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Stroke never give up??

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Old 11-21-2012, 08:02 AM   #1
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Rawle HB User
Stroke never give up??

Just finded out this great forum a couple of days ago..

My father who is 69 years old, got an big Subarachnoid hemorrhage bleeding on the 13th of January 2012.

It started out when he just felt apart when he was in a local store to shop, he got rushed to the hospital real quick, when i arrived he was still consciousness but his face was hanging a little bit on the left side and he couldn't move his left arm much and had some problem to talk clearly.

The doctors did a MRI scan on him but didn't see any big bleeding or big stroke, and they was thinking that he had a minor stroke/bleeding.

Around 1 hour later he started to throw up and then lost consciousness.

We couldn't get any contact with him and neither the doctor, he was once again send to do a new MRI scan, where they did see a large Subarachnoid hemorrhage bleeding now.

The Doctors then told us that if they don't do anything he probadly wont survive the night, they needed to drain the bleeding out.

Problem was that our hospital didn't do this kind of surgery so if the other hospital did think that they could do something he needed to fly helicopter around 1.5 hour to the other hospital,

Here the doctor also told us that is was big chance that he didn't make the trip to the other hospital also.

He did make the trip to the hospital and the surgery did go well, he was then put in a respirator where they keeped him sedated for around one and a half week with a draining tube in the back of his head to drain out blood after the operation and they also wanted the swelling in the brain after the surgery to calm down.

Somewhere around two weeks later they started to cut down the sleeping drug in him he did some small response with his eyes when we talked to him but no open eyes yet.

He then got transferred back to our hospital around one week later he still haven't fully awake yet.

Around one week later he started to slowly wake up again under some period and just looked at us with his eyes.

But mostly he just sleeped all day long even here.

Today he is on quite good nursing home he can move his right arm a little bit and his hand but no movement in his left arm or hand. He´s neck has been much stronger then it was before he can hold his head up when he sits in his wheel chair, and when they told him to do it when they comb his hair for example.

He is breeding on his own but still has a tracheostomy tube in his throat to help him if he needed some help with breeding sometimes, the doctors told us quite long ago when he still was in the hospital, that they suspected that his tongue was paralyzed, so he needed the track?! in his throat to not swallow the tongue or something like that.

But some other doctors told me that his muscles was still to weak to hold his tongue where it should be and if they removed the tracheostomy tube they think that it would fall back and could possibly choke him out.

It feels like when he was in hospital for 6-8 months the recovery progress slowed down a bit, maybe because he didn't have anyone around him like he has on the new nursing home he is on right now where they train his 2 times a day, they didn't wanted to send him to special rehab center only because he was not that good.

I think he also is a good fighter "seven" heart attacks has he recover good from...

When i now ask him things or the other family members ask him something he blinks with his eyes so i think he understand what im saying, he follow us with his eyes when i walking around in his room.

IF i ask him something and tell him to press my hand he does it, I asked the doctors if someone who has a tracheostomy tube in his throat wanted to say something could they do it when the tracheestomy tube is still there, NO was the answer!?, Sometimes it feels that he tries to say something if you watch his facial appearance close and weird sounds comes sometimes from him.

Does anyone think that we should ask them to remove the tracheostomy tube one more time soon or maybe later, to see if he can handle it better now? it was around 5-6 months ago when they tried to remove it for the first time with not 100% result.

I still have questions in my head if someone with a paralyzed tongue could stick it out to taste some coffee when my mom asks him if he wanted to taste some when she drinks it.

So sometimes i think that the doctors maybe dosn´t has right on everything they say about stroke and stroke recovery's.

I still support him 100% to get better even after long time like this, and i don't trust the thing they always says, 3-6 month nothing gets better after that.

Its real hard to support him 100% and help my mom with everything around the house and cars and everything like that and also have a family with a newly born child to take care of..

But i got some more strength after i have discovered this forum so i will never give him up.

Sorry for long text

Miracles can hopefully happens in recovery long time after a stroke that's my hope..


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Old 11-21-2012, 08:49 AM   #2
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tinam7 HB Usertinam7 HB Usertinam7 HB Usertinam7 HB Usertinam7 HB Usertinam7 HB Usertinam7 HB Usertinam7 HB Usertinam7 HB Usertinam7 HB User
Re: Stroke never give up??

Oh, this is painful to read. Stroke can be merciless and we extend our heartfelt empathy to you and your family. And, yes, miracles can happen. It takes time for the brain to set itself right. The brain has remarkable abilities to heal itself and compensate for losses.

But as a parent also, I'll say that your first responsibility is to your baby and your family. That's how I would feel towards my own son and daughter. Maybe saying this can help some along with posting here. You have our attention, our hope and good wishes for his continued improvement.

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Mulchie (11-21-2012)
Old 11-21-2012, 09:32 AM   #3
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Mulchie HB UserMulchie HB UserMulchie HB UserMulchie HB UserMulchie HB UserMulchie HB UserMulchie HB UserMulchie HB UserMulchie HB UserMulchie HB UserMulchie HB User
Re: Stroke never give up??

Hello and welcome to our family of stroke survivors and care givers. I am so sorry for what has happened to your dad. I can tell by your post you care deeply for him and your doing a wonderful job caring for him.
Let me start by saying you are right to question everything and then question them again. As for as recovery I am 2&1/2 years in stroke recovery and still improving so never give up or ever put a time limit on recovery. The doctors say 3 or 4 months if its not better by then its not going to be and that is just NOT true. Constant encouragement and gently pushing your dad forward is a good thing. If he can follow demands thats wonderful celebrate every improvement and tell him every day he is going to get well. As for his trach you are right to question the doctor. Many times medical prof get stuck with stroke they dont really feel they are going to proceed in recovery so they stop thinking in possibilites. But you have it right, stroke recovery never ends. It is a constrant progression into our new life. Your dad will improve how much we dont know but constant encouragement and celebration of improvements will keep your dad in that hopeful state and the want and drive to keep pushing forward. His job is hard, and in recovery those around us should do all we can to make it easier and remove all hurdles.
Hope is wonderful, never be without it and never let your mom or dad be without it. Because with Hope all things are possible. With hope we have light we have purpose and we have drive and determination. Hope is your new theme word.
There was a caregiver who posted on the site one time about her mom. She had suffered a devestating stroke and the doctors had given up on her. Her family was very spiritual and never gave up on the mom and never stopped praying. The family never allowed a negative word to be said around the mother and asked all doctors to discuss her condition out in the hall. to make a long story short, the women recovered and amazed all the doctors and medical people.
So you are right, its never over till its over and your dad will decide that. However you can set the stage for his recovery by surrounding him in all the positive you can. As for the trach if you can have a speech specialist see your dad or enquire about some throat specialist seeing your dad. Ask for a second third and forth oppinion of you are not happy with it. Encourage your dad to do tongue exercises the more the brain can connect the stronger he will become. Remember its the muscle that needs to be worked its not that the tongue doesnt work anymore. Its just a muscle and the brain needs to connect and make it stronger.
Good luck please keep posting and let us know how your doing. Prayers going out to both you and your mom and your dad.
God Bless Mulchie

Old 11-28-2012, 01:25 PM   #4
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Rawle HB User
Re: Stroke never give up??

Thanks for all the kind words.. Makes me stronger..

Visit him today, when he was just was looking straight ahead i asked him three times to look at me with a quite voice, every time i did he turned his eyes and started to look at me..

So i think he can hear me, I wil never give him up..

This board makes me stronger.

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stellar7 (12-14-2012)
Old 11-29-2012, 05:48 AM   #5
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Mulchie HB UserMulchie HB UserMulchie HB UserMulchie HB UserMulchie HB UserMulchie HB UserMulchie HB UserMulchie HB UserMulchie HB UserMulchie HB UserMulchie HB User
Re: Stroke never give up??

Dear Rawle
That is very encouraging that he did it all three times. Indicates that he understands your direction and carried it out. Thats awesome. Establishing communication in the beginning is probably the most valuable to both the patient and the caregiver. To help create a method of helping those around us understand so we can direct our care.
Your doing an awesome job I loved the way you said it quietly. Thats so important. My hearing was greatly effected by stroke and still to this day I can not tolerate noise. I went Christmas shoping with my husband yesterday and exceded all my expectations for the day. I was so happy however we stradigised the day and I used my ear plugs in the stores. But I accomplished what I thought was impossible so it still holds true. Never Never give up.
Its a difficult job being a caregiver and family member who's heart cries for their recovery. I can tell by your post hope is there. With you and with your dad. Keep posting let us know how you and your dad are doing.
God Bless Mulchie

Old 06-14-2013, 06:03 AM   #6
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Rawle HB User
Re: Stroke never give up??

Still fighting for him...

Still slow progress but, he´s still there and smiles and look at me when i ask him that..

He has started to breath with his noise nearly like normal now, doctor was a little bit shocked about that after so long time, But PEG is still there to help him remove slim.

Holding his weight good and other values in hos body are always stable..

Been a long time now since it happens Jan 2012,, but will never give him up.

we might try some Apomorphine medic on him later...

Love Rawle

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shug767 (06-19-2013)
Old 07-19-2013, 11:44 AM   #7
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Rawle HB User
Re: Stroke never give up??

R. I. P my lovely dad..

Did past away yesterday after heart failure, hope he knows that I will support mom know for 100 procent, it's my time to take his role around mom's life..

And try to raise my kids to be like him...

Love Rawle

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goingtorun (07-20-2013),guyp (07-25-2013)
Old 07-20-2013, 12:03 AM   #8
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Re: Stroke never give up??

please except my deepest sympathy.
may God bless your beloved father, and bless you and all your loved ones.
may God give you the strenght to carry on your fathers legacy.

Love George.

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guyp (07-25-2013)
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