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  1. Relapsed
  2. Just found out my daughter cuts - please help
  3. May trigger!
  4. Why do I cut myself
  5. I don't know what to do
  6. Just really need someone to talk too
  7. Healthy coping skills
  8. On the edge... HELP
  9. Cooler weather
  10. mutt depression and self injury
  11. Self harm thoughts
  12. a broken girl
  13. 2 weeks and fed up fighting
  14. Could my medication be making me want to relapse?
  15. I am struggling to hold it together
  16. Back to the beginning
  17. Act of desperation
  18. Punching Myself
  19. to show or not to show
  20. My Story
  21. My Story
  22. I failed
  23. depressed
  24. Explanation to scars?
  25. I don't really know what to do... help?
  26. Well I still cut
  27. I don't know what to do anymore...
  28. I want to cut this time
  29. I still cut regularly.
  30. help please
  31. Hitting myself...
  32. Self Injury Awareness Day - March 1st
  33. doctor
  34. hitting
  35. Depression.
  36. Feel like everyday is waste.
  37. a year ago
  38. Cutting
  39. Not sure how I would describe it
  40. Getting worst
  41. Helping my friend with his self harm
  42. I love my mom -- should I tell her?
  43. depression, need help
  44. Cymbalta...brought it back? My past is haunting me!
  45. I dont know why im like this
  46. the urge is almost unbearable
  47. Anybody relapsed more than once?
  48. Scabs - picking
  49. I don't know who to turn to
  50. My boyfriend and I trigger each other to self harm. Please help
  51. My friend making bad decisions with her 15yo daughter
  52. does anyone know what would happen if I tell my school about the cutting?
  53. Worried I'm going to start again :S
  54. My Story
  55. Self-hitter - Looking for some light.
  56. Cutting since I was 15... Still doing it at 27...
  57. Need some help, please.
  58. Paracetmol OD
  59. Scar Removal?
  60. One of those days nothing goes right.
  61. infection/stitches help
  62. Hi, I am new and I need help PLZZZZ!!!!!
  63. Thinking about cutting again...
  64. This is hard to talk about... Read and reply?
  65. Self Injury rehab?
  66. ... I still have bad days.
  67. Really confused
  68. The Past Few Days I've Been So Sad
  69. Has anyone had a MRI I am very nervous
  70. Cutting
  71. question for those here with pdoc/therapist
  72. Slip Up
  73. Cutter and head-beater
  74. back again
  75. Well, This Is My Story
  76. Screw This
  77. it's all I can do
  78. Having trouble fighting the urge
  79. Down this road again...
  80. starting to hit the crisis point :0(
  81. Need some help on self injury asap
  82. Ok I feel stupid about this
  83. not sure I can make it thru this week.
  84. I need help.
  85. New and going to tell my parents
  86. 24 hours later
  87. terrified....
  88. i think today is the day..
  89. aarrgh can anything go right?
  90. My turn...
  91. It's been 24 years
  92. I gave in this morning
  93. I feel the need to hurt
  94. last night sucked
  95. new, 40+, lost
  96. I couldn't resist
  97. New start to a new year
  98. just need to vent i guess..
  99. :)
  100. Struggling.
  101. hey everyone..
  102. bleakfuture
  103. As of late...
  104. I gave in. Again.
  105. Dont know if I belong here but think I do
  106. Never Been Here Before
  107. Completely Broken...
  108. I'm a self-harmer, I guess.
  109. I'm not sure if there's something wrong with me...
  110. help me i cant help me
  111. its getting so hard not to..
  112. Can't Let Them Down...
  113. How do i get rid of these scars??
  114. New here; but an SI veteran
  115. all over again...
  116. Help.
  117. A relapse of sorts
  118. Last chance/no where else to turn!!!
  119. in shock...
  120. Cutting After 40
  121. Keep your strength & hope
  122. losing hope
  123. New to the message board
  124. Help
  125. (New) Starting again
  126. I Messed up..
  127. I cant stop. I just cant. Help??
  128. Am I?
  129. Something quick
  130. Deep Breaths...
  131. help me??
  132. 4 years
  133. Scars
  134. i want to swim away but don't know how...
  135. feeling down and dont know why
  136. Cutting-Free for A year....
  137. Yesterday and nght, very hard
  138. sleepless in my mind
  139. rough night
  140. not feeling well tonight
  141. Might Help?
  142. Cutting vs Bleeding (
  143. Want to stop
  144. What if anything has helped you stop?
  145. cutting and age
  146. Numbness with emotions
  147. Any Advice!
  148. self harming by overdosing
  149. Cutter, Freak, Insane, I know I need help.
  150. I want to so bad!
  151. i cant stop hurting myself
  152. I think i'm hurting myself
  153. I'd cut myself if it didn't hurt
  154. SH because of him.
  155. subconsciously harming myself
  156. extreem self mutilation
  157. Can't be stronger
  158. hitting himself
  159. Need help!!!
  160. RSD from SI injury
  161. Little Slip
  162. Cutting AGAIN because of him, I need HELP :'(
  163. New here, looking for help
  164. cutting
  165. want to stop self harming
  166. struggling
  167. Self Harm while drinking
  168. hurting myself
  169. looking for help
  170. I pick scabs bad
  171. help
  172. triggering
  173. i injure myself when im angry and hurting
  174. Older self injurers?
  175. How do you respond regarding scars?
  176. alternatives?
  177. Afraid to get help, afraid of being hospitalized.
  178. So close to reverting back to my old ways. Someone help me, please.
  179. scared
  180. Cutting for Emotional Pain
  181. Overdose help
  182. Hi, I'm new to this
  183. Help with a friend who cuts
  184. did i make the right choice?
  185. I don't know what to do.
  186. Advice on my 6 year old, please
  187. eyebrow pulling
  188. sleep deprivation
  189. Borderline
  190. want to go back
  191. trichotillomania
  192. in need of help
  193. Difficult Times
  194. removing traces
  195. what will fade scars?
  196. what should i do
  197. I am a cutter
  198. Emotional pain and want to rid it.
  199. Not sure what to do??
  200. Very Hard to Not Cut
  201. Slipped up once
  202. Anyone ever blame it on other things??
  203. nothingness
  204. odd urges
  205. I havent cut in 3 years until now
  206. :( I just cut today 4 times and I don't know how to keep it from my parents..
  207. Don't know where to turn next...
  208. Would you want a stranger to say something nice if they see you have cuts?
  209. is cutting as bad as it seems
  210. update
  211. replacing old habits with worse ones
  212. Ironic
  213. how to tell the parents...
  214. Self harm/feels too good to quit :(
  215. nasty scars from nasty cuts
  216. wonderful technique
  217. Girlfriend cutting - need advice
  218. tips on how to stop pulling my eyebrows
  219. how long does it take to get mri results
  220. Why do I want to cut myself
  221. Can SI be an addiction?
  222. SI/Eviction?
  223. wanting to cut off a health limb
  224. scars that really hurt
  225. how long does it take a damaged or cut muscle to heal and how long before using again
  226. s/h foster child of christian foster parents
  227. Howdy
  228. long time
  229. My 6 year old daughter
  230. Help me?
  231. Alternative Coping Skills for SH/SI
  232. hope you dont mind my question...
  233. Anyone?
  234. need someone to talk to
  235. I messed up!!!
  236. Stopping here...
  237. Going to the ER for stitches?
  238. Newbie - starting my recovery
  239. I screwed up so bad, I just don't know how much more I can take.
  240. Hello all.
  241. Help Me PlZzZz!
  242. I have alot of scars....
  243. sigh/*trig*
  244. help to stop cutting
  245. I don't understand...
  246. any suggestions?
  247. another day si
  248. what can i do, instead of cut myself
  249. help! before its too late...
  250. what happens when i tell the school about a friend cutting

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