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  1. slept with ex, AGAIN
  2. pregnant and suddenly just friends...now what??
  3. what to do?
  4. An old, ex boyfriend
  5. Please Anyone Please I Have No One
  6. Caring for DD's Kids and 2 St Bernards???
  7. Not really a problem just a question...
  8. What would you do?
  9. I Don't Know Where Else To Turn
  10. Is it normal to miss them even if it wasnt love?
  11. Trust issues or reasonable concern?
  12. Should I break up with her?
  13. weird sad freak here
  14. im back (same crap)
  15. Significant Age difference
  16. In-laws overstepping bounds w/ pregnancy
  17. stuck in relationship purgatory
  18. Is this normal?
  19. What do I do in this situation?
  20. Complicated Problem, How do I get through to her?! Help!
  21. Creating issues
  22. The Girl I Fell for...
  23. When the past says hello to you
  24. A little help
  25. Will things ever change?
  26. broken heart..lonely...confused...i dont know.
  27. SHe needs space, but is it ok to check in?
  28. I dont answer the phone enough?
  29. Do people really change?
  30. Girl of my dreams?
  31. The guy that I really like replyed to a message I wrote?
  32. I Finally Told Him!
  33. He "doesn't know" whether he ever wants kids
  34. How to tell them?
  35. I think im losing my sanity.
  36. young, married, and confused
  37. UPDATE for Veronica & others
  38. how to handle this one
  39. Friends w/ benefits - Confused He wants to take it to the next level
  40. How do you know?!
  41. girlfriend is gone to college now I'm worried..
  42. Relationship ended due to undiagnosed depression
  43. Boyfriend doesn't spend quality time with you
  44. Sellfish sister
  45. How would you understand this...
  46. help me get her back!
  47. Baised Comparisons
  48. no!
  49. 22 and never dated.
  50. How to hide my past
  51. what does this mean
  52. Weekend Update
  53. Guilt
  54. College
  55. relationship at work, what would you do?
  56. advice and help needed - relationship problems
  57. Past Relationships: How Do I Respond??
  58. I'm nervous!!!
  59. We're engaged but you'd never know it....
  60. is this normal?
  61. Getting Over the One you love Or waiting around to get her back ?
  62. Look, I desperately need all the support I can get. I'm begging here.
  63. (MEN) please help on this
  64. what to do
  65. Age Gap?
  66. What would you do??
  67. What to do?!
  68. Help, in major crisis!!
  69. In a total dilema.
  70. trouble in paradise
  71. Akward and bothersome
  72. He goes to holiday with his ex-girlfriend
  73. Need some advice
  74. mother in law problems... long story
  75. What is going on with me??
  76. Flirtatious women
  77. It's happening again
  78. EX-g/f Bday.
  79. sister in law dilemma
  80. how should I bring this up? (or should I)
  81. I'm so afraid, I can't breath
  82. So confused. So much in love. Need help please!
  83. Help me out, please.
  84. Should I feel stupid knowing that my gf has slept with more ppl than i have?
  85. involved with a married man again
  86. Would *you* react this way? Am I abnormal?
  87. Overbearing work colleauge
  88. Hurt and No one to talk to
  89. Ideas?
  90. Complicated Work Relationship
  91. Single girl with a crush on a now married man
  92. Please help me, I'm going crazy over here!
  93. Does he really want to be more than friends?
  94. my daughter stole something
  95. Did I really screw up? Or is he over reacting?
  96. Friends or more?
  97. Best Friend Getting On My Nerves
  98. Why do i suck so much at getting a girlfriend?
  99. Is it too late?
  100. Do we say something or not?
  101. Do You Let Them Know How You Feel?
  102. I need to know what he wants from me..
  103. Whats the difference between how a guy treats a friend and someone he is into?
  104. Frustrated
  105. BF doesn't want it
  106. My friends' ex-boyfriend...
  107. Should I Feel Guilty?
  108. I think there is more to it...
  109. irritated!!!!!
  110. Have I fallen out of love?
  111. Am I over demanding?
  112. How do I take this ????
  113. her annoying voice could be the dealbreaker...
  114. Marriage/Military
  115. May not be my buisness but she's lying!
  116. Friends with ex-gf
  117. Should a freindship be based on who you are partners with ?
  118. Should a freindship be based on who you are partners with ?
  119. Should a freindship be based on who you are partners with ?
  120. Where to begin ....
  121. BF "loves" me wants to sleep w. others not me
  122. I can't take the ups and downs much longer...
  123. did i scare him off?
  124. He says nothings wrong
  125. please help
  126. Marriage Problem
  127. What should I do in regards to my parents?
  128. Don't know what to tell her
  129. No longer sexualy attracted by my partner
  130. Pics from the last day of our realtionship
  131. unsure, for sure
  132. Girlfriend fallen out of love with me.
  133. liking attention?
  134. i need advice she said she wants her own space for now
  135. Are there any classes for....
  136. Too much too soon?
  137. old sofa set
  138. does she really love me?
  139. What's the differance??
  140. What Do You All Think???
  141. what's happening with my to my wife/life?
  142. Jeans w/rip in crotch, mean comment from DH...
  143. Dont understand maybe you do.....
  144. Money issues
  145. Awe the mind games!
  146. 20 years too long?
  147. I hate being ignored
  148. What to wear?!
  149. Hello Sophia and others...
  150. relationship anxiety...getting me down
  151. Am I being too jealous?
  152. I m in love, but she is far away, but i still dont believe wat she says. its now she
  153. military husband needs help with wifes depression
  154. Giving each other compliments
  155. I can't read men
  156. More drama
  157. Ex-boyfriend's mate
  158. Affair
  159. Complicated Situation
  160. Is it possible for this relationship to work
  161. Marriage problems
  162. How to love?
  163. How to say this to my GF
  164. relapse after 8/9 months
  165. something is on my mine so much.
  166. older men : (
  167. deportation question
  168. What would you do...
  169. My boyfriend's obesity is causing problems in our relationship
  170. Need some love XXXX
  171. This isnt really about relationships, more like a fear of losing good friendships.
  172. Am I about to get into an awkward situation?
  173. Getting someone to forgive
  174. in love...AND UNSURE
  175. Can I ask about marriage?
  176. 1 night left, how would you spend it?
  177. Jealousy/My relationship is on the line
  178. Suggestions on dealing with an A*#...
  179. Love help needed
  180. broken up one sec/ marriage talk the next
  181. Opinions needed please help
  182. What differentiates between your relationship with your partner and with other`s?
  183. Am I crazy...or is she..or are we both...
  184. needahug
  185. When Trust is Lost
  186. I dont like sex!
  187. Need your thoughts!! am i being paranoid?
  188. need some help
  189. being the "other woman"
  190. My boyfriend rarely compliments me.
  191. Hurting
  192. space part 3
  193. Is sex grounds for a breakup???
  194. Dreams at night-what's all this mean??
  195. wife cheated
  196. How do good relationships turn bad?
  197. Wish me luck!
  198. Lust in Denial
  199. Im again clueless about what to do with my ex. (Yes, same one)
  200. Is it time to break?
  201. How do you get rid of that disgusting feeling in the pit of your stomach??
  202. love issue
  203. Just Moved in with Girlfriend - Confused...
  204. please...
  205. Need Help!!!
  206. parent problems, continued
  207. Just learned about Friend's affair
  208. Discussing Past Relationships...
  209. Sad and Lonely
  210. is he serious???
  211. Age Gap
  212. a better person...
  213. Obligations VS Happiness
  214. I think hes trying...(Update on sometimes I hate my husband)
  215. I dont want it to be over.
  216. Would You???
  217. Could he be interested?
  218. Long distance relationships? Any advice will help.
  219. wedding trouble
  220. He's finally leaving: The pressure is suffocating me!
  221. Job loss and marriage
  222. Long time no see
  223. Friend is not doing well
  224. Irish lover
  225. Do I or Don't I?
  226. Girl problem
  227. I need help!! So hurt
  228. I give up making friends!!! Need to vent!
  229. Relationship Question
  230. i really miss her plz help (a bit long)
  231. my eyes...a source of problems
  232. Taking a back seat
  233. Need help please!!
  234. Jealousy problem - please help
  235. advice on how to deal with the other girl
  236. trust =[
  237. Just met a great girl and now shes gone, need advice please!!!! (long story)
  238. Coping with HER past...
  239. passwords
  240. He's gone...what do I do with myself now??
  241. space part 2
  242. left out or just my feelings?
  243. My trust level is nearly zero percent
  244. Broke up with BF...now what?
  245. First Date
  246. How do you know if a guy is out for only one thing?
  247. Involved with a cheating boyfriend
  248. Approval ?
  249. Help, the dog Is kicking me out.
  250. competitive

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