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  1. Newness worn off?
  2. Will I ever be able to love someone?
  3. Something I've been hiding...
  4. different cultures? problem?
  5. Dreaming about love....
  6. telling my gf about my female friend....kind of scared to do it.
  7. Toxic friend?
  8. 17 years apart...
  9. Help! I feel hopeless!
  10. Is it "normal"?
  11. Still bothering me after almost 4 months
  12. Am I crazy for thinking this?
  13. Can a person still be your soulmate even if he's not right for you and you seperate?
  14. Long-time girlfriend and her "Guy-friend"?
  15. Why won't people let me move on?
  16. Is it ok to write because I can't talk now?
  17. I don't trust my husband
  18. My life is like a soap opera(update!!)long please read
  19. Why do I keep doing this?
  20. Ok,group,i Need Your Input Please!
  21. Married but falling in love with somebody else
  22. suspitious?
  23. What a Mess!
  24. <(^_^)> thanx
  25. Boyfriend's Family
  26. younger
  27. what happens if the one you're with is not 'the one'?
  28. practically alone
  29. commitment phobic
  30. what happened?
  31. Being supportive when it's the right thing to do
  32. Advice?
  33. Boyfriend out of a job and not doing much about it...
  34. I can't do this. I don't have the strength.
  35. married for 7 years almost...confused
  36. Rebuilding trust (sort of long winded)
  37. Stuck between two girls...
  38. confused
  39. insecure?
  40. Is this wrong?
  41. This Friend Knows What She Needs to Do....
  42. Confused!
  43. it hurts too much
  44. Does he want to see me again? - confused!!
  45. What would you do??
  46. The end of everything
  47. The end of everything.
  48. Help me!!!
  49. step sibling relationship
  50. 50 and feeling like a teenager
  51. help me change for school girl! PLZ! *fixed*
  52. Words of Thoughts for the broken heart
  53. I really Need Help
  54. dont know how to act in relationship
  55. girls that dont mean what they say....
  56. have you ever lost the one you think you're supposed to be with?
  57. Will we ever get engaged?
  58. A quick who's right here ? re:Valentines
  59. anxiety over my bf's ex
  60. all i got...
  61. what do you get your man on v-day?
  62. Let down just a little.
  63. Valentine's Gift - Very Disappointed.
  64. What do you think?
  65. Leave Well-Enough alone??
  66. ? for the married people
  67. put urself in my shoes...
  68. new vs. old
  69. Helppp.....
  70. am I hanging on not to fail?
  71. When does your family realize that your all grown up?
  72. Should I let her know?
  73. husband in prison for hitting me
  74. love of my life?
  75. Friendship Frenzy
  76. What would you do???
  77. Suggestions on how to proceed
  78. Girlfriend has low-self esteem
  79. I dont know what to do
  80. Relationship/Love Journal
  81. The Chase - any advice
  82. I am not 2 yrs old
  83. How do I get over this desire?
  84. New fathers having a hard time transitioning...
  85. Am I alone?????
  86. What's a Friend to Do?
  87. Female perspective please
  88. Angry!!!
  89. Can this relationship work?
  90. Confused..Seeking Advice
  91. I am so horrible! I need advice!
  92. I really like this woman,-but!
  93. An end to thy perfect relationship?
  94. She wants to have a baby
  95. Meeting Your Ex's New Mate: How to cope?
  96. Did I Have A Right To Be Bothered By This????
  97. Passion vs. Safety...does he miss me or am I deluding myself?
  98. please help
  99. what to do!
  100. I'm back.
  101. my ex g/f! what does she want?
  102. Boyfriend and Father HATE each other... HELP!!
  103. My Boyfriends Dad!
  104. So i got completly screwed
  105. and the plot thickens-- i think i'm about to crack up--for real
  106. What Should I Do ?
  107. Please read! Nebighor and Best friend?
  108. Kind of new here and have a problem...
  109. Settling down
  110. Am I right to ask this of her? :so confused:
  111. How long before you stop crying every day?
  112. High School Sweethearts
  113. Never alone w/ DH......m-i-l
  114. An update, haven't been able to get on all week
  115. Meeting her Finally
  116. I don't understand him...(some male opinions would help too please!)
  117. She Can't makeup her mind?
  118. Confused!!
  119. does age really matter
  120. what to do?
  121. Lives with me but still use's ex's address.
  122. what do u think?
  123. Ex in My Dreams
  124. Why am I feeling this way?
  125. I need advice
  126. Gut feeling and intuition...
  127. Does marriage/relationship counseling really work?
  128. I cant stop arguing with my girlfriend.. and its usually my fault
  129. What does It mean?
  130. Help Me!!!
  131. HELP!!!! I don't know what to do!!!!
  132. I'm SO weak and need some support...
  133. my boyfriends back...
  134. Is she interested?
  135. Valentines question
  136. here I go again
  137. update[madhatter]good news for me.
  138. pressured to be somethin im not? plz help
  139. Relationship going bad
  140. What do I do??...Hes my first everything!
  141. A bit disturbing.
  142. Valentines Romance....
  143. Marriage
  144. just married but not "in" love?
  145. Not feeling equality in our relationship........
  146. books?
  147. stuck in a rut what am i to do??
  148. Advice for a friend... you would think I would know?
  149. Internet relationship? Red flags? Can it work?
  150. An Update: Not good
  151. feeling like....
  152. NEEDED:Advice/Experiences on Starting a Life with BF
  153. Broken-hearted after breakup
  154. Old "relationship" story
  155. 2 good friends, 2 different feelings, 1 person in the middle
  156. How can he move on so soon? Why can't I?
  157. Surrendered Wife? Question for the marrieds
  158. MissPrissy? Still Here?
  159. Obsessed friend has gone mad
  160. Contacting ex
  161. Contacting ex
  162. A Little Help
  163. how can I put this nicely in words?
  164. Relationship Counseling
  165. I need to breakup with a guy who treats me badly...ROP
  166. A Question For The Guys!!!!!!
  167. Am I being silly?
  168. so I dont get this....
  169. that saying. its better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.
  170. Don't know that to do.a bit long but i really need a chat
  171. Is this a crazy idea? Please help me snap out of it if it is!!!
  172. Closure...I think?
  173. How far away to be a long distance relationship?
  174. A few questions about a new relationship
  175. A terrible breakup story...please help me before I go insane
  176. Update.
  177. Men!!!!! Arrrg!!!!!!!
  178. keep getting hurt
  179. the overpowering gf...
  180. How do you know?
  181. Angry
  182. bf can't deal
  183. How much is too much?
  184. Kinda weird but I need some other opinions
  185. All I can think about Is a BOYFRIEND!
  186. Time for me to fly?
  187. this is a new one for me
  188. How To Get An Ex To Leave You Alone And Move On
  189. Does he still want me?
  190. nervous wreck
  191. advice - getting over the ex?
  192. boyfriend's mom
  193. his temper
  194. password
  195. Lonely and confused
  196. Something else
  197. Is he thinking of cheating? Or am I paranoid?
  198. I need Advice!!!
  199. Devloping Trust
  200. Very difficult situation to be in
  201. Still hung up?
  202. Relationships with ex.... that have kids....
  203. I still Love Him
  204. boyfriend called...please help
  205. Strange situation.....Need some help.
  206. Stuck for a title...
  207. Cant even begin to express...
  208. steamed right now!!
  209. Things getting stale? Or just a phase...
  210. Do they ever grow up?
  211. clueless...
  212. heartache
  213. What to do???
  214. what to do....i keep checkin up on her!
  215. Does love have a shelf life?
  216. A deep seeded question
  217. Interesting question asked on the radio...
  218. My BF never calls ME BACK!!!
  219. I know... but I'm weak
  220. My heart is wandering off...need advice very badly
  221. living at bf's mom's place...
  222. Advice needed-Upset
  223. love.
  224. toxic or codependant friend, or not? Need to know!
  225. Don't know what to do???
  226. crazy in love
  227. pointless relationship need advice
  228. feel more rejected than ever now...
  229. What to think...
  230. Incredible Girl.. So far.
  231. Is it me or is this a problem
  232. Should I tell him?
  233. Pregnant and in a bad living situation
  234. My boyfriend won't open up to me. And I talk too much.
  235. Please Help--would Like A Guys Opinion Too!!!
  236. small setback
  237. She was in my apt. I moved back home
  238. Can't believe it's over!
  239. Why am I thinking this way?
  240. who's right?
  241. Love and the internet???...Lets say YES!
  242. feeling guilty, should I?
  243. how to leave people
  244. Not sure what to do...
  245. Help. My new boyfriend has a girl he used to date who wants to see him alot
  246. No bf and soon no work lol!
  247. Getting over the relationship
  248. Don't know if I should be mad?
  249. Ex girlfriend problem/drinking
  250. Opinions please...I think I know what I have to do

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