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  1. My sister, the betrayer
  2. Forgotten Anniversary
  3. giving
  4. Spending time together..
  5. need your advice
  6. Betrayal, hate, illness, addiction, sex, abuse, porn and being a fool
  7. Marriage stuff-again!
  8. Bi Curious Boyfriend
  9. Can someone help me??
  10. Dating.
  11. Could he be looking for me?
  12. The man's timeline always wins out...
  13. Are my "mistakes" unforgivable?
  14. marriage not going well and confused
  15. after 3 perfect months I find out my boyfriend has mental health issues..;(
  16. How to keep a promise to the devil and keep an angel?
  17. Is my boyfriend controlling or am I just out of control?
  18. Back Again...
  19. We're more than friends but not yet lovers.
  20. Finances in relationships......
  21. Nobody wants me
  22. Do I Still Try?
  23. Did I do the right thing? - Forcefully removing an addiction
  24. men from mars, women from venus
  25. I broke NC.
  26. girls nights/boys nights, seperate trips etc when married
  27. Is it possible for a person to change?
  28. I am supporting my husband and it's breaking me down
  29. Re: Spouse with ADD / Marriage Trouble
  30. Mardy and sulking behaviour
  31. Can't get past the "friend" stage.
  32. Am I a cheater?
  33. Argh!!
  34. If a girl wanted to end it years ago why did she drag it on for 2 years
  35. what to do
  36. Do alot of people out there not get the closure you want after a break up?
  37. About to call it quits
  38. What can i do to not think of my Ex
  39. Why did we have sex>? after break up
  40. should i tell her or not?
  41. What to do _ Cheating or Not
  42. What to do _ Cheating or Not
  43. Almost a one nighter
  44. i am living with a squizo and its driving ME CRAZY
  45. this ones gonna sound weird
  46. In Dangerous Territory
  47. how do i leave a boyfriend who is obsessive and abusive?
  48. grrrr this sux, heart break is tough!
  49. Stick with it or Run like you know what!
  50. Why...
  51. Learning Your Spouse Has "Self-Defeating Behaviors"
  52. so very confused
  53. Advice needed from either men that are cold and emotionless or REAL PLAYERS
  54. Husband's Potential Career Change
  55. How Do I Handle a Jealous Friend????
  56. update on the relationship Ex Mother Sent me a letter
  57. Can't I just move on?
  58. Help me decide... Friend or Girlfriend???
  59. You must be joking..
  60. When is it just too much ?
  61. not talking to her hurting our possible relationship
  62. URGENT-Need suggestions please
  63. I love my best mate and she doens't feel the same, what should i do?
  64. Not sure what to do.. (very long relationship issues.)
  65. She finally gave a reason for not coming home.
  66. Why do most females place so much value in going to the club?
  67. best way to get over an ex gf
  68. I feel lost ...
  69. How to deal with this?
  70. I miss my husband!
  71. Help?
  72. Should I continue this relationship?
  73. FWB.... a disappointed roller coaster ride
  74. should i ask out my homegirl
  75. Need your help understanding this.......
  76. Rough Situation...
  77. friend of friend gave warning but nothing was done
  78. im confused about my relationship.
  79. should we be together???
  80. am i falling out of love?
  81. Help me save the best relationship i've ever had...
  82. Having trouble leaving, but I know I should
  83. New Poster looking for Insight...
  84. Conflicted beyond belief..
  85. Just wondering.
  86. lead to codependancy
  87. Please Help
  88. can two people bring out the worst in each other?
  89. Does it ever go away????
  90. Trust
  91. IS She Confused
  92. Update on my situation, any advice
  93. not sure where this is going...
  94. how dO I KNOW IF MY ex girlfriend is confused
  95. husband gets red hot angry and accuses me of all kinds of untrue things
  96. Fear of finding the Truth...
  97. Long.... my mom's secret...
  98. Venting! Why do I still have feelings?
  99. Interested in Someone but .....continued again
  100. Why does this keep happening to me...
  101. just found out the girl of my dream has a bf
  102. My boyfriend is leaving to the Airforce in 2 1/2mnths and IM GOING CRAZY
  103. husband said something so offensive?
  104. Not sure if he is being dishonest again
  105. I'm not sure what to think in regards to this situation..
  106. Would you tell your Husband?
  107. Angered and Abstinent
  108. What is WITH these guys wanting ALL my time & getting mad when they don't GET it !!!
  109. So disappointed with no romantic evening.....
  110. So, my ex contacted me. Do I date her again? [LONG]
  111. She's probably leaving next week-end
  112. why is my dad an attention seeker?
  113. I'm 64, just broke up and don't know how to cope...HELP!!..UPDATE...I'm SOOO Angry!
  114. Help please?
  115. Where do I begin?
  116. Why do I need sparks in a relationship?
  117. I really need some support!
  118. My parents, my past etc..
  119. Too close to boyfriends mom??
  120. I'm 64, just broke up and don't know how to cope....HELP!!.....UPDATE & THANKS
  121. What should i do?
  122. Just hurting and need to vent alittle.
  123. Are our hands tied?? Sons' girlfriend with their baby, left!
  124. Sticky situation
  125. He said yes
  126. Need advice on this crazy situation.
  127. no contact?
  128. How to let someone know you are not upset with them
  129. Paternity...Need help from a female perspective
  130. The most heartbreaking decision... update on me
  131. I'm 64, just broke up and don't know how to cope....HELP!!
  132. Am I dating a jerk?
  133. Is This Okay?
  134. What's going on with my boyfriend?
  135. My mother-in-law is at it again
  136. help please!
  137. Should I leave him???or Should I stay???
  138. 22, married, and unhappy PLEASE HELP!
  139. unhappily married
  140. Ruining my relationship
  141. He love his friends more than me????????
  142. Not doing so great!
  143. Can ANYONE OUT THERE help lil confused me
  144. Friend problem- not sure what to do about situation
  145. updateee.
  146. Sister/boyfriend situation raising its ugly head again..
  147. Can't make eye contact :(
  148. How can I become less of a control freak and demanding in my relationship???
  149. It's been 3 years.. I still have trouble...
  150. The past a lie .... as it returns ..
  151. Online cheating?
  152. How do I help my daughter in law
  153. Broken up but still very in love
  154. Why not save a marriage?
  155. Do couples ever need privacy from each other?
  156. Need Opinions PLZ
  157. I guess this would be a "man" question (but women are welcome to reply)
  158. Please Help With Difficult Relationship Problem
  159. oh hell! please help!
  160. Opinions from Men & Women, Please.
  161. real general question
  162. need help please
  163. Issues with bf's goals and ambitions.
  164. Well now I'm confused/conflicted...
  165. Please help with difficult family situation
  166. help, need advice about a potential love interest
  167. Need Advice.
  168. Addicted?
  169. I left him. . . but now what?
  170. Need A Reality Check
  171. Another "ex-wife related story". What is your thoughts on this?
  172. 2.5 years...we're over
  173. Dont know what to do
  174. jealously perhaps
  175. Specific Elements of a successful relationship.
  176. Advice please...awkward situation
  177. another update
  178. Where to go from here
  179. Need Advice...
  180. Thinking To Recontact Online Guy...Good/Bad Idea?
  181. Alright, no sugarcoating. Do you believe its possible for me to find another love?
  182. fear of cheating
  183. Love Sick... pretty much literally
  184. Need help/advice with previous partners vaginismus
  185. Geez what her problem??
  186. Sound advice
  187. How to help my father! Please.
  188. How do I deal with my neighbor's comments?
  189. Need help with brother =(
  190. HELP: I need to make it up to her.
  191. Treefrogs, a man with experience
  192. An update from moi!!
  193. What is really going on? Emotional Affair or not?
  194. I Never Cheated But My Boyfriend Thinks I Did What Do I Do
  195. Is it time?
  196. He has ex issues - where does that leave me? Please help.
  197. advice needed;anything would halp ..
  198. Words from a loving sister
  199. Live together or marriage first?
  200. Think I'm in Love?
  201. sexuality and religion and rites to cure same
  202. Best Friend and Outlandish Lies...
  203. what is cheating considered?
  204. How did it get to this
  205. I'm so unhappy but i can't break up with him!!
  206. intimacy
  207. how do i stop obsessing over infidelity?
  208. Trying to let it go...
  209. What went wrong and what's my next step?
  210. I'm desperate, my husband of twenty years left and I can't cope...
  211. re-revenge and anger
  212. re-revenge and anger
  213. update/why can't i be alone?
  214. Friend always cancels...
  215. Long distance relationships: Do they work?
  216. New Guy....Same Story
  217. Big problem with girlfriend
  218. I can't love?
  219. Help Breakup voicemail? What is he telling me
  220. I kind of knew this would happen....
  221. starting anew
  222. Is never fighting in a relationship a good or bad thing?
  223. I am so confused....please help!!!!
  224. Addicted to snooping at boyfriend's cell phone
  225. Accidentally saw in-box, emails from his ex
  226. Broke up with bf...wedding etc
  227. How do you break up with someone you are in love with?
  228. Serious living together as boyfriend & girlfriend.
  229. Feel so low - can anyone offer some advice please?
  230. How long does it take you to 'open up'
  231. Run down...not sure what to do anymore....no more feelings
  232. How to meet someone you admire from afar...the rest of it
  233. i so tired of him hurting me..
  234. My boyfriend and his Ex.
  235. Anyone else dread football season - Calling all Football Widows
  236. how to meet someone you admire from afar
  237. Why does he keep flaking out on me?
  238. frustrated, used, and sinking fast
  239. Daughter is destroying me!
  240. new relationship advice- really need your help
  241. Friendship Advice
  242. Feeling frustrated......any advice?
  243. body language question?
  244. Meeting new people
  245. What to do about my lazy mother
  246. to stay or not to stay
  247. Just curious to know what people thought of this garbage....
  248. Should I leave him
  249. recently diagnosed with autoimmune disease, and husband is not dealing with it well.
  250. Step Kid