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  1. I get over it, then I go right back to where I was..
  2. Why are some men controlling and treat woman like a slave?
  3. Jealousy getting in the way
  4. I feel lost
  5. Is he losing interest or playing a game with me?
  6. I'm completely shattered.
  7. Arguments with family - depressed/anxious
  8. Why is this shy guy avoiding me now?
  9. I screwed up
  10. Grief support groups
  11. I need to vent - Family Thankgiving issues
  12. In need of a safe place to vent I guess..
  13. confused about love
  14. How to not be look foolish and not be easy to cheat. You love to be nice and okay wit
  15. Moving for love? Not ready.
  16. My BF spends time with his ex and child
  17. newlywed and stuck ...
  18. Desperate Husband needs advice
  19. issues with boyfriend going out
  20. Well I shaved my head from balding, pretty sure I am not ever getting married.
  21. Angry jealous friend
  22. new user - obsessed with my boyfriend's past
  23. How Do I Get Past the Anger?
  24. Confused - is he just being friendly and polite?
  25. Missing someone a year after a breakup
  26. extremely discouraged
  27. Husband and his ex please help
  28. I am new here
  29. What to do about husband's teasing
  30. Difficult relationship with mother...
  31. boyfriends mood. what is this?
  32. Newbie
  33. 5 year relationship, trying again. It wasn't cheating. Still hurts. Help!
  34. Help!!
  35. Boyfriend Feeling Down and has since been very distant
  36. Reoccurring Dreams...
  37. getting over your ex boyfriend who is now with your best friend
  38. Need help with work relationship
  39. Received an anonymous letter about my husband
  40. Coworker now friend is lying to me
  41. I don't know how to deal with my lazy mom
  42. i hate my father, and feeling guilty for hating him
  43. How to overcome insecurities
  44. What should I do?
  45. What to do?
  46. Married too young
  47. I REALLY need advice about this crisis!!!
  48. I can't answer my own question, bcs of lack of interest in everything
  49. Me girlfriend has a guy best friend
  50. Toxic friendship?? Please need advice
  51. I am 62 - husband is 68 verbally abusive & told me he could care less about me
  52. Fiance flirting with gay coworker
  53. Gay or Straight ... Am I a cover up?
  54. Upset with dad and don't know where to go from here
  55. Spark vs. familiarity?
  56. I feel like I'm not a grown-up woman
  57. Is this emotional abuse?
  58. I cannot break up with my girlfriend?
  59. Please help now!
  60. Insecure and worried all the time
  61. Dating someone with a different lifestyle
  62. Why am I compelled to stay?
  63. Confused Girlfriend
  64. Could my controlling spouse be a cause of my social anxiety?
  65. Am I too drastic?
  66. Does my boyfriend still love his ex girlfriend?
  67. Partner withholding affection
  68. Why do women tell me this?
  69. Ridiculous Boyfriend
  70. Two years without intimacy … is it time to give up?
  71. Boyfriend financially supports mother who refuses to work while making fun of my job
  72. Mother issues
  73. Do not want my mother involved in my personal life .
  74. I am 27 and I am pretty much in sexless relationship
  75. Fight With my Husband
  76. Got a new guy friend while going through a pregnancy scare
  77. Past keeps haunting
  78. Am I wrong?
  79. Relationships of any kind are tougher than going to school
  80. Disinterested partner after 15 years of marriage
  81. The confusing situation
  82. Girlfriend tries to be a sub for me, to appease my dominant nature, but can't.
  83. Should Children decide if Marriage to stepmom should continue or dissolve ?
  84. Birth Control and a disinterested man
  85. I'm Engaged and not in love with my fiancè. In love with someone else
  86. Help please, I don't know what to do
  87. End It or Continue With It??
  88. How do I tell him I don't want to be with him?
  89. My boyfriend thinks I am cheating, but I am not
  90. I am 23 and have anxiety issues with realationships
  91. can't move forward in relationship
  92. No one is good enough for you...
  93. My boyfriend allows me to do anything I want to
  94. is 3 months too early to get attached to a potential partner
  95. Father In Law is very sick refuses doctor
  96. Help
  97. Confused
  98. I cheated once and I am devastated and will not do it ever agin
  99. Anxiety About Moving Out
  100. Do I love him anymore?
  101. help. I need opinions please.
  102. So he took a trip without me, what should I do?
  103. Am I just possessive or my partner doesn't value me?
  104. courage to change the things I can...
  105. Boyfriend + golf = no time for me
  106. I am married but attracted to someone else.
  107. very sad over break up
  108. Long distance relationship husband HANGS UP ON ME whenever something goes wrong
  109. Boyfriend "needs" to have sex with other women
  110. I resent my boyfriend
  111. Expectant father needs help
  112. Relationship anxiety - engagements, etc
  113. I don't know how to deal with my extremely moody boyfriend
  114. My girlfriend
  115. Codependency 'Under the Radar'
  116. my bfs daughter
  117. My mother and me
  118. I could really use some genuine advice
  119. My compulsive lying and addictive personality may break up family
  120. Think I'm Having a Breakdown
  121. personality change almost immediate
  122. My girlfriend says she needs time to herself and may be interested in someone else
  123. Suspect girlfriend so much
  124. Should I get a restraining order on my birth mother?
  125. Please help - my girlfriend broke up with me
  126. Please Help!!!
  127. A happy meeting & romance
  128. distance lovers situation (I'm guessing just for experts)
  129. clarity
  130. Boyfriend left me because we threesome with my female friend
  131. Unsure who my father is. Need answers. Feeling alone and misunderstood.
  132. Depressed cause i fell in love
  133. Husband/mother-in-law issues.
  134. Long distance relationship and obesity
  135. My husband quit his job again..
  136. I met an amazing man online and...
  137. Should I still pay half?
  138. Why does he just want to be friends??
  139. just "flabbergasted"
  140. Emotional abuse/roller coaster marriage
  141. I always feel guilty. I always give in.
  142. Ever ok to view or message a coworker ... on a dating site?
  143. Biggest Mistake?
  144. My boyfriend deletes his text messages...
  145. Helping Friend deal with her Relationship Issues
  146. Long Distance
  147. ex and girlfriend question
  148. My Boyfriend's Jealousy Issues
  149. Not Happy in Marriage
  150. In desperate need of advice ...
  151. Is no friends better than one flakey friend?
  152. I think i screwed up
  153. In-Law Problems
  154. girl problems
  155. I may have ruined my marriage and family
  156. Need to help myself before it gets in the way of my relationship
  157. I'm not sure what to do with my relationship.
  158. I'm going to leave someone I love, I have to
  159. Should I feel hurt or not?
  160. Embarrassed I can't afford a girlfriend
  161. Couples living together and working different shifts
  162. Midlife crisis husband
  163. Am I overreacting with boyfriend?
  164. Relationship Help
  165. TMJ and relationships
  166. Questioning getting married...
  167. My bf his X just called at 2AM....
  168. I have mixed feelings about Wife's disinterest in sex
  169. Am I really over it?
  170. How do you forgive?
  171. My boyfriend
  172. Am I bad for thinking this..
  173. Please help. My partner has returned to her husband but tells me she loves me!
  174. 18, how do I approach my family?
  175. Being overwhelmed; crying
  176. i have just returned to my emotional abusive husband cause I can't deal with guilt
  177. girlfriend with best friend that's a guy
  178. My dying wife wants divorce.
  179. Boyfriend stays out all night
  180. Not a good person for relationships/something wrong with me?
  181. Husband called me a C word on my birthday...*** has happened to our marriage?
  182. Only Child/Daddy's Girl
  183. My Girlfriend I pregnant and hates me so much
  184. Frightened I'll never be fun again
  185. problem with my stepdaughter
  186. Cheating and divorce
  187. Dealing with severe Passive Aggressive Roommates- One is the Landlord
  188. Mother over exaggerates, gets upset and takes normal things badly.
  189. Does anyone else feel as though dating just becomes more difficult as you get older?
  190. can some one help
  191. I struggle with meeting women and starting a relationship
  192. Connection with a guy
  193. Crave Connection
  194. Scared, confused, trapped - my fault, though - sorry, long.
  195. I'm a financial burden on my husband and it may destroy my marriage
  196. Son brought no gifts ...
  197. relationship falling apart
  198. letting go of being stuck
  199. My future MIL wants us to change our wedding date.
  200. Secret Relationship
  201. Dealing with Gulit Post Separation
  202. The battle in my head
  203. In happy relationship 2 and 1/2 years, thinking about old fling
  204. dont know if I can trust my girlfriend
  205. Feeling like this borders on emotional abuse
  206. married ... but am I wrong?
  207. Upset with my boyfriends mother!
  208. Is my husband addicted to porn or Gay?
  209. A little closure required..
  210. Is this the end of our possible relationship? HELP!
  211. My pregnant girlfriend left me and isnt talking to me!
  212. My boyfriend is morbidly obese and angry at me.
  213. Advice for a jealous husband?
  214. I realized that I am mad at a 10 year old!
  215. Fiance doesn't care for engagement rings
  216. Feeling depressed for missing out.
  217. Feeling depressed for missing out.
  218. Is it okay to woo ex when others are doing it too?
  219. Girlfriend needed freedom/independence
  220. Jealous over a friend's engagement
  221. Newly married and have regret..in love with another
  222. Fell in love with a beautiful girl ... but she is taken
  223. Anxiety during relationship and after.
  224. How to make it work with a busy girl? (Reconsidering a relationship)
  225. Frustrated
  226. BF of 8 years versus old flame
  227. Cheating
  228. Should He Stay or Should He Go?
  229. Friend's wife is cheating
  230. Relationship Question
  231. Falling out of Love or Getting Comfortable?
  232. My boyfriend of 3 years. Is this a healthy relationship?
  233. My fiancees sister hates me and its taking a toll
  234. Follow up question to: my fiancé and someone else...
  235. Where are all the good men?
  236. Break up
  237. First Anniversary Post Breakup
  238. Ex-Girlfriend says she loves me. :)
  239. I think I'm falling out of love with my husband
  240. My ex-bestfriend... Need advice
  241. Gf lying about her past
  242. passive agressive. back in the loop. help!
  243. stupid fight escalated quickly
  244. Could this be a Rebound Relationship?
  245. Angry boyfriend
  246. What do men HONESTLY want??
  247. Is this normal?
  248. PLEASE HELP! Memories trigger anxiety attacks
  249. Is it always the guy's responsibility?
  250. Platonic Touch

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