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  1. 'friendship' problem
  2. How to move on ..
  3. Why did she do this to me?
  4. Accept friendship for now or cut off?
  5. Another update on "So Confused Lately.." for those who helped.
  6. Update, My BF's son
  7. I need some advice....
  8. Need Some Advice
  9. need some opinions
  10. Jealous of a Car?
  11. I Don't Understand Men
  12. She called me!
  13. Drunk dialed ex-boyfriend
  14. Nice Girl, But Just Don't Know...
  15. Jerry Springer Drama!
  16. what should i do
  17. Selfish decisions and sacrifices made in a relationship
  18. confused N alone :(
  19. live my life single
  20. work friend
  21. Son & Step Daughter, HELP!
  22. Still not over it........
  23. Where to go now?
  24. I Did It....Update To Previous Post
  25. Relationship Woes -- Need Guidance
  26. Well, I did it... update.
  27. What does it mean?
  28. Green eyed monster
  29. Relationship/Love
  30. Love Apart
  31. Suggestions/Comments (LONG TOPIC, SORRY)
  32. MADHATTER UP-DATE![please,need feedback!]
  33. Toxic marriage
  34. Stressed out with this relationship
  35. Trying to salvage my marriage......
  36. talking with dad
  37. Tied and twisted
  38. bored
  39. How do I end this relationship?
  40. I'm so lonely I don't know what to do?!?!?!
  41. Wish I knew what to do....
  42. Very painful problem with father
  43. Seeking opinions, support for "May/December"
  44. One that got away
  45. This is killin me inside...
  46. BF still in touch with EX-GF... not liking
  47. Please help!.Need advice about 26 yr old 'Mamma's boy'
  48. Clingy friend!
  49. Married and in love with a control freak
  50. Dad...
  51. Advice Needed Desperately
  52. What is with me?! I can't make up my mind!
  53. I have no idea what to call this, but I need advice...
  54. Confused Marriage Need some advice from other couples....
  55. Advice or Comments welcome about former lover, now new friend.
  56. Good Feeling...
  57. Had a dream about my ex and i know im still in love with her, but dating another.
  58. give me strength
  59. i dont know what to do.
  60. Some breakup humor for the weekend.
  61. To add insult to injury...what he's done now.
  62. To live together or not? Will that cement feelings
  63. knowing when its over
  64. Help.....my relationship with my boyfriend is in danger!!
  65. Pen Pal
  66. doormat/ falso hope
  67. What Would You Do?
  68. Opinions please.......
  69. interesting logical exercise
  70. Girlfriend about to take a job working nights
  71. Im playing the waiting game with my girlfriend ... what do you think?
  72. Can anyone recommend helpful books
  73. help! grad present for far away friend
  74. Friends after break up???????
  75. past relationships
  76. LOUD co-worker
  77. Two quick questions...
  78. 2 years
  79. Breakup
  80. Strawberry moon
  81. how to tell if it's a one night stand....
  82. Ending the menace - but how?
  83. Why does romance die sooner than we want?
  84. I found Makeup on husbands shirt......
  85. Help! Confused!
  86. just found out dad had affair 2 years ago
  87. "the one"
  88. Staring At Nose
  89. am I losing my boyfriend?
  90. A mess, any help?
  91. It only hurts when he's away
  92. i don't know what to do
  93. Dying for some excitement
  94. What would you do if your girlfriend told you...
  95. Does he really want to marry?
  96. Admitting I made a mistake-and it's a doozy
  97. Disillusioned...dont trust my own feelings
  98. To call or not to call?
  99. please help
  100. Mixed Messages
  101. Should I Apologize
  102. How loosing someone opens new doors
  103. alone4good? male opinions welcomed too
  104. Hi all(update)
  105. Jealous Girlfriend
  106. Girlfriend is going on holiday with another guy
  107. I Need Help With My Ex Gf Plz Read
  108. How to get my parents to like my B/F??
  109. Interesting Event Today...
  110. Getting HIS family to help with OUR wedding?
  111. Should I ask this girl out?
  112. Help
  113. Embarassed
  114. Is he really so oblivious, or am I?
  115. How do I tell my friend how I feel? -- Girls' opinions imperative
  116. Is this a simple request??
  117. I need a guy's opinion
  118. What to think.....
  119. Is this what I think it is????
  120. obscene?
  121. What would you do?
  122. how do i get over my fear of rejection?
  123. feelin threatend by my bfs girl mate! help!
  124. Need someone's outside opinion...
  125. relationship help
  126. just not compatible?
  127. Am I doing something wrong?
  128. Is he just not that into me?
  129. breakup day
  130. Adopted and debating meeting bio mom
  131. My friends love hanging out w/ my ex!
  132. Are you cheating if you're seperated?
  133. Can't decide what to do...
  134. How to say NO to being a Bridesmaid??
  135. Cant stop crying!
  136. going out with a new baby
  137. we just had a baby and husband wants sex
  138. I'm shocked!
  139. My Ex Is Stalking Me
  140. How long?
  141. Ungreatfulness
  142. Cheating & Gender
  143. Romance or Security?
  144. Help....this is a long one, so brace yourself.
  145. Girlfriend wants to be independent? *cry*
  146. Treated well emotionally or materially?
  147. husband's driving help!!!
  148. Advice welcomed
  149. I really need help
  150. How to cope with a gf with Personality Disorder
  151. Help me make him understand
  152. Hubby help!!
  153. Am I wrong????
  154. I just can't....
  155. Update on situation
  156. Boyfriend update
  157. I've hurt him so much
  158. friends with an ex?
  159. friends first?
  160. It's not them... it's me?
  161. need help
  162. Viclyn"s Husband
  163. mixed signals
  164. support please guys
  165. My ex GF is hooking up with one of my friends!!!
  166. My friend is causing me trouble
  167. dating someone with mental issues
  168. New to the board... need help
  169. Need help she loves me but we have broke up and she is depressed
  170. Age Differences.
  171. boyfriend wants to spend time with his friends
  172. Can't act myself In front of the guys I like
  173. A trial seperation .....
  174. Getting Married - YES I AM!
  175. afraid to show feeling, what to do?
  176. Husband and I want to make it work, but how?
  177. how can i explain to him
  178. Fickle or Confused???
  179. wanna break up with wife but afraid to do so
  180. X Called Today!
  181. please help guys!
  182. what should i do?
  183. Am I Just Wishful Thinking?
  184. Will Never Settle!
  185. Is he lying to me about cheating on me?
  186. Help me let my past go
  187. How To Break Up?
  188. How do I tell my stepmom.......
  189. boyfriend/fiances parents dilema prt.2
  190. Girlfriend VS Freinds
  191. Jealousy
  192. Should I go?
  193. How do you know!?!?!
  194. Why do i feel this way?
  195. Should We Move In?
  196. sibling problems
  197. Does Being Hard to Get Work?
  198. Is it me or him?
  199. unsure of how to approach this...
  200. GF wants to go to lunch with another guy
  201. My Husband's Career Choices
  202. Venting....
  203. I'm in love with my married high school guidance counselor...advice PLEASE.
  204. Follow up to: How to handle a BF wanting break
  205. Update on "So Confused Lately.."
  206. Boyfriend Question
  207. ??
  208. losing my best friend to a jerk
  209. Ex Won't Leave Me Alone
  210. Girlfriend hurts herself when I try to break up
  211. very confused
  212. not sure what to do...
  213. Please help me avoid screwing this up
  214. Stuck in a Rut! REALLY BADLY!!
  215. In love with brothers.
  216. marraige/seperation advice needed
  217. PLEASE help - I'm loosing my courage
  218. What The HECK Is This ???
  219. Hmmm I have a question to ask.
  220. I just realized I have 2 girlfriends...
  221. The Saga Continues
  222. Please advise me
  223. He's need "space"-taking a break does it ever work? Please give your exper.
  224. confused
  225. So confused lately....
  226. is it time to end it?
  227. Being friends
  228. I am as sneaky as he is
  229. What to Say??--He has a Low Self-esteem!
  230. I don't want to get married!
  231. 38,frustrated and lonely
  232. Boyfriend/Fiances parents...dilema!!
  233. How do you tell if a guy is into you?
  234. Am I paranoid?
  235. *shrug* my story
  236. Meeting someone online!
  237. GF Calls her ex......alot
  238. dating advice?
  239. She dosent like me
  240. first date
  241. Question about a friend
  242. Women like jerks? Psychology or Mythology?
  243. I am in love with my girlfriend at the expense of my life.
  244. Sooo frustrated
  245. Jealousy?
  246. It's finally over....
  247. Dating all over again
  248. just a little worry - advice needed
  249. Just one question
  250. Still in Shock, Can I Save It?

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