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  1. Have I trained my body away from "real sex?"
  2. Getting Over Her Past...
  3. control issues
  4. Am I being silly? ? for long-time married couples
  5. Is this normal????
  6. broke up- is it rite? do i noe what i want?
  7. Children OR Soulmate???
  8. sounds bad.. what do I do?
  9. I'm so mad & so sad :*( This hurts :*(
  10. Life altering choice, need advice
  11. Confusion through men
  12. On The Verge of Breaking up with My GF Very confused
  13. Dating an ex
  14. Chime in if Christmas a failure this year--so upset
  15. The holidays makes everything so depressing....
  16. Very Confused
  17. he texted me
  18. Intimacy issues in a new marriage
  19. He wasn't as faithful as I thought..
  20. New husband is RESTLESS!!!
  21. How to mend a broken heart
  22. My Problem
  23. Feeling sad :*(
  24. need advice desperately.
  25. Men and women, mars and venus? He's driving me nuts!
  26. What do you do if youre not interested?
  27. What's Going On???
  28. Contemplating offing my inlaws.....just joking. Please Read!!!
  29. Why do women do this? Help!
  30. confused
  31. I always worry, and sometimes it gets to be WAY too overwhelming...
  32. Afraid my "kind of" boyfriend is going to propose! Help!
  33. love triangle(sorta)complicated i need help!
  34. long distance
  35. Shouldn't the cards stop?
  36. Help me understand this...
  37. What's wrong??
  38. I'm back and need help!!
  39. Merry Xmas CED
  40. 3 years down the drain, help me
  41. Do you love me?
  42. Cut off from sick friend
  43. Am I Too Needy or What?
  44. im going crazy!
  45. I'm going crazy
  46. what do I do?
  47. Older woman, younger guy??
  48. The Joys of Singlehood
  49. i want the simplicity
  50. Sucks being unattractive
  51. i want the simplicity
  52. Sex With A Friend
  53. Age difference
  54. Don't Give Up on Love
  55. whats the point anymore...
  56. How long do you wait to see?
  57. Once a cheater, always a cheater
  58. Utterly terrified.
  59. living arangement?
  60. Confused and tired....
  61. Inter Religion Relationship....need advise!!!
  62. What do I do?
  63. Confronting Dishonesty?
  64. is my guy a jerk???
  65. No money for the holidays!
  66. His friend
  67. frustrated
  68. a broken heart
  69. troubled marriage need help
  70. girlfriend cheating? hiv?
  71. Confuse: How dya know if you still love your husband?
  72. The 'other' woman. Need some advice!!
  73. Me/My boyfriend/His cousin.
  74. Devastated
  75. Updates
  76. Dont Know What To Make Of This Girl (PLEASE HELP)
  77. balls
  78. Help! I can't stop thinking about my old girlfriend.
  79. I can't work him out
  80. Advice for my date
  81. how should i handle this?
  82. Does He Like Me????(I sound like a 12 year old girl!)
  83. looking for advice...past/future
  84. appropriate behavior?
  85. Please help! should I call him?
  86. Can men and women be friends? Please help a confused woman!
  87. feeling puzzled...should I let him go?
  88. he doesnt love me
  89. what should i do???
  90. what should I do......
  91. Do all guys get like this after marriage?
  92. So confused
  93. Lack of attention
  94. I think I love him?
  95. Should i leave??
  96. The mother
  97. Am I a bad person ?
  98. Confused? Wow!
  99. i'm being set up ahhhhh!!!!!
  100. Him and his playboys
  101. Need Help...
  102. Would I be considered a quitter.....
  103. I really need advice (relationship help)
  104. Avoiding eye-contact...guys please help...what does this mean?
  105. should I or should i not
  106. Make the first move or forget it?
  107. Torn / Indecisive / Confused
  108. Advice needed on Girlfriend - Please read...
  109. Christmas gifts for his family? being courteous or having pride?
  110. oversensitive?
  111. This girl has me confused
  112. I don't think he loves me anymore
  113. I don't know if he still loves me
  114. Need help dealing with situation with coworker
  115. Need advice
  116. Should I still get her a gift
  117. i need help!!
  118. Well i think i have a psychological problem with relationships.
  119. why do this??
  120. Want to move on but to shy...what to do...ideas
  121. Thinking about ex-friend again
  122. What to do, this is really the pits
  123. If I did the right thing why do I feel miserable ?
  124. Read Please Very Urgent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  125. Please Help
  126. Wife Cheated Not Sure What To Do
  127. I woke up and he was crying last night
  128. Should I be trippin or not........
  129. Lonely.. tips for moving on?
  130. Need thoughts on relationship (dating and having to work round kids)
  131. being tactful yet flirtatious
  132. I should be alone...
  133. need advice on dreams of hubby
  134. Comfort zone questions for comfortable couples
  135. Lost that touch...i guess
  136. Looking for Advice
  137. Paranoid
  138. help with confusion about a relationship...
  139. Why must we continue playing these silly love games?
  140. why can I give seemingly great advice here and not do it myself?
  141. when super sarcastic people become annoying
  142. break-up and want to know if right thing?
  143. Interpeting Female Body Language
  144. "The Important Stuff"
  145. All I'm doing is crying. Please help.
  146. My sister is an abusive drunk, please advise..
  147. more info in an old situation
  148. Kind of Confused...
  149. Serious boyfriend drama a cry for help!!!
  150. how to get over a breakup
  151. pregnancy and depression??? please help :(
  152. I'm a total mess... please read need opinions
  153. the break up - can lovers be friends?
  154. we cant get on
  155. Girl at work, out of my reach
  156. how do I get him to stop being annoyed
  157. Soo depressed
  158. superficial, but please hear me out!!
  159. what does she think?
  160. Sick and Tired of getting hurt
  161. I hope things arent falling apart
  162. Should I tell her
  163. I don't know what to do
  164. Mothers & husbands
  165. Christmas Gifts
  166. What do I make of this ???
  167. I Need Help....bad!!!!!
  168. an update...woo hoo!!!
  169. Getting married December 31st and can't accept his EX!
  170. Fear is holding me back.
  171. I've been turned down, TWICE!
  172. so why does she want me back now ?
  173. Don't know what to do....please answer. PLEASE
  174. Wedding Cleavage Dilemma
  175. Why do I feel I am out of control??
  176. Why do I feel I am out of control??
  177. Was she cheating???
  178. One night stands
  179. What does beauty do to men?
  180. Did I over-react? - Jealousy
  181. My breakup :O(
  182. Lost....
  183. The Ex Factor
  184. drunken moment or for real?
  185. What are we going to do?
  186. I love my BF, but he's driving me crazy!!
  187. What does she want? .... Leave me alone
  188. Am I insane?
  189. He told me he loves me after three dates
  190. Can it work???
  191. family takes care of WHAT? nothing?
  192. Could you do it people? Could you do what he wants here?
  193. ShOULD I Lie!?
  194. I'm devastated...need some advice!!!!!!
  195. problem with my mother- seriously need some advice
  196. back together and more problems: would you forgive?
  197. I really need advice....:(DESPERATELY
  198. slightly annoyed- why?
  199. Great Relationship Going Sour
  200. I need help!
  201. It was bad..
  202. College Experience
  203. 13 yrs married never kiss anymore
  204. Winter Break
  205. husbands friend??
  206. Need Advice
  207. i don't know what to do
  208. Arizona...New thread....
  209. He has me depressed out of my head..
  210. I'm interested,not sure about him
  211. My son and financial issues (sorry, long)
  212. Do long distance relationships really work out?
  213. His family
  214. why do people have to chase married ones
  215. Please make sense of this
  216. I keep obssessing about my bf's past relationship with his ex
  217. I'm nervous
  218. me and my bf :(
  219. were having a break what do i do
  220. What the heck is up with this guy????
  221. Social life revolves around getting drunk.
  222. If I only knew the right desicion..
  223. I am lost here!!!
  224. Do i owe an apology after 15 yrs?Have always wondered...
  225. help im in an emotionally abusive relationship
  226. Road trip!
  227. I believe his friend has been rude, here's his letter, please advise
  228. Should I persevere?
  229. she cheated/lied to me tons i want to get back at her, is this really mean?
  230. negativity
  231. He gets back in touch with me after several months...
  232. Frustrated
  233. Too quick, afraid to scare him off
  234. Why Do I Always Attract Mr. Wrong?
  235. No more cuddling
  236. I'll be alone forever
  237. Having a hard time reading this girl.
  238. I hate him and myself
  239. Single and unhappy, hear me out please...
  240. ok, so this is SO little to go on
  241. relationship advice from someone outside my little world.
  242. Who loves more?
  243. How did this happen to me ?
  244. Thanksgiving Woes
  245. Friendship advice needed
  246. Don't Know What to Do...Plz Help
  247. Promises, promises
  248. Alone Forever?
  249. age difference
  250. I yelled at him :(

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