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pamelan 06-02-2010 04:15 PM

New diagnosis - my work is not supportive
:eek:My tests shows a 1:320 Speckled with a positive ana screen. I have been feeling unwell for what seems like forever. I have been diagnoised with fibro and sjogrens' syndrome.

In the last seven months I have been diagnoised and treated for hypothyroid, deficient in potassium and vit d, pancrititus, shingles and chronic kidney stones (have been getting 3-5 stones a year for over twenty years now), arthritis in my spine and tongue ulcerations. My teeth have been breaking like crazy. I also have depression - have been treated for that since 2003 - and three buldging discs from a car accident several years ago.

For at the past five years - until February of this year - when the thyroid, vit d and potassium began to be treated, it was all I could do to stay awake and make it through a day of work. I would litterally drag my self in, be attacked for hours, go home, be in bed by 5 p.m. and get up the next day and do it again.

My job involves constant physical contact with violent students. I am required to do restraints/holds on students who are in danger of hurting themselves or others. On any given day I could be doing holds to thrashing, kicking, pinching, biting, punching, slapping, headbutting students for hours.

All of the physical stress has taken a toll on my body to the point my doctors have restricted me from any physical contact at work. My primary doctor had me take a week off of work to get better. My RA has me going to PT 2x's a week - water therapy because my body is not ready for regular PT. The optimologist has me putting lubricating drops in my eyes three times a day.

This physical stress has triggered the fibro and SS - but my work refused to let me fill out a worker's comp form, saying I had a preexisting condition. They have not given me FMLA - but did put me on personal leave. I am so stressed - my medical runs out the end of this month.

Anybody - please guide me - what can I do?

Nathalie26 06-15-2010 12:42 PM

Re: New diagnosis - my work is not supportive
Sorry about all your problems. I use to work in a place similar to yours. I broke my ankle a couple years ago and was put on medical leave. It sucked cause I still wasn't getting paid, but without my job's income, I qualified for medicaid during my time off. You should look in to see if you qualify. I also had my doctor give me some restrictions on how much I can lift, when I got back to work. Good luck to you.

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