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Old 05-02-2006, 01:55 AM   #1
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Newsome HB User
Thumbs down Really Want To Stop

I'm 35 years old and have been a heavy smoker for 10 years. I've had to cut back due to an intercostal strain (coughing really HURTS!) I never ever wanted to be a smoker in the first place, but caved in to peer pressure and just didn't care anymore as I had just been dumped by my first love. I was at a bar one night and everyone there was smoking and that's when I started. I smoked for a few days and really didn't care for it. But my new bf at that time egged me on because he felt bad because he was a smoker and wanted me to be one too.

Well, we're both more grown up now (sometimes hehe) and realize chain smoking is just no good. BF has cut himself back to one pack a day and I have reamined a 4 pack a day smoker (7 cartons a month and I'm not even going to mention how much that costs).

I tried once before and failed after like one day and was back to chain smoking. But I sit here and I'm watching my father dying of end stage emphysema from 60+ years of heavy smoking. I watched my mother die of pancreatic cancer. My step-sister had to have half her lung removed due to cancer a few months ago. I'm only a few years away now from starting to have severe health problems from this. I already have Chronic Bronchitis which is begin stage emphysema.

I have panic disorder, anxiety and depression and smoking has become a crutch and comfort. I'm freaking sitting here right now smoking the last cig out of my pack (I'm starting by going to only one pack a day and I'm gonig to ultra lights from full flavor). My mom had tried the patch and smoked with that thing on (maybe that's how she got the cancer). She said the patch gave her awful nightmares. I have some nicotine gum as well. Someplace lol. Unopend and a couple years old.

I don't want to smoke around my dad, my smoking is not only hurting me but its destroying my clothing, my skin texture, my walls and I'm sick and tired of burning holes in everything. I've been trying to just suck on an unlit smoke for the habit part. Not particularly satisfying, but it keeps my hands busy and acts as a pacifier. I'm so afraid I'm not going to succeed at this. I know so many people who try to quit and fail again and again despite patches, gums and what not. I just put my smoke out...and I would just LOVE to lite up again. Seems the only way I can cut back is to sleep all the time but one can only sleep so much.

I'm also a pot smoker so double lung whammy. I'm cutting that back too. My whole family are alcholics which is why I stayed away from it only to end up using pot instead. And I don't seem to understand the meaning of "moderation" in anything I enjoy donig. The pot is way easier to stay away from than the cigs, despite having pot right in front of me. Sometimes I swear it's like all the little cancer sticks in the pack are calling me...smoke me, you know you want to..c'mon...

I know this is a process and doesn't happen over night. It's hard to not just give up and chain smoke my brains out. But today is the first day I've not smoked a 1/4 of a carton. That's a good start. I'm told I should go cold turkey by some and others to "gently" ease myself off them. My dad did it cold turkey.

BF told me to learn to smoke only outisde and no more than one an hour to start. I really want to get these things out of my life...but right now I don't know how to live without them. I know I'm going to have set backs as well as successess. But set backs are soooo demoralizing, it's hard to keep hope.

I just keep telling myself that cigarettes are the worst most digusting things you can do to your body and environment. I also have bordome issues since I'm disabled and don't work. But I am looking forward to the day I am a non-smoker again and try to keep that in mind.

Thanks for listening.

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Old 05-06-2006, 12:05 AM   #2
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kal2120 HB User
Re: Really Want To Stop

Hello. I can relate to you alot. Im 21 years old and smoke cigarettes for 4 years. I always thought it was gross...the smell, taste in my mouth. But I never really tried to stop smoking. 3 months ago I started dating this guy who hated cigarettes!! He asked me to stop over and over again but I didn't. Finally last Sunday I went to *******.com and someone showed me all the nasty things in a cigarette and that made me want to quit so bad!! I told myself at midnight that night I wasnt smoking any more cigarettes! And I did it. I know its only been 6 days but I feel so much better. Its not that hard if its something you really want to do. You just have to believe in yourself. Sit down and ask yourself...What is this cigarette doing for me? Its not helping with my stress, its not making me feel better or solving any problems. Its just your mind telling you that. I believe you can quit. Just set your mind to it. Say no more cigarettes!! When you have a craving suck on ice, drink ice cold water, chew gum, suck on a sucker, exercise, go running, clean, listen to music and sing really loud, think of anything except cigarettes. There nasty!!! Anyway if you need any support or someone to talk to Im here. Aim pucker4913.
As for pot I use to smoke pot too. Ive always been skinny my whole life and when I smoked it made me hungry and I ate more. Or it made me tired and Id go to sleep faster. I use to have problems sleeping. That wasnt anything for me to quit. My boyfriend said he didnt want me smoking anymore so I said ok Im done. You cant be addicted to pot...there is nothing addictive in pot. Its just you imagination. As for that...just dont smoke it anymore. Its illegal, can get you in trouble and doesnt do anymore for you than a cigarette does.
Hope this helps! =)

Old 05-06-2006, 12:14 AM   #3
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Join Date: May 2006
Location: Shreveport, LA USA
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kal2120 HB User
Re: Really Want To Stop

Oh yea and quit cold turkey. Its the best way. Sure the first couple days will be bad but its better to get them over with and just be done. Remember after your last cigarette your already a non smoker.

After 24 hours, most carbon monoxide from smoking is out of your system. Lungs work better and you can do more before running short of breath.
After two days, senses of taste and smell sharpen. Breath, hair, fingers and teeth are cleaner.
Within a month of quitting, your blood pressure should return to its normal level.
Within two months, blood flow to hands and feet improves, the toes and fingers stay warm and you will have more energy.
After about three months, men and women become more fertile. The lungs may have regained the capacity to clean themselves properly.

Old 05-06-2006, 01:45 PM   #4
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arlmon18 HB User
Re: Really Want To Stop

Newsome - it seems as though you have alot on your "plate". Are you taking any medication for your anxiety, etc? That might help you. I'm also trying to quit - I've become quite the "liar". I promised my daughter when she was pregnant (twice), that I would quit - I didn't. My husband doesn't smoke, nor do any of my friends. I had a scare last month, racing heart, etc., and had to go to the ER. When the cardiologist heard that I smoked, she looked at me like I was contaminated. I promised my husband then and there that I would stop. I did cut down alot, but now, it seems as though it's the same as before. I can't use the patch or gum, because it raises BP, and I have that already. If people can stop cold turkey, and they're still here to talk about it, so can I !!! Good luck to us both.

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arlmon18 HB User
Re: Really Want To Stop

I just some some posts about people who have had laser therapy - sounds very promising. I just have to find the right, reputable place to go for it.

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