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  1. I don't understand...
  2. any suggestions?
  3. another day si
  4. what can i do, instead of cut myself
  5. help! before its too late...
  6. what happens when i tell the school about a friend cutting
  7. Just for some questions
  8. I hurt myself today to see if I still feel..
  9. Advice for a friend...
  10. howdy
  11. New Member
  12. New Year New Beginnings
  13. sorry!
  14. Can someone please help?
  15. New to the boards
  16. does it ever really stop
  17. new to this!
  18. Started Again
  19. i need the feeling of control
  20. need somone to talk to...
  21. Everything Just Goes Wrong...
  22. Breaking 'Safety Contract'
  23. What causes this?
  24. New to board.......
  25. type of self injury?
  26. question please answer it would mean a lot
  27. Is There ever an end?
  28. Tired of being watched
  29. Not cutting but hitting myself...please help
  30. S.A.F.E. Alternatives
  31. Tired of being caught up in this self injurious mode...
  32. Cutting
  33. Please help me, i need help w/ how to hide my scars from cutting.
  34. Teenage son gouging, clawing face until bloody
  35. started again.
  36. Cutting?
  37. I really think I'm going crazy...
  38. Can't get control
  39. Starting over
  40. please help my self harm is really bad im so scared :(
  41. pull out pubic hair
  42. Just wanted to share...
  43. summer time scars showing
  44. Help....my SI is back, again
  45. Horrific day today
  46. Counseling
  47. Haven't visit this board in so long...I am back in crisis mode...sigh!
  48. it got worse,
  49. Complete relapse
  50. I need help
  51. I feel like a total idiot.....
  52. Thought I Broke the Habit
  53. I do it everyday
  54. Good scar treatment?
  55. hi im new slightly triggering
  56. Stay Strong!
  57. Does anyone really "feel better" after SI?? Is it a compulsion?
  58. Wanting to know about getting help??
  59. The Other Side
  60. cutting
  61. I think I need help
  62. Question....
  63. I don't know if this counts as self injury, but...
  64. dissapointed,
  65. self harm
  66. Coping Skills.. PLEASE READ!
  67. Former Cutter...
  68. this is not good
  69. Can't take it!!!
  70. Self Injury Awareness Day
  71. How do I...
  72. cheek muscles, jaw...
  73. Hey did you know?
  74. i just dont know.
  75. I can't believe myself
  76. cutting in my dreams
  77. i cut
  78. New here ,saying hello
  79. one clavicle is larger than the other
  80. It's been a while
  81. Need some help.....
  82. Dreams
  83. Urgent- How to help
  84. It bad and getting worse...
  85. SI and me
  86. I only think I have a problem sometimes....
  87. I Need Help Quick.
  88. are you in control or does it control you?
  89. Songs
  90. Help!
  91. Cutting myself.
  92. Happy but still Cutting
  93. My Birthday = Not so happy
  94. im new
  95. What to do about the drama
  96. Other people affect me?
  97. Didn't expect to be here again...
  98. :(:(
  99. "feel" like self-harming
  100. this is all new
  101. Help. All i want is to hurt myself.
  102. Self Harm Recovery - My perspective
  103. What to do when the urge is *RIGHT NOW*?
  104. Sometimes I just want to Fade away...
  105. A new name for self injury/ self harm
  106. wondering if any of the older ppl are around anymore ?
  107. how to stop pulling out eyelashes and eyebrows
  108. :( i hate this
  109. Help Now! Please
  110. okay so i made a decision.....
  111. *triggering* like sucks
  112. new here and i just need some direction
  113. Im so mad...
  114. new and trying to stop
  115. am I mental
  116. Most self-injurers teens?
  117. Other college students? .....
  118. in recovery but...
  119. Is it just me?
  120. New to board, need support,etc.
  121. Slipping again
  122. what now?
  123. new here, first post
  124. Advice for reducing redness and pain of self-injury cuts
  125. Help, wrist slitting!!!
  126. Trichotillomania (Compulsive Hair Pulling)
  127. Picking
  128. Have i made a mistake?
  129. I think I cut to deep, but am not sure...
  130. Again
  131. i think im self harming? any test i can do
  132. Doctor obligation?
  133. wrist sliting,
  134. worried
  135. Ugly scar
  136. I feel horrible.
  137. help! i want my eyebrows back!!!
  138. Teen Cutting
  139. doctors and self injury...
  140. si free for a year and then reaccurred
  141. Sannah
  142. Parents and Scars, do they mix?
  143. Help!!!
  144. my history with SI
  145. There may be a PHYSICAL explanation for self injury - here's some help and hope
  146. Trichotillomania
  147. Somebody told me to post this here..
  148. tired
  149. How do you explain your scars?
  150. I'm looking for support
  151. old school
  152. getting rid of scars?
  153. New job...old scars...
  154. Messed up, and venting
  155. Ramble
  156. My mother-in-law knows everything
  157. Drinking and Self Injury
  158. How would you tell your doc?
  159. Does anyone equate self harm to body mods?
  160. Need help, advice, anything...
  161. it seems as if everyone cuts, but i have a friend
  162. I need a hand
  163. where is my coping mechanism?
  164. the methods we use and the reactions that follow
  165. SI free for 8 months - feelings coming back!
  166. *To MyLightHouse*
  167. Help for son please
  168. I'm afraid to stop cutting
  169. "What's wrong with me?"
  170. Self Injury and Body Modifications
  171. Self injury - false friends
  172. Cutting at work
  173. When you stop cutting, is there a withdrawal?
  174. Drinking and Cutting
  175. Hey Orchardlady, can you help me!
  176. stressed
  177. Not My Day.
  178. Old Member, New to self-Injury Recovery
  179. I feel like giving up-Someone Help
  180. Connecting the Dots...Anxiety, etc.
  181. "God put me here to take care of you"
  182. Scared myself
  183. Relapse and the Photos
  184. To Jess0518 - Seeing a Therapist
  185. Jess0518...italiaprincess...manyofus...K ieran52...Smigtastic32
  186. New and struggling...
  187. Back...
  188. You will never be able to STOP the thoughts
  189. .......and again........
  190. I'm new here-
  191. I really need a way to quit
  192. I Can't Stop Slitting My Wrist
  193. Does anyone else take pictures...
  194. im new here and i have a question...
  195. Cant STOP Wont STOP
  196. Red vs. White Scars
  197. I want to share my story.....
  198. i found another one!!!!!!!!
  199. cant stop cutting
  200. Cosmetic Surgery For Scars?
  201. white scars from long time ago- hiding them?
  202. Confused
  203. Not getting help
  204. I pull out my eyebrow hair and I'm having trouble stopping
  205. How do I tell someone about my SI
  206. Hello Everyone I am New to this Board
  207. infected
  208. Turning to cutting because there is nowhere else to go
  209. Im new to this board
  210. Impulse Control Disorder NOS
  211. TellSell...how are you doing today?
  212. Scab Picking I need HElp!
  213. A New One For Me
  214. Advice? Help? Anyone?
  215. Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!
  216. The storm before the calm?
  217. Recovery, how NOT to do it
  218. Noodles...
  219. I just did it for the first time
  220. uncomfortable in my own skin
  221. Drunken Cutting........... even worse than before???
  222. --ack!!!!
  223. Overwhelming Sadness
  224. - topic closed -
  225. Concerned about 11 yr old
  226. - topic closed -
  227. What's SI?
  228. salt and ice
  229. need help plz
  230. will it get better?
  231. need some help
  232. My first real test is less than two days away
  233. need strengh
  234. Self-injury and tattoos?
  235. Self Harm = Self Care?
  236. I counted...
  237. Time to dump the razors
  238. So frustrated
  239. Meds and Self Injury
  240. Little setback
  241. New to board...seeking encouragement
  242. Big setback
  243. would you be annoyed???
  244. To Tell or Not Too Tell
  245. anniversary
  246. Had to control my dignity
  247. Thoughts on Scars
  248. Yesteryear: Recovery Is Possible!
  249. I have a question about my broken leg!
  250. stopping any advice?

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