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  1. Heartlandguy
  2. younger men
  3. Do I ask to much?
  4. Showing Feelings and Affection To 1st time girlfriend
  5. help
  6. Time Apart?
  7. Need help with new relationship
  8. can a guy and a girl be just friends?
  9. Hurts, but I am able to breathe!
  10. Just a little update (continued)
  11. just had to write this down so i feel better
  12. over reacting
  13. Boyfriend is changing
  14. I don't know if I should leave him...
  15. 20 years!
  16. H E L P
  17. I'm jealous for no reason right?
  18. Whats your out take on this?
  19. To Wowwwweeee
  20. Relationship Problem
  21. Need help with establishing "the rule"
  22. I don't know, I don't know, I DON'T know!
  23. confused a bit...selfishness, sacrfice, etc etc..
  24. Driving Myself Crazy
  25. Falling in a little too deep?
  26. Nasty but so pure!!! What can I do?
  27. Insecurity Issues
  28. Need some Advice
  29. Question for the Guys.......
  30. long distance.......
  31. What can I do??
  32. He is still married and won't get a devorce
  33. Problem??
  34. starting fights with him
  35. Date Ideas
  36. Hello Wowwwweeee
  37. Just broke up with my fiance (LONG RANT, needed to vent)
  38. How can you tell?
  39. Please Help... I broke my wifes trust!!!!
  40. If I don't know how I feel, who does?? HELP!
  41. decode boy talk please
  42. "love of a lifetime"
  43. Wasting my time?
  44. Do He? Or Doesnt He? Please Help!
  45. Help with a relationship
  46. She says she wants to take a 2 week break. What do I do? I'm dying.
  47. she doesn't call me back
  48. Are computers dangerous to a realationship?? Opinions :)
  49. Sister and family want to move in!
  50. signs he wants out
  51. what do u guys think?
  52. Need support & advice PLEASE...
  53. Just a little update....
  54. Forced into a Relationship
  55. Can't get over my ex, and I was the one who called it quits..
  56. Sure could use a friend to lean on for a bit..
  57. Getting his number from the directory?
  58. cells & computers
  59. He Won't Leave Me Alone...
  60. Venting: Relatives Living in Same House
  61. Trust can it be regained?
  62. mothers?
  63. update on shouldn't i know the truth
  64. How do I get over this? I am falling apart!
  65. How could she be so cruel???
  66. what to do.... prt 2
  67. Shouldn't I know the truth
  68. Relationships with Neighbors
  69. how do i move on
  70. Not fair!
  71. Elatedgiraffe
  72. shes meeting people
  73. question for eightball
  74. When RED flags fly*
  75. is this cheating? UPDATE
  76. Grew out of it?? Wants to be alone?
  77. Not only love starved, but filled with rage
  78. Suggestions... confused.
  79. Help with insecurities in relationship
  80. i wonder why i feel this way...
  81. Hurts so bad I can hardly breathe!
  82. relationship of <2 years problem, she doesn't think IT is important
  83. I don't feel appreciated and I miss her a lot! Help me with my emotional baggage!
  84. Another one!
  85. Anyone else expierience this?
  86. How to tell hes NOT going to/or cheating on you
  87. Oh geez, how to tell him or not to?
  88. Love Starved
  89. Don't know what to do
  90. Torn Between 2 Worlds
  91. his ex and our relationship
  92. I can't get over it...help me...
  93. is this cheating? PART 2
  94. Sister and the ex
  95. Ughh,Ive had it!!!
  96. Friendship frustration=GRRRRRRR!!!!!
  97. Married after 13 days
  98. just me
  99. Cant say 'no' to friends...
  100. Marriage after 15 years...happily ever after???
  101. things to talk about
  102. Need Help In Regards To My Relationship With My Pregnant Girlfriend
  103. is this cheating?
  104. Help with girlfriend please!
  105. I am my own worst enemy
  106. its like ive gotten in a time machine and im 15 again
  107. heartache
  108. Adjustments to life
  109. Please Help Me
  110. so disapointed
  111. Problems with INLAWS!!! NEED TO VENT!!
  112. Enough is Enough
  113. This is going to be a long day!
  114. gf and other girls
  115. How Do You Get Your Partner To Communicate?
  116. I did something bad is there a chance for forgiveness?
  117. In need of advice..getting out of a long relationship
  118. your opinion-too soon?
  119. Porn?????
  120. How does she move on so quickly?
  121. starting a new thread
  122. email passwords
  123. need some advice please
  124. Emotional Abuse?
  125. Drowning in my tears.
  126. Help im so confused!?!?
  127. Problems with Dad's family
  128. I don't know how to respond to this...
  129. Help please insecure feelings
  130. Been gone.... Here's the new....
  131. The longest post but probably one of the most heartfelt ever written!
  132. what to do...
  133. GYM GUY (Think I made a mistake...)
  134. age range???
  135. being together from a young age
  136. confused
  137. His ex and kids - feeling like i'm second
  138. Need somebody to talk to
  139. Confused????
  140. co-dependant?
  141. Rollercoaster
  142. I can't understand why.
  143. How do I break up with him?
  144. Boyfriend's Holiday with Work Friends
  145. tired
  146. Should exes be friends?
  147. Feuding with Mother-In-Law
  148. Fights????
  149. concern with bf's past/friends
  150. Should I leave him?
  151. Any advice PLEASE???
  152. WANTED: Women's Advice
  153. Think she likes me?
  154. he just doesn't care
  155. He says he loves me, but I am having a hard time believing it
  156. This has been too hard, help me...
  157. I havent been around...
  158. My marriage is over. Now what?
  159. does age matter? i'm 28 & he's 20?
  160. Stay friends, or say good bye?
  161. I'd be glad to hear input if you've got some...
  162. I've been wondering...
  163. Help, please - Relationships and "The Boss" Part II
  164. things in common
  165. How Friendly to be With Ex Spouse?
  166. How Should I Feel About This...?
  167. My Sister
  168. confused and hurt
  169. Mess and confusion...
  170. Am I Wrong?
  171. edgy boyfriend
  172. is this unfair?
  173. Trust issues
  174. I'm so upset
  175. Stress ruins our relationship
  176. love and money
  177. Should I tell him???
  178. Howdy Ho!!
  179. Distancing
  180. sorry guys but I gotta complain again!
  181. Childhood Memories
  182. Male behavior?
  183. Am I Wrong??
  184. when love hurts so much you feel like dying
  185. dump me than ask another girl out?
  186. What do you think of net relationships?
  187. I met her 20 years ago....and found her again
  188. Am I being too dramatic?
  189. Pressure on my relationship..I need some supportive words...
  190. Need suggestions...
  191. Please Help with weird situation
  192. need some help
  193. Upset by findings...
  194. Should I be concerned?
  195. What is Love?
  196. age difference....is it really that big of a deal?
  197. age difference...what is what
  198. Should I tell bf r/o/p
  199. Asking to much?
  200. I Feel crummy, need to vent-everything still fine
  201. Affairs that end tragically
  202. How to ask a woman for a date?
  203. Neighbor went to jail lastnight
  204. The value of an "over 30" woman
  205. Should I feel hurt or am I over-reacting?
  206. How do i do this?
  207. Replies
  208. Need Help bad
  209. So Confused
  210. Sister really upset, I don't know how to help
  211. sah spouses
  212. People appall me *mostly a rant*
  213. husband in mid-life crisis
  214. *sigh* Help Me
  215. Just wish I could figure it out
  216. I'm about to go off
  217. Hurt my friends feelings....
  218. Wanting your ex back in your life
  219. HoW 2 MaKe Ex Feel Bad...dumping me!
  220. How to act around an ex?
  221. Pining over your Ex...
  222. The chasing game
  223. No biggie, but I would like some input
  224. Lazyman Lobster
  225. Father-in-law
  226. How ODD
  227. What to do?
  228. oh dear god i'm a commitment-phobe
  229. I'm getting bored
  230. Any advice?
  231. In need of good advice...
  232. Advice needed...Should I tell?
  233. Selfish???Just me???
  234. To those of you who worry that marriage cant give you butterflies!
  235. Got dumped..feel blue!!!
  236. ways to win her back?
  237. hes been acting different...
  238. Relationship with "The Boss"
  239. Sick And Tired
  240. What does this mean?
  241. Friendships outside of your own race
  242. What should I do> Vacation update!!!
  243. When do you know, when your man is due for the boot?
  244. whats happenin with my bf and i?
  245. Trust
  246. Gifts For Guys
  247. boyfriend troubles
  248. Cheating:
  249. What do men REALLY want?
  250. I need your help and I need it ASAP !

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