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  1. More stories about my girlfriend
  2. How can you make him see it's time to go...
  3. 'break' in a long distance relatoinship
  4. Marriage advice wanted
  5. "Booty Call" has turned to more for me....??
  6. Owe ex money
  7. Pre-nup
  8. Still struggling!
  9. Worried my Fiance only wants to marry me to have his children?
  10. Making friends.. groups vs. individuals
  11. Doubts... :(
  12. Regrets and their toll
  13. Confused
  14. Too Many Baggages?
  15. Need some help on how to make girlfriend comfortable
  16. would this bother you..feel kinda strange
  17. Id Love some relationship advice...Wait for him or forget about it?
  18. My Mother is driving me insane
  19. Asking for numbers, or not asking at all...
  20. Marriage update (for anyone who remembers me)
  21. does anyone understand
  22. is he jealous?
  23. Why must life be SO hard?
  24. Not used to having to share time with my gf, attitude becomes weird :(
  25. Why is he doing this??
  26. My unconventional view of marriage; do you think it could cause problems?
  27. Move in or not?
  28. Does this girl like me?? im so confused :(
  29. Promise Rings and Commitment
  30. Huge argument--is my girlfriend unstable?
  31. How should I go about this???
  32. I need to know if she likes me or not!
  33. Wife Confession
  34. I meet up with my "younger" guy
  35. Who should move?
  36. It's official now.........feeling fine...kind of weird!
  37. help me help my daughter.
  38. In a relationship but losing own identity
  39. Am i wrong for feeling this way???????????
  40. Ménage à Trois
  41. user?
  42. unhealthy mother/daughter issues! help!
  43. He of Two Girlfriends.
  44. Big problem
  45. Introduction – long term single.
  46. Sister n law
  47. partner suddenly about to leave me over not going to bed at same time!????
  48. Does anyone ever worry about how a relationship might change your life?
  49. why is everyone cheating these days!
  50. What's the best way to go about this? Please help me!
  51. Family Matters and Boyfriend
  52. What to do? I Could REALLY use some advice....
  53. stuck in a really bad marriage
  54. Can men go crazy or super depressed without a gfriend?
  55. What if your interested in someone who has a girlfriend?
  56. Relationship Confusion!
  57. Relationship Confusion!
  58. Does This Not Sound Crazy? Or Am I Crazy?
  59. Not sure if it is my right to get annoyed but I am
  60. Is he shrugging me off?
  61. is this abuse? what should i do?
  62. Fiance told me it was over...
  63. Hooters
  64. What's the best way to approach a girl?
  65. Finally finding some peace and happiness!
  66. Question About Relationship.....
  67. Need help letting go (Long)
  68. my relationship is not as i thought
  69. Living with boyfriend's parents?
  70. For all those who remeber
  71. Boyfriend's Adult Children are Irresponsible!
  72. advice on meeting with the EX
  73. Some advice needed re abusive relationship
  74. I'm almost 30, going down the road of single forever. help!
  75. Marriage counseling, Does it really work?
  76. Dont know what to make of this?
  77. how long
  78. HELP! Stress has made my love butterflies go away
  79. Older woman, younger man situation
  80. huge damage inside
  81. Battle of the Sexes Ruining my Marriage?
  82. BF still talks to Ex
  83. Long term relationship - Stagnant?
  84. What should the punishment be?
  85. 8 days to go...........
  86. Going through hell!
  87. Quick question
  88. if im pregnant can i leave????
  89. Does his siblings have to be apart of my life?????
  90. Is it right for my BF to wake me up?
  91. Hoping for break ups...
  92. Still these feelings of fear....
  93. MOther In Law----Arrrrrgh
  94. Unsure of what to do
  95. Is he not into me, or should I give it more time?
  96. In your opinion....For men, mostly, but, women can answer too!
  97. the worse mother's day ever
  98. Boyfriend In Iraq
  99. Any advice about my mother?
  100. Relationship help
  101. Is it smart to date someone who is the opposite of your ex?
  102. Not entirely happy and looking for advice
  103. Would it be grounds to leave?
  104. Please Help!!!! (Women Especially)
  105. Wife has control problems
  106. Marriage problems
  107. A question for all you married folk!
  108. depressed on relationship and life
  109. What's it like to be in love?
  110. I got no personality, im boring!
  111. Normal flow of a budding relationship
  112. Is he controlling or is it me?
  113. How does this work??
  114. umm...point me in the right direction maby?
  115. Advice needed
  116. Curious
  117. i realley need someone to talk to
  118. Contact
  119. 19 year old...over her head?
  120. I want my wife back
  121. no where to turn
  122. I'm freaked out by my boyfriend's super-close relationship with his sister
  123. Unconditional Love?
  124. Girlfriends Child
  125. Tough Changes
  126. Best friends with the opposite sex, reason for jealousy?
  127. Just looking for Input
  128. Is my BF playing games with me? Confused!
  129. I didn't think I was like this
  130. Okay, I definitely need some help here!
  131. Okay, I definitely need some help here!
  132. Confused
  133. Brother and new born baby
  134. The laws of attraction
  135. Is this relationship right?
  136. I hate this nervous feeling
  137. Can't Take Anymore of his Family
  138. guy I'm dating is gay!
  139. This is so frustrating it's almost funny!
  140. Living w/my Mother is Driving Me Nuts
  141. can't even get a relationship
  142. Is there such a thing as an 'ideal type', or am I just relationship-inept?
  143. bummed
  144. Buying gifts for siblings - do you still do it?
  145. Would this annoy you??
  146. how to tell my best friend the truth?
  147. Karma - 1 Me - 0
  148. just ended a 10 year relationship
  149. strong will power
  150. relationship progession
  151. I just don't know anymore
  152. First Post- My story and questions
  153. Messed up vacation
  154. Is This Rude?
  155. When do you give out personal information?
  156. what do u think
  157. feeling depressed
  158. Need opinions/advice...
  159. The papers are signed..now just waiting!!!
  160. How do you tell someone you don't like them?
  161. Jealousy...normal?
  162. So confused...And lost...
  163. Always a cheatee, never a cheater...until now
  164. I am posessive but he doesn't care about my feelings
  165. Please help me with a very shy man
  166. Verbal abuse, maybe more?
  167. Lost
  168. Any chance of a reconciliation?
  169. very bad time with my alcoholic fiance...have tried everything
  170. What to do??
  171. Ex Boyfriend has been calling...what do I do?
  172. Need Advice
  173. Poopie and weewie choice, complicated, not sure if need advice, but input welcome.
  174. It looked like love
  175. About to end it because of the "M" word.
  176. In love with my brother in law.....
  177. Relationship after being molested...
  178. Am I wrong to want to be important to hubby
  179. saying i love you
  180. Confused, annoyed, but can't do anything about it!!
  181. Need advice about my son ASAP
  182. Husband not into any of my suggestions
  183. Help, my 15 yr old daughter is having sex and sneaking out of the house
  184. I Am Not Sure What To Do
  185. just my luck
  186. I am HOPPING MAD with him over this!!! But am I right to be??
  187. a break? read pls
  188. Have I gone too far?
  189. Husband and Mother Squabble
  190. Advice Needed.....please Help!!!!!!
  191. Watching someone you like with someone else
  192. How do I get my sister to SHUT UP.....
  193. when someone at work doesn't like you
  194. got to pay for wedding dress next week but having second thoughts about getting it
  195. When do I tell her about my health conditions?
  196. 2 loves, i feel like i am dying inside
  197. Am I worring over nothing or is this normal?
  198. Wife Gets Depressed When She Sees Other Women
  199. Hopeless
  200. Now I'm in a pickle
  201. upset with my friend
  202. Should I Be Concerned?
  203. What have i done? feel so guilty
  204. the sexy spark
  205. When is it over?
  206. I think my love turned into hate. I hate this.
  207. s*cks to be me...
  208. Engaged and Enraged
  209. Do I move on or give it another try??
  210. He Was Arrested.. Robbed My Family!
  211. before you get hitched...
  212. seeking your opinions.
  213. Need advice please - so confused!
  214. babies
  215. Ladies...please advise!
  216. Can anyone explain to me why girls do things like this?!!
  217. Would this be ok with you?
  218. feeling bad about what husband said
  219. My boyfriends cousin showed him her boobs!!!!!!
  220. Is holding onto a small amount of Hope foolish?
  221. Why won't this ride stop?!
  222. Two wrongs dont make a right but......
  223. Dating/Confusion Abounds
  224. Finding things really tough and feeling extremly depressed.
  225. I think my Boyfriend is cheating on me..
  226. How to get out of this funk....
  227. what are the boundaries?
  228. Reflections of the helpless
  229. My soulmate........
  230. lonely and too scared to doanything about it
  231. Two Problems Need Advice
  232. Stood up - is this a test?
  233. Anger issues.help?
  234. Dependent On Relationships
  235. Frustrated
  236. Infatuation can last forever?
  237. Time for me now!!!
  238. Stuck in a vicious circle! HELP..HELP
  239. Drugs...need help ASAP
  240. Cheating...need help ASAP
  241. Old friend’s methadone & tranquiliser addiction…
  242. My own problems
  243. Where do I start?
  244. 3 years coming to an end?
  245. The Undesired
  246. childhood friends
  247. Controling boyfriend.
  248. Husband going out with female friend for the night
  249. Does this ring a bell?!
  250. Faults under the microscope!!!!!!pls. help

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