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  1. How to find love in late 30s and onwards
  2. I love my GF but...
  3. Venting and I need someone to read?? :)
  4. Long distance relationship...
  5. He bought a prostitute few months ago and now i am dating him.HELP !
  6. communication gone between sexes
  7. when to stop living with my dad?
  8. Define Love?
  9. Need to vent a little.
  10. Lack of communication
  11. marriage in crisis
  12. Need advice! Not easy watching manic episodes.
  13. Which is worse
  14. I think I have to walk away. I'm petrified.
  15. He's got a GF, but he's crushing on me still?
  16. Hopelessly Single
  17. Confused:S..need help!!
  18. its getting all messy :(
  19. I need your help.Pls. tell me what kind of friends are they ? Is it worth it .
  20. single,financially stable,but havin' an affair with a married woman ? Why ???
  21. Tired of "wimpy" guys!!
  22. Unhappily married
  23. My marriage
  24. An Ex or a Friend
  25. Just another marriage issue....
  26. What could I do to get him back
  27. Am I right here?
  28. Anger Issues
  29. Struggling with my marriage
  30. Please Help, I'm Desperate!!!
  31. what type of guy is he and what is he waiting for ?
  32. Never see my husband!!
  33. online affairs just as bad?
  34. Head over heals for a guy 30yrs older than me!!
  35. Worse off than before..
  36. Confused - need advice!
  37. Need Help- Relationship problem.... Need big time advice, please help
  38. Is it too soon to live together
  39. I hate myself
  40. One way relationship with my son. Any input appreciated.
  41. Venting & Support or Advice Appreciated!!
  42. Ugh!! Inappropriate messages to a girl or am I being too worried??
  43. He can't/won't follow through...
  44. I am searching some support!
  45. Nervous
  46. Honest opinion...Am I being overly sensitive over this???
  47. Being left without explanation? What in the world do I do next...?
  48. BF showed risque pictures of me to his mother
  49. Desparate to Disconnect My Head
  50. relationships seem to trigger problems..thoughts welcomed please
  51. acting wierd or am i just thinking too much?
  52. Torn Between My Heart And My Head
  53. How am I supposed to get over it???
  54. Why is he???
  55. Help - In Pain :(
  56. Am i over reading this?
  57. Miss Him So Much Right Now
  58. the girl of my dreams but why is it not working?
  59. Feeling a little used here...?!
  60. Heartbroken and severly depressed
  61. I'am so upset.......
  62. No one to talk to, so I'm relying on you
  63. Help?!
  64. Ex nightmare
  65. Needing Some Advice- How do you make a move?
  66. Self Sabotage
  67. Constructive Criticism
  68. Confronting questions...your faith in the male race.
  69. Dont know what to think; he never came home last night!
  70. Should I end it after just two yrs?
  71. Is it just me or...?
  72. "What Should I DO"
  73. Someone PLEASE help me!!! I am WAY too depressed with my situation!!!
  74. Really beginning to wonder...
  75. I'm sad that my boyfriend still has his wedding ring
  76. Advice sought concerning marriage
  77. Angry
  78. Is this normal??
  79. Cyber friend wants to meet in person...is it time? Please HELP!
  80. Daughter has me really concerned
  81. To girls, or guys, who have snopped in txt or mail and found something??
  82. Dreams
  83. Feeling unappreciated....
  84. My brother is destroying us.
  85. paying my phone bills though we're over.... what's the purpose?
  86. Is this ok to do>?
  87. I broke off a 6 month relationship
  88. I think my boyfriend has a hickey on his leg.. but unsure what they look like...
  89. I need someones opinion/advice..before I go crazy!!
  90. Please Help Me Before I Ruin My Marriage
  91. Getting Over Ex - Meeting New People
  92. I'm in such a dilema!
  93. When does it stop hurting?
  94. Serious Relationship/Legal matter
  95. This is a friendship issue..not a relationship issue...
  96. Avoiding people
  97. should I trust him?
  98. why are guys like this?
  99. moving out
  100. Hellish situation concerning trust-desperate for advice
  101. Broken Relationship
  102. husband quarrel
  103. I seriously have no idea how to act or what to do.
  104. Shes married, I know its bad but.......
  105. Cell phone #'s.
  106. giving back
  107. Online dating...what am I doing wrong?
  108. How Often?
  109. Another Online Dating Ques: Photos
  110. Physical Side of the Relationship
  111. Issue With Girl
  112. My sister-in-law and my marriage
  113. Needing a bit of cyber-advice
  114. The Next Step
  115. losing my head over my ex
  116. Office Romance - - here are the details
  117. I just don't get it!
  118. lost faith
  119. Does he love me? Would like male & female views please.
  120. How Do I Get Past This?
  121. kid swop..ugh!
  122. will it work?
  123. Dillema!!!
  124. How do I ask a guy "what are we doing" without turning him off?
  125. Opinion regarding an issue which is interferring with all my relationships
  126. Fiance issues...Need some help.
  127. More Details Re: BF on On-line Dating Sites
  128. Should I tell???
  129. trying to stay strong...
  130. Should I contact her?
  131. Stress / anger
  132. Should I seek out therapy?
  133. Friends and Family always judging who I date....
  134. Long distance relationship failing
  135. Need help with asking for love
  136. Should I leave my boyfriend?
  137. Difficult coworker..what should I do?
  138. Trouble letting go....
  139. She gets jealous of all my female friends being my friend.
  140. Please help with marriage issues (long)
  141. Tired of doing all the work, feeling neglected.
  142. HELP...How should I act around a guy I'm interested in but...
  143. BF on On-line Dating Sites
  144. I done a stupid thing...
  145. Why is he stringing me along??
  146. I shouldn't have worried about my friendship guilt
  147. confused and its doing my head in
  148. To what extent do I need to compromise for a relationship?
  149. ready to propose but wondering if its a good idea
  150. Slept with an old friend...now what?
  151. how to let go someone you love?
  152. Marriage is ruining my life
  153. Follow up post about my boyfriend and it's not good.
  154. Breakup - salt in the wounds
  155. I just cant shake him.............
  156. onilne dating ?
  157. Every weekend, I sit in my apartment alone.
  158. Husband treats me unfairly
  159. The wrong woman is in love with me!
  160. Maybe I am need
  161. age difference
  162. Why won't ex husband admit he's with someone else?
  163. One quick simple question about the end of my date.
  164. It's not him, it's me....
  165. Pessimism ruining my relationship
  166. Boyfriend is moving
  167. Intersted in someone I know...how do I make him realize...continued.
  168. Help me make this work, please
  169. Help!!!! PLease....
  170. Definition of being in love
  171. Confidence
  172. How do you know if a relationship is over?
  173. Is this normal behavor for a boyfriend?
  174. Friendship guilt
  175. Going to fast???
  176. might be a dumb question
  177. obsessive about someone
  178. Scared to be hurt all over again.....
  179. Late Date Question
  180. Need advice on a tough situation...
  181. how can I help my sister?
  182. I Need A Woman's Take On This
  183. Looking wrong finding right
  184. Did I put my foot in it? What would you do?
  185. vent vent vent
  186. More of an open mic... just general fears!
  187. How can I get through to him?
  188. Very conflicted on the big situation with my boyfriend
  189. update with my mom/roommate/life
  190. Not sure what to do...
  191. What to do?
  192. The Update on My Sister
  193. New boyfriend.. He asked me to be his date at a wedding.. need advice
  194. Girlfriend's Addiction
  195. What to do....
  196. Selfish? BF turning 21 and I feel left out :(
  197. The girl around the corner…
  198. First Date
  199. Me And My Dad
  200. More than just a crush on a tutor
  201. Can ex's remain friends?
  202. Attn: Rose & Tarheel...U Were Right! :)
  203. Would sexualised comments like this bother you?
  204. My Situation..
  205. Please Help!
  206. 'Serial Monogamist' or Commitment phobe?
  207. Ladies, please offer some advice.
  208. BF's DUI
  209. The trouble with being shy. . .
  210. Handling money issues in relationship
  211. Need advice
  212. does anyone else do this?
  213. Advise on men....
  214. Some Advice Needed!
  215. I need your opinions....
  216. Update on Office Romance
  217. should i stay with him??
  218. A personal question ive been struggling with...
  219. What do i do?
  220. between a rock and a hard place...
  221. Haven't felt this way in a while...
  222. Husband is angry all the time
  223. Rude friend
  224. Why do people sleep with a long list of people after a break up?
  225. How come approaching a woman can be so scary?
  226. Travel and relationships
  227. I can't stop crying! Husband changed work schedule...
  228. Taking breaks...
  229. need any help i can get!!!
  230. How do i regain trust in my fiance???????
  231. older woman -- younger man
  232. What is my deal?
  233. When your love comes back from deployment
  234. unsure of what to do..
  235. i just want it to stop
  236. Feeling not good enough..
  237. wanting to be a better gf
  238. Slapped him in the face!
  239. Tomorrow’s the day – oh my nerves!!!
  240. Is it healthy to remain friends with an ex?
  241. ok, what do i say to her now?
  242. What Can I Do?
  243. Stalking or just lonely...?
  244. Confused
  245. Long-time relationship maze
  246. Extramarital Cheating
  247. Update on office romance - hope I didnt make a "sex" mistake
  248. Am I making myself clear??
  249. some advise please. nothin bad
  250. Saying VS feeling

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