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  1. Older and ???
  2. Tense Situation.. Between Myself.. And My X.. We Still Love Eachother.. *sigh*
  3. (To Hoosier ?) Where do I start... ???
  4. Soon to be mother-in-law trouble
  5. It's over
  6. ex coming back
  7. Should I??? please help
  8. my self-talk when i think about and avoid relationships
  9. What's wrong with me
  10. I think this girl is playing me......
  11. plz read!!!
  12. How bad did I mess up? plz read need advice!!!
  13. Paranoid Dating Situation
  14. Communication errors
  15. fine line between forgiving and condoning immature BF in his 40's
  16. I don't want to hurt him
  17. Really need help for my sister!
  18. for people who have been cheated on....
  19. What are the signs of a cheating spouse?
  20. Feeling Trapped!!
  21. speaking up
  22. Trust Him?
  23. boyfriend and weed
  24. Friend's husband
  25. Question about Cheaters??
  26. Single girls unite!
  27. But does he love me?........
  28. Does she like me again?..
  29. how to get a guy to like you
  30. How can I tell him?
  31. I cant forget what he did to me
  32. Best way to approach a girl you don't know???
  33. Should I butt out? Personal problems...
  34. Ah...fun to know that the shenannigans continue....
  36. What does this mean?
  37. Does race matter to you?
  38. The "roomate switch"
  39. re: should I let my musician bf go?
  40. My turn, guys and gals please reply.
  41. Too Young?
  42. Can anyone move on this fast?
  43. 'You look okay'
  44. I'm an idiot...what should I do
  45. wow, what to do?...i'm soooo confused :(
  46. How can I get over her?..
  47. should i tell him?
  48. I checked his email!
  49. 2 Guys...one boyfriend, the other...HOT!!!!
  50. Well, I did it......
  51. Men Who Stop Wearing The Ring
  52. Would you give out your phone number?
  53. desperately need advice about husband
  54. my mind goes blank when i talk to him :|
  55. My hubby and daughter
  56. One-Sided Friendship
  57. "Baby Fever" Straining Relationship! Help!
  58. Its so hard not to..please help
  59. Any Advice???????????
  60. TeTr01
  61. I Did it! And I'm scared......
  62. How do I tell if she is interested?
  63. Should we get married or not????
  64. Djin
  65. Do I still have a chance?
  66. Trust issue or lack of self-confidence????
  67. Is (romantic) love all it's cracked up to be?
  68. accepting the truth
  69. i love with 2????
  70. how to stop obsessive love
  71. how to break up after 3 yrs???
  72. mixed signals...
  73. Very confused
  74. having a tough time
  75. Men, how do you get over a girl?
  76. wanting my first love
  77. How can u tell if someone is trying to avoid you :S
  78. Do women close to 30 still feel pressure to marry?
  79. Having a hard time moving on
  80. Boyfriend hesitant about marriage
  81. open relationships?
  82. Advice needed
  83. Obsessive Love, when it hurts too much to let go
  84. Dont know what to do please HELP!!?? :(
  85. I don't trust her anymore
  86. Should Have Checked More
  87. BF doesn't mind if I marry someone else due to med expenses
  89. Best Approach
  90. boyfriend used the word "desperately"
  91. Please help with advice
  92. need an advice on my friend...
  93. I need som help!
  94. Weird things u do to ask someone out:S
  95. He says "aloof." I say "dislike."
  96. What should I do?
  97. what to do????!!
  98. pre-wedding jitters
  99. Is this normal for a man to act this way?
  100. online affairs
  101. Is this the right thing?
  102. Bad date.....but not giving up!!! I am WORTH IT!!!!!!! YES!!!!
  103. What to do about boyfriend
  104. Friend time issues
  105. does he really love me or not
  106. a way to help cope with an affair...
  107. Some Positives
  108. Am I stupid or just plain need to get over it??
  109. help!
  110. Guy I was seeing is moving to Kuwait :|
  111. I got back with him
  112. Do you guys think Its possible~>
  113. My husband's a wimp
  114. Weird Relationship
  115. So confused.....
  116. Break up
  117. What happened on the last day at work
  118. hey IamB!
  119. What does this mean???
  120. Internet Dating
  121. I need MAJOR advice!!
  122. Married & Miserable
  123. forgive her or not?
  124. Am I holding him back?
  125. How open are women to younger men?
  126. Moving In
  127. well.... lets see, lies, cheating, betrayal, disappearing, is it all in my head?
  128. Is this considered a form of cheating?
  129. kneadedone?
  130. What do you do?
  131. Lose Out Before the First Date
  132. wrote the ex a letter...
  133. Abusive Relationships
  134. Confused
  135. my boyfriend cant kiss!!!
  136. those three little words
  137. Jealous (ex) Boyfriend // Opinions
  138. He's back
  139. Should I??????????
  140. Need new basis for decision...
  141. I Don't Get It???
  142. wierd?
  143. Last chance.
  144. Older Boyfriend?
  145. Do Men Know When They Make US Mad?
  146. I'm not aloud to have any feelings at all
  147. how to stop being insecure?
  148. Why can't he just
  149. Getting mad over little things...
  150. Should I let my musician bf go?
  151. Should I let my musician bf go?
  152. Question for the MEN...do you feel you owe a woman
  154. Coincidence or what
  155. parents making her pick me or them
  156. breaking up to see if they are the one
  157. My boyfriend is WAYY too overprotective
  158. Signs that someone is telling a lie?
  159. About an Older Boy
  160. my best friend copies me on everything!
  161. Do you believe in Angels ?
  163. "It's all up to me?"
  164. I feel like a witch for thinking this way...
  165. Cant get over my jealousy!
  166. HoosierBj
  167. I always do this!
  168. Mid-life Crisis
  169. Why Does It Always Change
  170. good ways to open to dh
  171. just friends now?
  172. My dad thinks I am a loser because I am a stay at home mom!
  173. re: in love with two men - made my decision
  174. I'm in way over my head and i'm scared!
  175. trust issues are killing my relationship - need advice, esp. from computer savvy folk
  176. What did/do you do in order to forget someone in your life?
  177. bf meeting new people
  178. How Long...
  179. My husband thinks I am cheating
  180. Should I return call?
  181. What is it with all these in love with two posts?
  182. in love with two men
  183. I can't find the original letter I wrote.I have another question...
  184. Follow up to - my relationship.
  185. Last names and marriage
  186. Friend's Wedding
  187. Hurt
  188. What makes a man attractive?
  189. in love with two men
  190. Tell me what you think
  191. BIG mess - Questioning sexuality...
  192. asking 4help..never done this before
  193. hard times....
  194. I didn't really meant it that way?
  195. Compromises...
  196. If it's meant to be it'll come back
  197. HELP - What does this MEAN????
  198. My relationship.
  199. Relationship with my ex
  200. changing my last name a good decision?
  201. Not sure what to do
  202. the cousin, his girlfriend.
  203. Soul Searching
  204. need advice on this strange situation
  205. Husband is using drugs
  206. Please don't settle for what you can get, you deserve more
  208. Yeah i need a few ideas.
  209. ***I NEED ADVICE ***
  210. Long Distance Relationship
  211. Romantic or Realist??
  212. having problems with my fiance..
  213. pre wedding jitters??
  214. sad day for me...
  215. mama's boy or not? and is it bad?
  216. Dating advice from girls needed
  217. why cant i get a boyf? what am i doing wrong?
  218. Forgive and forget or just move on?
  219. do rebound relationships work????
  220. Help me, I'm too shy!
  221. Why?
  222. WHAT TRASH! Now I caught him with the other girl!
  223. does a jealous man mean his in love?
  224. I need some guys opinions on my existing post, 5 years...
  225. Through with men
  226. What do I tell him?
  227. Men!
  228. heartbroken
  229. do I need to lose weight before I find someone seriously? Help!!!!
  230. do I need to lose weight before I find someone seriously? Help!!!!
  231. Time together
  232. my fiance
  233. kind of independent woman
  234. My boyfriend and his ex
  235. happiness is when the partner loves you more than you love him/her?
  236. Help me pick up picecs of my heart
  237. in desperate need of advice........
  238. dealing with death
  239. Unable to forget: I think of him everyday
  240. Asking out
  241. women want what?
  242. Need Guy Advice Please!!
  243. are some people just destined to be alone?
  244. Guy trouble
  245. Is this "love"?
  246. Please help me! Bit of support
  247. anyone else had this problem once a relationship ends???
  248. a bit of catch-22
  250. What would you do??

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