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  1. trying to figure this out - the other woman
  2. I want my life to be meaningful...
  3. He does'nt think without me!!!
  4. my mom
  5. I Need Advice
  6. Should I bother going out with him again?
  7. IN LOVE WITH A GUY who does not exist!
  8. GF Childhood Trauma running our lives
  9. cant sleep girl on mind.
  10. I love my gf, but can I trust her??? what do you think
  11. Am I being silly?
  12. This CAN'T be okay, can it???
  13. would you stay with.......
  14. Falling for my Colleague
  15. mother in-law problems can anyone help
  16. He disappeared.
  17. I am crushed...
  18. one night thing?
  19. best friend's = best lover's?
  20. The definition of cheating
  21. when do you give up?
  22. please help
  23. An on going problem i just cannot solve!
  24. Need advice on a Female
  25. Devastated :(
  26. Need Help Please!
  27. He's perfect except for one thing
  28. Neighbor Issues Too
  29. How to Build Romance
  30. GF won't get out of abusive relationship
  31. Its been almost a year and it still hurts so bad...
  32. I WAS having a good time, until...
  33. I don't know if I should stay
  34. Relationship Issues
  35. Looking at Others??
  36. Fight for her?
  37. Just need some help, cant get over her.
  38. Girl trouble...
  39. Stay... Go... I don't know
  40. Tell me this.
  41. My Fiance's Mom is a Problem........
  42. Whats normal behaviour?
  43. I Need a Man's Perspective
  44. Does he have the right?
  45. advice on some good--some really BAD!!
  46. My BF's mum doesn't like me and thinks that I am an outsider
  47. My Boyfriend Won't Talk About His Feelings!
  48. well we spoke and things are better!
  49. Jealous boyfriend..or just protective? - dont wear short skirts he says!
  50. A New Friendship
  51. Confuse,hope u would find time to give advice...
  52. am i being funny?
  53. Husband like Jekyll & Hyde...please help
  54. when do you have the talk
  55. desperate for a boyfriend.
  56. Worried about friend
  57. Marriage counseling experiences?
  58. Is my new boyfriend holding onto his past ?
  59. symptoms of commitment issues?
  60. Prone to Cheat??
  61. thoughts no problem, right?
  62. Any advice on finding a good girl for me?
  63. seeing him again after 6 months!how 2 deal???
  64. 12 years together, 2 years of marriage and he wants to quit
  65. How to say GOODBYE
  66. Getting used
  67. In doubt, is he just pulling me along?
  68. worrying thoughts..
  69. Today is his B-Day.
  70. Should I Wait for HIm to Call or Email Him Back????
  71. havea bf thinking of ex
  72. Broken up for a month....loosing my mind!
  73. coping with an abusive relationship
  74. How to Teach Communcation Skills?
  75. help us please
  76. Playing Romantic Games
  77. Husband got a new job.....now I'm lonely.
  78. To those who decided not to have children
  79. Promiscuous guys
  80. should i care?
  81. Suspicions
  82. Listening to your heart?
  83. Busy weekends?
  84. Dad is cheating on Mom!!! Help me..
  85. help, I need somone to talk to
  86. He doesn't believe me!
  87. Thank You... Update
  88. Please help, what kind of game is she playing?
  89. Confused yet again
  90. I'm very sad and it hurts a lot...i need your advices.
  91. My poor heart strings!!
  92. It it possible to fall back IN love?
  93. I Need some people to talk to.
  94. Question to all the ladies...........
  95. dating life in the 30's
  96. how to put this nicely...
  97. Wanting a friendship to continue
  98. Should I stay or go
  99. Boyfriend cheated w/ 30 girls on web!
  100. ready to make a step against abusive father
  101. confused about new love??
  102. How can find happiness again?
  103. How do you get over.................
  104. Boyfriend Doesn't Care...
  105. can't be his friend
  106. HELP. For me and others in my...
  107. What do you suggest - a little feeback, please
  108. Ex boyfriend...
  109. Boyfriend expects me to pay him back-is it ok?
  110. anxious..
  111. letting go of anger
  112. Living with a cheap boyfriend!
  113. How do I ask for a raise?
  114. Punishing myself...
  115. issues with friend
  116. Fiance left me one week before wedding
  117. Inlaws and Christmas
  118. Husband wanting Mother-In-Law nearby
  119. Advice on relationship with my father
  120. I want to save my marriage
  121. Marriage in Trouble
  122. Update with Online Dating--Part II
  123. i want to stop being jealous and feel secure - how do I DO it?
  124. Ex's Best Friend Moving In...
  125. my b/f refuses to throw away junk, among other stressors
  126. how do i control my jealousy?!!
  127. need advice about a girl
  128. i dont know
  129. He's accusing me of cheating on him...
  130. Trying to deal with in-laws !!
  131. Ex is back after I got married
  132. Advise needed badly!!!!
  133. Is it my fault?
  134. Dreams as Wedding Approaches
  135. Crisis
  136. different priorities- am I overreacting?
  137. What do i do about this guy?
  138. Found A Long Lost Love, But.......
  139. confused :(
  140. sometimes i can not understand men
  141. Some advice for a broken heart
  142. Cant Deal with boss
  143. Ok now its done
  144. I don't trust my friend's boyfriend...neither does she
  145. something feels different
  146. Passion or Security
  147. Now what?
  148. My own journey in online dating.
  149. I'm married, but I'm "in love" with someone else
  150. I want to stay with him, and I love him, but I am having doubts. Someone please help
  151. Marriage
  152. Watching the kids
  153. Opposites in a Relationship
  154. the never ending debt issue from his parents!
  155. Whats Wrong With Him?
  156. I love him, but I'm not "in love" at all...
  157. totaly confused
  158. I miss my X-GF
  159. He Is Coming back
  160. What to do in this situation?
  161. Okay, I'm panicking...
  162. Ex-Husband Passed Away!
  163. My husband's faith is putting a kink in our sex life
  164. seeking advice on a mother & daughter relationship
  165. really need some advice....all posts welcome!
  166. Is dressing sexy a crime?
  167. Busted with porn
  168. how to date
  169. She's desperate for marriage - I'm not
  170. I love my boyfriend, but he frustrates me insane!
  171. What is with my bf?
  172. Dealing with old feelings
  173. Roomate psycho? OCD?
  174. waiting for intimacy
  175. why? how? when?
  176. Will I ever breathe again?
  177. going downhill?
  178. Increased phone calls, Should I be concerned?
  179. Wife loves clubbing
  180. Interracial Dating?
  181. Ex-husband and me
  182. Did depression ever harm or end your relationship?
  183. dating a long term friend?
  184. Last night I snapped
  185. Making moves
  186. Hey CancerDad
  187. friend or more? please help
  188. gf dumped me on hawaii cruise
  189. Family Problems
  190. Attempting to bond with soon to me MIL
  191. Don't know who I am.
  192. Never been close to anyone?
  193. Just broken up with b/f - don't have many friends
  194. Why cant i be normal???
  195. please help--how should I respond to these guys?
  196. Dating Ethics
  197. I don't feel anything for my boyfriend...
  198. How Can I Split Them Up?
  199. Relationship with a Past Boyfriend
  200. when you are not on the same page?
  201. A little advice please
  202. worried about ex daughter[my stepdaughter]
  203. being "on my own" and meeting someone
  204. When do men start thinking about a lasting commitment? How do u discuss this?
  205. How do I start and build relationships with women?
  206. I cant seem to lose my feelings for my ex.
  207. Commitment Issues..
  208. Sick of "I'm Sorry"'s
  209. why won't she leave me
  210. Ending it Up Date
  211. Follow your head or your heart
  212. Must find out
  213. Am I just being stupid and hurting myself?
  214. too fast? Dating someone thats been a friend
  215. Online dating\meeting [how?]
  216. A sudden change! I wasn't prepared for that from his side
  217. Cheating Girlfriend of 7 years
  218. Best Relationship I Have Ever Been Half Of.... BUT....
  219. we never see each other...
  220. Things are looking up but i still have a some things i would appriciate advice on..
  221. Male - 12 yrs marriage - where 2 now?
  222. Moving back in together...
  223. Is the cemistry gone?
  224. What role does self....
  225. long distance negelect...
  226. Please help! To tell or not to tell? Tormented!
  227. Wifes affair ended
  228. Its gone from bad to WORSE..help me please...
  229. Why is dating so hard?!?
  230. need help
  231. Responses Needed: What Makes You Happy In A Relationship?
  232. Need advice
  233. moving out , she needs space advice
  234. Update on ME!!
  235. Thankyou to you all..I mean it!!!!
  236. (How) To break up (or not?)
  237. Could I be asking too much?
  238. what does this mean
  239. My New Philosopy On My Wife's Affairs
  240. i don't know what to do please help
  241. hi everyone... kinda long
  242. Why does he ask?
  243. drunken relationship
  244. Hurting
  245. Im curious, can this happen?
  246. i just wanted sex he says..:(
  247. How much fighting is too much fighting?
  248. Why does love hurt so much?
  249. At my wits end!!!
  250. Don't love my husband anymore

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