealousy Issues
  130. what is going through this guy's head!?
  131. what's your take on this????
  132. I am ready to take action... Any advice?
  133. I don't know what is wrong with her:Long
  134. Can doctors be wrong?
  135. BF's Ex won't go away!
  136. help
  137. Perfect relationship...except for sex...
  138. curse my conscience
  139. Best friend is bipolar...HELP!!!!!
  140. can any guys shed some light on this
  141. Here we go again...
  142. Mgneer you there? I'm back
  143. How to deal?
  144. Is it me?!
  145. I think my marriage is over
  146. mister not so perfect
  147. His highschool girlfriend after 20 years.
  148. I sent the letter
  149. my birthday message
  150. Sticky Situation
  151. Have I Cheated?
  152. Advice Needed
  153. HELP!!!(quick) Underage girl likes me and I don't know what to do.
  154. what should I do?
  155. He's driving me nuts!! I'm beyond confused!!
  156. Okay, finally someone is interested in me
  157. Is this cheating? Help.. don't know what to do..
  158. Tantric massage and sadistic porn. Acceptable behaviour in a partner?
  159. This is an interesting turn of events...
  160. Another update and still confused!!
  161. men and housework
  162. Clingy Friend? Sorry if long
  163. Is he just lonely? Why can't he leave me alone?
  164. compulsive liar? any ideas?
  165. Looking for Love
  166. Help his 17 and I am 26
  167. Once a Cheater always a Cheater?
  168. I hate the way she eats
  169. Can't shake an old feeling and don't know why...
  170. Clingy, Not Clingy
  171. Friend wanted to "set me up", I didn't like her pic, friend is upset...
  172. Confused
  173. A question if you're kind to give your 2 cents.
  174. Do i back off or go for it??
  175. Committment Phobic Ex Getting Married? ***?
  176. Does this sound right?
  177. What Now
  178. Failing Marriage
  179. Huge fight with my husband!!!LONG
  180. Im falling, but he is divorcing and wants to be friends.
  181. my brothers and their loyalties
  182. dont know what to do plz help
  183. obsessed with a 34 year old man (im 21)
  184. not being jealous
  185. Anyone ever feel they married their mother or father?
  186. I just dont know?
  187. new outlook
  188. I am so hurt!................
  189. Dating Update
  190. Update on my abusive relationship (long post)
  191. Dating again...
  192. Not coping well with this part of it...
  193. The Final Goodbye to Ex's Mom and Friends
  194. In Limbo
  195. My husband just left and I have no idea why
  196. Need some help with this girl. (Long Post)
  197. relations on the relationship board
  198. In Love With My Best Friend
  199. What do you make of this?
  200. date the ugly guy?
  201. To be or Not to be?
  202. New Boyfriend Talking to his EX Every Day
  203. Is It Time to Move On?
  204. UPDATE on husband's Suspicious Behavior
  205. do you change when you're in love?
  206. Silly question but....Exes usually return within how long???
  207. Insecurity issues...
  208. Stand By Your Man?
  209. Unsure what to do - Did not know I was dumped!
  210. What do i do....?
  211. Is it Possible?
  212. ex obsessed with porn still bothers me
  213. hurt, confused ... don't know what to do
  214. My trip down memory lane...
  215. How to deal???
  216. Long-term single Ive found the answer!
  217. Husband and i had a fight re going out with his friends
  218. How to tell if wife has BPD
  219. Need Advice... PLEASE
  220. break up before the holidays
  221. internet dating?
  222. not sure what i should do.... HELP....
  223. I Have No Idea How To Respond
  224. Irrational Trust Issues.
  225. The Sister Situation Strikes Again
  226. I need advice please.....and fast...
  227. this marriage has taken a really crazy turn--major betrayal
  228. What's wrong with me!
  229. Questionable feelings.....Help!!!!
  230. new bf ----> sensitivity???
  231. the old cell phone dilemma
  232. With Age Does Not Necessarily Come Wisdom
  233. my husband is really nit picky
  234. Feel like my life is out of control... HELP!
  235. So many of you were right!
  236. kids and step parents
  237. Im So confused I dont know what to do anymore.
  238. still trying to get over him...
  239. Question for men/guys. Regarding seeing my ex and
  240. How soon is too soon?
  241. well ladies (and gentlemen) ready for this?
  242. help me
  243. HOw to deal with stubborn and sensitive man?
  244. Obsessing on Abusive Parents; How to Move On? Any Advice Appreciated!
  245. healing betrayal, advice?
  246. Am I deluding myself?
  247. Here we go again with the desperate ex
  248. did I just totally blow it with this guy?
  249. personal ad?
  250. Why Am I Doing This?