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  1. girlfriend of 3 years
  2. Girl at work.
  3. My girlfriend was raped but wont tell.
  4. He feels like we are friends, how can we get out of this?
  5. Walk away from my love?
  6. Girlfriend and her family worry me
  7. mixed feeling about gf's past sexual adventures
  8. In need of dire help
  9. I'm afraid he is going to pull away again
  10. He cheated, now what
  11. selfish? Narcistic? what???
  12. should I leave my husband?
  13. OCD and my relationship
  14. Girlfriend is mad at me for something that's not my fault.
  15. I feel so guilty and frustrated
  16. Online Relationship? Opinions and advice needed :(
  17. I was going to move countries and convert to a different religion...
  18. Is it worth it anymore :0(
  19. Difficulties since Serious Illness of partner
  20. Jealousy / Paranoia driving me mad
  21. Confusing
  22. In need of advice...
  23. I feel emasculated when...
  24. Lonely and Scared
  25. Dealing with racist friend
  26. How does this guy feel about me?
  27. Severe anger issues in relationship
  28. Boyfriend has communication issues and barely notices me!
  29. In need of some advice
  30. My girlfriend and her male friend are too close for my liking
  31. Young wife that needs help
  32. boyfriend caught sleeping with ex-wife by son
  33. Fears
  34. Discussing Exclusivity in a New Involvement. LONG!!!
  35. Need help communicating
  36. Help, getting frustrated! Need advice.
  37. New here (Hello!) Advice would be great.
  38. Need advice on communicating in my Relationship
  39. Need advice
  40. Need advice on LDR very confusing breakup!
  41. My now-exgf was manipulated into relationship
  42. So Sad and Frustrated
  43. 3 years of chasing...
  44. Fiance says hes not jealous, Please Read!
  45. Old Letters
  46. How to cope
  47. Long distance relationship trouble
  48. Is it me... girlfriends 12 year old son.
  49. Fiances mother
  50. Ok I have screwed up
  51. Confused, Angry, Upset due to CHEATING... It my fault?
  52. Just Moved In - Boyfriend v. Dog
  53. Please help
  54. My girlfriend dumped me cuz she lost feelings about me and is uncomfortable with me
  55. Dumped for silly reasons
  56. next steps....
  57. Need Advise Please
  58. My husband works away and its tearing us up!
  59. Is this the wrong thing to do?
  60. Turmoil
  61. Im confused
  62. how can I help grandson?
  63. I really need advice... true advice about my boyfriend please
  64. just some suggestions
  65. My dad died 2 weeks ago....my mother!
  66. some type of social anxiety?
  67. Are romantic relationships a need, not a want
  68. my wife speaks of divorce then talks about the future am so confused about my life
  69. Boyfriend Has Anger Issues PLEASE HELP!!!
  70. First friend ever had and she's leaving
  71. Handling Very Problematic Parents
  72. Darn Facebook and her Racey Past
  73. Thinking of ex...
  74. marriage troubles
  75. Husband says he's unhappy
  76. confused need help!
  77. Dishonesty in a New Relationship, Ex Issues, and Should I Stay?
  78. Step mother - father issue
  79. what is my future like? PLEASE help...
  80. I think I have destroyed my marriage
  81. What To Do???
  82. has he just used me for sex?
  83. Am I in an unhealthy relationship or is this something I don't completely understand?
  84. HELP Feel as though I'm not into my marriage
  85. oh no broke no contact
  86. Is it me or her?
  87. Non Stop Bickering!
  88. what is wrong with my relationship? PLEASE HELP
  89. Job loss and resentment
  90. should i stay or should i go???
  91. How can I have more flowing conversations with boyfriend?
  92. My boyfriend kissed another girl while drunk at homecoming
  93. she changed from one extreme to the other overnight.
  94. Not Sure What Stage We're At...
  95. How should I handle this?
  96. Football player calling my 11yr a derogatory name
  97. Need serious help with angry husband
  98. Insecure for no reason
  99. Wife gets upset if I want to crash at friend's place.
  100. Jealous and destructive roomate. Ideas?
  101. Torn about spouse's actions
  102. Need advice. Neither of us sleeping. Arguing over same issue
  103. husbands lost interest
  104. Love...it gets in the way sometimes
  105. About to Give up My Relationship with My Mom
  106. Judging Girlfriend's Past
  107. Marriage is in the gutter
  108. Is it more...
  109. I'm pregnant but I don't know how to tell my sister! I need some advice
  110. Was this the right think to do?
  111. Feel pressured to get pregnant
  112. I am going to break up with him... I need some support.
  113. Do women only want 1 type of guy?
  114. should we break up for the time being?
  115. Not getting along 24/7 with my BF
  116. Not Sure How to Feel About My Roommate
  117. separation help
  118. Need advice from anyone. Im ina relationship with a depressed man. What should I do?
  119. I am so in love with him!
  120. help
  121. he's disappeared...
  122. She's my best friend...
  123. My boyfriend acts like he's my dad
  124. Can your true partner be right there and you don't even know
  125. Husband lost job/other issues -- he doesn't care
  126. Been with the same man all my life, is he the one?
  127. Is he Cheating or is it Spam?
  128. Inability to Love?
  129. Feeling like i can't go on
  130. concerned
  131. Online acquaintance won't meet me...
  132. Love-how long does it take to fall in love?
  133. Ideas on improving relationship
  134. Married 3 Months - Husband already talking divorce
  135. My mom has COPD and I'm going crazy
  136. Rather play video games then be with me.
  137. i want to show her my feelings
  138. Unusual situation to say the least...
  139. lost without him
  140. First female friend ever but is Foreign and will Leave
  141. In love with someone other than my girlfriend...
  142. Is it so wrong being an introvert?
  143. Rough beginning to otherwise a great relationship, desperately need advice!
  144. HELP any advice please !!
  145. I have a Narcissistic father
  146. tired of trying
  147. Bipolar Coworker?
  148. Trying to understand what happened...did I overreact?
  149. Different lifestyles = relationship end?
  150. I don't know what to do and feel trapped
  151. Is my girlfriend faithful?
  152. Feeling lied to, used and ignored by friend.
  153. Separation and friends of opposite sex
  154. 36 About To Crack
  155. came to a conclusion
  156. Was I wrong? (ultimatum to my bf)
  157. engaged, but in love with someone else
  158. My friend lies and I don't know what to do (Sorry for the length!)
  159. boyfriend has job opportunity :(
  160. Lost in my marriage
  161. I'm 28 and scared of dating
  162. What to do
  163. 29 and never kissed
  164. 40 yrs old... no best friend
  165. I can't get him out of my head... How can I delete him from my memory?
  166. Can ANYONE offer ANY insight this problem?
  167. What does "I don't want a commitment" mean to you?
  168. Situation w/ BF & his 3 kids, Advice Please
  169. Something is nagging me
  170. Anyone else here feel there doomed for life of singleness?
  171. relationship with a married guy
  172. Long term bf has anger issues, need advice
  173. is she sinister
  174. Should i dump her or wait it out longer?
  175. Very frustrated~
  176. He doesn't trust me...
  177. confused
  178. Dealing with Social Anxiety in a Relationship
  179. Making plans... too much to ask?
  180. What does it feel like
  181. My sister keeps using me and it hurts
  182. I am sooo confused
  183. Advice badly needed!
  184. Anxiety after break up
  185. anxiety making me question love
  186. its been a year..
  187. I need a grown woman's perspective. My gf is ignoring me. What should I do?
  188. Advice please about bf
  189. Do all men do this?
  190. Devastating breakup - mixed feelings
  191. My boyfriend may have an anger problem
  192. Texting
  193. Awkward situation with my GF
  194. With regards to a depressed boyfriend...
  195. Am I reading this right? If so, is there anything I can do?
  196. paranoia in a relationship:(
  197. Does his best friend want me??
  198. I'm just not sold on online dating
  199. What should I do?
  200. Wanting to date someone in rehab
  201. your opinion on these text messages?
  202. Why am I with her?
  203. He's afraid to do something he might regret
  204. Freaky Friday
  205. Girlfriend is acting distant. What to do?
  206. After 3.5 yrs, never Said "I Love you". Normal?
  207. Torn between the two..
  208. What's the real true reason????
  209. To move or not to move.. Unsure about relationship.
  210. PLEASE help me boyfriend of 3 yrs cheated
  211. a friend who ignores you?
  212. Going thru a break up. Heart is broken!
  213. Relationship Paranoia
  214. how to get the truth?
  215. Social Media Question.....
  216. Absolutely sick and tired of it
  217. Need to vent
  218. Wanting to love him
  219. He is going on holidays and staying with an Ex
  220. Unable to believe
  221. He Married Her
  222. Is this fair?
  223. New to the forum- severe jealousy
  224. help !
  225. Trust Issues
  226. Anxiety Causing Relationship Problems? Driving me mad, please help.
  227. Dating someone new..but still in love with ex
  228. Some notes I just took to get thoughts straight.....
  229. trust issues...please help!!
  230. Tomorrow
  231. Could do with some advice
  232. don't want marriage to end
  233. anti social fiance
  234. full custody
  235. Struggling Please Help!!!!!!!!!!
  236. Is my partner done with our relationship
  237. Dumped by email
  238. Advice, please???
  239. Lying boyfriend?
  240. why she afraides of me
  241. in love with another mans woman
  242. He’s driving me crazy - Vent here!
  243. my heart's broken....
  244. Relationships...
  245. boyfriend been arrested for plotting murder
  246. Been single for too long!!!!
  247. Fighting with my Fiancé a little too much
  248. question for the ladies
  249. Problem: Wife Volunteered to Pose
  250. Relapse

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