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MOLES - Curious..

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Old 05-29-2007, 04:58 PM   #1
Join Date: May 2007
Location: uk
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sertiun HB User
MOLES - Curious..

Hi, im new to this so bare with me..

I am only 16, and I have already had 3 moles removed from my face. My doctor said I am a rather moley person, and it could be caused by inheritance or exposure to the sun. Recently, ive been getting lots of them popping up everywhere all over my body.

I have one on my neck, and one on my cheek which both really sting, and bleed regularly - consequently forming a scab. Ive mentioned this to my doctor - but he said he refuses to remove them for me. Although this is a disappointment to me, ive decided to try some home remedies - such as the urine method. Is this a good idea? Ill keep you updated.

Im very self conscious over my moles, and hate to see them. I just wish there was something out there which could benefit me. Any advice people? Greatly appreciated.

Thanks for taking your time to read this.

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Old 05-30-2007, 02:21 AM   #2
Join Date: May 2007
Location: UK
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cate60 HB User
Re: MOLES - Curious..

What is different about these moles (on your neck and cheek), which seem bothersome, from the other three you already had removed ? And why does the doctor (GP or specialist?) refuse to remove these ones when the others were removed? (I am presuming on the NHS).

If these moles are affecting your self confidence and self image to the extent you don't want to go out and are feeling quite depressed, you are entitled to have them treated, even if there is no reason to excise them on clinical grounds alone (though if they are itchy and bleeding and given their position are quite probably going to cause problems to a young man of your age when it comes to shaving).

Persevere with your doctor, and approach him/her stressing how self concious you feel about them, and how that is impacting on your social and emotional life, as well as the physical difficulties the itching and bleeding pose. I know it's hard at your age to stand up to doctors, but don't take no for an answer too easily. You are clearly an articulate young man, which should help you present your case. Keep coming back, politely and firmly express the distress these moles cause you (don't get angry or abusive but showing you are 'upset' is ok if you feel that way), and if after another three or so interviews on the subject your GP says the same, ask for a referral for a second opinion.

Stand your ground - you are not asking for anything unreasonable or that you are not entitled to, but doctors are often very ready to dismiss 'cosmetic' issues as trivial even though they are far from that to the people who suffer them. They understndably can feel these things are distractions when they deal with such other 'serious' conditions every day.

As for home remedies, I have no idea about the urine method, but the garlic method does work in as far as it will get rid of the mole - it may grow back though, and can lead to discolouration/mild scarring of the surrounding skin and leave a mark that is not really an improvement on the mole. The whole mole may not be removed if you don't get the garlic in contact with all of it. It's tricky, and I wouldn't recommend that (or bloodroot, or other home remedies) on the face to be honest, until you have absolutely exhausted all proper and safe medical avenues of treatment.

I do sympathise - I have had moles on my face since childhood that I have always hated, but put up with. They were flat and could be covered with cosmetics when I was younger. They are now beginning to get larger and lumpy, and I utterly loath seeing them in the mirror or touching them, and am being fobbed off with the message that this is part of ageing so at the advanced age of 46 I should just resign myself to being an old boot, and should stop being so vain. But I am not giving up, and nor should you

Old 05-30-2007, 05:04 AM   #3
Join Date: May 2007
Location: uk
Posts: 2
sertiun HB User
Re: MOLES - Curious..

Hey cate60, thanks alot for your reply. I really appreciate hearing your thoughts on the matter, and your opinions on how I can overcome these problems. I have a forecoming appointment with a dermatologist, so hopefully his thoughts on my moles will vary from my other doctor [NHS] (dont know what hes called really :P).

But thanks alot with your reply, I know its not compulsory that you need to reply, so thanks for that. Atleast I know there is somebody out there who knows how i feel.

And the actual urine method seems to be working.. No joke! I urinated last night, and dipped cotton ball in it and placed it over both moles. I then put a plaster over it and left it overnight. I woke up this morning and it seems to have faded :| I said I would keep you peeps updated, and I will continue doing so on the matter.

Thanks again catey. Toodles.

Old 05-30-2007, 07:34 AM   #4
Hating glasses
Join Date: Jan 2005
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Hating glasses HB User
Re: MOLES - Curious..

I am glad to see that you made an appointment with a dermatologist! I am concerned for you after reading that the moles you were most concerned with itch and bleed. You shouldn't have any abnormal sensations with healthy moles such as itching or bleeding. I don't want to scare you. That is not my intent. But, it is important that you have those checked out by a dermatologist. He will likely remove them and biopsy them. It is really important that you get regular yearly skin screenings with a dermatologist. Especially those of us (like you and I) who are extremely moley individuals.

As far as home remedies, I am completely against them because, while they may make a mole smaller or even go away, there is not a home test to tell you whether that mole was benign. Only a doctor should help you remove a mole.

Moles should not grow back once removed either. If it does, you should visit your dermatologist again for another test.

Take care and keep in touch!

Old 05-30-2007, 08:01 AM   #5
Join Date: Mar 2006
Location: California, USA
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Ladypepper HB User
Re: MOLES - Curious..

Well first of all - it is your choice to have a mole removed. If your primary doctor will not do this for you, get yourself to a derm and let him do it. If it itches and bothers you, it should be biopsied.

As for the urine method of mole removal - I would strongly recommend you do not do this. Have it taken off by a derm and biopsied. You should never try to do it yourself.

Just insist on having it removed and biopsied. Wishing you the best.

Old 05-30-2007, 05:58 PM   #6
Join Date: May 2007
Location: UK
Posts: 3
cate60 HB User
Re: MOLES - Curious..

Ladypepper & Hating glasses

Sertiun like me comes from the UK, where our health service works differently (I'm not saying better or worse - depends what you need - just differently). Your primary physician (we call them a GP) is pretty much allocated to you, and it's difficult to shop around for new ones unless you have a good reason (usually relocating) to leave one practice and join another.

These physicians act as gatekeepers to more specialised consultant doctors and services. They assess whether you need to see them, and refer you if they think you do. Unless you can afford private healthcare (only the very well off, or people in the [I]very[/I] rare companies that offer healthcare insurance as part of an employment package, usually only 'high-flyers'), you cannot book or insist to see a dermatologist or any other healthcare specialist direct. You can only request/suggest it, and your GP will agree or otherwise depending on whether he/she judges it necessary and thinks it a good use of resources.

The idea of seeing a dermatologist - or any other specialist doctor - for annual check ups just doesn't happen here, unless you have a condition like diabetes, or have already had a disease like cancer, or a coronary and are being monitored for recurrence. Basically, you otherwise see a doctor only when you are ill, or when your GP organises a screening programme for this or that, which is run by him, nurses, or support staff, not specialist physicians. There are a few exceptions to this mode of practice, but not many.

This system gives General Practitioners a lot of power. Often they are good professional people and are not slow to refer you on, though that's not even half the battle. I was referred for investigations for gallstones in November last year (GP was 99% sure I had them, and boy was I in pain), and the appointment just to have a scan only came through 3 weeks ago, never mind to even see the hospital consultant. In the meantime I'd been admitted and had my gallbladder removed as an emergency in January , but no-one had bothered to take me off the waiting list If it hadn't got badly infected, I'd still be waiting just to see the specialist). Sometimes though you have to negotiate hard with your GP to get the attention you need.

Being under 18 can also mean Toodles might find it hard to be taken seriously by his doctor, and he would need a parent to back him up, and make it clear they support his wishes, though for many medical problems young people his age would probably prefer not to have their parents involved in personal aspects of their healthcare. I take it though that Toodles has his parents onside in all this.

It's excellent you do have an appointment with a dematologist, Toodles. Best of luck with it. Keep us posted. I know it's tempting, but Ladypepper is absolutely right - I would wait to hear what the dermatologist has to say before pressing on with the urine remedy, just in case you end up masking (not curing) symptoms he needs to know about to diagnose what is going on with these moles. If they are respondoing that quickly to the urine, they certainly don't sound typical or maybe normal moles to me.

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