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  1. Question...
  2. Dreams about old flame
  3. Its getting worse
  4. Medical issues causing family strains-please help!
  5. My sisters make me depressed!
  6. How to stop wanting someone?
  7. Need some Insight on dating a man going through custody battle
  8. Obsessed and angry with ex..
  9. Friend's Fiance cheated on her- Doesn't know
  10. angry husband
  11. Simple Questions? Or not.
  12. Ex-boyfriend and ex wife together or what??
  13. partners ex causing nitemare with children
  14. was i "cheated" on? is that possible? NEED advice.
  15. Married for not even 3 weeks sad and not in love anymore
  16. Relating to a boss?
  17. Your thoughts? Does she still like the guy back home(me)? Why so active on my FB wall
  18. bored and lonely
  19. what to do
  20. Mom makes me depressed - relationship question
  21. Once again, I am the broken one...
  22. Resentment of Grown Step-Daughters
  23. Infidelity/marriage help!
  24. my partner cheated on me days before i moved in
  25. Boyfriend's Mother
  26. Boyfriend's mother is co dependant emotionally and financially
  27. vent/advice
  28. I feel so sick when I'm scared or I panic! Are these panic attacks?
  29. Old friend's brother died
  30. Boyfriend Might Go to Jail - Stand by Your Man?
  31. Help please!
  32. Please help!!
  33. Should I stay or should I go?
  34. Fighting everyday in a long term relationship?
  35. How should I handle this break up, wanting to get her back, 3.5 years.
  36. SHould I forgive him or leave him?
  37. Boyfriend wont let me sleep.
  38. Relative: stalker? What to do?
  39. Advice on an argument.
  40. Son in law help
  41. GF cheated on me Still Love her and she wants to get back together PLEASE ADVICE!!
  42. how to cope with my mother
  43. What to do in my relationship ? Lot of fighting and trust issue
  44. How to talk to my GF about her mental health
  45. My long and strange story of anxiety, and my odd feelings.
  46. Mother makes me feel guilty when I ask for help with the kids?
  47. Father Kissed My Wife: Filed for Divorce
  48. Resenting and Pushing Away My Boyfriend
  49. My girlfriend and I are on a break. I need some help.
  50. I need help on how to express my feelings and anger control
  51. making the right decision
  52. Feeling down:(
  53. My fiance has been really angry lately..
  54. Idk
  55. Girlfriend Could be Pregnant Scared for Her.
  56. boyfriend's mother
  57. How do I get her back?
  58. Was I really in the wrong?
  59. Is it just sex or is it actually a slow moving relationship?
  60. Need help with online dating
  61. Thoughts :-\
  62. How do I learn to forgive myself? need advice.
  63. Relationship with Partner could be over.
  64. How to deal with someone ignoring you
  65. Betrayed and confused
  66. hopeless and guilty
  67. Depressed from breakup
  68. Am I stuck in limbo
  69. Was she opening up or attention seeking?
  70. Is she playing hard to get, playing me, or just lost interest?
  71. Low self asteem killing my relationship
  72. confused and don't understand
  73. Married but in love with another man - help!
  74. Is it all me?
  75. Are all lies bad? I don't know what to think.
  76. Am i being used by friend
  77. Boyfriend refusing couples' counseling
  78. Why can't I have fun with him?
  79. In desperate need of real advice please.
  80. I lost weight while Best Friend got FAT
  81. facebook problem
  82. Don't love my husband
  83. I don't even know how to title this...
  84. My ex has Borderline PD and cut me out of his life
  85. anger and depression
  86. married, pregnant and very unhappy
  87. Should I leave?
  88. shy
  89. i want to repair the damage
  90. I feel like I married too young
  91. how to stop being clingy
  92. not attracted to husband
  93. Need advice for real
  94. I just found out my bf cheated on me
  95. I'm mean to my boyfriend... why?
  96. Genital warts
  97. Is this really going somewhere?
  98. Love triangle stressing me out
  99. Am I wanting to fight or was he wrong?
  100. Is marriage in our future or am I waisting time?
  101. Wife's boss bought her massage. Odd or not?
  102. I can't read his mind, and he won't open up.
  103. Did she cheat on me or not
  104. Ex-wife asking my boyfriend to come over - opinions
  105. am i overreacting or is it over... i need closure
  106. Pregnant gf driving me to the walls making me depressed with her moods how to cope
  107. How to contact my birth mother without her family knowing
  108. going home to wife that is soul searching reading to leave!
  109. Why is he so moody & mean to me?
  110. His anger is really coming between us
  111. unforgiveable
  112. He left without telling me why
  113. what does this mean?
  114. Should i stop loving him !!
  115. Incessant Fighting with Girlfriend
  116. A Question for Pretty Women out there...
  117. At a standpoint
  118. Husbands has always had a low libido
  119. Girlfriends "prank" ruined my comp; won't pay for replacement.
  120. New. Need advice please?!
  121. I really miss my dad
  122. Married but in love with another woman
  123. depressed
  124. Home Stay
  125. is it me or him?
  126. Confusing attraction
  127. Roommate ignoring my existence
  128. Advice on making myself a better husband.
  129. Long Distance Relationship taking it's toll on me
  130. new here...
  131. How do i keep her interested?
  132. How do i know if this girl likes me or my friend?
  133. I'm so confused
  134. Just need to vent
  135. Reconnected after 25 years, but
  136. My relationship is going bad
  137. I really think I am done this time...
  138. Friction
  139. Did he cheat on me?
  140. should i give him a second chance ???
  141. Fighting and compromising in a relationship
  142. What is wrong for me to invade my spouse privacy?
  143. Any thoughts please...
  144. Horrible Situation!
  145. Help!
  146. my 3 and a half year relationship is slipping away :(
  147. Weird behavior: washing out condoms
  148. a 3 year dream relationship falling apart in process
  149. How do you learn to stop loving someone?
  150. Falling for the wrong person - but can't let her go just yet
  151. do i reject his leads or just give time
  152. sister
  153. Passive-aggressive Mom
  154. Need advice. Married 10 years. Wife has been lying to me.
  155. Don't know how to get a girlfriend.
  156. Husband visiting sex dating sites
  157. Want romance but can never have it.
  158. I am paying for everything
  159. happily married and secretly attracted to another
  160. Overly involved parents
  161. VERY complicated situation - PLEASE HELP!!
  162. Really sick of it all, but I love him so much
  163. troubled marriage , please help me
  164. Not sure what to do
  165. Unsure of my relationship anymore
  166. girlfriend trouble
  167. relationship
  168. I can't seem to be able to trust my partner, HELP!!
  169. Did I ever in love with him?
  170. Ex Gf begging me back and I feel very bad!
  171. Posting this again, need advice please:(
  172. I feel heartbroken and stupid
  173. Pregnant Girlfriend wants us to be single while still living together
  174. Dealing with my Boyfriends Adult Daughter
  175. please help
  176. Someone PLEASE help me :(
  177. Seeking some more information
  178. Now I'm in their life, worried about abuse of children by my boyfriend's ex-wife
  179. Boyfriend Trust Issues
  180. me and my ex
  181. I feel like i have to make all the effort in my relationship
  182. Our Past Still Lingers
  183. I think I'm a bad girlfriend...
  184. Just split with G/F - feeling very down...
  185. I "love" this girl, whats going on here..
  186. confused and alone
  187. Why does he keep texting?
  188. Which girl do i like???
  189. egyptian man is this abuse
  190. Feelings for ex getting in the way of new relationships.
  191. He searches Facebook for pics of girls
  192. To give up or not??
  193. need some advice
  194. Does a girl still like you if she gets jealous of you talking to other girls?
  195. My boyfriend makes me cry but he cares?
  196. Raising my stepson, but we can't have kids
  197. can't make up my mind!
  198. so confused can anyone give me some advice
  199. Lonely and Unappreciated.
  200. I can't stand my boyfriend's mother and she hates me for no reason.
  201. just not over it or something more?
  202. 7-yr. relationship over, alone and scared by life changes.
  203. Trusting again?
  204. Too many thoughts
  205. Girlfriends newborn
  206. Ex-boyfriend and current boyfriend
  207. anonymous 5678- getting married but in love with someone else 2009
  208. Help! He lied to me about talking to girls online, do I do back or let it go?
  209. Please Help
  210. Partner shares a bed with friends
  211. Someone Explain!
  212. trapped in marriage
  213. Virgin Guy 23, sick and lonely
  214. I hate my parents
  215. Need help learning to forgive husband
  216. not very good at this =(
  217. Do some feel that they have waited long enough>? When will meet a good one?
  218. My boyfriend just beat me
  219. How do i find a good guy?
  220. Girlfriend Getting Tested... Cheating?
  221. I feel numb
  222. Relationship on and off, analyzing to death, new diagnosis testicular cancer
  223. Just need to get this off my chest.Sorry
  224. Should I break off the engagement?
  225. Dealing with heart break.
  226. Boyfriend is all over me in public
  227. Unsure
  228. Do you think she hooks up with her roommate?
  229. Dad Here - Need advice!
  230. ROCD? Please help!
  231. Does it sound like this girl is in a relationship already?
  232. What to do when "the honeymoon is over"?
  233. Trust issues
  234. How to fix him up?
  235. What is happening?!
  236. I Need Help. I Don't Know What I Should Do, But I Am Going Crazy :'(
  237. Jealous of boyfriend wanting to spend time with his friends?
  238. Everything he does annoys me!
  239. Hi I need someone to talk to...
  240. My husband looks at dirty pictures... after I've asked him to stop!
  241. Husband gets angry with me
  242. What do consider the criteria for calling some of the past a boyfriend or girlfriend?
  243. Boss is a Bully, but I work in HR!!
  244. Girls - please help with my thoughts!
  245. Socially awkward, nervous, wife & mother
  246. need help with ex gf
  247. Leaving someone you love
  248. Husband has a lot of anger
  249. Being in a relationship and time with friends
  250. Guys Im tired of my mother, need serious advice...

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