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  1. Living with In-laws - a good idea?
  2. Recent Breakup
  3. Jealousy Issues
  4. what is going through this guy's head!?
  5. what's your take on this????
  6. I am ready to take action... Any advice?
  7. I don't know what is wrong with her:Long
  8. Can doctors be wrong?
  9. BF's Ex won't go away!
  10. help
  11. Perfect relationship...except for sex...
  12. curse my conscience
  13. Best friend is bipolar...HELP!!!!!
  14. can any guys shed some light on this
  15. Here we go again...
  16. Mgneer you there? I'm back
  17. How to deal?
  18. Is it me?!
  19. I think my marriage is over
  20. mister not so perfect
  21. His highschool girlfriend after 20 years.
  22. I sent the letter
  23. my birthday message
  24. Sticky Situation
  25. Have I Cheated?
  26. Advice Needed
  27. HELP!!!(quick) Underage girl likes me and I don't know what to do.
  28. what should I do?
  29. He's driving me nuts!! I'm beyond confused!!
  30. Okay, finally someone is interested in me
  31. Is this cheating? Help.. don't know what to do..
  32. Tantric massage and sadistic porn. Acceptable behaviour in a partner?
  33. This is an interesting turn of events...
  34. Another update and still confused!!
  35. men and housework
  36. Clingy Friend? Sorry if long
  37. Is he just lonely? Why can't he leave me alone?
  38. compulsive liar? any ideas?
  39. Looking for Love
  40. Help his 17 and I am 26
  41. Once a Cheater always a Cheater?
  42. I hate the way she eats
  43. Can't shake an old feeling and don't know why...
  44. Clingy, Not Clingy
  45. Friend wanted to "set me up", I didn't like her pic, friend is upset...
  46. Confused
  47. A question if you're kind to give your 2 cents.
  48. Do i back off or go for it??
  49. Committment Phobic Ex Getting Married? ***?
  50. Does this sound right?
  51. What Now
  52. Failing Marriage
  53. Huge fight with my husband!!!LONG
  54. Iím falling, but he is divorcing and wants to be friends.
  55. my brothers and their loyalties
  56. dont know what to do plz help
  57. obsessed with a 34 year old man (im 21)
  58. not being jealous
  59. Anyone ever feel they married their mother or father?
  60. I just dont know?
  61. new outlook
  62. I am so hurt!................
  63. Dating Update
  64. Update on my abusive relationship (long post)
  65. Dating again...
  66. Not coping well with this part of it...
  67. The Final Goodbye to Ex's Mom and Friends
  68. In Limbo
  69. My husband just left and I have no idea why
  70. Need some help with this girl. (Long Post)
  71. relations on the relationship board
  72. In Love With My Best Friend
  73. What do you make of this?
  74. date the ugly guy?
  75. To be or Not to be?
  76. New Boyfriend Talking to his EX Every Day
  77. Is It Time to Move On?
  78. UPDATE on husband's Suspicious Behavior
  79. do you change when you're in love?
  80. Silly question but....Exes usually return within how long???
  81. Insecurity issues...
  82. Stand By Your Man?
  83. Unsure what to do - Did not know I was dumped!
  84. What do i do....?
  85. Is it Possible?
  86. ex obsessed with porn still bothers me
  87. hurt, confused ... don't know what to do
  88. My trip down memory lane...
  89. How to deal???
  90. Long-term single Ė Iíve found the answer!
  91. Husband and i had a fight re going out with his friends
  92. How to tell if wife has BPD
  93. Need Advice... PLEASE
  94. break up before the holidays
  95. internet dating?
  96. not sure what i should do.... HELP....
  97. I Have No Idea How To Respond
  98. Irrational Trust Issues.
  99. The Sister Situation Strikes Again
  100. I need advice please.....and fast...
  101. this marriage has taken a really crazy turn--major betrayal
  102. What's wrong with me!
  103. Questionable feelings.....Help!!!!
  104. new bf ----> sensitivity???
  105. the old cell phone dilemma
  106. With Age Does Not Necessarily Come Wisdom
  107. my husband is really nit picky
  108. Feel like my life is out of control... HELP!
  109. So many of you were right!
  110. kids and step parents
  111. Im So confused I dont know what to do anymore.
  112. still trying to get over him...
  113. Question for men/guys. Regarding seeing my ex and
  114. How soon is too soon?
  115. well ladies (and gentlemen) ready for this?
  116. help me
  117. HOw to deal with stubborn and sensitive man?
  118. Obsessing on Abusive Parents; How to Move On? Any Advice Appreciated!
  119. healing betrayal, advice?
  120. Am I deluding myself?
  121. Here we go again with the desperate ex
  122. did I just totally blow it with this guy?
  123. personal ad?
  124. Why Am I Doing This?
  125. infidelity - spontaneous vs premeditated - is it different?
  126. I really messed things up with my boyfriend and need help to try to fix things
  127. child issue
  128. The ex Gave me my Closure!
  129. i feel so hard done by! isit all out of desperation now?? Ladies i need your opinion?
  130. please please can someone help me
  131. Long distance Holiday woes
  132. why did he just stop?
  133. MY Newly ex boyfriend of 2 years cheated and my newly ex bestfriend knew for 11mths!
  134. MY Newly ex boyfriend of 2 years cheated and my newly ex bestfriend knew for 11mths!
  135. Moving on is harder than it sounds.
  136. verbally and emotionally abusive parent?
  137. Mgneer you there?
  138. Very emotionally high-maintenance friend
  139. I'm 64, just broke up and don't know how to cope.....UPDATE...ex wants to see me
  140. need esp male opinions - no moralizing
  141. jealousy
  142. Same problems, different thread.
  143. After 4 years together, he says he has no intentions to marry me
  144. She's way too awesome.
  145. Am I being unreasonable ?
  146. He didn't write back!!!!
  147. Turning 30 and freaking out!
  148. What if he wont tell me "Why"?
  149. i need your 2 cents "SHOULD I STAY OR LEAVE"
  150. Dont want him to go on vacation!?
  151. breaking up with no reason?
  152. Your opinions will be highly appreciated...
  153. Don't know what to do
  154. i DISPISE my friends boyfriend!
  155. Kinda long but I need some advice....
  156. My sister, the betrayer
  157. Forgotten Anniversary
  158. giving
  159. Spending time together..
  160. need your advice
  161. Betrayal, hate, illness, addiction, sex, abuse, porn and being a fool
  162. Marriage stuff-again!
  163. Bi Curious Boyfriend
  164. Can someone help me??
  165. Dating.
  166. Could he be looking for me?
  167. The man's timeline always wins out...
  168. Are my "mistakes" unforgivable?
  169. marriage not going well and confused
  170. after 3 perfect months I find out my boyfriend has mental health issues..;(
  171. How to keep a promise to the devil and keep an angel?
  172. Is my boyfriend controlling or am I just out of control?
  173. Back Again...
  174. We're more than friends but not yet lovers.
  175. Finances in relationships......
  176. Nobody wants me
  177. Do I Still Try?
  178. Did I do the right thing? - Forcefully removing an addiction
  179. men from mars, women from venus
  180. I broke NC.
  181. girls nights/boys nights, seperate trips etc when married
  182. Is it possible for a person to change?
  183. I am supporting my husband and it's breaking me down
  184. Re: Spouse with ADD / Marriage Trouble
  185. Mardy and sulking behaviour
  186. Can't get past the "friend" stage.
  187. Am I a cheater?
  188. Argh!!
  189. If a girl wanted to end it years ago why did she drag it on for 2 years
  190. what to do
  191. Do alot of people out there not get the closure you want after a break up?
  192. About to call it quits
  193. What can i do to not think of my Ex
  194. Why did we have sex>? after break up
  195. should i tell her or not?
  196. What to do _ Cheating or Not
  197. What to do _ Cheating or Not
  198. Almost a one nighter
  199. i am living with a squizo and its driving ME CRAZY
  200. this ones gonna sound weird
  201. In Dangerous Territory
  202. how do i leave a boyfriend who is obsessive and abusive?
  203. grrrr this sux, heart break is tough!
  204. Stick with it or Run like you know what!
  205. Why...
  206. Learning Your Spouse Has "Self-Defeating Behaviors"
  207. so very confused
  208. Advice needed from either men that are cold and emotionless or REAL PLAYERS
  209. Husband's Potential Career Change
  210. How Do I Handle a Jealous Friend????
  211. update on the relationship Ex Mother Sent me a letter
  212. Can't I just move on?
  213. Help me decide... Friend or Girlfriend???
  214. You must be joking..
  215. When is it just too much ?
  216. not talking to her hurting our possible relationship
  217. URGENT-Need suggestions please
  218. I love my best mate and she doens't feel the same, what should i do?
  219. Not sure what to do.. (very long relationship issues.)
  220. She finally gave a reason for not coming home.
  221. Why do most females place so much value in going to the club?
  222. best way to get over an ex gf
  223. I feel lost ...
  224. How to deal with this?
  225. I miss my husband!
  226. Help?
  227. Should I continue this relationship?
  228. FWB.... a disappointed roller coaster ride
  229. should i ask out my homegirl
  230. Need your help understanding this.......
  231. Rough Situation...
  232. friend of friend gave warning but nothing was done
  233. im confused about my relationship.
  234. should we be together???
  235. am i falling out of love?
  236. Help me save the best relationship i've ever had...
  237. Having trouble leaving, but I know I should
  238. New Poster looking for Insight...
  239. Conflicted beyond belief..
  240. Just wondering.
  241. lead to codependancy
  242. Please Help
  243. can two people bring out the worst in each other?
  244. Does it ever go away????
  245. Trust
  246. IS She Confused
  247. Update on my situation, any advice
  248. not sure where this is going...
  249. how dO I KNOW IF MY ex girlfriend is confused
  250. husband gets red hot angry and accuses me of all kinds of untrue things