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  1. Just met a great girl and now shes gone, need advice please!!!! (long story)
  2. Coping with HER past...
  3. passwords
  4. He's gone...what do I do with myself now??
  5. space part 2
  6. left out or just my feelings?
  7. My trust level is nearly zero percent
  8. Broke up with BF...now what?
  9. First Date
  10. How do you know if a guy is out for only one thing?
  11. Involved with a cheating boyfriend
  12. Approval ?
  13. Help, the dog Is kicking me out.
  14. competitive
  15. What would you do?
  16. What can i do?
  17. Am I being too harsh?
  18. May I get some opinions on what you think I should do?
  19. He's FINALLY out !!!(but now what)
  20. My Husband may be bi polar
  21. Most of the time I hate my husband
  22. Is it a good idea to write your ex?
  23. this is for Pmaapl
  24. patience is a virtue
  25. I hate seeing girls get treated badly...
  26. He shouldn't be marrying her, and it's heartbreaking (sorry it's long, pls read!)
  27. heartbreak
  28. feel a little neglected...
  29. DV Help
  30. Money and the EX
  31. an update (a happy ending to this unnecessary drama)
  32. space?
  33. Other's opinions
  34. i cant get over him!
  35. Future MIL - unwelcome information.
  36. An online persona?
  37. Has anyone fallen completely out of love with their current partners?
  38. He keeps suggesting & cancelling dates, WHY?
  39. What is he doing??
  40. Am I Just Going Crazy Here?
  41. When is it over...?
  42. Just emigrated From the UK to NZ and wife gone mad and left me - HELP
  43. Jeez a big problem
  44. lost and confused PLZ HELP
  45. Army Wife?
  46. was i used?
  47. his friends...
  48. how do you know when to end things?
  49. My favourite colleague left my workplace.
  50. out of touch
  51. talking to the folks?
  52. "Are there any faithful guys left?" more updates and questions
  53. i'm scared..........
  54. Being the "other guy"
  55. Grass is always greener...
  56. AGAIN: It's my mistake that he can't see his son..
  57. moving in together
  58. Need opinions on being 'too' nice
  59. How to raise self esteem?
  60. How Do I Progress?
  61. Why !!!!!!!!!
  62. Boyfriend never calls during the day....
  63. My husband finally coming home soon!?
  64. Update..
  65. Needing encouragement..support
  66. Pregnancy and Marriage
  67. Married w children but found another
  68. Little problem...ex's mate!!
  69. My Fiancee Gets Jealous For No Reason
  70. everything is caving in all around me
  71. How do I make him like me again?
  72. I too have a dilema
  73. Sometimes guys just take awhile......
  74. Major Love Sick :(
  75. Professional courtesy or more?
  76. how to stop analyzing
  77. An update! I'm a sucker for flowers... am I too forgiving?
  78. Girlfriend still tried to lie, EVEN WITH CONFRONTED WITH EVIDENCE!
  79. Old friends
  80. My Daughter's Father
  81. He's leading a double life!
  82. He's leading a double life!
  83. his ex called and he didn't tell me till 6 months later
  84. Help, I have a dilemna
  85. Are there any faithful guys left?
  86. Are there any faithful guys left?
  87. I need advice or my marriage may be over...
  88. Why Would???
  89. Me vs. His Hobbies
  90. Dirty little secret.....
  91. Need advice, please....
  92. I can't unlove him :(
  93. really need some advice. (long)
  94. Looking for any help I can get to keep the online conversation going....
  95. Two men in my heart
  96. its just so hard...
  97. my situation
  98. Thinking about online dating...
  99. An interesting dilemna with an exgirlfriend and her now boyfriend
  100. Long-distance relationship?
  101. Trust issues (long post, legit question though)
  102. What's the right response?
  103. This Makes Me Mad :*( :*( :*(
  104. slightly confused
  105. How do you know if you're too clingy?
  106. venting on being a doormat
  107. Again this is directed towards the people who have been involved with my topics.
  108. Where did my marriage go wrong, is this the end???
  109. Feel Like BF doesnt care anymore
  110. I need help with a guy!
  111. BF on questionable site... should I be concerned?
  112. Am I being paranoid?
  113. i need help with this
  114. How to fight pangs of loneliness?
  115. i've never been this hurt like this before
  116. How do you keep the spark alive?
  117. How should I react to this wild turn of events?
  118. Your opinions
  119. Not "aggressive" enough?
  120. Jealous of BF's girl friend
  121. Body Image and Relationships
  122. Trust Issues
  123. Every once in a while, I get confused by women
  124. long distance, it's killing me
  125. Need Relationship Help Quick!
  126. Dumped again
  127. Not really sure anymore
  128. Relationship Regrets
  129. Update: What is wrong with me?
  130. 18 and never had a boyfriend!
  131. How to I learn to stop reading into things !!!!
  132. Help.His friends talked bad about me to my boyfriend.
  133. Why Are Guys Such Jerks???
  134. My Father.
  135. Thoughts on relationships
  136. Life changing events unfolding...help!
  137. I think I waited too long... (a little confused as well)
  138. Liking one who is not "your type"
  139. back in the game and loving it/hating it
  140. Was it really THAT wrong?
  141. cheating and love
  142. my secret boyfriend?
  143. anxiety disorders and dating.....
  144. When You???
  145. cant escape the hurt...co-worker triangle
  146. its over, hes gone, im crying, what now ?
  147. He says no more affection...
  148. How Can???
  149. first date...
  150. Skating on a thin line...
  151. Worried that I may be wrong for ....
  152. I can FORGIVE, but I don't know how to FORGET
  153. Computers access ?
  154. Do I have a right? (About having a guy friend)
  155. I just need to vent!!!
  156. why wont she forgive and forget?
  157. Online dating ?
  158. Should I Stick In there?
  159. Is 4 months too soon?
  160. should people in committed relationships still be friends with their exes?
  161. should i stay or should i go?
  162. Can someone offer me advice for my sister
  163. I'm new here, my first post and history
  164. Husband thinks it is ok, but he confuses me sometimes!
  165. everything is gay to him!!!!!!
  166. Has anyone seen.....?
  167. Don't want family to care for our son
  168. GF's Father
  169. Giving Out Phone No. ?
  170. Life still not good after breakup
  171. Quick dating question..
  172. What the heck is wrong with me!
  173. Does coworker have an eye for me?
  174. Daughter wants to hook me up with this guy
  175. advice needed
  176. a restraining order question
  177. Am I overstepping my bounds?
  178. I feel sad, felt like I lost a 'friend'
  179. My Mother is a Gossip & a Liar
  180. Why does he say he wants to be with me.. then changes ?
  181. Will this get easier...?
  182. Don't know what to make of anything.
  183. Do relationships ever rekindle after long periods...
  184. Best friends (a couple) growing apart?
  185. I Just Dont Know What To Do.........Please Hear Me Out....Never Felt Like This Before
  186. What I Do?
  187. Tattoo ruins relationship
  188. Always felt snubbed by my family.
  189. Should married people have opposite sex friends?
  190. A difficult situation...advice needed
  191. How do you know when you love someone?
  192. Do I actually need a woman?
  193. Turns out he has a gf
  194. I have no clue where else to post this
  195. Back with my ex? His ex called tonight
  196. no balance, knowing better ...but I love him with all my heart
  197. Taking over our vacation
  198. Should I be bothered by this?
  199. In-laws And Vacation
  200. So depressed today :(
  201. I don't know how to say "NO" and I hate it
  202. Taking a break...ugh.
  203. Bigamy and Domestic Violence
  204. Relationship off balance
  205. Why does it still hurt...
  206. Are our lifestyles too incompatible for a relationship?
  207. Why Does It Hurt So Bad?
  208. I'd like to know your opinion
  209. ex's still in the picture
  210. hopeless situation
  211. I need a friend...
  212. Anyone go through a Quarter Life Crisis??
  213. what am i doing wrong(long story)
  214. i need help please!!
  215. opinions needed!
  216. Not sure whether to end this..
  217. Can't agree on children
  218. Update----
  219. I've sorta been dating the married woman
  220. is playing sports with other grls...
  221. How to start healing after finding out about affair
  222. What is this break, really?
  223. Got in an arguement with a parent
  224. Went out with my Australian friend: my bf is only a flatmate to me now
  225. Weird question
  226. amazed if you read this!Long...but I'M STILL IN PAIN?!?!?!
  227. Met adopted cousin for first time last week
  228. still in love?
  229. How annoying would this be?
  230. Yay over that breakup
  231. Much needed help
  232. For the first time i like someone else(help!!!)
  233. need your help on something
  234. Breaking Up?
  235. Significant other's family crossing a line, or not?
  236. being the other woman
  237. I think my wife cheated on me
  238. am I doing the right thing? I need some answers please!
  239. Lying about age
  240. help me move on from an abusive relationship!
  241. Marriage+children=????
  242. So someone give me some ideas on how to get a date with this girl.
  243. Low self esteem after breakups
  244. Hard to be alone
  245. feeling second to his ex wife and kids
  246. Another issue with my parents. Just looking for advice, hopefully asap.
  247. Guys making ex jealous
  248. Brokenhearted and very depressed
  249. Stuck in reverse
  250. Ex problems

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