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  1. Does love have a shelf life?
  2. A deep seeded question
  3. Interesting question asked on the radio...
  4. My BF never calls ME BACK!!!
  5. I know... but I'm weak
  6. My heart is wandering off...need advice very badly
  7. living at bf's mom's place...
  8. Advice needed-Upset
  9. love.
  10. toxic or codependant friend, or not? Need to know!
  11. Don't know what to do???
  12. crazy in love
  13. pointless relationship need advice
  14. feel more rejected than ever now...
  15. What to think...
  16. Incredible Girl.. So far.
  17. Is it me or is this a problem
  18. Should I tell him?
  19. Pregnant and in a bad living situation
  20. My boyfriend won't open up to me. And I talk too much.
  21. Please Help--would Like A Guys Opinion Too!!!
  22. small setback
  23. She was in my apt. I moved back home
  24. Can't believe it's over!
  25. Why am I thinking this way?
  26. who's right?
  27. Love and the internet???...Lets say YES!
  28. feeling guilty, should I?
  29. how to leave people
  30. Not sure what to do...
  31. Help. My new boyfriend has a girl he used to date who wants to see him alot
  32. No bf and soon no work lol!
  33. Getting over the relationship
  34. Don't know if I should be mad?
  35. Ex girlfriend problem/drinking
  36. Opinions please...I think I know what I have to do
  37. Relationship Disaster! Help needed!
  38. An update... I hope I am doing the right thing.
  39. Stranger comes along-tells me I'm a godess-husband seems2 hate the air I breathe
  40. what to do?
  41. Am I being irrational?
  42. I was right the whole time.
  43. Salty's back, can you help please?
  44. Trust, honesty, and me
  45. starting to blame myself, see my own faults
  46. How can I help my friend??
  47. YOU are what matters.
  48. Rejection
  49. Feeling suffocated!
  50. Be honest...has pride cost you love? HELP!
  51. Maybe??
  52. How do I handle this still?
  53. When you are seeing a mom's boy....
  54. exboyfriend is a rapist
  55. tonight's the night
  56. Mixed signals from a woman
  57. Financially burdening relationship
  58. Am I obsessed or is this a natural reaction?
  59. Am i doing the right thing taking him back?
  60. Confused...Need advice(short)
  61. Okayyy....little help please
  62. Tonight Is The Night
  63. In need of advise
  64. What's wrong with me?
  65. I Cheated
  66. More Than Friends??
  67. Let It Go?
  68. I fess up.
  69. Difficult time dealing w/boyfriends x wife
  70. hate to admit it...
  71. he loves me.....i....dont know
  72. Ex boyfriends of hers making me wonder
  73. New Romance?
  74. is he really flirty?
  75. Do you think he will come back once he has cooled down?
  76. what does my ex g/f want?
  77. Sort of a Relationship Question
  78. Girlfriend's Ex
  79. Life-changing decision - Pls help
  80. Don't Know What To Do...
  81. In a Situation.
  82. Time together/time apart thinking of leaving
  83. I'm so confused
  84. How Should I Handle This?
  85. Damaged emotions.
  86. emotinal abuse, mind playing, taking it out on me
  87. Oh boy, here we go...
  88. Marriage Ending?
  89. im so confused!
  90. Arguments
  91. Doing my head in
  92. Obsessed with x-b/f's x-g/f?...but why?
  93. Can't stop calling him
  94. just broke up with bf and feeling awful
  95. Can We Last?
  96. Please Help-Paranoid or am I right?
  97. I had it all wrong!
  98. why does he always like to argue?
  99. expressing feelings need some help
  100. impending breakup
  101. Friend betrayal
  102. bf fighting me about parents
  103. Need help in making a choice.
  104. Am I getting fired?
  105. He broke my heart AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  106. religion problems
  107. Relationship with family - especially parents
  108. How Can I Convince My BF....?
  109. got rejected![madhatter]
  110. my insecurities are back.....cont from last post i made..
  111. How to get your ex back
  112. Online Dating??...Success???
  113. Need help with a ld relationship issue PLEASE
  114. Dealing with breakup - need help!
  115. g/f insecure need some feedback
  116. Having a terrible week
  117. Am I wrong I dont wanna hurt anyone
  118. Getting him back, please help!
  119. breakups and healing
  120. advice on parents.
  121. help
  122. When she starts seeing someone else?
  123. he still talks to his ex
  124. I have some issues, need advice.
  125. A friend sent this to me. Thought I'd share.
  126. his wanderin eye worries me
  127. We dont say much anymore
  128. Are we meant to be....?
  129. Can my mother just not let go?
  130. Only Short Term For Her
  131. My Girlfriend's Dad hates me!!
  132. When they find someone else
  133. how to trust his affection?
  134. He dumped me
  135. Lost love(s) - Please some advice
  136. Can't Take it any more
  137. Emotionally Numb And Overwhelmed
  138. Im so confused
  139. Apathetic Boyfriend....
  140. Please Read.........
  141. Please Read
  142. The eventual end
  143. How far to go to find out if he/she is cheating?
  144. It's her again..
  145. If you can I'll give you a million dollars....
  146. Not being able to let go/Obsession
  147. My Mother is a burden and I'm trapped
  148. quick question, need help!
  149. Not only is he just not that into me, but no one is!
  150. Book: He's Just Not That Into You
  151. Does My Married Friend Want To Cheat With Me
  152. Set friend up, now dont know what to think?
  153. Can't get over first love.
  154. in love with a guy thats no good for me
  155. gifts...
  156. I think my bf is ashamed of me
  157. Think Hubby Is Having An Affair Need Advice :(
  158. how can you know?
  159. New Years debacle (I think it is really over)
  160. Broken up..or not? what to do?
  161. Um..I AM married! Does my co-worker want to have an affair??
  162. questions that need anwsered
  163. How should I "Break the Ice"??
  164. A weird relationship
  165. Marriage suffering & family tensions
  166. worked things out
  167. ouch update
  168. Advice needed
  169. Guess what...
  170. relationship break up problem
  171. Problem
  172. Marriage worth saving?
  173. What's wrong with me? - wanting to have affairs....
  174. Relationship Advice
  175. In love with a married man...
  176. Not obsessed, but very much love
  177. Need a lil help here
  178. Need Help Here Bigtime!
  179. need advice
  180. Need advice re: my manager from hell
  181. The L Word!
  182. Merry Christmas Me!
  183. Obsessed Therapist?
  184. Short Chrismas rant!
  185. Worst X-mas Ever
  186. madhatter update
  187. please help why cant i love again.. the way i used to
  188. Holidays just five weeks after breakup....::sigh::
  189. just some comments please not complaining just thinking out loud
  190. Is anyone else dysfunctional?
  191. Guys opinion - should I get in touch?
  192. Really confused...
  193. to all you heartbroking peaple,merry xmas!
  194. feeling really bad.
  195. Someone Slap me! I hate being this way
  196. It's over:(
  197. ex moved in with new kid boyfriend!
  198. I think its over for us what do you think.
  199. please respond i need many opinions
  200. Sometimes I hate the internet
  201. is it just me?
  202. What would you do??
  203. what does he REALLY want?
  204. give me some insight!
  205. really fed up and upset right now,need advice
  206. Signs of Cheating
  207. Message question
  208. my bf the humbug
  209. Desperatly in need of advice....
  210. What can I do about my brother?
  211. Does this woman like me?
  212. Can someone just lose track of his emotions
  213. Dumped at Christmas!
  214. In-Laws: Do I always have to be the "bigger person"?
  215. Is he leaving me?
  216. Desperate need of advice
  217. Opinions please!
  218. Help
  219. Wanting to know
  220. Friends after Breakup?
  221. Stress and relationships?
  222. inlove with a friend...
  223. Can never get over it
  224. trust him again, give him another chance? or what?
  225. 2 steps forward, 10 steps back? totally confused!
  226. confusing thought
  227. Advice
  228. What a bust...
  229. hello...
  230. ending a bad relationship
  231. Dumped And Alone For Christmas
  232. Can you get over something like this?
  233. Okay Men, does it matter if the women has more $$$?
  234. Ouch, this hurts
  235. My birthday,please read!
  236. Am I too Shallow?
  237. im fallling in love......
  238. Why can't people just be up front...???
  239. Genuine vs. Practical
  240. Marriage?!? I am ready, but is he?
  241. my new relationship...
  242. Hurt and Confused
  243. Need some advice on a work situation
  244. i dont know what to do???
  245. We're back together
  246. Questions before MARRIAGE
  247. What do I do now...!?
  248. don't know what to do anymore...
  249. I dont love you anymore
  250. Is there a future for us?

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