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  1. Seeking male opinions...
  2. spending time together?
  3. Situation Update........
  4. Personal question or not?
  5. Sooo liberated
  6. Should I leave him?
  7. People Lying
  8. Being torn apart
  9. Getting back together...
  10. does anyone know
  11. Well, I did it!!!
  12. hot for teacher
  13. Never Do Busniness With Family
  14. Ready for the first fight?
  15. One last Time????
  16. I hate love. I QUIT!
  17. sad/confused
  18. A bestfriend changed?
  19. What should I do? Opionions needed
  20. Sister Worries
  21. Opinions...
  22. Commentment for me is 2 weeks....
  23. Undecided
  24. Help I need some opinions!!!
  25. For the guys...need your advice
  26. How to get a friend to realize....
  27. Opinions ....what do you think?
  28. Wait Till You Hear What I Found Out About my Boyfriend!!!
  29. Not sure what to do.
  30. I Was Misled
  31. so upset with myself
  32. whats up with him?
  33. Feeling so guilty
  34. plz help im worrying myself sick!!!
  35. son in the navy/?????????????
  36. this is my life
  37. worried about his ex
  38. maybe I am crazy, but
  39. So what now.
  40. Is he using me or no?
  41. I want to yet I don't think I can...
  42. Heartbroken
  43. how can I stop feeling so angry?
  44. The decison .... who to make ?!
  45. I didn't mean to hurt you.....huh?
  46. I think he just ended it!!!!!
  47. why does it bother me so much?
  48. To LittleLostSoul,
  49. Where's the romance?
  50. Saw him 4 da 1st time since the breakup
  51. Backsliding!
  52. Worried and not sure what to do...
  53. Mr. Nice Guy
  54. married just to settle down, not happy now what
  55. What's Love Got To Do With It?
  56. Should We Love ....Unconditionally????
  57. What's a Role of a Wife?
  58. What the heck?
  59. Different colleges
  60. Is this a big issue?
  61. 2 weeks later...part 3
  62. Opinions Needed Regarding Contacting A First Love After Over 20 Years
  63. A thankyou and an update
  64. I need some advice
  65. Family Disagreement between spouses
  66. Calling Susieq0726
  67. I need help being a good sport!
  68. Why is it so easy for some?
  69. This is annoying!!!
  70. I'm being pressed for a decision
  71. Beginning a relationship is hard....
  72. Last few days have been hard
  73. Friendship / room mates
  74. I don't get it....
  75. Dog keeping us up - wife gets mad at me...!
  76. Any highschool sweethearts out there???
  77. i only got the phone 2 talk 2 him!
  78. what should i do?
  79. Positivity
  80. GF suddenly asking for space & time, turned out to be, not so un-common
  81. No I dont!
  82. Things to Remember, Every Day :)
  83. Am I being dull?
  84. Am I Wrong?
  85. Dangerous Coworker - venting
  86. Says she needs time to sort her feelings?
  87. New place and new people
  88. Still having a hard time...to those who responded b4, please read if you have time
  89. he dumped me, i moved on but he still calls?
  90. quick question for the ladies (and the boys too) regarding marriage
  91. The Opportunity to Have An Affair is Knocking...what to do?
  92. If I could turn back time
  93. Question about long term relationship & marriage...
  94. I hate myself
  95. How do I get myself into these situations?
  96. Credo for Good Relationships.
  97. Horrible liar
  98. Need some advice...
  99. Don't know what to do...
  100. What does he feel?
  101. "time and space"
  102. The rants of tissues and tears
  103. Falling for a co-worker
  104. Boyfriend
  105. For those who read my earlier posts...
  106. Finally snapped
  107. he's perfect, except.....
  108. Epiphany
  109. how slimy am i?
  110. Recently broke up with my fiance - trying to work things out.
  111. Don't want to be hurt by him again
  112. boyfriend issues, am i being selfish?
  113. Ungrateful Co-worker
  114. How to keep romance in a marriage when you have a seriously ill child?
  115. ok i need major help and lots of different opinions
  116. legal seperation?
  117. Moved, a little isolated, update...
  118. Man do I feel guilty!
  119. what effects her being loose other than the obvious please someone give me info
  120. why do i feel bad?
  121. when you know you can't but you want to
  122. Just need to talk to someone...please...
  123. signs of long-term compatibility?
  124. Male Pms...
  125. I Need Advice....help!
  126. getting antsy
  127. Can you please help with difficult girlfriend?
  128. Meeting people
  129. can you argue with "instinct"?
  130. Confusing problem
  131. So I met this girl....that i already knew...
  132. Role Reversal
  133. Long Distance Relationship advice please
  134. Girlfriend Help!
  135. I just don't understand!
  136. What would you do?!?!
  137. 21/F Spinster & Lunatic
  138. What do you think my girlfriend's dream means/represents?
  139. What I Found....
  140. Girlfriend always busy :(
  141. Going crazy
  142. Was it a right descion?
  143. Advice Please!!!
  144. Insecure by definition is: me?
  145. **Help with New Relationship...
  146. Secrecy
  147. ?Oh what do I do?
  148. What do you think of long distance relationships?
  149. What is it with guys and the phone??
  150. Should I settle?
  151. Go back with ex, or stay with new?
  152. Is this a Karmic challenge?
  153. Dreams about ex best friend (guy)
  154. Future Mother-in-law, problems already!
  155. How can you tell how he is feeling?
  156. I'm I just being insecure?
  157. he had two girlriends me and her!!!!!
  158. depressed..need replies please
  159. Heartlandguy
  160. younger men
  161. Do I ask to much?
  162. Showing Feelings and Affection To 1st time girlfriend
  163. help
  164. Time Apart?
  165. Need help with new relationship
  166. can a guy and a girl be just friends?
  167. Hurts, but I am able to breathe!
  168. Just a little update (continued)
  169. just had to write this down so i feel better
  170. over reacting
  171. Boyfriend is changing
  172. I don't know if I should leave him...
  173. 20 years!
  174. H E L P
  175. I'm jealous for no reason right?
  176. Whats your out take on this?
  177. To Wowwwweeee
  178. Relationship Problem
  179. Need help with establishing "the rule"
  180. I don't know, I don't know, I DON'T know!
  181. confused a bit...selfishness, sacrfice, etc etc..
  182. Driving Myself Crazy
  183. Falling in a little too deep?
  184. Nasty but so pure!!! What can I do?
  185. Insecurity Issues
  186. Need some Advice
  187. Question for the Guys.......
  188. long distance.......
  189. What can I do??
  190. He is still married and won't get a devorce
  191. Problem??
  192. starting fights with him
  193. Date Ideas
  194. Hello Wowwwweeee
  195. Just broke up with my fiance (LONG RANT, needed to vent)
  196. How can you tell?
  197. Please Help... I broke my wifes trust!!!!
  198. If I don't know how I feel, who does?? HELP!
  199. decode boy talk please
  200. "love of a lifetime"
  201. Wasting my time?
  202. Do He? Or Doesnt He? Please Help!
  203. Help with a relationship
  204. She says she wants to take a 2 week break. What do I do? I'm dying.
  205. she doesn't call me back
  206. Are computers dangerous to a realationship?? Opinions :)
  207. Sister and family want to move in!
  208. signs he wants out
  209. what do u guys think?
  210. Need support & advice PLEASE...
  211. Just a little update....
  212. Forced into a Relationship
  213. Can't get over my ex, and I was the one who called it quits..
  214. Sure could use a friend to lean on for a bit..
  215. Getting his number from the directory?
  216. cells & computers
  217. He Won't Leave Me Alone...
  218. Venting: Relatives Living in Same House
  219. Trust can it be regained?
  220. mothers?
  221. update on shouldn't i know the truth
  222. How do I get over this? I am falling apart!
  223. How could she be so cruel???
  224. what to do.... prt 2
  225. Shouldn't I know the truth
  226. Relationships with Neighbors
  227. how do i move on
  228. Not fair!
  229. Elatedgiraffe
  230. shes meeting people
  231. question for eightball
  232. When RED flags fly*
  233. is this cheating? UPDATE
  234. Grew out of it?? Wants to be alone?
  235. Not only love starved, but filled with rage
  236. Suggestions... confused.
  237. Help with insecurities in relationship
  238. i wonder why i feel this way...
  239. Hurts so bad I can hardly breathe!
  240. relationship of <2 years problem, she doesn't think IT is important
  241. I don't feel appreciated and I miss her a lot! Help me with my emotional baggage!
  242. Another one!
  243. Anyone else expierience this?
  244. How to tell hes NOT going to/or cheating on you
  245. Oh geez, how to tell him or not to?
  246. Love Starved
  247. Don't know what to do
  248. Torn Between 2 Worlds
  249. his ex and our relationship
  250. I can't get over it...help me...

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