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  37. Do I Have Ptsd?
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  43. Stephanie Ann
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  53. Im Messed Up
  54. war screwed me up can risperidone help?
  55. I don't know what to do.
  56. afraid to go to therapist
  57. ok...i have ptsd, its untreated now, &I have serious nightmares please help..
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  80. Help me plz
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  84. Looking for honest opinions and help.
  85. There is a cure
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  88. I think I have some serious "psychosis" or something.
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  90. Miracle
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  92. *TRIGGERING* I havent been here in awhile
  93. Have any of you?
  94. Hi all! Sorry to but in..I was dx w/PTSD 2yrs ago
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  96. diag with PTSD in 2003
  97. I feel like I am going crazy
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  99. self-hatred
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  107. is Tanki out there?
  108. "VOLCANO or CIRCUS"
  109. Shutting Down
  110. weird hearing distortion,getting worse
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  116. Please Help!
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  124. Osteoblastoma Tumor
  125. Could I have PTSD?
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  134. New Here-Happy I found You ALL!
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  136. I need help--night terrors for 8 years!
  137. I am still somewhat suffering ptsd
  138. Help
  139. PTSD medications
  140. i'm new here but have have had ptsd for 6 yrs
  141. When will my symptoms go away
  142. New Here
  143. Has anyone felt panicky after having EMDR done?
  144. Looking for advice for a friend
  145. Hey. I"m new here.
  146. I read something today that kinda made me feel better...
  147. Does anyone know what EMDR is?
  148. Soul searching
  149. Sensory Defensiveness and PTSD...are they similar?
  150. Anxiety
  151. What is hyperviligance?
  152. Help!!!
  153. I have been feeling terrible lately.
  154. Sometimes I wonder if the counseling is traumatic
  155. A weird counselor
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  157. flashbacks
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  163. Possible PTSD?
  164. Need explanation
  165. I think I'm loosing my mind
  166. Any Good Advice?
  167. Discouraged
  168. Have you ever heard?
  169. Prayer for crazykatlady
  170. Spider & The Butterfly Theory
  171. Severe depression
  172. What is going on with me??
  173. Does this bug u 2?
  174. Trying to Understand!!!!
  175. Any EMDR experience?
  176. People like me--reliving trauma!
  177. Wondering..
  178. Three Mitral Valve Replacements so far and more to come.
  179. Dealing with accident aftermath
  180. generalized anxiety after traumatic event
  181. New here...this is big step for me
  182. Just had Kidney stones waved shocked, feel re-traumatized!
  183. Personal...but need to vent
  184. Need Help!!! Desperately!!
  185. Reocuring flashbacks from PTSD...any help???
  186. Has anyone here have/had experience with EMDR?
  187. PTSD or not?
  188. Why can't my body and head agree?!
  189. Desparately in need of answers
  190. recovery
  191. Does anyone just blank out?
  192. Chris, question regarding Pregnenolone
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  194. At my wits end...my daughter and PTSD
  195. Would like to know if my girl has PTSD
  196. What are some of you symptoms with PTSD?
  197. How's everyone's dizziness and nerves?
  198. Any women on this board notice with PTSD...?
  199. Social Issues
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  201. Pfunk
  202. hard to cope
  203. Nightmares and Things
  204. Grandmother, completely lost it... please help
  205. gf broke up with me
  206. Chris, What about Panic Disorder?
  207. nightmares...
  208. My Circumstances
  209. PTSD what meds have helped you?
  210. I would like to know other peoples symptoms with PTSD
  211. Makes me sad.
  212. Officially diagnosed with PTSD.
  213. Is anyone feel dizzy or off balance with PTSD?
  214. Could I be suffering from PTS?
  215. what could this mean?
  216. Eye twitches, muscle twitches.
  217. Blank Memories of Childhood
  218. No modivation?????????????
  219. just been triggered
  220. My session- pretty postive :) YAY
  221. Am i starting over again????
  222. Friend coming home from Iraq
  223. I really need some help!
  224. Do I have PTSD or is in anxiety?
  225. Thinking back ****Trigger****
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  232. An absolute mystery... please help
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  236. Fasiculation
  237. not sure...
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  239. My story PT1
  240. She won't leave it alone
  241. For Ski Head
  242. Had a MVA so many probs so many ?'s
  243. Could this have caused PTSD?
  244. A.C.O.A. Growing up in fear. P.T.S.D. a possibility?
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  246. Afraid to go to sleep
  247. EMDR for treatment of PTSD? Also biopolar
  248. Just saying Hi
  249. anyone use a service dog for PTSD?
  250. I just don't feel well today