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  1. should i have said this?
  2. his greediness with money is making me not like him
  3. How to show her?
  4. Anything will help...
  5. Possible for girl to "grow to like you" ?
  6. So frustrated ... with myself
  7. Need some advice
  8. Is this the beginning of the end?
  9. Update Major Midlife Crisis
  10. Is Drama Really a Bad Thing?
  11. Some Advice needed!!! Please help!!
  12. Girlfriend is just CONTINUALLY lying...
  13. don't know what to do ...
  14. ex still in the picture
  15. After 10 years - devastated
  16. what else can i do to save my marriage?
  17. breaking up...
  18. Not speading time together :(
  19. My GF is having problems.
  20. Stay or leave?
  21. I think my boyfriend is cheating on me with his ex!!!
  22. relationship counseling
  23. Frustrated
  24. Saw my ex tonight :(
  25. did I move on too quickly after my breakup?
  26. Considering leaving
  27. Zodia love signs - any bearing on relationship success?
  28. Husband in trouble
  29. Signs of a Keeper?
  30. Friend in a pickle plz. help!!
  31. Mom is Lonely-What to do?
  32. major mid life crisis
  33. Am I still letting him walk all-over me?
  34. How do we..?
  35. GF and new Guy "Friend"
  36. Playing Games?
  37. NEED advice
  38. How would you take this...?
  39. What to do
  40. bf of 7ys has someone pregnant
  41. Speaking of dishonesty in relationships....
  42. She wants a break
  43. He left before we woke up
  44. My bf's ex tricked him into getting her pregnant
  45. Discussing Morals
  46. I'll flip you for the stairmaster...
  47. Am I garbage? Do I deserve to be loved?
  48. Need help, thoughts, anything LONG POST (cheating wife)
  49. Exgirlfriend loves and misses me.........
  50. Dealing with jealousy
  51. When will this pain go away?
  52. Hey all...back again...
  53. Hurting Relationship due to Trust Issues
  54. I've got myself in to a mess..
  55. He said he'll go to anger management. Should this appeal to me?
  56. Relationships... It's not easy.
  57. friendly intention's or more?
  58. god it was so embarrasing
  59. Left behind and then replaced
  60. boyfriends "chick" friends
  61. I feel so alone
  62. how do I know?
  63. Confused
  64. Needy Husband acts like a toddler
  65. Oops... I did it again...
  66. Why?
  67. Boyfriend Troubles.
  68. She's returning to ex???HELP!!!
  69. Relationship with married woman
  70. Almost a Month and Now He Wants to See Me?
  71. what do u guys think?
  72. Parents-Where to draw the line of forgiveness?
  73. Worried about parents
  74. I finally got a few things off my chest!!!
  75. Dreaming of an ex?
  76. Am I crazy?
  77. Should i be offended?
  78. Developing Relationship?
  79. BF's Internet porn addiction???
  80. I am in love with both....
  81. Spinoff question: Is phone sex considered cheating?
  82. Need some opinions on what to do
  83. Not feeling very good about myself
  84. confused about ex....and current B/F
  85. Guess What!!
  86. almost a yr since we broke up,and........
  87. Dreams...
  88. Please help! 10 days to decide to move in with my bf...
  89. My soulmate is with the wrong person
  90. What is my sister thinking?
  91. My dependence on my BF: unhealthy?
  92. Should i listen to my parents?
  93. I cant find any nice __________ to date
  94. Guess its not a rebound
  95. My insecurity problem.
  96. Relationship Help Needed...is it me?
  97. feeling sad
  98. ok some calls please
  99. Help Me Stop!
  100. What am I doing?!
  101. Bye all
  102. Are we looking for a fantasy image or a real person?
  103. update and an ending
  104. Affair?
  105. Call Jerry Springer?!?!
  106. And they strike again! I hate them!
  107. Am I wrong??
  108. When you think youve found the one
  109. We're Getting Married!!!!
  110. Do looks matter?
  111. Can't live with or without her...what would you do if you were me?
  112. I'm at my witts end, please help!
  113. Family Cruise With In-laws??!!!
  114. help before i pull all my hair out :)
  115. Lost My Girl should I date her friend?
  116. another way to look at it...
  117. boyfriends porn/women addictions
  118. RUDE men!!!
  119. Can love be turned into friendship?
  120. Hey
  121. At a complete loss of what to do...
  122. am i being selfish by being ignorant?
  123. The end to my relationship qualms
  124. Help Please, I don't know what to do
  125. Dealing with A Breakup That Should Of Never Happened?
  126. Alone soon and so afraid
  127. Gives me her number, but doesnt return call?
  128. What's "asking for space" REALLY mean?
  129. Friends, what to do with them?
  130. Cheating? What is it?
  131. Advice on Meeting a Girl
  132. Keeping a long-term relationship interesting
  133. Boyfriend's female friends
  134. Gathering strength
  135. Wishes
  136. Going Crazy (Recent Breakup)
  137. Is it me or something else?
  138. Copeing With A VERBAL Abusive Relationship
  139. Being "Set-up"--A good or bad thing??
  140. can we rebuild the relationship?
  141. Husband is a bully
  142. What is he thinking?
  143. I'm going out of mind!!
  144. i fantasize about OLDER guys
  145. offended by parents steriotypes
  146. How do I learn to trust someone again?
  147. Hi all (update)
  148. My boyfriend recently told me his is married but separated....
  149. engaged to someone who's still married? ( a question for men I suppose? )
  150. someone please help me i think im losing it for good.
  151. Meeting someone from the internet
  152. A little advice.
  153. I feel chemistry!
  154. HELP...I don't know what to do! *confused*
  155. should i trust her with my boyfriend?
  156. not much time left, please help!
  157. curious about rebounds
  158. Torn apart by possible trial separation 2
  159. I want to surprise my girl
  160. Love Or Hate?im So Confused...help Please
  161. Just need to move on...but i love him
  162. Help Me!
  163. In love with an older man!
  164. Coming Clean & Asking for Help
  165. Help me trust
  166. My husband has changed
  167. Today was not a good day.
  168. Burned Out on Dating!
  169. remember me?
  170. Freinds tell me hubby is taking all the $$$!
  171. My ex the Flirt/Tease
  172. taking a break?
  173. Feelings for Two
  174. don't want to hurt him
  175. Mixed Feelings
  176. What's wrong with me?
  177. Please read and advice
  178. he always puts preassure on me to get drunk
  179. Can this relationship last
  180. Cheated.. Very Complicated.. Please help me!
  181. What does this mean?
  182. He's leaving... for 2 entire semesters
  183. Don't Date This Guy!!!!
  184. Help
  185. could it be???
  186. Hesitant to get closer...
  187. Well its all over
  188. guidance please
  189. Heartbroken... Help.
  190. Can friends ruin a relationship?
  191. please! its getting more and more quiet.
  192. Ok, finally going to ask for help!
  193. Am I too needy?
  194. Prision Lover--Please Help......
  195. Another Child in the family ? - BIG Fight!
  196. Second chances.
  197. Feeling Miserable...
  198. How does one deal with unwelcomed advances?
  199. Worried about my relationship
  200. Hi, everyone! Just checking in-it's Salty
  201. Well the engagements off
  202. what is your def. of seeing someone?
  203. Am i wrong?
  204. bf problems, any advice?
  205. Why this sudden change?
  206. is he after one thing?
  207. Will this ever end?
  208. Whats wrong with my boyfriend?
  209. Can someone please explain this to me?
  210. How easy it is to put the past behind?
  211. GOSH i really need help
  212. I'm so confused
  213. Third Date--leading him on?
  214. Need help dealing with an issue
  215. Any advice please on why we can't make up an arguement
  216. Dating again...
  217. My baby brother's girlfriend....
  218. Is he or not?
  219. How in the HECK do I do this?
  220. he wont let her go x2
  221. calling again
  222. Being dependent on him
  223. i need advice
  224. Problem with a mother's boy!
  225. Please, need help!
  226. Is it my entirely fault?
  227. What makes a good wife?
  228. I'm so upset. After four months...
  229. didn't want to believe it
  230. No contact w/ parents!!!
  231. Please help! - my wife is cheating online
  232. PMS, Emotion, My love...
  233. Something terrible has happened!!!!!!!
  234. i need a gf...
  235. What should I do?
  236. Is this weird?
  237. Whiny Hubby Problem
  238. We're starting to "work"
  239. Update--Ex wants him back
  240. Advice wanted my marriage is in crisis
  241. How can I make it work(just married/8months pregnant)???
  242. Please help...I need advice and fast!!!
  243. what are the steps?
  244. Should I Stay or Should I Go?
  245. Mindgame or For Real?
  246. Question about feelings...
  247. What about first loves
  248. I need some advice about love...
  249. Boyfriend has poor hygiene
  250. Marriage problems...trial separation???

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