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  1. My Sister
  2. confused and hurt
  3. Mess and confusion...
  4. Am I Wrong?
  5. edgy boyfriend
  6. is this unfair?
  7. Trust issues
  8. I'm so upset
  9. Stress ruins our relationship
  10. love and money
  11. Should I tell him???
  12. Howdy Ho!!
  13. Distancing
  14. sorry guys but I gotta complain again!
  15. Childhood Memories
  16. Male behavior?
  17. Am I Wrong??
  18. when love hurts so much you feel like dying
  19. dump me than ask another girl out?
  20. What do you think of net relationships?
  21. I met her 20 years ago....and found her again
  22. Am I being too dramatic?
  23. Pressure on my relationship..I need some supportive words...
  24. Need suggestions...
  25. Please Help with weird situation
  26. need some help
  27. Upset by findings...
  28. Should I be concerned?
  29. What is Love?
  30. age difference....is it really that big of a deal?
  31. age difference...what is what
  32. Should I tell bf r/o/p
  33. Asking to much?
  34. I Feel crummy, need to vent-everything still fine
  35. Affairs that end tragically
  36. How to ask a woman for a date?
  37. Neighbor went to jail lastnight
  38. The value of an "over 30" woman
  39. Should I feel hurt or am I over-reacting?
  40. How do i do this?
  41. Replies
  42. Need Help bad
  43. So Confused
  44. Sister really upset, I don't know how to help
  45. sah spouses
  46. People appall me *mostly a rant*
  47. husband in mid-life crisis
  48. *sigh* Help Me
  49. Just wish I could figure it out
  50. I'm about to go off
  51. Hurt my friends feelings....
  52. Wanting your ex back in your life
  53. HoW 2 MaKe Ex Feel Bad...dumping me!
  54. How to act around an ex?
  55. Pining over your Ex...
  56. The chasing game
  57. No biggie, but I would like some input
  58. Lazyman Lobster
  59. Father-in-law
  60. How ODD
  61. What to do?
  62. oh dear god i'm a commitment-phobe
  63. I'm getting bored
  64. Any advice?
  65. In need of good advice...
  66. Advice needed...Should I tell?
  67. Selfish???Just me???
  68. To those of you who worry that marriage cant give you butterflies!
  69. Got dumped..feel blue!!!
  70. ways to win her back?
  71. hes been acting different...
  72. Relationship with "The Boss"
  73. Sick And Tired
  74. What does this mean?
  75. Friendships outside of your own race
  76. What should I do> Vacation update!!!
  77. When do you know, when your man is due for the boot?
  78. whats happenin with my bf and i?
  79. Trust
  80. Gifts For Guys
  81. boyfriend troubles
  82. Cheating:
  83. What do men REALLY want?
  84. I need your help and I need it ASAP !
  85. What would you do?
  86. girlfriend/boyfriend, just physical stuff?
  87. Please tell me it gets easier?
  88. Affairs
  89. Why can't the past fade?
  90. should I tell him?
  91. Boyfriend's Best Friend
  92. My Marrige Is In Trouble..advice Needed
  93. Not only women
  94. Emotional Abuse?/Fiancee's Anger Problem
  95. Need Your Advice!!!!
  96. Long Distance Devastation... Momma's boy.
  97. am i making the right decision
  98. Why are some men so insensitive? Sorry I just need to vent...
  99. Marriage and lack of sex
  100. Split up
  101. Is my thinking so far off base in todays society?
  102. making good friends.........how?
  103. Oye...
  104. Should I feel guilty
  105. husband troubles
  106. Ways to impress?
  107. Did I do the right thing
  108. Am I being too jealous?
  109. Not attracted to girlfriend?
  110. Does this Happen? Sister and Brother??
  111. Toxic Friendships
  112. Scary and new
  113. I just ran into her tonight........
  114. this is weird!
  115. Do I leave him or not
  116. I need help and a few opinions...
  117. still feeling hurt....
  118. how do I stop closing myself off? r/o/p
  119. my absense
  120. girlfriend and girl-friend
  121. need help bad
  122. we are on a break and it hurts
  123. Advice with controlling/jealous Hubby
  124. Update on MY situation
  125. Jelousy
  126. Help
  127. I need some advice on guys.
  128. Don't know what to do...
  129. Has anyone
  130. neighbor trouble-its worse than a dog!
  131. Weird situation
  132. Can love change "overnight"?
  133. Another Trust Question
  134. Long story but looking for any and all help
  135. Should I Just Move On?
  136. shout out!!
  137. Help Please
  138. So what do you guys think??
  139. How can I tell a guy the truth about me?
  140. Family Issues with my boyfriend :(
  141. Trying to trust again after cheating
  142. Forever?
  143. Mother In Law situation
  144. I don't know what to do
  145. confused
  146. The Ex, what do you think...
  147. Hey, it's Salty again---any of my angels around?
  148. Can we be friends?
  149. Male and female advice if possible, please!
  150. Long Distance Blues
  151. In a tough position...
  152. What would you do?
  153. new neighbors
  154. My fiance and his brother
  155. Confused....
  156. He broke up with me
  157. Feelings of Shame and Guilt
  158. Newleywed
  159. To Tell or Not to Tell??
  160. Guys, if you want to meet girls
  161. Break up
  162. Co-dependant and unfulfilled in relationship?
  163. How Important Is Family?
  164. He's messing up my plan!
  165. Looking for Too Much?
  166. Guys! I need your advice
  167. Scared of getting to close?
  168. seeing someone?
  169. that "over You" feeling!
  170. Don't know who/if to ask
  173. How to make a family understand
  174. Finally Broke it Off
  175. any advice could help (realy long text... sorry)
  176. jealous?
  177. Breaking Up Sucks
  178. HE Hit on her right in front of me!
  179. i think i may have blew it..
  180. Age Difference
  181. Is this sweet or annoying?
  182. Is my coworker a psycho?
  183. simple question
  184. I'm in love... HELP!
  185. communication is a major issue
  186. Thinking too much about bad things
  187. Do I have reason to be mad???
  188. husbands vacation...
  189. Q for guys...would u get back w/ ur ex?
  190. soul mates
  191. No one to turn to...
  192. Inlaw Question
  193. can't get over ex
  194. I need some advice
  195. Going on a date or two....hahahaha
  196. Unbalanced Coworker
  197. Being Independent for once...
  198. Hey everyone listen up
  199. im young and i feel like im "stuck"
  200. Boyfriend vs. Best friend
  201. Situation with Possible psycho
  202. why people cheat?
  203. Eightball
  204. need some ideas for new relationship
  205. He never cheated in years.. until I was perfect?
  206. The big cheater
  207. need some more advice
  208. Need help, Girl gave number but no answer?!
  209. My in-laws are horrible
  210. Troubled
  211. When cheating he accuses her of it
  212. Obsessive Husband? Mental Abuser
  213. Late Bloomers--Pros an Cons of Starting a Family in your 30s
  214. Married and going out
  215. Where is the line?
  216. best friends boyfriend
  217. Discovery
  218. how do you handle the finances?
  219. Hes cruel to me but I cant leave
  220. Telling spouse things told in confidence by others
  221. Importance of Trust
  222. If we're just friends, why does she lie?
  223. Mother in law UpDate!
  224. my dad
  225. Asking waitress for a date
  226. our lives / relationships mapped out?
  227. life / relationships mapped out?
  228. need some advice PLEASE
  229. What is my issue? Please help..
  230. Long Distance Relationship Help
  231. Getting over relationships
  232. Pregnant and NOT happy
  233. Whats wrong with me?
  234. What do y'all think??Pls Help!
  235. i need help
  236. Not interested in who we can have, always wanting who we cant..
  237. Hillarybash
  238. Need to Let It Out...
  239. hes being funny with me
  240. how do you guage a girls actions?
  241. i don't think i can get over my X (sorta long)
  242. thinking too hard, or not thinking enough
  243. Brother's wife is cheating
  244. Salty, how ya doing?
  245. Help...desperate for guidance
  246. major disagreement
  247. my boss hit on me! help!!
  248. Should I Go?
  249. Solstice1221
  250. Should I dump this friend

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